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Iowa Steak Company / very unhappy with product

Misty C on Jul 13, 2017
I purchased from a wonderful salesman that came to my door gave me a so-called bargain on meat that is so tough my dog could hardly eat it I purchased a variety of steaks tried three of one type and three of a nether was not told I only had 3 days for refund sorry I did not read the back...

Iowa Steak Company / salesman misrepresented product — buyer beware, in mt. vernon il area

Diane Lentz on May 25, 2017
A salesman came to my house and first asked me if I was familiar with Omaha Steak. I said that I was--that my mother had purchased filets from Omaha over the years. He led me to believe that was what he was selling. Another salesman then approached, showing me the product. When I mentioned...

Iowa Steak Company / Salesman

NBowden on Apr 21, 2017
Around 5:20 on April 21st in Vancouver, Wa a sales representative approaches my house. My windows are open so he proceeds to talk through the window. I immediately inform him that I don't want any meat, I am vegan. As he starts to walk away he said, "he don't look vegan!" I'm assuming he...

Iowa Steak Company / Not providing refunds

tatasmom on Feb 23, 2017
On February 9 I cancelled my transaction and a representative came to my home to pick up the products that had been left less than 24 hours earlier. I was first told I would have to wait for the main office to cut me a refund check. My husband said "NO. You can refund my card just as you...

Iowa Steak Company / Suspicious-tasting meat / no one in company answers the phone!

c&g on Oct 3, 2016
A salesman from Iowa Steak showed up at our door late on a Sept. Saturday. Despite my initial refusal to look at his products, he went on and on singing their praises. Finally he "sweetened the deal" on the price he was quoting me that my husband and I agreed to buy steaks from him. He...

Iowa Steak Company / Unethical behavior/poor reviews

VickieB23 on Mar 28, 2016
I purchased a box of steaks and unfortunately did not read the reviews until after the purchase. Doesn't seem there are any good reviews. I noticed that the salesperson was at my neighbors so I took the meat down there hoping to make an easy exchange. He got belligerent with me and...

Iowa Steak Co. / Beef package

Reviewer10121 on Feb 2, 2016
My husband bought a case of frozen beef "steaks" from a salesman and when I read the ingredient list on each product it listed plum juice and spices in the meat. When you cook it per their instructions purple juice runs out of it. I tried to contact the company twice by email but they...

Iowa Steak Company / Tough dry and burned!

Reviewer42285 on Aug 22, 2015
August 21'st 2015. A salesman stopped at my door and I was immediately skeptical. I should have known they would be bad steaks. First of all the salesman was dressed poorly wearing blue jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap, and sporty sunglasses. What kind on salesman dresses like a like...

Iowa Steak Co. / bad steaks

Sandra L. Wilson on Jun 10, 2015
I purchased $400.00 worth of food from Iowa Steak Co. I WANT A REFUND!!! I was at work and this guy came in to the store I was working at and showed me a bunch of steaks, seafood, pork. He was showing some of the products, he said I will give you all of these items for 400.00. I "thought" it...

Iowa Steak Company / Refund not received

CotterJDC on Sep 17, 2013
Per your cancellation notice, you are in default and owe me an immediate refund of $329.00. I faxed in my notice of cancellation the day after the purchase, and was confirmed received by IA Steaks per Mariah. I told Mariah that the meat could be picked up on August 28 between 11:30 and 3:30...

Iowa Steak Co. / Quality, guarantee

FordF350 on Dec 30, 2012
Purchased products with the verbal guarantee that if we weren't completely satisified with the items purchased, we could return them. We have called repeatedly and have never received a return call. We filed a complaint with the S. E. Michigan Better Business Bureau and this company never...

Iowa Steak Company / Overcharged

ruffwill on Jan 7, 2011
This meat truck pulled up to me at a gas station saying they had great steak for really good prices. I told them I was not interested because I do not cook very often but then they said they had $3 fillet's. I took a look and he tried selling me a case of like 50 steaks. I declined...

Iowa Steak Company / Bad Meat Bad customer service

Bought a case of meat from them.The salesman tried to get me to let him carry it in the house and put it away . I refused. After he left I went to put it away and it wasnt frozen on a 90 degree day. I called him the next morning .He said he would be out that evening to replace it with a...

Steak Chicken Seafood Pork / procedure

Hi, i am a previous employee of Iowa Steak co.. I worked there for 3+ years and know the inside scoop on how the wheels turn at that place. First of all the MOST a salesperson EVER pays for a case of meat is $117.oo. So when you are told they sell them online for 389.00 all day long that...

Iowa Steak Company / Bad meat

I purchased soe meat from one of there salesman that drives around selling meat. I've purchased meat similar before this way but different company. they lay it all out for you and tell you they are almost giving this meat deal away it's so cheap. they start with and out ragiou...

Iowa Steak Company / Ripped off

Iowa Steak company claimed to have sold my late brother a steak package. All I found was an empty third-rate chest freezer when I looked for the steaks in the chest freezer in the garage . When I requested a copy of the retail contract as executor for my brother's estate, the company...

Iowa Steak Company / steak very toough

We received a package steak promotion and the steak (sirlion was a tough even tougher than shoe leather. Would like refund or more steak. We still have the piece of steak if you would like to see it.

Iowa Steak Co. / Meat Delivery

I work with Iowa Steak Company, my name is Jeff Kosmyna. I am one of the head managers with the company. It seems that someone has posted an untrue comment posing as one of our drivers. We have been in business 10 years for good reason. Customer service is of upmost importance to us. We...

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