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Greentree Funding Services / Refuses to take care of house.

CDunkel39 on Mar 4, 2014
In 2007, my Daughter took over payments via Land Contract from a man that was in danger of losing his double wide by Greentree. Greentree decided to stop foreclosure proceedings and put the account in the care of my Daughter. The house was moved to my 38 acre property in January of 2009...

Green Tree / Foreclosure Threat

During my time of being with this lovely group, I have never missed a payment and I can prove this. This organization sent me a 3 page letter telling me they were going to foreclose on me if I do not make my payments in a more timely manner. I am not alone here with this complaint, as I...

Green Tree Loan Servicing / Home Loan

Larry Williams on Sep 13, 2013
I Larry Williams (895682318) am complaint about the way Green Tree has treated me about my home loan. If they had investigation the matter of a False Escrow Account you may had learned that Bank of Amercia feed you the wrong information about a Escrow Account. Instead you have cause a...

Green Tree Servicing / force placed insurance

tonya_okla on Jun 3, 2013
Normally our insurance does not lapse, our policy expired on 3/31/13, but our insurance agent decided he wasn't doing business with that particular company anymore, so it left us hanging looking for a homeowners policy.I found a new agent and had coverage by 4/12/13 with a copy of the...

Green Tree Financial / payoff

hispana on May 22, 2013
These people at GreenTree are so RUDE, and call anytime of the day or night it is unreal! I am so angry with there harrasments at work, home and cell phone too. I called GT to get the amount on the payoff on my mortgage, and asked if we could negotiate the the least amount they would take...

Green trewe / Harrassing every month

Juan R on Apr 2, 2013
Every month they call me and ask for payment. I send the payments before it is due and they call me on the third of each month asking me when am i going to make payment. According to my bill statements i have fifteen days before any late charges are assessed. i have been sending the...

Green Tree Financial / Not applying payoff check to my account

John R Alexander on Dec 28, 2012
We sent check to payoff our home loan to Green Tree Financial on Nov. 30-2012 and it has yet to be applied to our loan but the check has been deposited to their bank. Numerous calls and faxes have been made and sent to their company but I never get any return calls. I filed a complaint...

Greentree Servicing / Mortgage Harrassment

homeownerce on Sep 3, 2012
Harrassing phone calls begin on the 2nd & 3rd day of the month, sometimes 5-6 calls per day. Representatives are rude, disrespectful and just plain nasty. Payments sent by bank Billpay during the first week of the month are still charged a late fee and Greentree says they do not receive...

Green Tree Servicing / Treatment by employee

Ursulita35 on Apr 18, 2012
This complaint is about an employee by the name of Chris Poorten x 36140. He claims to be a manager in the recovery department of Green Tree Servicing. Today, 4/18/12, I called at approximately 3:48pm to ask questions regarding my accounts that are under investigation for fraud. After...

Green Tree / Loan modification

greentreesucks on Oct 13, 2011
They are nothing but a vicious loan shark that denys a good customer loan modificatons in their time and need. P.S. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM ###!!!

Green Tree Servicing / Thieves, Con Artists and Douchebags

N Bliss on Jul 26, 2011
Green Tree Servicing and its many subsidiaries are a ### sucking, low life, bottom feeding company. Their executives are based in MN who sold their soul to devil many years ago. Their employees are ex-cons and people who have been trained in psychological warfare. In a word - do not do any...

Green Tree LLC / harassment

HarassnSD on May 14, 2011
I feel your pain and I’m only 3 months into this with Green Tree. This is a second mortgage that in the 4 years of its existence has been shoved off to different lenders… Paramount Equity sold it to Countrywide who unfortunately was taken over by Bank of America… who...

GTServing / disclosure of fees

clemba on May 14, 2011
Green Tree, a subsidiary of Bank of America, N.A. recently aquired the servicing of my loan. Upon making my first payment via the internet i discovered that because i was scheduling the payment close to the due, still before the due date, i was going to be charged a $12.00 "convience fee"...

Green Tree / Dragging feet on short sale & harassment

catladydi on Mar 18, 2011
We submitted a short sale in Dec. 2010. In July 2009, a lost job forced my husband and I to live apart for 6 months (he lived in Utah, I stayed in Nevada), and no one would list the house because of the market. He finally got a job in Nevada, but his commute was 100 miles each way. We did...

Green Tree Servicing / I would tell everyone never to do business with Greentree or Bank of America

Our mortgage was held by Bank of America and transferred to Greentree. We received a letter from Bank of Amer. re this, but no bill for the March payment from Greentree. INSTEAD Bank of Amer sent their bill for March 1st, so of course we paid to them. Greentree began their calls--They...

Green Tree Servicing / I feel sorry for the front line staff that has to respond to customer complaints due to poor management directive / decisions

Green Tree customer service is run on the basis of: "if we provide unrealistic response times then no one will bother us". Of course I gest in this statement, but read the following email response, from Green Tree, after I sent an email inquiry: "Thank you for contacting Green Tree...

Green Tree Servicing / Harrassment

I received a phone call on my cell phone from someone representing Green Tree. They said they were calling about my mortgage payment due on the 1st. It was the 7th of the month so the payment is 6 days late, but still within the grace period and not even subject to a last fee until the...

Green Tree Financial / Awful experience

We will be in court soon. They came to my boyfriends house broke in pulled my dog out with a catch pole chased my cats, and said they all were going to the pound to be put down. Thank God I showed up, but the sheriff said I had 1/2 an hour to get what I could then I would be locked out...

Greentree Servicing / Scam charges

My home loan has been paid off and overpaid by $54500.00 I have contacted them numerous times and all they say is they are researching why the money has not been refunded. It has been forty days since they have received my money. They will not return calls and are not understanding at all...

GreenTree / holding check

On the 24 Febuary 2009 I sent green tree a check for final payoff. On the 9 march I checked the webb site to find out if any action had been taken and to my surprise none. I called the company aprroximately 6 pm on the 9th. Their service representative STEVE said that they received the payment...

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