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Everbuying.com / did not receive my online order

Gwen Puffer on Dec 9, 2017
it been 40 days since my order was placed Order No. : E1711070805315187 their customer service is a joke they make it impossible to contact them, STAY AWAY!!! Every time you try to speak to some one or to make a complaint there web sit will send you from one question to another then when you...

Everbuying.com / BUYERS BEWARE. Do not trust their customer reviews.

Vincent Hieu Pham on May 30, 2016
I bought one electronic item from them. I was not quite happy with the product and I wrote the review on their website and I gave it only 3 star which is to me average, not very happy, they never publish my review. I wrote to them asking to see if they blocked my review. they denied it...

everbuying / Can't reach customer service!

Lord on May 23, 2016
Ordered a watch from this website and the one I received was defective and did not work. I was very disappointed and was hoping to get a refund. So I contacted Everbuying customer service and asked if there was a possibility to get my money back. They did not reply to any of my messages so...

Everbuying.com / These people are real scammers!

Edgar on Mar 1, 2016
I purchased a few items from Everbuying website and never received what I paid for. They gave me a tracking number which was invalid, so I could not even track my stuff! Then I received a message from them stating my items were on backorder! Then they said that my thing were no more in...

Everbuying.com / Bad experience

Samuel on Feb 24, 2016
I made an order in early February and received nothing yet. When I contacted Everbuying customer service they said that they need some time to verify whether it was a genuine payment. They asked me to send them pictures of my credit card and my drivers license. I sent everything they asked...

Everbuying.com / don't expect to receive your item

Atoml3 on Feb 17, 2016
I ordered some items from Everbuying and waited over 35 days only to be told that my products were on backorder. They said that I can wait for them few more weeks or cancel my order. I decided to wait, because I really wanted to receive what I bought. Three weeks passed and I received...

Everbuying.com / Very unprofessional

MonicaJona on Feb 16, 2016
I ordered an item from Everbuying online store. Several days later I received a message from them saying my order was cancelled fro no reason, so I need to pick another item. So I ordered another item and received an email stating my item was on backorder and I'll receive it in two week...

Everbuying.com / don't trust everbuying!

Mika on Jan 26, 2016
I ordered a watch from Everbuying. But when it finally arrived the color of the watch was wrong. I contacted their customer service, but they refused to do anything. Even though it was their fault they would take no responsibility for it. They offered only $5 refund to my overbuying...

Everbuying.com / What a joke!

Alegro on Jan 20, 2016
I made an order on December 16, 2015. I purchased two mobile phones from Everbuying. It is now January 20, 2016 and I have not received anything yet! They charged my credit card but still no word about shipment! When I try to contact them I get only computer generated responses. Their site...

Everbuying.com / They stole my money

Sabina on Dec 22, 2015
This was the worst experience of my life. I ordered a mobile phone, and it was damaged. I send it back to them, but they refunded me only 50% of the whole value! They returned the money through EB wallet, but not through PayPal. I decided to take a risk and ordered another phone. Very...

Everbuying.com / They are not sloving my RMA!

Karel Čapka on Nov 8, 2015
I send RMA application about phone OUKITEL U10, which I bought on this site. This phone is defecitve. I am making reclamation for second time! First, they send me partial refund for defective battery. And now, this phone is unuseable, because "UI has stopped" and in services told me, that...

Everbuying.com / Company Scammed me out of my money

wagoner954 on Mar 21, 2013
"Let me start off by saying that this companies customer service is a JOKE. I ordered items the 1st week of January 2013. I waited and waited for two months before contacting customer service stating I had not received my items I ordered. They apologized and informed me to wait another...

Lifeproof case / Lifeproof iphone4S case

Debrufharris on Mar 8, 2013
I bought a Lifeproof iphone4S case from this website. When I put it on my phone, it appeared warped so I contacted the Lifeproof folks as they have a warranty. Once I gave them the serial numbers and told them where I bought it, they said, "Unfortunately, the website where this case wa...

Everbuying.com / This company needs to be closed down

Karden on Jan 28, 2013
I ordered a Tablet for my hubby in Oct 2012 and had no idea that the company was located in China until after I had paid for it. I used my Paypal card as I usually do and since it was coming from China I decided to call Paypal to see if this company was good to deal with. Paypal said ye...

Everbuying.com / I will never use this site again

Mioklay on Jan 3, 2013
Ordered a Mophie cell phone charger/ case. When it arrived my son tired to charge it and it wouldn't charge unless he held the case at the bottom. I contacted the company, and they suggested i repair the case?!?!? Since the co. is in China, you could tell they were typing a response...

Everbuying.com / If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Klikes on Dec 19, 2012
Should have done my homework. Had I only looked at the photos other buyers posted of the coat I ordered, I could have avoided this whole mess. Ordered a jacket for $14 on 11/13/12. I've never ordered from China, so I was open minded to how long it could take and, to some degree, the...

Everbuying.com / This website is a piece of $#*

Avolde on Dec 8, 2012
This website is a piece of $#*!! Not only did it take a month to get my package finally when it was supposed to be here in a week, when i got my items every piece of clothing i got was ripping and falling apart right out of the box! The clothes are very poorly put together! And now I have...

Everbuying.com / Pls do not ever think of buying anything off this &company&....they are not legit

Lukierr on Nov 22, 2012
"Pls do not ever think of buying anything off this "company"...they are not legit !!!.You will NEVER get anything you ordered and if you did...they only send out fake/toylike products. They don't do refunds either!. Their products i.e phones, tablets etc are so crappy that you are...

Everbuying.com / I bought a cell phone from this company, after a week the screen had a long line from top to bottom

Simmers on Nov 8, 2012
I bought a cell phone from this company, after a week the screen had a long line from top to bottom. I contacted them and they want me to pay for shipping it back to china. I contacted USPS and DHL. it costs $70 to $110 to to send it back to china. bad phone and they don't stand...

Everbuying.com / They offered me a refund of $18 for the $129 tablet

Awilide on Oct 27, 2012
I have dealt with many companies in China. Ran across these guys because they had a tablet I was interested in. Got it and it worked, but would freeze. They had me send it back and sent me a lesser quality refurb tablet instead. It worked for about 1 minute. They offered me a refund of $18...

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