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Rapid Fulfillment / zetaclear

Marika2 on Nov 4, 2017
I ordered a one month trial of zetaclear. I've now found out that a one month trial is actually a subscription (Only made clear in the fine print) and it keeps arriving monthly. The website I ordered from is unclear and misleading, but I finally found some contact details after much...

Rapid Fulfillment / revitol eye cream and idol lash w/box5ml

vincenia goldston on May 31, 2017
This product was sent to me after I called and told them I did not want this product.I kept getting calls .and I kept saying I did not want this product.received today May 31 and .saying my card would be charged. I need an address to send this product back to.I will file a complaint with...

Provillus Women / provillus women spray

Joy Bridges on May 22, 2017
Trying to return this spray and canceal all orders. Can not get the correct get number/numbers, the online information is wrong. If can send me the RMA that I need, Order ID 19008824 . Please Email me at www.joyrbridges@gmail, some type of response is appreciated, made a copy of thi...

PO Box 42388 Cyprus / Virility ex pills

steve42960@live.co.uk on Jan 11, 2017
04/01/2017 order date I never ordered these pills and I keep getting them. I want a full refund and I want them to stop sentting them. Cancel this now. I have ended up with 5 bottles of pills and I dont want anymore I am fed up with this stop them now my bank is looking into it I told my bank do not pay them its being taken out with out my say so.

Rapid Fullment Inc / Product ordered: revitol skin tag removal treatment

Lynette Goodwin on Dec 13, 2016
On 12/1 my boyfriend (Bradley m. Mccloud, address; 3131 n 139th street, kansas city, kansas 66109 e-mail; chiefan32@aol cell phone number; 913-710-3948) received the product he ordered and paid for on his credit card; a bottle of revitol skin tag removal treatment (**order number...

Revitol / order not received

Gerhard Vorster on Nov 14, 2016
I have ordered the product on 3/10/2016 and no delivery took place in their prescribed delivery time. (Revitol hair removing cream) When I phone them on the South African contact number, the voice reply is stating that it is out of working hours. This company is surely a huge Scam...do Not order...

Icstodaystoreonl. / 1 revitol anti-aging subscription

Muriel Janes-Pretty on Oct 27, 2016
On the 29th of Sept, 2016 I received a order confirmation from www.websupportcenter.com who works for a company called www.healthbuy.com .They had sent me a product.Revitol Anti Aging Cream.I did not order this product.I was also informed that I would be billed on my credit card and that...

Websupportcenter.com / virility ex pills did not re-order you cannot contact these people to cancel this is theft and fraud

loudinmore on Oct 25, 2016
i order 1 lot of virility ex pills i am now being charged again for another lot of which i did not order i have tried to cancel on their website www.websupportcenter.com the phone number is a premium number and their is no email link either to contact them on it is blatant theft from my...

www.websupportcenter.com / Optimum keytone

Wendy Brown11 on Oct 13, 2016
I purchased a trial product 3 months ago, paying 2.95 p&p They are now taking £75-£80 a month out of my account. I have tried phoning on the UK number 0203062872, but I never never get a reply. Please can you advise.

Superior Health & Beauty / Ordered virilityex and pro testosterone, one box of each. After that I receive both once a month and my creditcard is beeing charged unauthorized.

Jimmijane on Sep 22, 2016
The last I received was sent from a company called : Superior Health& Beauty, 2049 N Lincoln Ave. Burbank CA, 91504. Order No: 8176835. Order date: 09/13/2016 I do not want to receive more of this product. It is also impossible to contact them, no e-mail available and the phone number do not work The phone number of this company is: 901184313

Great Beauty Outlet / Not received the product and the amount of my credit card debit

Silvina Verna on Sep 3, 2016
Hello, I contacted you because not yet received the purchased product, order number 17699122 . Carrier Name USPS.com tracking Number RRD020458660533495 I wonder if the shipment is in progress. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you very...

Mega Beauty / Idol lash w/box 5ml

Ruth Zimba on May 15, 2016
Order No: 7965118 SKU: UH679 Packing number - 518.28 I experienced a severe allergic reaction to this product. I ordered it 04/21/2016 Shipped date:04/22/2016 A detailed account was just posted. I want a full refund immediately. Ruth Levesque Zimba 35 Mathews Avenue, Unit 27 Waterville...

Mega Beauty / Idol Lash W/box 5ml

Ruth Zimba on May 15, 2016
I ordered the above product to help my friend, Doreen. I don't use makeup every day and when I did use it, as directed, my eyes immediately hurt, throbbing, tears running down my face and I was unable to open my eyes for 20 minutes while I felt my way around the bathroom to find a clean...

Rapid Fulfillment Inc. / Forskolin fuel 30 ct

J Ex Trooper on Dec 3, 2015
I ordered a 30 day supply with the promise that is for any reason I am not satisfied, I could return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchased. I used the product as instructed. I had no weight loss at all. So, I went online to obtain the refund instructions as indicated on the tiny...

Websupportcenter.com / Forskolin Fuel

Teddyy on Sep 28, 2015
I ordered one Forskolin Fuel for $46.90 I was charged that on my Visa Then I was charged $89.85 for two more orders that I did not order. My Visa was charged $89.85 and the order not ordered came in the mail. I never opened the package but refused it and sent it back. The company never credited my account for the refused delivery. I want that credit now.

Web Support Center / monthly membership charge

Seong on Feb 18, 2015
This company cheats innocent customer in this way. The first DISCOUNT REWARDS charge nothing (so most people can ignore this sort of charge description) The second month order automatically start charge as a membership fee EVERY MONTH. I think most people think membership fee pays annually...

Discount Perks / Charged 10.98 for free trial

Elise Giarimoustas on Nov 4, 2014
Purchased on line 1 Rejuvanew Eye Cream - Free Trial $10.98 Discount Perks Order# 15115693 Have Conf.order 1 Dermology wrinkle Repair Complex $24.95 Discount Galore Order#15116183 Hare conf.order 1 Hot Buy $14.97 Discount Icons SBP Perks $9.97 Hot Buy Discount SBP Membership $9.95 I...

bowtrol probiotics / never wanted monthly deliveries

shadow 8weeks on Sep 13, 2013
I only wanted to try this once as the BOWTROL PROBIOTICS were promoting the tablets but the tablets are still coming and now I noticed that they are taking money out of my bank account without even asking if i want this to happen ...I want to cancel the order but you have to be a lawyer to try and track them down to close the account

Acoptimom / False Advertisement

U went to this website to order a trial product for $1.19 and after I gave the company my credit card information, they charged me $99.96 for the product and informed me that I should have read the fine print. I disputed the charges and canceled the product. You can see the false...

Pacific Naturals Clean Whites And Idol White / UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES

Never authorized any purchases - paid for initial trial - they charged (dept) my acct. and refuse to credit. I never authorized these charges. Last month is was Euro 79.95 - I called them and they said they can't credit my acct. I DO NOT AGREE TO SUBSCRIBE ANY PROGRAMME AS A MEMBER. I DO...

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