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JustFab / their entire website/vip program

PSx on Jul 14, 2017
Around 3 years ago, I signed up at JustFab for a single pair of shoes (with their -% off for signing up) and never planned on buying anything from there again. I honestly planned on buying the -% off pair of shoes and then closing my account. Ha! Not possible. Upon sign-up, you're...

Justfab.com / Justfab are cheaters and thieves!

Kit8223 on May 15, 2017
I bought some heels for my girlfriend as a present and had the worst time ever! After I paid for my order Justfab deducted another amount from my account and that was made without my permission! I contacted them right away and they said that was a membership fee! No words can describe how...

Justfab.com / Do not waste your money! JustFab is a terrible company!

Norra on Apr 10, 2017
I had a bad experience with JustFab. I saw a really good offer on Facebook and ordered a pair of good looking shoes from JustFab. After that I decided to read some reviews and see what other people said about JustFab and I was very disappointed to see so many bad reviews. Then I contacted...

JustFab / Impossible to cancel and get a refund

Lori on Apr 25, 2016
I had the worst online shopping experience with JustFab and decided to cancel my membership. At first everything was fine but then I started to get pure garbage products and that's when I decided to quit. Contacted customer service and asked them to cancel my membership and also asked for...

JustFab / Took my money!

Sansa on Feb 26, 2016
I bought some items from this website and then they started charging me without my permission. I contacted JustFab customer service and asked my money back. They refused to cancel my account or refund me. So I contacted PayPal and blocked any further payments. I also cancelled my bank card...

JustFab / Stole my money!

Dodo on Feb 25, 2016
Just Fab has charged my account 3 times without my permission! After wasting my time trying to contact someone from the company I just gave up. I sent them several messages and even called, but there was no response. I also contacted PayPal and they refused to help me. I hope I'll get my...

JustFab / Took my money!

Kooe4 on Feb 23, 2016
I had to block my card because JustFab refused to cancel my account and give me my money back. In the past I ordered some shoes, then I found out that they were charging me for three months! I was shocked when I realized they were stealing money from me. When I contacted my bank I was told...

JustFab / I want my money back!

Alison on Feb 12, 2016
JustFab is the worst website ever! Don't order anything from them, they will steal you money and you will never get what you paid for. This company needs only your money, believe me. If you don't then check all the reviews! Don't not give them a penny! I ordered several things from them 6...

JustFab / Stole my money!

Leilala99 on Feb 12, 2016
Horrible company! I ordered a pair of shoes from JustFab. I received my order in reasonable time and everything seemed fine. But one month later they charged $30 from my card! I immediately contacted customer service and demanded refund, but was told that they have no idea what am I...

JustFab / Awful customer service!

Timaaa on Feb 11, 2016
I was very disappointed with JustFab and decided to close my account so I contacted their customer service. Their rep was absolutely unprofessional, I told him many times that I want to close my account and nothing would change my mind. For about 30 minutes he kept repeating why I should...

JustFab / Cheap quality

Niro on Feb 8, 2016
I purchased a pair of shoes from JustFab and they fell apart within a couple months. I didn't contact customer support since two months passed and there was no way to get my money back. I decided to cancel my membership since all the products I ever received were horrible quality. I called...

JustFab / Scam!

YUnA on Feb 5, 2016
They charged my card without my permission! When I contacted JustFab customer support I was put on hold for like 45 minutes. After waiting on hold I finally got a supervisor and was told that they did not made any charges. Complete liars! Then I contacted my bank and they called JustFab...

JustFab / Totally disappointed!

Tim on Jan 25, 2016
I purchased a necklace back from JustFab several years ago. Then my wife brought to my attention that were getting charged $40 every month. JustFab signed me for a membership without my permission and charged me for it. I contacted customer support and cancelled the subscription. They did...

Justfab.com / Worst company ever

Poe6675 on Jan 6, 2016
Well, long story short. The quality of the things they sell is not good to begin with. JustFab is an awful company to deal with. So called customer service is extremely ridiculous and useless! I used to buy things from JustFab and even purchased a VIP membership, but things changed. Two...

Justfab.com / Shady subscription practices

Patty C on Jan 9, 2014
This company has very shady subscription practices!! I agree with other posters that a reputable company would advertise up front that it is a "shoe of the month" club (or what ever they sell) if you sign up VIP. You can sign up and order online, then why can you NOT cancel the account...

JustFab / fraud account

gdwalker on Dec 23, 2013
My credit card information was stolen. The person that stole it open an account using her name & a different address other then my billing or street address. I called my bank & advised them what was going on, they suggested that I contact the vendor " Justfab" & alert them to what wa...

Justfab.com / Fraud

piyushap on Jul 15, 2013
BEWARE --- This is a scam!! DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANK INFORMATION! I got a membership and ordered a pair of shoes online. The membership cost me $39.95. However, once I got the shoes they were of poor quality, and I cancel future membership payments by calling in. However, for the past two...

JustFab / Unethical Business Practices

CindyB. on Feb 9, 2013
I made one purchase back in September 2012 never knowing that I was signing up for anything. I closed that card that was used because it was lost, and JustFab charged my new card 5 months later in February 2013. They have LONG wait lines on the phone. 30+ minutes. Their reps are...

Justfab.com / I ended up having to file a dispute with my credit card company

Diminet on Jan 22, 2013
HORRIBLE!! I got an offer for a 1/2 price pair of shoes for 1st time purchase so I took the bait. Got two left shoes and then they had the nerve to tell me there would be a restocking fee if I wanted to return them. What? I didn't order two left shoes!!! Anyway, no I see a charge on...

Justfab.com / Please don't use this website and save yourself some time and energy

Tioran on Jan 7, 2013
PLEASE DONT BE TEMPTED BY 20 DOLLAR BOOTS THEY OFFER AND SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME. My friend told me that if i sign up for this website, i get a pair of boots for 20 bucks. I thought it was a great deal, and I ended up buying two pairs of boots using two different accounts. Next month, I...

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