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American Home Shield / ductwork

Lavida Olivo on Mar 22, 2017
My main was made from wood and was deteriorating and had gaps and holes, I contacted Blacburn and Davis Inc. and had them give me an estimate to repair it. They built a new main for me, but afterwards I found out that it was covered by AHS. I called AHS and they sent out Avalanche Air LLC...

records.instantcheckmate.com / Manta company information boards entering records.Instantcheckmate.com directly under other company address or information

susanf1 on Mar 2, 2017
Records.instantcheckmate.com is a public database of unreliable records that has intruded on webspaces designed to promote legitimate business owner websites. Records.instantcheckmate.com needs to be removed from the internet or prevented from placing ad links directly under other busine...

MAPCO @ 2055 McFarland Ave, Rossville, GA 30741 (706) 861-2382 / restrooms always out of service!!

DGrider on Feb 16, 2017
I own a business next door to a MAPCO store @ 2055 McFarland Ave, Rossville, GA 30741 (706) 861-2382 I have been here for over three years and everyday there is someone at my door wanting to use my restroom because of the store next door refuses to let anyone use theirs. They claim to be...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard A.Weller is racist and prejudiced against black people

CarlHamilton on Jan 22, 2017
Richard A. Weller is racist and prejudiced against black people and black tenants.Calling black neighborhoods Blackfish Bay, because he lives in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.Whenever black people rent to him and his properties, Black tenants move out because he don't fix things and he...

Interstate Farm Products, L.L.C. / Refund of $4500.00 initial investment

rob warren on Jan 5, 2017
To whom it may concern: I, Rob Warren would like to request a refund I made to Interstate Farm Products back in October 2008 of which I'm a member of. I have never used this service nor plan to in the future. I realize I could save money but just don't have the time to sit down and order...

Anchor of Milwaukee / Craig is richard weller's puppet, yesman and crash test dummy

Rennard Cotton on Nov 24, 2016
Richard weller is using craig to do his dirty work by using him, being his puppet, being his yesman and being his crash test dummy!!! They hired carlos hamilton to be the apartment manager from 2013 to 2015. Craig, carlos hamilton, kenny walker and pam be going around spreading rumors and...

rx medco / Payment not received

melissacollector on Jun 16, 2016
We were contacted by Rx Medco from # 877-796-3326 with PO Box 5009 Laguna Beach, CA 92652 (owner Betty Montgomery betty_montgomery@ymail.com; on 8/31/12 & 9/6/12 to provide certified Spanish and Polish interpreter for Work Comp cases. Interpreter was to assist the AME Dr. in Sacramento and...

Ladco Leasing / POS Terminal machines

Pierre L Seguin on Feb 9, 2016
In 2001 my wife was approached by I believe initially by First Data services which eventually were switched to Elevon administered by Ladco leasing. We used their equipment for approximately 4 years at pre determined monthly fee which seemed to increased considerable over time. Now when we...

Anchor of Milwaukee / Craig Z,Carlos Hamilton,and Richard A.Weller be lying to cover up lies

Reviewer55780 on Nov 24, 2015
Apartment manager Craig Z and Richard A.Weller be lying to cover lies on tenants. They be letting bad things happen in their apartment buildings.Like they did to James Johnnies aka Oochie when he was living in Apt 111 at Merrill Plaza Apartments at 609 North 31st Street in Milwaukee...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Carlos hamilton is violent and a bad infleuence on the tenants

Reviewer72186 on Nov 22, 2015
In 2013 Carlos Hamilton was the new apartment manager of Wells Street Apartments at 2922 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, He was a drug dealer, He was asking tenants for money to get his insulin filled because, He did not have no health insurance.He was charging tenants money to...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Do not move to Wells Street Apartments and Merrill Plaza Apartments

Reviewer81211 on Nov 18, 2015
What happened at Wells Street Apartments at 2922 Wells Street was in 2002 to 2012, LB Gibson was the apartment manager until he got fired and evicted for embezzling tenants money and gambling with tenants money by going to the casino to cover up for the lost rent money. From 2013 Carlo...

Texas Roadhouse / cold food

Landlord complaint on Aug 24, 2015
Tuesday Aug 18th Me VivianNoel, My cousin Samella Calloway Donna Williams and her son Shamar came to eat dinner. My cousin and I decided to share4 piece cat fish in case we didn't like it we would get something else. Ask for it to be fried extra crispy. Didn't bring it that way...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Do not move to 2922 West Wells Street

John Petlock on Jul 16, 2015
I was living at 2922 West Wells Street in Apt 205 until 2009.I moved out of the building in 2009, because I couldn't pay the rent, What happened Friday night was Heidi Schneider a prostitute set me up to get robbed by doing a sex act in front of me, while the guys were stealing my...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard a. Weller does not take care of bedbugs

NevaZueltke on Jul 16, 2015
I was living at 2922 West Wells Street in Apt 206 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until 2010.What happened was bedbugs were inside that apartment building and they were biting me on my body and my arm.Richard A.Weller was not taking care of the bedbugs until the exterminator came to my apartment...

Anchor of Milwaukee / Richard Weller and Craig Z cannot be trusted

MichaelCramer on Jul 12, 2015
I lived at that building at 609 North 31st Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, until I moved out in 2014, because Craig Z and Richard A.Weller are full of crap.They are dirty, evil, and wicked.They let Theora Charleston Brown (Chicken Leg) sign a lease and move back into the building.Theora...

Anchor of Milwaukee / Do not rent to Craig Z and Richard Weller

JamesJohnnies on Jul 12, 2015
I was living at 609 North 31st Street in Apt 111 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until Fall 2013, Craig Z evicted me because this girl called the police on me and my wife.What happened was this girl who don't live in the building who was with me, She came over started caused this drama with...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Todd Weller is protecting Richard A.Weller

Carlos Hamilton on Jul 6, 2015
At 2922 West Wells Street and 609 North 31st Street, The owner Richard A.Weller does not run bad apartments and bad properties.He breaks his promises to his tenants in his buildings.His buildings got bedbugs, roaches, bugs, waterbugs, and mice.He don't take care of pests and roofing...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard A.Weller is evil and dirty

Dorothea Faine on Mar 29, 2015
I lived at 2922 West Wells Street in Apt 205 until 2009.Richard A.Weller and LB Gibson rented apartments to prostitutes in 2009.I was robbed and set up by a white woman prostitute named Heidi Schneider who stole my money including my rent money, That's why I could not pay my rent...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard A.Weller cannot be trusted

Rennard Cotton 42 on Jan 27, 2015
The owner Richard A.Weller cannot be trusted, Harvey the maintenance man cannot be trusted, because they say they gonna fix things inside tenants apartments, but they never come and fix things inside tenants apartments, The only time they come and fix things is when you move out of your...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / The apartment managers steal,embezzle,and rip you off

Rennard Cotton 42 on Dec 18, 2014
Richard Weller hired apartment manager LB Gibson is a gambler, he embezzled money from tenants, and he ripped tenants off.LB rented to child molesters, sex offenders, prostitutes, crack addicts, drug addicts and gamblers.LB rented to Jesse Hadley who is a child molester, Kim a vietnamese...

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