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LG Electronics / window air conditioner

Roseann Caballero on May 23, 2017
I purchased a window air conditioner less than a year ago from Home Depot. It slowly stopped blowing cold air. I really noticed the problem on Sunday. It was a really hot day and my room stayed very warm even when the unit was on high. I called the customer service number that was shown on...

LG / lg tv 55" 55lh600t

Ravi Chandra Gupta on May 20, 2017
Sir I have took the tv on jan 2017 tv id under warrenty ihave pannel prblm sir they r saying that wont com under warrenty product is unde warrenty no any physical damage sir but they r saying should pay 30000 for pannel really its very bad service I giving a police complant and feature we...

LG / lg refrigerator

RosaSmith on May 15, 2017
LG Refrigerator Model LSXS263226S /01 I purchased this Refrigerator new on 10/29/2016 from Lowes in Odessa, Texas. On Feb. 28, 2017 I called to have the ice maker fixed. Today's date is May 15, 2017. The first service call was FINALLY scheduled for April, 4, 2017. The tech came out and...

LG / fake lg customer service hyderabad

anonymous 8891 on May 11, 2017
I called up LG Call centre 1800 3000 0859 from Hyderabad regarding Air conditioner repairing, they had send some local 3rd party 'Om Sai Cooling Solution', who refilled gas in my 1 tonn split LG air conditioner in five minutes & charged me 3850 Rs which seemed fraudulent. This AC stopped...

LG Electronics / refrigerator

Jer Foot on Apr 27, 2017
LG Refrigerator, Model: LFXS296226W 29 cu.ft. Ultra Capacity, 3-Door French Door with Dual Ice Makers April 27, 2017 We bought this Model about 1-1/2 years (17 months) before we started having major problems. This purchase was based on some research along with the "Consumer Reports"...

LG / maintenance issue

Ossama Janoudi on Apr 20, 2017
Dear sir, Madam Good morning, I'm sending this email after long time of searching in the web to find out any LG representative in Saudi Arabia to send my complain, but unfortunately I couldn't found. I tried as well to send to LG global but also I wasn't able. I have a major issue in Saudi...

LG / after several complaint repairing is not done

Rajiv Paul on Apr 18, 2017
Ac fan not working and it is creating a big problem as the air directly coming to the body. Registered complaint several times but the engineer said that I have to continue with this problem as LG stopped manufacturing the defected part. My product is still under AMC. So why should i go for a...

LG G5 Titan Smartphone / repair (or lack of!) under warranty

lynn riegler on Apr 13, 2017
The charging port on the phone broke after 10 months of use -- still under warranty. Sprint told us to send it back to lg where it would either be repaired or replaced. Lg informed us it would be 3 weeks in repair. We subsequently (3 weeks later) received an e mail that the repaired phone...

LG / air condition

Shahnawaz Shaikh on Apr 10, 2017
I have purchased a split air condition of LG from Reliance Digital, i don't know the installation done by LG team or third party vendors but i have never seen this kind of pathetic service in my life, purchased on 26 & on 27 product is delivered & installation was done by 28 Feb, from 28...

LG Electronics / dryer - electric

unhappy1111111 on Mar 12, 2017
What kind of cheap ### company sells $800 washers and dryers only to NOT supply a power cord? Even my $10 GE radio came with a cord!!! CS told me that it was to give me the option to purchase a 3 or 4 prong cord??? Maybe this should be an option on the stupid website when purchasing the...

LG Electronics / vacuum cleaner

Mazeem on Feb 28, 2017
Dears We bought a vacuum from lg for few months, then it have a defected part, not because personal abuse. But unfortunately, the response of the customer services wasn't satisfied at all. The company wants us to pay about 750 egp for this part which is a quarter of its original price...

LG Electronics / lg washer

Len H on Feb 16, 2017
Bought a LG Top load washer less than 3 years ago for $720. Its constantly going out of balance several times every load you wash. Now the drive shaft broke and took out the wash plate as well. Despite the fact that the front of the washer has a 10 year warranty sticker plastered on the...

LG / dryer

Jmlong88 on Feb 10, 2017
My 1.5 year old dryer stopped working on 2/4. I immediately contacted LG and was told that it was out of warranty (only a 1 year warranty). This is the second time that the dryer has stopped working since it was purchased. I purchased the LG extended warranty and scheduled an appointment...

LG Electronics / Mobile repair service

PhantasmX on Jan 30, 2017
Paid for repair on my smartphone 12/22/16. Had in writing my repaired device would be received 5-7 business days from date of payment. On 1/23/17, the 20th business day told repair cannot be made before March; offered and accepted a different model phone as replacement within 5-7 more...

LG Electronics / LG Refrigerator

Ted Shado on Jan 19, 2017
I am at my wit's end about this frig. First we almost had a fire in the frig with the lights. That's been replaced but then the shelving unit in the refrigerator part snapped in the middle where the drawer meets. We bought replacement parts, and I replaced them. Now they have snapped again...

LG Electronics / Oled55b6p television; sh5b soundbar

Gary Zabriskie on Jan 17, 2017
I purchased a new TV in late October along with a new sound bar. Initially I hooked up the TV to my old sound bar and it worked fine. Got up one morning and the sound bar had quit. I replaced it with the new LG unit and it did not work. Both sound bars would work on the optical feed but...

LG / Smartphone

Sushil Vij on Jan 9, 2017
i was updating my cell phone H790BK (16G) and it shut down and never restarted again. My RA# it A016CG55364 was still under warranty. I sent the phone to the address was given with a prepaid lebel and was received by LG on 12/9/16. I received an e-mail that it will be back to you between...

Lg Appliances / never received rebates

Troy Scott Smith on Jan 9, 2017
I purchased a 4 piece kitchen appliance set from HH Gregg in late August of 2016 that came with a $400.00 rebate from LG. I filed the appropriate paperwork and submitted for the rebate within 2 weeks of my purchase and as of January 9, 2017, I have yet to receive the rebate. I have called...

LG Canada / Customer service

jly009999 on Dec 21, 2016
Bought an LG G4. Phone was sent in for repairs, unable to unlock phone. That was 3 weeks ago. Since then no replies to emails or on social media, only replies of "We will get back to you" then no response. In what world does getting an unlock code take weeks!? I'm not sure anybody is even...

Lg Appliances / horrible customer service

Gunter222 on Nov 22, 2016
Electric Range LG lre 6383sw purchased June 2014. AC outlet stopped working Sept. 2016 because the thermal fuse is broken. This is an inexpensive part easily replaced that I could install. Called the 800-number for Customer Service. Found out that there is no service available in our area...

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