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Petco / grooming

Jodine B on Sep 14, 2017
Took my Poodle to the groomer at Petco in Homewood, IL at the end of July seeing they are only 5 min away from me. I should have knew something was wrong when we first entered because my Poodle growled at the groomer and initially didn't want to go to her. He has never growled at a person...

Petco / dead reptile

RyanPel on Sep 8, 2017
I bought a baby chain kingsnake on sale from Petco, Northlake Blvd, PBG Fl. I brought him home still active and healthy and set him in a small container with a water dish, some paper towels to hide in, and left him be for a couple days where he ate a pinkie mouse I got the date of purchase...

Petco / former employee

Mmbd on Sep 4, 2017
Labor laws are broken and they change our time punches to cut down labor hours. The few groomers that are left never take breaks yet management is forced to change our time punches to add "unpaid lunch breaks" which cuts down on labor costs. This is all orchestrated by the district...

Petco / hostile employee

Disappointedcustomer4 on Aug 19, 2017
To who this may concern I have been going to Petco for a long time and on a first-name basis with the employees there I even at one point worked there at the store in Mesa off of Gilbert and University there is a new employee girl named Ciara I was in line waiting to check out today while...

Petco / Fish supplies

DannyMontana on Aug 16, 2017
I have been a loyal customer to petco for years now, so I went about purchasing a fish tank and the supplies for the fish tank and was charged full amount of $100 and for everything. Even tho it was 50% off the fish tank. I paid it in full and they could not refund my money back. As for...

Petco / customer service

Joanne Cham Rhodes on Aug 13, 2017
Purchased 2 Guinea pigs as a gift for my daughter. One had an extreme amount of eye discharge so we took it back to the store. They issued me a return while they sent the pet out to the vet & advised me they would call me once he comes back from vet. After a few days of having the pet...

Petco / superworms

Alexis Garcia on Aug 11, 2017
I bought a 100 count of super worms for my bearded dragon. After three days of feeding my beardie three to four worms each day, there weren't anymore. There was supposed to be a 100 count of worms and there were not. I would go back to the store in Parlin, NJ where I bought it from but I...

Petco / pricing

Little Missy on Jul 31, 2017
I needed a RFA-67 battery for my dogs collar. It was on sale online for $4.49, reg. price $12.98. At the register, I was told that corporate policy would not allow the price to be matched as there were some online issues that had not been resolved. She could only sell it to me for 50% of...

Petco / employees at store in montclair ca.

Michelle Hoag-Vasquez on Jul 28, 2017
Made a return of a hamster and cage that was purchased in a different city. I checked the website and called the store closest to me to make sure that the items were returnable and was told th hat as long as I had a receipt that they would accept them for full refund and the other item...

Petco / dog groomer injury and vet bill.

Crystal Bulla on Jul 24, 2017
So needless to say I am very very irate about my baby Chewys last groom on 7/21/2017 at the Carbondale, Illinois Petco. We get him home an noticed that there was a knick behind his ear and on his back and lip, his skin was super red, his testicles were knicked and red also. From the moment...

Petco / pricing on website

Monica Rodgers on Jul 16, 2017
Today I went on your site to look at dog beds and food! I found large dog beds for $2.99!!! I ordered 3 and when I went to checkout, even with the coupon code from this morning's email, it was $134.00!!! That's just not right to suck people into that and then at checkout you pull something...

Petco / employee service

Krystin Dyer on Jul 8, 2017
My husband & young son went into the Petco to purchase fish for our new tank. They wanted to buy inmate cicklets. My husband has had this kind of fish before. Well when he asked to retrieve some of these fish the gentleman began intarigsting my husband out my husband! Asking what size our...

Petco / lack of reptile food

Roy Douglas Widrig on Jul 7, 2017
I went to the Grants Pass Petco yesterday and their reptile food department looked like they were going out of business. No wax worms, no crickets no fruit flies. I don't know what their excuses were yesterday because there was nobody in that department. In fact I only saw three workers in...

Petco / website access issue

Rebai on Jul 3, 2017
Petco Ref # 7967849 from 6-28-17 still unresolved. I tried to log into my account and it would not accept the password that I know was correct. First I was told I was locked out for too many attempts, then I wad told I didn't respond to the Captiva request properly, then I was told they...

Petco / customer service - checkout

markaltman on Jun 28, 2017
So I am in line at store #2414 in Denver with a huge bag of dog food and the guy in front of me is asked by the check out person if he has an account. Says he isn't sure so she asks him for a phone number...doesnt work. Next phone number...doesnt work. This goes on for five minutes so she...

Petco / ethics and breaking labor laws, discrimination against senior employee, bullying and verbal abuse

Animal Behaviorist on Jun 17, 2017
store #1290 Bothell, Petco. The DM, Gm + Assistant manager are now being Sued for all listed above. l am a senior white women with filed disabilities (in corporate) whom has been bullied, verbally abused, called in 3 meetings and the District Manager over the phone in front of 2 witness'...

Petco / grooming

Haeley on Jun 15, 2017
Aloha, I have been a customer of Petco Grooming in Kailua + Kaneohe, HI {Oahu} for about 2.5 years. I've been satisfied most of the times I've been there, no major complaints, until yesterday. I arrived for my appointment at 12pm June 13th to be greeted by Cheryl {Kaneohe Store} who told me...

Petco / petco puppy play time

naedineA on Jun 10, 2017
I decided to take my 6 month old puppy to "puppy play time" at the petco in pearlcity, Hawaii. I had arrived there 30 minutes prior to the time is had started. I decided to take my puppy and I on the play set area and sat down waiting for other owners, puppies, and trainer to arrive. Once...

Petco / store manager

Dger77 on Jun 7, 2017
I went into petco in Clifton NJ today to pick up dog food. I noticed a sign that said $10 gift card for $40 spent on hills science diet dog food. When i went to check out i mentioned it the the man that was ringing me up I didnt get his name but when i asked to speak to a manager after he...

Petco / cashier used my personal information to find me

Jdp1 on May 21, 2017
stopped by petco on 5/20/17 gave my number to the cashier for rewards program. hours later, after 11pm, I received a follow from a strange girl with zero mutuals. recognized her name because it was on my receipt - xaiviea lutes. unprofessional, inappropriate, and uncomfortable. needs to be removed or at least kept away from our personal information

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