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JobFox / Unable to Cancel and Remove Resume

sww12 on Jan 26, 2012
This web site does not allow you to cancel your account - only "inactivate it." Additionally, once you upload your resume you'll never be able to delete it and clear their system of your personal information. They also have someone without your permission, review your resume and send...

JobFox / Substandard Quality and Service

Education Advocate on Mar 10, 2011
JobFox seemed like a good idea. Initially it worked well getting the information on available jobs and the "eye candy" associated with my resume. Unfortunately as of late, the site has slowed to a crawl, the leads have become advertisements, and it seems as though they are becoming awfully...

JobFox / Unable o cancel account

seeker234 on Jan 15, 2011
I became a JobFox member during my search for a job in the technical field. However as I found them to be not useful, for quite some months now I have been trying to contact them to stop my subscription. I managed to talk to one person who said that they would be contacting me to cancel...

JobFox / Fake Job Openings

As a professional jobseeker I am well acquainted with the good and bad in the jobsite universe. Lo and behold, I went to apply for a position from Indeed and was redirected to Jobfox. Some poor employer paid Jobfox to advertise their position; or Jobfox has scraped the jobs as wa...

JobFox / Job board

What is it with job boards, like JobFox? They, and others like CareerBuilder, have a pay-to-play program in place that urge you to cough up a hefty fee, or a monthly recurring fee. They claim that your resume will be pushed to the head of the line, or that their resume-writing service will...

JobFox / resume

Ok I was looking for something else, and then I find out somebody complaining about Bakos.com, and saying that Resumeedge.com is better... yes, you are right is better. Avoid jobfox.com also. I paid up to 350 dollars for a resume and a cover letter, mediocre job, they didn't have any...

JobFox / Get Hired Center

Jobfox has a "Get Hired Center" once you login. On the left side of the page you will see "Apply to Matched Jobs (50)" indicating the number of job matches for your profile. When you click on the hyperlink "Apply to Matched Jobs" you will see "Review Matched Jobs & Apply" You will see a...

JobFox.com Resume Critiques / Generic Computer Generated Critiques

JobFox.com provides generic critiques generated by a computer. I had the opportunity to have a critique shared with me by two of my clients. It was apparent to me that it was a form letter and computer generated, because it had the following problems: 1. Wrong job title used throughout the document...

JobFox / Unable to contact

I became a JobFox Advantage member during my search for a job in the technical field. According to JobFox, this level of service puts my resume ahead of other, non-Advantage members' resumes, and a nationwide search is performed by JobFox and reports given to me at least once per...

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