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WigSis / really love it

Alfred Rosauro on Oct 17, 2017
Right out of the box I knew this wig was going to be perfect! I chose color 88R, which is a lovely soft colour. From the skin top middle part cascade gorgeous, gentle, face framing waves - there is a bohemian look and feel to this beauty, which suits my personality and lifestyle. This i...

WigSis / very pleased

Janice isabella on Oct 14, 2017
If I could go back in time! I lost my hair to chemo and truly had the most difficult time trying to find the right wig that made me feel like myself. Over the last year I have purchased at least 10 wigs and unfortunately they didn't last long. They all got frizzy pretty quickly. I took a...

WigSis / very cute

Theresa Dolores on Oct 10, 2017
Bought two of this wig for 6 months ago. I have worn one or the other every day and each has been washed at least once a week but they are both still as good as new. There is a lovely shine and movement to the wig, which is light and comfortable to wear. I went to my local salon to have...

WigSis / wig return and refund policy

Denise Howells Smith on Oct 3, 2017
I bought two wigs which look nothing like the pictures. I spend $205 and the company offered me $25 if I kept them. I have been trading emails with them for over 20 days. This company is a scam. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I was told they are custom made. I...

WigSis / realistic

Irene Candice on Sep 23, 2017
I really didn't want to buy a wig as I thought that I was giving in. My lovely friend said I should at least give it a try and on the first attempt with guidance from this wig. I am getting back to the old me. It sounds mad but my hair loss effected me more than the cancer. Now I have thi...

WigSis / my favorite thus far!

Michael Cosmo on Sep 21, 2017
This is my first purchase with your company and I must say that I am not disappointed. The wig is a very nice colour and the style fits the shape of my face very nicely. I've worn it a couple of times with my family and everyone thought I got my hair cut and how nice it looked. I won't...

WigSis / wow finally!

Frances Vicky on Sep 15, 2017
I have had this wig for 2 weeks. I have bee wearing wigs for 20+ years and this is the best wig I have ever had. I usually order a custom made wig at 4 times the price and have to wait 6 months for it, and then spend a small fortune on cut and style. My friends helped me choose the perfect...

WigSis / omg! beautiful

Elva Samuel on Sep 12, 2017
I am so pleased with this wig. Even nicer than expected. I am under going chemo treatments for breast cancer and never thought I would find a wig that looks so natural. I have received so many compliments. This wig is comfortable. I just have to order more. Beautiful and natural looking...

WigSis / stay away from this company

Valerie De Sibuar on Sep 11, 2017
Nothing but disappointing. What are people who were unsatisfied with the quality supposed to do? There would be one reasonable and logical answer: return the item and get the money back. Yes, but it works only for those companies that are sure you won't return anything, they are...

WigSis / wig

MartyTyrone on Sep 9, 2017
The wig that I ordered was not the same color, had lace that was visible/hanging out around the edges, was different lengths in the back, was larger than the size I ordered, and looked NOTHING like the picture. I contacted the company immediately so that I could return the wig and they...

WigSis / product not as advertised

V. Burgess on Sep 6, 2017
I ordered a Refined Straight, short, black, human hair wig from WIGSIS, color #29. The color on the web is different from the wig color. Because they use numbers rather than the terms for the color, such as blonde, brown, brunette, etc., I thought the color appeared to be a warm brown. The...

WigSis / where is my wig

Jennifer Moore on Sep 5, 2017
order #FA170822C702 from ordering my wig from this country, I have not received. However.138.00 dollars deducted from my credit card company. I called the number on charge statement but with no help. I am going to contact credit card to stop payment if I don't get some kind of response at...

WigSis / Poor quality

Marsha Murphy on Sep 5, 2017
I'm writing this complaint to warn you about unfair actions of theirs. They are so unscrupulous. When I pay money for something, I want it to have a good quality and don't expect to get a wig that's only good for washing the floor, not for wearing. Shame on you if you think that quality...

WigSis / very pretty

Nicole Prima on Sep 1, 2017
I have had this wig for 2 weeks now and I can honestly say I love it. First let me say that doing business with wigsis has been a pleasure. It took 3 tries before I found the right wig, and customer service is great. Thank you. I have hair but due to age (58) and alot of surgeries in the...

WigSis / gorgeous!

Dorothy Natasha on Aug 25, 2017
I lost my hair during chemo, and this wig was like getting it back! My natural hair is very thick and curly, so this was very comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, considering how low the price is. This wig actually looks like real hair! Which was a major concern for me...

WigSis / so pleased

Elizabeth Thera on Aug 16, 2017
"This is the 4th wig that I've purchased and it fits snugly and comfortably. The hair is soft and flows so naturally that it's a dream to comb. I feel like my childhood dream of waking up one day with hair like all the other little girls has come true.it is almost the same as my real hair...

WigSis / so far one of the best!

Christian Vita on Aug 11, 2017
Received yesterday and wore to restaurant tonight. Got several compliments. Very comfortable. Shake and go--wore after setting out of box overnight. Gorgeous color. Will be ordering at least 1 backup soon in exact duplicate. Hair very soft. This color almost exact what I always had...

WigSis / love it

Alisa Lynn on Aug 4, 2017
"This is my favorite Wig. I have been stopped at least twice by strangers to say how much they love my hair when wearing. (I always show them it is a wig, I want all women to have the fun of wearing wigs even if they do not hair loss!) This one hasn't held up as well as other Wig...

WigSis / love it!

Tommy Lesley on Aug 1, 2017
I have been wearing wigs 24 years and was so happy upon this wig. I hate thick wigs that are too thick and bulky and don't look natural. This one is not like that at all. It is plenty of hair but not to thick, looks so natural. Any wig that you wear that is down your next ends of getting...

WigSis / perfect

Lorraine Alisa on Jul 27, 2017
Right out of the box I knew this wig was going to be perfect! I chose color 88R, which is a lovely soft colour. From the skin top middle part cascade gorgeous, gentle, face framing waves - there is a bohemian look and feel to this beauty, which suits my personality and lifestyle. This i...

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