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ODESK ANDREK ATANASOVSKI / blackmail, fraud , stolen code

Hired developer Andrej Atanasovski, who took our money, failed to produce a line of working code, had excuse after excuse, when we questioned him as to why he doesnt email us back and missed skype, he told us it was our fault. He kept our money and when we had his code check it had a viru...

Odesk Corporation / Unrelevant Support Staff

darkknight88 on Nov 16, 2014
From past some years I have been honestly and efficiently making my living from odesk.com .Odesk suspended my account and Freelancer profile.Here is the link to my odesk profile page: https://www.odesk.com/users/~011ea08fac952d87d8 The response of support is pathetic and not supportive or helpful...

Odesk Corporation / Account suspended without any valid reason

jayana on Sep 18, 2014
Hi.. I am Jayana from India. I have contractor account in ODesk.com. I used to work for web designing via Odesk platform for almost 3 years. I have good reputation among the clients. I have successfully finished around 63 job and done around 600+ hours work with average 95% of good...

ODESK / Keep out, odesk is completely non-transparent

egeshi on Nov 11, 2013
I am working at odesk as a coder for more than a year. I was frustrated by the fact that my financial account was suspended. I have an active contract at the moment, no disputes or anything similar. I was asking them for a specific reason, but support (they probably don't even have an...

oDesk.com / Account Suspended Permanently without Notify me cause

sourav_jns on Sep 11, 2013
I am using oDesk platform professionally since about 3 years. I have made a good profile on odesk - https://www.odesk.com/users/~01e6b4980db9650bef. A month ago, I was worked for a client which payment method was verified. He was discussed with me about the job and was told me to make a...


GAL1017 on Mar 16, 2013
Odesk sucks.. they suspend your financial account with no grounds at all. And their customer service can not even answer your questions... much more when you ask them on how to resolve such issues. They do not even know where to contact those people who gave the ticket. I do not know what...

Odesk Corporation / Services provided by oDesk

Brijesh K on Dec 22, 2012
I have been hired by one of my client. He paid 10 % upfront. After starting of the project he did too many modification in project requirement without paying extra charges, Still i managed to deliver whole project code, which was running fine on my server on web. But client said to deploy...

Brian Jeffrey Patterson / Arrogant & disrespectful

Business Complaints on Apr 30, 2012
Unfortunately there are many of these arrogant programmers out there that think they are god's gift to the human race. They are difficult to deal with & think they are better than everyone else. I feel Brian is just one of these types. He applied to our hiring ad on odesk for a PHP...

oDesk.com / Money Stolen

heyitischris on Jan 21, 2011
I hired an Odesk contractor in Pakistan. Well i got suckered into paying $1500 upfront to get this done. During the work, the contractor started to clone a competitor's site so I ended the contract immediately. This being said he contractor talked about how he was an expert cloner in...


Good day Well i know why i get suspended ... but its only a mistake forum post .. i accidentally used my wife account instead of mine ... Remember accident, mistake and sickness is a natural phenomenon you cannot blame anyone on it ... ive got 3 contracts that still running and a 7...

oDesk.com / Scam Operation - Beware!!!!

oDesk.com is a scam outfit. They don't care about you, your business, or your projects. They only care about $$$$$. I've always had reservations about hiring freelance workers online. oDesk.com has solidified to me that hiring people online without the benefit of a face-to-face meeting is a...

Odesk Corporation / Fraud and Scam

I hired thru Odesk a provider with raving reviews and lots of work hours. He wanted payment by PayPal and I paid him and he wanted more later but provided no proof of work. Then he simply disappeared. Odesk won't do a thing and won't even take him off the provider's list...

MJGT / Fraud and Scam

I hired thru Odesk a provider with raving reviews and lots of work hours. He wanted payment by PayPal and I paid him and he wanted more later but provided no proof of work. Then he simply disappeared. Odesk won't do a thing and won't even take him off the provider's list...

ODESK / violation of privacy of odesk

I have been a trustworthy provider who has some reputation among odesk community but odesk suspended my profile, account, job applications, job offers and contracts in order to force me to provide privacy including date birth, photo, address proof etc. They simply cut off my income. I feel...

ODESK / Credit Card Fraud

I have been scammed by oDesk resource. Be very careful while hiring any resource on oDesk (virtual assistant, blog poster, programmer - anything). I had hired this person in November 2009 but didn't give him in assignment (his allowed working hours specifically said "0"). Yet he went...

Marketplace for Developers / Scammed by ODESK Developer

Here is my communication with ODesk after being scammed for a complex project that was never completed and I paid 70% of the upfront fee instead of the 30%. ODesk did not lift a finger. Nov.20 Hello, I had hired Kim Coppens from Cybinternet/ Cybtechnologies in Belgium and over...

Odesk Corporation / Beware!

Odesk Scam - Don't Hire Odesk Programmers. Odesk based in California did not lift a finger when we got scammed by oversea programmers. WARNING BEFORE USING ODESK READ THIS. We recently hired Odesk to introduce us to a "So Called" affordable software programmers. Here's the Scam...

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