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Wigsis / wigs I ordered were not what they said.

Shnewman on Jun 28, 2018

This company is awful! I ordered two wig because I was losing my hair from chemo. When I got the wigs one had a broken strap and the other was an African American wig and Im not African American. I have asked for a refund and return address so I can return items and get a refund but the...

Wigsis / wigs

Diane V on May 3, 2018

WARNING WARNING!!! Bought 3 wigs. took almost a month to receive them from China. The wigs were supposedly LARGE but they weren't even close to fitting me. I paid by paypal, Luckily I was able to file a dispute before the 30 day time limit. Then I contacted Wigis in China the were generously...

Wigsis / wig scam!!!

Simplyme3 on Apr 23, 2018

You order a wig and pay like your supposed to and then they send you a wig that looks nothing like what you ordered and then tell you that you only have two options...basically pay another $100 to ship it back to them and have them ship out another wig (I'm sure another one you don't want...

Wigsis / could not receive full amount for wrong wig sent to me.

June J on Apr 21, 2018

Very bad experience with this company. Purchased a wig and didn't like it. I contacted the company and was told I could exchange it for another one. I did see another one that I like, cost more but I ordered it. It did not come for at least two month. When it arrived, it was not the one I...

Wigsis / wigs

Diana Philpott on Mar 5, 2018

I ordered two wigs from this company Jan.22, 2018, I read the return policy thoroughly and it claimed if you were not satisfied you could return them for a refund. After numerous emails waiting for the wigs to come, they finally arrived but were not the color or style I ordered. There wa...

Wigsis / wigs received not as shown on website

crea_USA on Feb 16, 2018

Jan 19, 2018 placed an order for 2 wigs ($233). Feb 14, 2018 received 2 DIFFERENT hair pieces. Wouldn't even call them wigs. Feb 14, 2018 contacted customer No Service and had to contact them twice. Feb 15, 2018 received a response asking me to submit photos which I did. Feb 16, 2018...

Wigsis / I received wigs which are not what I ordered and they are not willing to return/refund

helenava32 on Feb 8, 2018

I am dealing with terminal illness. I ordered 2 wigs after spending hours to order them correctly. after 1.5 month I received 2 wigs which are different cuts. The wigs are not what I order and I paid around $260 for them. Now I am trying to return them and get my refund but they are not...

wigs sis / poor quality will not refund my money

Expressjen on Jan 31, 2018

I purchased a wig from this company. It was not delivered at the time they promised. It was very poor quality. When I tried to get a refund they refused. They just keep emailing back and forth with me. The wig cost me $128. They said they would refund $15. Please do not order from thi...

Wigsis / the style

Jaterrio Johnson on Jan 17, 2018

I have this wig in Nice red colour. I have been wearing this style for about a year. I'm very happy with the overall look of this wig. It looks realistic, and I have had several compliments from people who didn't realize it was a wig. It's comfortable to wear and feels really secure. I...

Wigsis / wigs

Hocine Gabel on Jan 15, 2018

Attention to anyone who wants to order a wig from Wigsis, owned by a Chinese person by the name of: zhao quiang located in china. This company with I am still dealing is a deceiving company. I ordered two wigs with natural hair short and small size for men and was charged usd-601.01. I...

Wigsis / molly and daisy (owners)

FightAgainstThieves on Jan 12, 2018

Ordered $212.00 wig that was listed online as "real" human hair. When it arrived, it was cheap, broken off, synthetic matted plastic hair that is completely unwearable. They refuse to refund and insist I send wig back to China and send another $100.00 to make another wig! They claim...

Wigsis / human hair wig

Kimberlygodsey68 on Dec 31, 2017

When I received the wig from Wigsis, it looked nothing like the website photo. I ordered a mixed color, and my wig was nowhere near the color I ordered. I thought I would be able to return the wig for a refund since I contacted them the day I received the wig. I read their return policy...

Wigsis / a wig I ordered 10-08-2017

Lona Alexis duboi on Nov 1, 2017

Am being given the run around by a gal named candy for three weeks and believe I have been scammed out of $116.00 and will never receive my wig. Have turned all email exchanges over to my credit card companies fraud division. So sad to know that these type of scams exist but sad that I wa...

Wigsis / wig return and refund policy

Denise Howells Smith on Oct 3, 2017

I bought two wigs which look nothing like the pictures. I spend $205 and the company offered me $25 if I kept them. I have been trading emails with them for over 20 days. This company is a scam. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I was told they are custom made. I...

Wigsis / stay away from this company

Valerie De Sibuar on Sep 11, 2017

Nothing but disappointing. What are people who were unsatisfied with the quality supposed to do? There would be one reasonable and logical answer: return the item and get the money back. Yes, but it works only for those companies that are sure you won't return anything, they are...

Wigsis / wig

MartyTyrone on Sep 9, 2017

The wig that I ordered was not the same color, had lace that was visible/hanging out around the edges, was different lengths in the back, was larger than the size I ordered, and looked nothing like the picture. I contacted the company immediately so that I could return the wig and they...

Wigsis / product not as advertised

V. Burgess on Sep 6, 2017

I ordered a Refined Straight, short, black, human hair wig from WIGSIS, color #29. The color on the web is different from the wig color. Because they use numbers rather than the terms for the color, such as blonde, brown, brunette, etc., I thought the color appeared to be a warm brown. The...

Wigsis / where is my wig

Jennifer Moore on Sep 5, 2017

order #FA170822C702 from ordering my wig from this country, I have not received. However.138.00 dollars deducted from my credit card company. I called the number on charge statement but with no help. I am going to contact credit card to stop payment if I don't get some kind of response at...

Wigsis / poor quality

Marsha Murphy on Sep 5, 2017

I'm writing this complaint to warn you about unfair actions of theirs. They are so unscrupulous. When I pay money for something, I want it to have a good quality and don't expect to get a wig that's only good for washing the floor, not for wearing. Shame on you if you think that quality...

Wigsis / unethical company

gcbc on Jul 21, 2017

I ordered a short all over soft curls wig from Wigsis. When I opened the box I didn't even brother to take the wig out of the box. Instead immediately sent an e-mail to the Company explaining the wig I received bared absolutely no resemblance to the wig as shown on their web site and I...