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Nationstar Mortgage / nationstar mortgage - loan modification scam & forced foreclosure scam

J Rose on Jun 20, 2017
NationStar is a shady and scamming people into foreclosure. Purchased the house in 2010. My mortgage was sold to Nation in 2012. In 2012 I had a few life events that caused me to be short on funds, however I still paid my mortgage on time but was struggling so NS informed me I could apply for...

Nationstar Mortgage / mortgage modification fail

Froebe on May 11, 2017
I have many frustrations with your company since they took over our mortgage, mostly because I seem to have gotten passed around from person to person and have not gotten consistent information or service because of that. We were on a trial and were working with Tewania and half way...

Nationstar Mortgage / not accepting payoff

Chris Medlin on Feb 15, 2017
Tried paying my entire loan off 3 times. They reversed the transfer payment 3 times and charged me late fees even though I had proof that it was they that reversed the transfer. In addition they cost me an extra $30.00 in wiring fees which they did not refund. You will wait on hold for...

Nationstar Mortgage / non-payment of promised "move out money".

Joseph Hirshfeld on Sep 4, 2016
I was given an opportunity to turn my house over to Nations with help from the State of Nevada Mediation Program. I made a written agreement to have the house "Broom ready" within 60 days and for that I would receive $2000. It has now been over a year and half and still no check from...

Nationstar Mortgage / false claim

slly on Aug 31, 2016
We were having problems with our mortgage, Bank Of America was our lender, they were not willing to help with our situation, had a buyer for a short sale, they sold our mortgage to Nationstar, and this bank was no help either, all customer service was worthless, I mean worthless!! Trying...

Nationstar Mortgage / scamming corporation stolen nearly $400b

Judith Pinkham on Aug 23, 2016
Scamming Corporation stolen nearly $400B Are you aware that Banks stolen people 401k IRA and Retirement over $12T? We all are victims of the 1%; Hillary will win because the %1 paid to have her do the dirty work for them, Learn their secrecy of stealing here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aqs7zg7dRLmHaiosKlumjfcYTQk Nationstar bought discharged...

Nationstar Mortgage LLC / predatory lending

dawn casey on Jul 30, 2016
Nationstar is by far the most lawless company servicing loans out there today!!! They have me in foreclosure with US Bank, whom they illegally placed in my county documents file and removed any trace of Bank of New York mellon, they don't realize that i have a certified copy from the...

Nationstar Mortgage / mortgage servicing

dawn casey on May 17, 2016
Nationstar lied to me after applying for a loan medication ten times, they ultimately denied my loan mod. application stating that the "owner" bank of new York mellon did not wish to participate in doing loan mods and we have to abide by their wishes. I wrote to the "owner" bank of...

Nationstar Mortgage / poor/untimely handling of overpayment refund

pkpruett on Apr 6, 2016
In early March 2016 I received a refund check for late charges that were collected on a loan (#608587903) while a bankruptcy was pending and finally discharged. The discharge order was entered in 2006, ten years before the refund was issued. In addition the balance on the loan was paid off...

Nationstar Mortgage / refinance

Reviewer51541 on Feb 16, 2016
Twice within a year or 2 I tried to refinance my 8&5/8% . Each time it was because they sent letters saying they wanted to refinance # 0599734035 (20918 westgreen ct. Tex. 77450), but both times decided, though lease was prove in place, rejected because I didn't satisfy their criteria of...

Nationstar Mortgage / unlawful foreclosure

Reviewer51580 on Jan 22, 2016
Nationstar has not only reneged on the terms of the acquired mortgage in terms of insurance, they have imposed extensive fees and repeated inspection charges; falsified information about my account; neglected to credit $14, 800 in payments, they claim I am in arrears for $9, 399.00, and...

Nationstar Mortgage / these guys create problems and each time says that you don't have insurance or any other details

Reviewer89315 on Dec 3, 2015
I filled the form for mortgage in the company Nationstar Mortgage. I didn’t get any details from them or the mortgage number, but this company wanted to get the payments from me. I didn’t want to ruin our deal and have sent the payment to this company. Unfortunately, the company informed me...

Nationstar Mortgage / my mortgage

Reviewer47023 on Nov 5, 2015
My local bank sold my mortgage to Nationstar mortgage. What a frustrating experience! Terrible customer service, with long waiting time (20-60 minutes) with zero results or solutions. You get transferred multiple times to different people and then disconnected! They cannot apply extra...

Nationstar Mortgage / 15 year conventional fixed mortgage

CBruning on Oct 30, 2015
Nationstar and Freddie Mac have blatantly stripped me of equity and left me with a 1.4 acre, 2 bedroom property that has no comparative market value. No real estate agent in DFW or the surrounding cities will represent my home to buyers as a 3 bedroom 2.2 acre home as appraised and sold to...

Nationstar Mortgage / foreclosure while in loan mod process

snjzaii on Apr 19, 2015
I applied for a Loan Modification with Nationstar Mortgage. Each time that Nationstar sent me a "Helping You Stay In Your Home" packet with the "Making Home Affordable" documents I would fill them out and sent them back to Nationstar Mtg. 12/19/2014 I received another packet, I returned...

Nationstar Mortgage / forcing foreclosure due to & payments in good standing & and & credit score too high&.

Dr. JBB on Mar 28, 2015
I have been in the process for the short sale program since november of 2014. Nationstar assigned me a preferred agent in my area. We went through all the steps and then finally last week I received a letter dated march 3, 2015 that read: Congratulations! You are eligible for the short sale...

Nationstar Mortgage / refinance fiasco

GA-REFI-Hell on Mar 14, 2015
The worst experience ever dealing with a financial services company. My Loan Originator David Totty and Closing Coordinator Jane Speas were fine, even enjoyable, but both were embarrassed and equally frustrated with the process. My loan was delayed multiple times (5) and 4 time change...

Nationstar Mortgage / extra fees cannot explain

atroy92 on Dec 9, 2014
My house went to foreclosure last year I got it out. Now I can not re finance because it is an upside down load. (I owe more that what it is worth). At the end of the year they tried to put the house back in foreclosure for 10 cents. Payment went up by 5 cents. I call and cleared that up...

Nationstar / unfair charges and banking

Luis Delrio on Jul 29, 2014
I am a month ahead of my mortgage since 4 months ago. I did this to get them off my back and to stop charging me fees. Especially the inspection fees!!! When I have no evidence the any inspection has taken place. Well fast forward to this moment. I now behind on my payment. That i...

Nationstar / fraudulent late fees

neuckh on Jun 17, 2014
In August 2012 Nationstar purchased the mortgage on a property I own. I have payments set up automatically through my bank. I have never been late on my payments for this mortgage, however, somehow something happened and Nationstar decided that I missed a payment while in transition in...

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