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Smokingeverywhere.com / As soon as you buy their product and provide your credit card number, they are keeping charging you without your authorization

As soon as you buy their product and provide your credit card number, they are keeping charging you without your authorization. The telephone service is a fraud: “How I can direct your call?” You are explaining the reason. After another 20-30 min of waiting, “How I can...

Electronic Cigarette. / Many issues with this product.

So I walk by the kiosk in the mall, I saw this thing called "Smoking Everywhere." I read all about it, and even saw the little information video that was playing. I figured since I'm going to be leaving for basic in a few months, and I'm a pretty heavy smoker, that the...

Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette / No Ship - No Refund

Liars and Cheats !! All types of guarantees, risk free, etc YET NO REFUND after multiple times being promised they will credit my card within 4-6 weeks !! They did not even ship their product, just simply charged my card TWICE..then credit card company wont issue stop pay either because...

Smoking everywhere / Charged for Filters

I paid for smokingeverywhere electronic cigarette & 2 weeks ago when I rec`d 2 boxes of filters the statement said no charge. I looked on my master card statement charged me $17.??. I would like to unsubscribe so I won`t receive anymore filters. My husband passed away 11/13/2009 & I...

Smoking everywhere / Unauthorized Bank Withdrawals

-Update To My Previous Post- Rarely one to voice a complaint w/o also working to secure a solution, I spent a part of my day off searching for answers...and like a dog on a bone, I can promise anyone who cares to read this, I will reach a solution, even if it means I have to throw a few...

Smoking everywhere / Bank account Theft

THIS IS what they'll post on your bank statement: U2 SMOKINGEVERYWHERE80 800-613-0337 FL (along with their unauthorized charges) -----------BUYER BEWARE! MAJOR SCAM & CON-ARTISTS AT WORK HERE-------------------- I ordered the 9.99 trial and cancelled within the two weeks a...

Smoking everywhere / phony charges

I decided to try the smokeless cigarette for a trial period in which I paid 9.95, I immediatley sent it back when it read that if you try it you buy it after I recieved the trial product. Since I sent it back several weeks ago I have been charged $99.02, 49.99, 49.99 and another 49.99 on...

Smoking everywhere / Fraud Charges

Do not buy from this Company, not only their product does not work, they will scam you. They say 14 day trial, but they charge you $9.95 If you want to canceled you need to wait until you received the product, and that takes over 3 weeks, Then they tell you the 14 days is up, they start...

Smokingeverywhere.com / Non-Delivery/Bank Charge

My wife purchased this product after an online advertisement. About a week after the order and still no delivery of the product, we went back and read the "fine print" of the contract. You have 14 days after the date of the order to decide if you want to "renew" your monthly subscription...

Smokingeverywhere.com / Product never delivered

I have had the same experience as many of you, But I started out prepared because I have always been weary of online transactions. I saw the e-cig at a fair, I decided to research e-cigs before I purchased it to see what others had to say about it. I then placed my order with...

smokingeverywhere / Terrible Product

I bought this e cigarette at the mall at a kiosk in San Diego. The seller claimed each cartridge would be equal to about a pack of cigarettes. Each cartridge lasts MAYBE 3 cigarettes worth and the battery died on me after only 2 days and would no hold a charge. The flavors all taste the...

Smoking everywhere / Scam

When sign up as an affiliate - you do not receive any commissions - they just say they are having technical problems and will get back to you - but they never do. You do all the selling and they are not giving commissions. It is a scam.

smokingeverwhere / items not received

I bought some items from this company, (e-cigarettes) while I was on holiday in Florida They are e cigarettes, they give you your nicotine fix where ever you cant smoke I bought them in the Florida Mall, Orlando They didnt have any filters and the only place I could get them was online I...

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