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GOVERMENT GRANTS / didn't do as agreed yet still took money out of account when I canceled with them in agreed time

they never sent me anything to my email nor my home and when I went to cancel they didn't even have record of me placing the order I called them 3 times and emailed them, they told me there was no account with them and so I needen worry they wouldnt take money out of my account I told...

EarnCashFromGrants / fraud

This company is a fraud. I agreed to pay $1 fee to see what they are offering. One week late, I found out that this company charged $39.95 for membership that I did not authorize. Plus, they also charged my credit card $6.95 for "FraudProtection" that I did not even know anything about...

GOVT Funded Grants / Unauthorized charges

This company's ad stated that they would provide information regarding government grants. They said that for one dollar we would receive a CD containing necessary information. No CD was sent. There were references to downloadable documents that would have been available to anyone. A...

Truth Behind Government Grants / Not able to cancel

I want to CANCEL Truth Behind Government Grants. The phone number I am given does not work. 1-800-659-1473.

earcashfromgrants / scam

On 3/24/09, I was contacted regarding this program with a 7 day trial for only $1.00. I agreed to do this because I am in the process of going back to school and thought this was a blessing. Yeah, it was anything but a blessing. I was told that our conversation was recorded (great!) and...

EarnCashFromGrants.com / Scam- No return on money!

Well- signed up for $1 membership- unaware of other "Free" memberships included- which were not free and I was charged by them a montly charge- luckily I caught this after the first month and got everything cancelled before they took anymore of my money. They all kept saying that I agreed to...

EarnCashFromGrants.com / fraudulent business practices

Ordered the free 7 day trial, $1.00, and seven days later was charged $29.95. At time of sign up there was no indication of further charges after the seven day free trial, and no information on website to cancel, or that a cancellation was required after the free trial. The 800 number...

Government Funded Grants / Want my 29.95 back in my account

I filled out a form to get information on how to apply for Government Grants and they said that the charge was 1.00 for the CD. I gave them the information of my CC and to my astonishment my checking account was deited 29.95 without my consent. There was nothing in the wording that said...

EarnCashFromGrants.com / Fraud

I went to order a guide to help me get a grant from earncashfromgrants.com which was only 1 dollar but the charge me over 180.00 dollar

Gov Funded Grants / Cancell now!!!

Hello, I'm sorry if there was some confusion about your offer and subscriptions. We honestly didn't mean to Inconvenience you in any way. The terms and conditions of our offer are visible on the order page, But we will try to make them clearer in the future. Customer service...

earn cash form grants.com / difficulty in canceling

I tryed the number that was give in the email that was sent when I signed up and was directed to a web site that I now am at with now way to cancel it however I called my bank that I used to pay the 1.00 fee and they gave me this number to the charges I did reach Melinda and was able to...

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