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Target Brands / Target.com ordering: Destroyed item and supposed Expedited Shipping

Sophia NC on Oct 20, 2017
I am currently unable to leave the house due to a medical condition and with my husband traveling for the week, he ordered some Enfagrow Formula that I needed for our two children. Target.com claimed it was in stock and would ship faster by one-day versus Amazon.com and time was of the...

Target / employee smoking in public entrance and disrespect to customer when asked about it

Sterling871 on Oct 6, 2017
I witnessed an employee step outside of this Target and light up a cigarette. I asked if he worked there, he said yes. I asked if they let him smoke right by the entrance, he looked me in the eyes took a drag and looked away. I asked again and he said yes, they let him smoke there. I later...

Target Store / red card customer service/ general customer service

markiza on Sep 20, 2017
Target customer support is useless and worthless. No "press 0" or "please hold" to speak to a representative. On September 20th, 2017, I've attempted to contact Target customer service/ redcard customer service/ general customer service/ ANYBODY, to simply ask a few questions regarding the...

Target Brands / I preorder a xbox x they canceled for no reason

Sherry77 on Sep 10, 2017
I had preordered a new Xbox x for my son for xmas. For some reason they canceled my order stated that the funds wasn't there. What I don't understand is my red card had available credit of over 700$ and the Xbox x was a total of 503$ so how is 500$ more then 700$ it isn't but target act...

Target Brands / target online and store experience

BeeBee2 on Aug 21, 2017
I found a swimsuit online marked for $4.48 and it said in store purchase only. It would not let me ship it or pick up in store. So I found he nearest store that it said I could purchase it from. Went to the store, found the swimwear went to the register and it indeed was NOT $4.48. I...

Target Brands / guest services

Brbegrl29 on Aug 15, 2017
As a long time customer I'm beyond disgusted by the service I received from MULTIPLE Guest Service Representatives. When as a customer I make a significant purchase and your employee screwed up the payment to the point that I had to have in store customer service do a post void transaction...

Target Brands / store policy

Amanda Guzewski on Aug 12, 2017
Date/Time: 8/12/17 10:20AM I was talking to the customer service girl asking to return then re buy what i had purchased the other day (within a few day span) because the cartwheel app had a 40% off the school uniforms now. obviously who wouldn't want that price difference? i had my fiance send...

Target Brands / red card

scraig3376 on Aug 8, 2017
I was doing my review of my Experian account and found that Target had reported my account to the Credit companies that I was late. After contacting Target, complete frustration kicked in. I reviewed my emails for the past 3 months and while I found mounds of Target advertisements. The...

Target Brands / store layout

Julie Schumacher on Aug 5, 2017
The new store layout that I've encountered in the Oak Creek and West Allis, WI stores is terrible. The dismantling of the accessories section and scattering it amongst the clothing means that I cannot find anything I'm looking for. I was 'assured' by employees that it's all still there -...

Target / service by sales associate

SMHatTarget on Jul 29, 2017
The target on City Line Avenue in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is being remodeled. I said excuse me to a sales associate and she continued to walk. I thought okay maybe she didn't hear me so I say a little louder excuse me. Well, Margaret an older white woman says what? I said excuse me...

Target / store experience

Anna Vit on Jul 26, 2017
7/26/17 Target store #2029 Glenwood Springs, CO Terrible, terrible idea to change location of women's purses!! Purses used to be all in one location. But now they are all scattered through out the whole store. Just an awful idea! Not customer friendly, easy or efficient at all! I used to...

Target Brands / customer service desk

Shavon37 on Jul 22, 2017
At my most recent visit at Target I was treated very poorly. The customer service representative was loudly popping gum in my face while tossing my items that I was purchasing everywhere. Horrible experience for over priced items..will not be returning to store any time soon, and I started...

Target / misinformation/false advertisement

Hailey Blair on Jul 19, 2017
To Whom It May Concern: I am a loyal Target customer and have always had very positive experiences shopping at Target. However, I am very disappointed with a recent purchase that was made on Saturday 7/8/17. I initially went to Target seeking to purchase the iPhone 6s, as I had seen...

Target Brands / I tried to return a hamilton beach product

Virginia Estrada on Jul 16, 2017
I wanted to return a product I bought on January 7th of 2017 because the product is not working. The associate at target said I couldn't return it because it was over the 90 day period. The supervisor even told me the same thing, but I didn't like the way she approached me. Her...

Target Brands / juice I bought in the store.

AliAhmed123 on Jul 16, 2017
So today I went shopping like the usual. Then my mother asked me if I could buy her and myself a cold drink. So I went and bought both of us two naked juice. We didn't read the expireation date thinking that the workers here are hard working and they will never leave expired stuff. We...

Target Brands / customer service

Target68 on Jul 14, 2017
On 14JUL17 we purchased items using the Target Red Card from the Target located at 12200 Blue Valley Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66213 with the store general manager Courtney. Our card wouldn't run through and we thought it was the issue the store told us they had a few days prior. We tried to...

Target Brands / target kitchen

Calah M M on Jul 14, 2017
When first walking into the store, I began to walk into the kitchen area when I saw there was a long line and all of the kitchen workers were sitting down at different tables not servicing the people in line. I decided to instead go to the kitchen after I finished mu shopping. When I...

Target Brands / up & up infant gas drops

Pissed and poopy on Jul 13, 2017
Contains milk and soy!! Which my baby is very allergic too. Nothing in or on the packaging/bottle states that it contains milk or soy. You have to contact target and wait for them to respond in order to find out the actual ingredients. So thanks the the months of bloody, mucuousy poop and...

Target Brands / registry gift

Yesenia Amezola on Jul 12, 2017
I went to two different targets today on July 12, 2017 to register for my upcoming baby shower. First, i went to the target on Redondo beach, Gardena California. The girl on duty at customer service at around 8pm was very rude and unhelpful! I asked her where to go to register for a baby...

Target / cashier

Jean Ha on Jul 10, 2017
I was at the Fairview Park, OH Target store tonight and this cashier, Marilyn, on register 13 was one of the worst cashiers I've encountered. She had an issue with one customer and was a bit argumentative with her. Finally it got resolved and I thought the line would get moving... I wa...

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