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The Horizon Outlet / Your service is absolutely useless

R. Grajeda on Oct 20, 2017
I wonder why they don't understand a simple thing. Before asking for money for their service they should be great first. So many people are unsatisfied, many of them are simply cheated, some of them notice unauthorized charges. So why would we pay to the company that's simply a joke? The...

thehorizonoutlet.com / card services

Keenan Perry on Jul 12, 2017
This is the worst I have a card that can't use at all period I try to get something off the website it won't allow you to the doesn't even have expiration date on it as well as no cvv security number all it say is been a member since whenever If your going to fool someone into getting thi...

Horizon Gold / credit card fraud

Keith4581 on Apr 21, 2017
This so called business has been taking 6.65 dollars out of my bank account since June 2015 and I have just figured it out I was supposed to get a card line of credit up to 500 dollars and I never got the card or anything didn't use the 500 dollars or anything I thought I didn't qualify...

Net First Platinum / everything

Rachel Stonewall on Mar 21, 2017
I was lead to believe when I apply for this credit card that I would be able to use its anywhere but when I receive it it was only for their website and the bad part about the whole thing was when I went on their website they had nothing that I was looking for on the website everything I...

Horizon Card Services / False advertisement

Jacob Hebert on Feb 14, 2017
They started me with 29 dollar fee and told me that they report to equifax. well after 3 attempts to cancel my card they told me they would only charge me 6.95 a month and increase my credit line to 1000.. well after 3 months of them not reporting to equifax I called and finally canceled...

Net First Platinum / Credit card service

Rynesto_ on Nov 18, 2016
What an awful, misleading "credit card". It is misleading in advertising - most people do not read terms/conditions, but I advise you to READ THE TERMS! The first paragraph clearly states that this card only works on their merchant website. So, you can NOT use it anywhere else whatsoever...

Horizon Gold Card Outlet / Horizon gold card shopping online nothing much to choose from.

Alice Tillman on Oct 11, 2016
Need more item to chose from. To be able to shop for. Like outdoor aquipment. Like lawn mowers patio furniture. Home furniture. Kitchen items also bedroom item like the bed sets .bathroom item mats set curtain sets living room pictures also big rugs sets. Also all kind of Jewelry real and...

raquel sardinas / estafa

raquelita on Jun 3, 2016
mi numero de cliente es 202570732 solicito el reembolso de 39.95 a mi cuenta que me cobraron el pasado lunes 30 de mayo de 2016 por aplicación de tarjeta crédito por el valor de 500 que no puedo activar por numero incorrecto en pagina web llamo al 1800 251 6144 y no me dan respuesta por lo que quiero cancelar

Horizon Card Services / Ripping off people

Reena Schulz on Oct 24, 2015
They make you believe you're getting a charge card master/visa type for $29.95. That's worth it to build up credit. You get the card go on line with it and it's a store. Then if you buy something, they make you use a debit/credit card and then make you pay for the highest...

The Horizon Outlet Card Gold / Scam

a disgusted person on Dec 8, 2014
I talked with a representative from horizon Gold card a online was told that this card was a credit card. It is NOT!!! It is a card to buy merchandise from there website only!!! CHEAP DOLLAR STORE MERCHANDISE!!! They charge you 29.95 for the memebership at first then 14.95 each month...

Horizon Gold Card / Horizon Outlet Store / Scammed !!

Chrissy2899 on Mar 29, 2013
Yes total joke u can't buy anything other than not even legit items on the site and no selection at all!!! Hahaha! Jokes on us actually I'm not laughing. The stuff on the website they sell in probably old shirts they just wash from the closests of people who work there :( sad yet true scammed for the stupid like me

Horizongold / non cash credit card

David A. Puryear on Aug 8, 2011
I checked the average credit card website and horizongold card services website appeared which said that I could get a credit card with 500.00 dollars of cash credit for a down payment of 29.00 dollars and .95 cents it did not say at all that I had to buy merchandise with the credit and no...

Horizon Gold Card / not a credit card

unhappy coustmer on Apr 14, 2011
they told me of a unsecured credit line of 500 dollars, when I received the card it was not a credit card talked about cash advances not capable of that this is the biggest scam I've ever seen. They also said I could build my credit charged me 35.00 dollars for something I cannot use that money could have went on a bill.

Horizion Gold Card services / Rip off

These people are a scame.The things they are saleing look like second hand colthing.They give you a unsecured line of credit but when its tome to ship out your order how about you have to pay a large amount of money before they can ship your product. To top it off you have to pay a COD...

Horizon Card Services / NOT A CREDIT CARD


The Horizon Outlet Store / DECEPTIVE AD

misleading ad lead me to believe I was paying a processing fee for a national credit card not a restricted one to a specific internet outlet. I don't need this type of card. Can anyone who has had this same situration happen to them tell me how to get a refund?

Horizon Gold / Scam/Piece of ###

This card is a piece of ###. The company don't help you rebuild credit at all. You can only buy there mechandise which is crap. Mostly women stuff and when I tried to get my money back they told me I couldn't get it back. Plus I think every one is being over charge. And they said...

Horizon Card Services / not what was told

Hello, I was asking to get a credit card i could use not online and from what they told me or not told me was it was only for use online. Not good sales when all i wanted was a card to use for emergencies. Now your company needs to put the money of 29.95 dollars back in my account. You have the...

Horizon Gold Credit Card / Fraud/misleadding customers

These people has misleading ads posted.Their items are not worthe buying.They have posted this site of nothing but fruad.I will allow them to keep that $28 they took off my master-card.My God says forgive your debtors and your debts shall be forgive, But I say this.I am a single mother of...

Horizon Gold Credit Card / not a credit card at all

this cardwas not the "credit card" that I expected. I was looking for an actual credit card that would allow me to make purchases and pay bills online with Visa/Mastercard merchants. I called to cancel the card only to be given the 3rd degree. After speaking with a supervisor, I got the...

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