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Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. / Customer service

Skyhawk427 on Aug 23, 2016
Vanderbilt is a joke and I would love to see them go under and take those rude people with them. I have had my home almost 13 years and the last few years have it hard. The mortgage company that claims they work you to avoid foreclosure won't. The first of this year I was given some...

Clayton Mobile Homes / cheap materials and workmanship

unhappyinsc on Jun 16, 2014
we bought a clayton home in 2008(southern style).We were told we had a 20 yrs warrenty on the roof and shingles.Well after 6 yrs i had to put a new roof because of poor workman ship and cheap materials.My wife and i live on a fix income and this puts a strain on us.Its looks like i am stuck...

Vanderbilt / Mortgage Fraud

Darryl M on Aug 8, 2012
I have a complaint against Vanderbilt Bank. I have the payments drafted biweekly. I receive a statement every month. With that statement comes a coupon where I can send in an extra payment. On this coupon, it says “Your account will automatically draft as agreed. Please use this form...

VanderbiltMortage / Awful company

Vanderbilt mortgage they have the nastiest rudest people any body could ever talk to or deal with they are predatory lenders.Will not work with you in any way the first thing out of there mouth is foreclose if you can't make the payment you need to move into the getto.We put $27, 000...

Vanderbilt Mortgage / Fraudulent company

WE are also having problems with Vanderbilt, they sent us a letter stating we are in default the first we have heard of it, they stated they sent a letter in November but we never received it or are they just stating this to save their own behinds. Who knows what they write in their file...

Vanderbilt Mortgage Company / Awful company

I got my mobile home through them in November of last year. BIG MISTAKE! Since the beginning, the amount owed has been wrong. I have asked them several times, Jessica and Ashley, they say that it has to be put that way, and everything is fine, even though they put down that I owed...

Vanderbilt Mortgage / Terrible experience

Our payments have been drafted from our account biweekly for ten years now and have never been returned. Last month my husband was laid off from work temporarily and I contacted VMF to inform them of this and that the money would probably not be in there when they went to draft the payment...

Vanderbilt Mortgage / Fraud and scam

I purchased a home from Clayton Homes in 2000. I was 19 years old at the time and newly married. When I went to Clayton Homes I specifically asked for a Land/Home package. They had none. Instead, they showed me brand new homes with tons of 'amenities', including a 'free trip...

Clayton Homes/ Vanderbuilt Mortgage / Policy violation

I applied for a loan in September 2008 and a employee at this company disclosed my personal information to a unauthorized individual about my credit report. She had NO business discussing my credit report with NO ONE but chose to do so. I am filing this formal complaint and also I am...

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. / Liars

I have been with them since 02. They just started to send out a statement so we knew where our money was going. Well, they bumped our orig. principle amount up by over $4, 000 and then shows an escrow on my account and 10 days later it gets removed. There is no escrow on this loan. In 6...

Vanderbilt Mortgage / They're calling our neighbours

We're late on our payment & they call our NEIGHBORS & leave our account # & name, trying to get them to have us call back. The only way they could have gotten their #'s is by looking them up online, I assume just by searching for our road name & calling everyone near us. Our...

Vanderbilt Mortgage / Beware of them

I left my husband six months ago. He was staying in the mobile home yet Vanderbilt continued to call me every ten days when he was late with the payment. They have called my mom, my brother, and my new number. Now my husband moved left me with the mortgage. Vanderbilt told me I need to...

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. / They don't stop calling

I have told Lindsay that so and so does not live at this number, yet she still calls me. She leave's rude messages for them to call her when she's not even calling the right number. She needs to stop calling me before I get the law for harassment. How many times do you have to...

Vanderbilt Mortgage And Finance / Scam and fraud!

I too am a current victim of Vanderbilt Mortgage. They have repossessed my home and are trying to sell it tomorrow, the day after X-mas at a 'private sale'. They have been involved in a scam with my park owner who wants me to move out of this park as a retaliation for my non...

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