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public savings bank / Not Posting Payments on Time

noneofyourbusiness11 on May 10, 2011
They are posting payments made through my banks weeks after they are getting the payment. Now, they are waiting until after the due date to post them and are charging late fees. The couple of payments I made directly through their site (ezcardinfo.com) were credited right away. This i...

Continental Finance LLC / Theft, Fraud, Scam, Dishonest

I am a single mom with 3 kids who is owed $ by a dead beat father over 100K. My credit was ruined by him as all bills & credit cards were in my name. I received an offer in the mail for a small secured credit card that insisted it would help me establish better credit & they would report...

Continental Finanace MasterCard / Returned Payments

Like others, I've made an online payment ($40.00) and had it returned without any record of it ever being submitted to the bank - I was also charged the $35 returned payment fee. After lengthy conversations with the Continental Finance customer service and the EZ Card Info technical...

Continental Finance / fraud

I have been a cardholder since 2006. I have always paid at least the minimum due and my payments have always been early. Imagine my surprise when receiving my Feb. 2009 statement and seeing that not only was I overlimit, but that many other charges were applied to my account. I had a "late...

Continental Finance Mastercard / 2 1/2 months and still won't close paid off account!

I had a $300 Continental Finance Mastercard. We paid off our account and had a credit of $33.03. We immediately called on Feb 8th to close our account, they charge a rediculously high monthly fee of $12 for having the card so we wanted to be rid of it. We were told the account was closed and...

Continental Finance / FRAUD and HARASSMENT

First of all what kind of credit card company charges you to make a payment? This company has been nothing but problems. After a bad divorce, my credit like a lot of people hit the skids. I signed up for this card with the promise of outstanding customer service and rebuilding my...

eZCardInfo / account closure

I paid my balance in full online with this company sent my card to the company with written request to close this account and they sent the damn card back to me with my written request to close the account!(?) so i called the company my self and spoke to a very rude liar of a rep claiming...

EzCardInfo.com / Credit card scams!

This card is a Rip-Off. They claim to offer you credit and tan they begin charging you before you even activate the card. You owe 75% of the credit you receive before you even spend a dime??? WHAT A JOKE!!!

Continental Finance Company / Sent me bill for card I didn't activate

I was expressly told that if I didn't activate this card upon receipt it was null and void. I called after reading a complaint on this site to the 302-456-1930 number in the complaint and decided I didn't want this card and was told don't activate it and it will be okay. I've never used this, but now have an inquiry on my credit!!!!!

Continental Finance Gold Mastercard / False advertisement/dishonesty!

Last month I had a problem with this company. They sent me a bill charging me a late fee and an added fee after the payment had been made. I have my payments sent by my bank so I was able to go in a get a copy of the check cashed by Continental Finance and email them a copy of the check...

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