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Yext / Just awful

Brian Smolens on Oct 30, 2017

They have inattentive blind employees. I changed some information in my ads and notified their service. They promised to change it as well. But nothing like this has happened. I have been trying to contact customer service for a week, but it's impossible to reach them. What's going on? The...

Yext / powerlistings

MattheWilliams83 on Aug 7, 2016

I started my business last year. Shortly after launching my website I received a call from a Yext sales person. It sounded like a great idea. Get my name out on all these different sites. After all, starting out I needed to get some advertising going. Turns out the majority of the site... / money grubbing lowlife turds

Scott Lasater on Aug 4, 2015

5 years ago I moved my business to a new location across the country. At that time I was able to contact every search engine on the web and update my business info without difficulty. These assh0les have blocked that ability in the name of greed! I've moved again and when I tried to update... / this is a bad company, and very unethical

Muory on Jan 29, 2012

This company, yext inc., forces a business to pay for a year of service to remove incorrect information from all their partnered sites. - that's extortion, pure and simple, because the links to fix it go to them, instead of the actual site the incorrect info shows on. - and yext doesn't...

Yext / horrible customer service - scam

Yext services when I started with them were direct and understandable. I was able to get credit for their pay to call service. I get an invoice listen to the calls that came in and note down which where fake, solicitors, wrong numbers, etc. It was easy I would call in or use their website...

Yext / tampering with advertising - fraud scam

Yext is a complete scam. Here is their latest pillaging... They are changing existing customers' business phone numbers in free web listings (that the customer created) to their $8 per call phone numbers. They claim that they have this "right" to change your existing listings (to their...

Yext Calls / fake calls


They sell you a product with fake calls making an appointment and never show up to the appointment, they make sure for a period of one month they have another personnel calling the office just to make a fake appointment they tape the call they charge the call for $40 to $60 dollars but the...

Yext / fraud - scam


Yext is a total scam. They lie when they sign you up! They say they are rank #1 within google, yahoo ect.. Under keywords computer repair. There salesman informed me that I would only be charged when a lead generated actual revenue and not billed for people shopping for service. I so far...