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City Of LA Parking Violations / Collecting for a ticket i already paid for

Dean Ivener on Mar 19, 2017
I paid a parking ticket by telephone (866 561 9742 ) ticket # 4301875863 confirm # 192379802 the ticket is 68.00 & 2.00 $ for phone service now I received a notice by mail 3/19/2017 to pay the ticket .The new notice wants action by 3/24/2017.The ticket was paid in full 3/11/2017...

City Of Los Angeles / citation

Sharron01 on Jan 3, 2015
I went to therapy at 115pm. I put several quarters in the machine and it gave me two hrs. I come back to my car and I have a citation on my car. The time given was at 1.35 pm. Now I go and look at the meter It shows I have 55 mins left. I taken a picture of it . I feel they are give...

La City Parking / Wrong citation

evergreen111 on Aug 25, 2014
I was parked on my own driveway, a foot away from my garage at most (my car is a prius) yet I get ticketed for parking on the sidewalk/covering the sidewalk. I had pictures to prove that I was not covering the sidewalk and even my neighbors felt it so unfair that I got ticketed for parking...

Parking Bureau / tickiting scam

It seems the Los Angeles Parking Violation Bureau is running a scam… by leaving tickets on a victims car stating one reason, then as the innocent victim try's to right the wrong, the bureau has put a completely different reason for the ticket on the books just to push it through. I...


This Agency issues tickets without merit, then sends ticket for an outregous amount. this is what they do, they go to Schools and film kids getting out of the card. As far I am concern I am concern about the well being of my kid, some of these people might be kids abusers and I don't...

City Of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau / commercial trailer parking violation

I was issued a citation for parking in front of my business on Foothill Blvd. I have parked my van there beginning in May of 2008 with no issues. On March 12th of 2009 at 9:29 PM, I was issued the violation #:2042035203 even though I was in compliance of the street sign. The ticket mention...

City Of Los Angeles Parking Violation Bureau / Terrible experience

On the day of the pre elections my mom when to vote, she parked on a no stopping sign, she did not see it but she understood that if she got a ticket it was her problem. She got a ticket for $45, so she thought. After she paid the ticket that was given o her on the 2/5/08 she send a...

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