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DirecTV / customer service billing

Mhale167 on Aug 31, 2018

On 8/30/18 I discovered an email saying I was past due. My payment cleared 8/12/18. I called on chat and was told I hadn't cancelled my premium channels. I gave them the date I had. They told me they called me on that day(they did) and I said nothing about cancelling. I was at work...

AT&T / directv takeover

Arnie Rodriguez on Aug 8, 2018

AT&T has taken over Directv and they increased my bill without notice. It was 60.24 /month with no additional services... increased to 100.99/month. I called to rectify, then complaint after being transferred 3 times from Mrs Lucer, Mr Randy, then Mrs Ella. Basically they told me to go...

DirecTV / overcharges about their equipment.

Daniel Torres on Aug 5, 2018

Called last month to the company, to be able to watch FIFA World Cup in 4k, since my equipment was supposed to be 4k compatible (It was shown on the compatibility when it was sold to me). We were told we need to update one of our 3 mini genie boxes to the 4k one, because of a technical...

ATT & Direct TV / att/direct tv bundle acct-,#[protected], att#[protected]

Keith Sele on Aug 1, 2018

I had to sell my home and cancel service where I had the ATT Bundle fiber option Inet and phone and direct TV . After having the service for more than 4 years they are charging me a $340 cancellation fee even though I can get the bundle service in my new location. After 9 months of phone...

DirecTV / complaint

MDB73 on Jul 25, 2018

I called in Saturday July 21 to get info on my reward card that had been mailed, but I had not received. Upon researching my account the service address was wrong. I spoke with an agent who spoke to another agents who told them they would have to do a Mover'd request. I get home from...

Direct TV / charges added onto my billing statement resulting in a balance due spilling over onto my next monthly statement

shelly57 on Jul 24, 2018

This is the third time direct tv has changed my balance on my monthly statement after I have paid the bill, and I have tried to get this corrected via telephone. However, the people I have spoken to over the phone either do not understand what I am talking about, or they put me on hold and...

DirecTV / directv

KMC12345 on Jul 12, 2018

set up with a door to door person that was amazing. part of the process was to call the service line to set up my account. she set up my account and install date. Called into customer service because my installer never came! I wanted to cancel my service i was put on hold by CarrieAnn for...

DirecTV / scam?

M Gas on May 30, 2018

Forced us to sign up for a 7 dollar? monthly service fee because the techs have yet to be able to solve ANY of the problems. I like TV, and just want to watch ANY program undisturbed. Therefore, with all new cabling, new grounds, no obstructions of any's curious? Anyway, I paid...

DirecTV / ever changing bills, new guide, and horrible customer service

Greigerstyle on May 29, 2018

Bills are extremely erratic, ever changing, and never the same but always go up even though we haven't changed our service or subscriptions. Calls to customer service gives no help whatsoever but is never short of excuses and not helpful at all. New guide is a complete joke and almost...

DirecTV / television services

nygiants on May 22, 2018

Directv promised me better television service with a wireless equipment system. When the system was installed I was provided a defective wireless tower. The customer service representative said that I would be without television for six days. Then I would also be inconvenienced when the...

DirecTV / unable to fast forward through ads

Sandy Angry on May 18, 2018

Effective 5/17/18, I am no longer able to fast forward through commercials. I'm paying over $140 per month. I'm NOT paying to be forced to view advertising! I will be cancelling my service as soon as my new satellite provider is installed. This is a horrible disservice to consumers. We are...

DirecTV and AT&T / unauthorized charges

cissi garcia on May 17, 2018

Spoke to representative from billing at&t and was told there would be no charge for service call. I inquire about my why my bill was so high because I m on auto pay. I was told that I was charge a service call, after the fact, which I think was wrong because I was told there would be no...

DirecTV / new format

Sigrid Lewis on May 9, 2018

I called and complained to customer service rep about the new format - the font is too small for an average human being not to mention a senior citizen with glasses - i should not have to get up to stand in front of the tv to read the guide! Also the new format on the playlist is beyond...

DirecTV / trial period

Kristy4! on May 6, 2018

I was told by a rep who came to my door selling their services that I would have 3days to try out services and that I could cancel for free if not happy. I called and was told by a representative and then a supervisor that I would be charged for the 3days and a $420 cancelation fee...

Direct TV / cancelling service is a nightmare!!!

Erikag on May 5, 2018

i have been at this for a week and i feel like im just going to give them away FREE MONEY my usually payment is about $100 per month currently im about $136 past due (and the services are still running) so ive being calling customer service (which by the way they are EXTREMELY RUDE) to see...

DirecTV / charging for services that were supposed to be credited back to my account

vincent nangle on May 1, 2018

On Jan. 29 2018 Direct TV decided to suspend my account. Why I do not know. I called that day and they reinstated the service, except the genie receivers would not work. The lady I talked to said she could not fix them by phone and she would have to send a tech out to fix them. I said fine...

DirecTV / billing issue

june96 on Apr 28, 2018

I have been with directv over 14yrs and I've had to call every month this year. I called about my monthly discount and they said I've used it early!!! Seriously are you kidding me. I dont even do the bill they apply it. So if they used it early that's on them. All I ask was to take my...

DirecTV / satellite tv

DirecTVsneaky on Apr 27, 2018

We entered in to a 2 year -Price will Not change for 2 years - contract with DirecTV. This was including a price discount for having three services with DirecTV & ATT: Home phone, internet, and satelite TV. 13 months later, our DirecTV bill was suddenly increased by $45.84 per month (almost...

DirecTV / fraudulent charges of $84.86 in january 2018 by directv

Fredde Spruiell Ramey on Apr 5, 2018

My services with directv ended when I returned their equipment on 12/13/17 by fedex (rma 2616905) and paid the final bill of $9.87. On february 5th, 2018, I received a statement dated 1/29/18 - acct#: 2616905 Previous balance $ 0.00 6 charges - ordered 1/2018 via remote. Charged on...

DirecTV / installation

Micki Nicol on Mar 5, 2018

I am moving into an apartment complex and called at&t last friday (march 2, 2018) to set up internet and directv service. After going through the complete process with a very nice young man, he told me that he could not set up directv installation due to my location having an mdu...