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Ooma / bogus tax

D3C3 on May 24, 2017
Ooma recently increased my taxes by 43%. They refuse to explain the tax and will only cut and paste a canned response that basically says they just pass through the taxes. However, when I ask them for the name, address, email, phone number etc for the taxing entity they list on the bill...

Ooma / Unauthorized charges

Moosedog20 on Apr 25, 2016
Hello, I own small car dealership in Richmond, Va. When I was chatting with OOMA sales and inquiring about signing up, he gave me a great introductory price for all the equipment I needed to get started. Well long story short, I was quoted around $60/month for two phone lines and 4...

Ooma / Service complaint

Reviewer54141 on Jan 12, 2016
I have been using OOMA for over 2 years now. Recently I am having trouble with their service while using calling card to make international calls. It looks like they are blocking the use of calling cards from OOMA in order to force customers to use their pwn international calling package...

Ooma / VOIP Phone Service

iscreamforyou on Nov 12, 2015
OOMA has Poor quality Customer Service. Ready for that? It will be your life with them. OOMA looks for ANY reason to disconnect "unprofitable to them" grandfathered in accounts - even if they are bought & paid for by the customers. I used the OOMA box for a few years. Disconnected it...

Ooma / Ooma FCC Fee & Other Fee's

Ghost.Sage on Sep 18, 2014
Purchase Ooma Phone Service, bought the Telo, 2 HD cordless Handsets, and paid for my service for the whole year in advance to avoid worrying about a monthly bill, but what I did know is that the keep charging you every month Regulatory Compliance Fee $1.78, 911 Service Fee $1.59, and a...

Ooma / Scam or Cheating

Ooma Scam on Nov 8, 2013
Several years ago, I bought an Ooma hub, due to this advertise " ...Kiss your phone bill and say good bye, never a fee again, ..." After about two years in use they charged my credits card $4.75 / mo. for server fees and taxes. I refuse to pay, and my phone was turned off. I complained and...

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