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Matthew Smith "matthewsmithbnpparibas" at BNP Paribas / matthew smith of bnp paribas is a thief liar crook pervert whoremonger

houseted on Feb 15, 2018
This is a lie that you can read on the fake blog of matthew smith, lying cheating tranny chaser working at bnp paribas as otc middle office analyst : "prior to his appointment at bnp paribas, matthew smith worked for jp morgan where he undertook several roles. Initially beginning as a...

Weebly / the worst one

Shinkar Andrew on Nov 30, 2017
At first, I would like to give everyone one advice: there're many website builders and most of them are way better than weebly. Use them. Anyone. But stay away from this one. Maybe it's ok when nothing happens and you have no issues with it, but when it comes to it, you won't get their...

http://thailandblackmagic.weebly.com/ / magic spell service by so called monks

Nemesis07 on Nov 19, 2017
This guy scammer Ajarn Koh Pattaya black magician is a big time fraud and scam con man. By advertising in http://thailandblackmagic.weebly.com/ He took 24000 bhat from me for a service he promised to do it in three days with 100% guaranteed but as soon as he got his money by western Union he...

Weebly / a website I recently came across - which is offensive

Fowler E on Sep 17, 2017
Dear Weebly I appreciate that everyone has a right to their opinion - but this is a disgusting website (below) and the content is offensive. I am a religious person and find it atrocious that someone blasts God - when this is clearly a personal issue here. Not about religion but...

Weebly / for services complaint.

Santosh8236 on Aug 2, 2017
I create a free website with weebly.com. My website address is historymaharashtra.weebly.com for education purpose. But this website is not working properly. When this website use same problem create. Below error create. **YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT...

Shelties Purebred Perfect / sheltie

J&T on Jul 14, 2017
My husband and I raised hope in our home. She was 8 weeks when she came to live with us. She will be turning 2 soon 7/17. We offered to buy her for $1, 500.00 in 11/16 we were told no as teresa levine wanted to make money she wanted at least 3 litters from hope. We told her we wanted to...

JC Farms-AKC Collies / rough collie

NicoleR87 on Jul 4, 2017
I purchased a collie puppy from JC Farms-AKC Collies. They have a facbook page and post on hoobly.com. They told me the puppy is a rare white collie. I bought her and was so excited. The next day I found out she is not a white collie at all. She's actually a double dilute...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / delivery

Nicole Roberts on Jul 4, 2017
On 6/2/2017 UPS attempted to delivery a package to a business at 4:58 pm (business hours close at 5pm...this is cutting it close). The business was closed on 6/2 when the package was delivered- the package was scanned morning of 6/5 at 6:30 am, but was never delivered. I called to have...

Bengal Wild Tales Houston Texas / bengal kitten

David Wolowsky on May 28, 2017
We got a very cute and smart Bengal Kitten from 'Wild Tales'. On our initial visit to the veterinarian within three days of our purchase the Dr. said that out kitten had the worst case of giardia he had seen in years. When I emailed the breeder, Judith Norman, she said, "Well, giardia i...

Rehoboth Long Coat German Shepherds / money not returned

chriskidney on May 23, 2017
I live in Massachusetts, I paid in full $2, 475.00, (2000 for pup 475 for air fare), for a pup from Rehoboth Long Coat German Shepherds, located in Efland, N.C. I signed a contract stating the $500.00 deposit was non refundable. The Dam did not become pregnant (only 2 pups from last...

mygermanshepherd.weebly.com / No refund for pup not born. Paid in advance

Christine Kidney on May 12, 2017
I paid in full for a gsd, $2475.00, including air fare. The dam didn't get pregnant. I chose to go with another breeder. I signed a contract saying deposits are non refundable. Breeder, Virginia Grant-Wise of Rehoboth long coat German shepherds, Mebane North Carolina, told me she will not...

Sarah Humphrey Designs Toronto LLC / Interior design by sarah humphrey toronto

Francis Mullan on Dec 22, 2016
I commissioned Sarah Humphrey of Toronto and her design studio Sarah Humphrey Designs LLC to work on some rental properties I own. The mandate according to her was to plan and execute a full transformation of my properties. After having several meetings she planned out the whole...

Weebly / horrendous!

Nicole on Dec 16, 2016
I used Weebly to make a website and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. My problem was that I did not reed the reviews and had no information about Weebly. Their site seemed trustworthy enough and prices were reasonable. Anyway after five months of using they deleted my website!...

EDES Academy / Unprofessional behaviour

LynnLoke on Dec 15, 2016
We signed up for a Diploma to earn our livelihood and used the training grant available from Skills Future and WDA Subsidy. The contract between us and EDES Academy Pte Ltd is now over and we still have not received the certification (no news on the examination dates). Time was wasted, we...

Donna's Dobermans / Unethical behavior

imillard on Dec 7, 2016
Terribly disappointed and upset with the business practices from Donnas Dobermans. We spoke with her at length yesterday to adopt a beautiful male doberman. We asked if Donna would accept a $500 deposit to hold the male until we were able to pick up up on Monday. Donna explained that she...

Znetworktechnologies / This is a fraud company

sattyi on Jul 30, 2016
hi guys becarefull . this kind of dirtyfellows are doing fraud znetworktechnologies.weebly.com is fraud company they collected money from online but there is no company at all and mobile no's are fake there is no matching for bank branches also and their logo also copied from others these...

Dmc Hotels / The managers didn't care and didn't help us when one room was unavailable

Reviewer40386 on Feb 11, 2016
We booked three hotel rooms through DMC Hotels. We arrived and found out that only two rooms were available. We booked in advance and were surprised to find that the room was unavailable. The managers didn’t even offer us any solutions and we booked one room in the nearest hotel. Their attitude...

Weebly / don't use weebly

Lada on Jan 5, 2016
If you want to make a blog or just a simple website, you might be okay with Weebly. But if you need to make something big then avoid it! I used to love Weebly and never had problems with it, but after their Carbon update there are only bugs and problems. I worked very hard on my project...

Aldukheil Financial Group / Employment

Aldukheil on Dec 13, 2015
This company offers employment contracts but does not adhere to them. Employee turnover is EXTREMELY high, with staff often getting fired for no reason other than a particular assignment is completed, or someone with a cheaper salary is hired. This is no long term employer! Not more than a few months for most hirees

Crudeoiltipstk.weebly.com / Crudeoil fake company

arunqw on Jul 28, 2015
http://crudeoiltipstk.weebly.com is a fake company and getting money from inverstors and cheating. Phone: 09898822096 Add yahoo msgr: Silverhunter12@yahoo.com and e-mail us: Care@crudeoiltips.tk Account Name: Arunaben K Oza Account No: 000301554206 Branch: Race Course, Baroda IFSC Code...


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