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Luminess Air / airbrush kit

msware728 on Jul 17, 2017
I did not authorize additional charges or shipment, I did not ask to be in their membership, I have contacted my bank and will contact my lawyer, you cannot charge anyone without authorization for additional shipments very un happy, please refund money you have taken from my account, did...

Luminess Air / unethical sale of products

Linda R Clark on Jul 13, 2017
SCAM SCAM SCAM Purchased on June 20, 2017 Cust # 2434147 I saw ad on TV saying $19.99 + s & H for trial offer of this make up. When package arrived it said I was in their club and would now pay 4 more payments of $49.99 ($200.00) I did not want any more of their makeup so called to cancel...

Luminess Air / mothers day ultimate gift - medium

Marilyn Hall on May 22, 2017
Received the Mothers Day Ultimate Gift on Saturday 5/20 which was ordered on 5/11. So excited to try it; plugged it in and nothing happened. Had to wait until Monday 5/21 to call and tell them. I asked for 2 day air shipping, but oh no they can't do that; I have to wait for 5-10 days, then...

Luminess Air / makeup airbrush system

Kaybo929 on May 11, 2016
Letter to Luminess Air: Let me get this straight — I never received a “declined” payment notice from my credit card company or my bank - just you. I have made payments (you withdrew from my accounts, each in differing amounts at odd dates) of $101.84, $82.94, $102.94, $82.94 and now you ask...

Luminess Air / product

PJwang on Apr 19, 2016
Completely ### company. I am writing this complaint cuz they fuking ridiculous Just tryna buy my mom something she saw from TV and this company hooked me up with some monthly payment installment ### My first payment is on 2/25 trying to get this : Legend Airbrush System Black & White...

Luminess / Luminess Air

Karen Eierman on Feb 6, 2016
I found by reading all of the complaints about this product after I faced the same deceptive advertising and billing, that I am not the only one getting duped. I am in the process of getting charges reversed etc., but do have e a question. How is it, with all of these reported fraudulent...

Luminess Air / airbrush makeup system

Reviewer36406 on Jan 18, 2016
I ordered Luminess Air after watching their infomercial on TV, I did it online. Once reciept came, I saw that for 5 months extra charges would be taken from credit card account. In my opinion this is fraud, even if they had a disclaimer in written form at the infomercial. They should have...

Luminess Air / luminess airbrush system

ElizabethWalczak on Jan 15, 2016
I have purchased a Luminess Airbrush Kit with the option of making a return. I hate this product and I am unable to get in touch with the company to make a return, There is no way to contact anyone in customer service. There is only option of leaving call back number. I have called several...

Luminess Air / all products

Reviewer43989 on Dec 21, 2015
I ordered the kit from Luminess Air, it took weeks and weeks to arrive. In fact it took so long I finally decided that I must have not finished with my order completely and gave up on ever seeing the product. You cannot get in contact with anyone by phone or by websites offered to get out...

Luminess Air / luminess airbrush system

howarlis on Nov 6, 2015
I ordered this at a sales price of 19.95 only to find out that once its delivered you are charged a huge amount of money over a long period of time.. Not to mention the item is garbage. The 30 day return policy has 100 conditions to it. I met all of those conditions and sent it back within...

Luminess Air / owe a lot of money

cliberatore0304 on Oct 22, 2015
I ordered this product but found that after the 30 day trial i was to owe alot of money. then they tried to get to my account and after a failed attempt said i was to be reported to the credit bureau, HAH! not me as I work for the government. and will turn them in as i have just did!!! For...

Luminess Air / consumer fraud

Retired Educator on Feb 19, 2015
I ordered the Luminess Air Trial on June 23, 2014. I was charged $59.99 for the "system" and small samples of make-up. As the make-up continued to arrive, I called in July to have deliveries reduced, thinking the payments would reflect less charges. I continued to get charged $59.99 per...

Luminess Air / return policy

FL_Husky Lover on May 29, 2014
my family. When I returned home, I called the company to obtain an RMA, only to be told that there was no 60-day trial available & that no returns were accepted whatsoever after 30 days! I gave the rep the name of the rep who sold me the unit, date, & time of transaction in hopes of...

Luminess Air / charges that are not shown at pos

SaraLMurphy on Nov 16, 2012
Purchased the introductory product, was charged with S&H $42.90. Which the product is worth, I like the product. Then 2 months later I have a charge of $59.99 on my Credit Card. I looked through the agreement over and over, there is not a word about $59.99 to be charged later. I call the...

Luminess Airbrush Makeup / sent me wrong colors twice and refused refund

hcw5669 on Sep 25, 2012
Do not buy anything from these people!! They are scam artists. They want you to "try" the product and then make it impossible to return it. They charge you 29.95 and then prevent you from returning it to then be charged another $200. The responses next to these complaints you al have...

Luminess Air / credit card rippoff

moonshatoe on Jun 29, 2012
When you call the phone number listed on the tv you finally get a computerized female voice keep asking you if you want to upgrade for a certain amount and then if you want the insurance for the product. The next day you are charged not only for the trial use of 29.95 they charge you for...

Luminess Lp / not allowed to cancel

My mother ordered from a television ad. She tried to send it back but the company would not take it back. She has tried to cancel it with no results. She is 84 years old and this company is taking advantage of her. They constantly harass her to the point where she won't even answer...

Luminess Cosmetics / scam alert

My wife purchased an air brush cosmetic product she thought was $65 with additional purchases for make-up. She attempted to cancel (in July I think) but was unable to do so. She left several voice mails with no response. Since that time this company has continued to attempt to charge our...

Luminess Air Comsmetics / not allowed to cancel

If you should decide, in a moment of weakness, to try luminess, know that if you change your mind in the middle of ordering, you cannot cancel! Your order is taken by an automated voice and, no matter how many times you press "0," to reach a human being, or yell into the phone that you...

Luminess Air / over-charge + scam

RE: Oder #10149747 I ordered the product via phone. Tried to return it, however, they will not take it back. Spent many cell minutes trying to talk to: Katie Treloar Help Desk Supervisor 1-888-793-7474 katie@luminessair.com who played back to me the recording of my order. At no time, wa...

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