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United States Post Office / packages

Cabronada on May 23, 2017
Good Afternoon On May 03, 2017 I went to the Chicago USPS office located at 3319 North Cicero Ave (60641) and paid a total of $81.28 for two packages to be delivered to my daughter's new home address (relocated to Tampa, Florida). My daughter has not yet received her packages. Unfortunately I mi...

USPS / scam, ripoff, lies

KANDIR74 on Feb 15, 2017
First off the employees are very rude including supervisors. I have been with this post office for a few years now. I originally complained to them in the beginning about how the mail person would not deliver mail to my house door. They would constantly make up excuses not to get out of...

USPS / they can't find my package

Mauri on Feb 14, 2017
I was supposed to get a package which was shipped via USPS and they lost it. I was in contact with USPS for over three months and all I got from there was nothing but empty promises. I spoke with different people from USPS and they all told that there was nothing to worry about and that...

USPS / shipping package

No mail on Dec 20, 2016
9405511699000430652087 Is the tracking number. Staten Island, Newyork to Lennon Michigan is a 10.5 hr drive per mapquest. The tracking number I gave you shows they've utilized 11 days tomorow to get me my package. 11 days after you've registered having picked it up. That 1 full day per hr...

USPS / they lost my package!

Kikks2323 on Dec 12, 2016
USPS is the worst shipping company ever and it seems like these people don't care about anything! They lost my package and when I contacted them to resolve the issue they simply said they were not able to do anything about that. One of USPS employees told me they were trying to find the...

United States Postal Service / mailman and postmaster working together to steal my money.

TubbsCarr on Oct 14, 2016
My mailman has been coming to the door asking my daughter for cash or he will not give them our J.Crew packages. I had previously paid shipping for these packages. J.crew said they did not authorize any more money taken for shipping. I still haven't gotten my packages and I'm not sure that I will.

USPS / mishandled packages.

mlaiuppa on Jul 13, 2016
Twice I have had packages arrive in California to be delivered to me in California and had Bell Gardens send them out of state. The first was a package from Minnesota sent priority mail that I was to take with me to Italy. Bell Gardens sent it to New Jersey. By the time it was sent back I...

USPS / ridiculous company

Bee8 on May 18, 2016
Recently I have received a message from USPS and they said that there was something wrong with my address and that I need to check it and correct it. I checked my address and there was nothing wrong with it. Later they called and told the same thing. I told them that my address was correct...

United States Postal Service / priority mail 2-day

PeteCal on May 11, 2016
Well, I sent it "Priority Mail 2-Day" an May 6, 2016. It is now May 11 and the "tracking" link still reports that it at the same location that it was May 6, 2016 at 8:39 pm. When planning to mail it I checked on line and found that "Priority Mail 2-Day" would cost $6.45. When I got to the...

USPS (United States Postal Service) / does not deliver packages not fitting in the mailbox to residence

Countryfairy on May 11, 2016
I am very dissappointed and frustrated with the USPostal service. Our Mail carrier refuses to deliver packages, to our residence with the following excuse:" Our residence is supposedly more than half a mile away from the road, I ordered something online and requested the parcel to be delivered...

USPS / passport renewal process

Reviewer33701 on Feb 8, 2016
Call called to make an appointment at the USPS at 10431 Motor CIty Dr. Bethesda MD 20817. I asked what forms I needed, if a picture can be taken on site for + $3, and if a credit card can be used. I arrived on time at 10:45 AM 2/8/2016. The form was correct, but they didn't have film...

United States Post Office / postman doesn't deliver my packages if they don't fit in the mailbox!

GeeN on Feb 2, 2016
I've been complaining for over 1 year about this post lady that doesn't like delivering packages because I live in a big building. I live on the ground floor and every time I order something she leaves a receipt for me to pick it up! It's been over 1 year and she is still doing the same...

USPS / tracked my package into their black hole...

Reviewer35054 on Jan 12, 2016
I mailed a package (tracking #: 9534611127075362428693) on December 28th and it arrived to the Bell Gardens facility on December 29th. The Expected Delivery Day was January 4th, 2016. It is now January 12 and I have not heard anything. I called the three phone numbers I found online during...

USPS / poor service and most inefficient post office

Reviewer55906 on Dec 14, 2015
Michelle, the "Post Master" at the Dillon, CO Post Office is managing the most poorly run Post Office. Lines are consistently long in this Post Office and are not handled efficiently. Over 85% of the residences this Post Office serves are forced to rent a Post Office box because they...

United States Postal Service / package travels 1,150 miles in wrong direction!

Flys4Fun on Apr 30, 2013
I mailed a package from Lindsborg, Kansas to California on April 22nd 2013 to the correct address. The package went East 385 miles {not West} to DES MOINES, IA 50395 Depart USPS Sort Facility where it sat for 3 or 4 days. Then it was sent 190 miles to Kansas City. Once at Kansas City it...

USPS / the non-delivery of products

liubokings on Jan 7, 2013
I am a online buyers from Apple's official website, I bought a a apple 5 phone, and asking USPS to forward them back to me in China. Logistics Single No.: EE975728485US。 I chose the USPS expedited express carrier is worth U.S. $ 649 Apple phone 2012/12/14 rounds of the goods, today...

Usps.com / this has to be the worst post office in the country by far

Froke on Sep 11, 2012
This has to be the WORST Post Office in the country by far - Sandy Creek in El Paso, Texas!!! Constant problems at this place and an ATTITUDE from the staff. Then you escalate something and it goes to this Margie person, what an awful "I could care less about you" attitude! Margie i...

USPS / mail loss

Bere2 on May 15, 2011
I letter was mailed to me on 24 March 2011 (Acceptance TUCSON AZ 85704 03/24/11 1:05pm).Label Number: LJ35 8767 545U S. I complained and they just reacted: ...there is no sure way of determining what may have happened. With the large volume of mail moving through our network each day, it...

US Post Office / st john pl post office in brooklyn nyc is a #

iamwaiting on Apr 19, 2011
I been wait for a check to come in the mail it.it was sent off on 3.14.11 it is now the 3.19.11 and I still haven't got it yet its only coming from oklahoma city to new york city ###.I have got things from trinidad in 3 day so what's the problem with this? iam going to keep...

Usps Customer Service Line / rude and non helpfull agents

Done ever ever send thru usps I called to complaint about an express international letter 3-5 business days which the charge you almoust $30 dollrs is been 2 weeks and nothing! All they say is "there is no waranty" "it takes more tame for customs" we dont offer more information for that...

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