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DirecTV / direct tv

Upsetcustomer18 on Nov 28, 2017
I fulfilled a contract with Direct TV. I decided to cancel my service in September 2017. I had pre-paid so they sent me a refund of the over payment and in October 2017 I received a statement (after sending back the equipment) that I had a $0.00 balance and the account was closed. Now in...

DirecTV / 150 instead of 3500

Harry Peatson on Nov 17, 2017
I don't understand their problem. I paid for having all of the channels they've got, but in fact, instead of 3500, they provided me with 150 only. For no reason. I repeat I paid in full. Naturally, I contacted customer service and they said their system was down and messed up...

DirecTV / billing: double-charge for paper-view

JC~ on Nov 16, 2017
Recently, I subscribed to and paid for a pay per view boxing event on my mobile phone. After noticing a fluctuation of the amount billed by directv, I called to speak to a representative about this overcharge and to bring it to their attention. Sadly in return, all I received was a...

DirecTV / over billing and service

Lcrm on Nov 6, 2017
Back in July 2017 we moved our service address because we moved out of state for a job to Parker, Colorado. We where not informed on any contract or charges at that time of change service installation. the tec just said for me to sign he was here. Also we where never told that the extra 3...

DirecTV / promotion not honored

jdivemaster on Nov 2, 2017
I was convinced by a promotional offer to try out Directv in February 2017. The channel line up is not as good as what I had, their navigation sucks compared to Dish, and the monthly bill would be a little more than what I was paying. However the promo was good enough to make it worth...

DirecTV / my directv early cancellation fee

Johnny Pambakian on Oct 13, 2017
my wife & i went to cosco to shop in northrige ca there was directv booth there. he said Hi !!! are you happy with your direcv i said yes but its expensive. he said if your wife has a different las name & email ill switch it for the new promotion. i said how about early termination fee? he...

DirecTV / directv customer service/bill

Maleni Saldana on Oct 10, 2017
I received my bill today (10/10/2017) and had additional charges that I was not notified of. I called several times to customer service and kept getting transferred. Nobody could help me! They kept telling me I was going to receive a call back from a manager and I never did. So I kept...

DirecTV / directv charges

Carol3214 on Oct 8, 2017
On August 15, 2007, I contacted customer service about my DIRECTV programming. I wanted to make sure NFL ticket was turned off if that was going to be charged and not free. The person I spoke to confirmed that NFL ticket for my program would be free again in 2017. I asked him to please...

DirecTV / directv promotion

Vivienne hudson on Oct 4, 2017
To whom it may concern: around Dec of last year (2016) I saw a DIRECTV promotional offer for a 200 dollar visa gift card if you signed up for a DIRECTV package of 50.00 per month or more, which I did, I called about two weeks after installation &''twas told to call after 30 days, forgot...

Direct Tv / customer service

wile2619 on Oct 4, 2017
I've been on the phone with Ash trying to find out why I am not receiving my channel 606 the Outdoor channel. First off she starts talking fast and low and wanted me to say yes to upgrading my DirecTV. I tell her no. I nerd my channel I just paid for and I may have to leave because my dog...

DirecTV / television

Kerwin on Sep 29, 2017
I have been a customer of DirecTV for over 18 years. They charge me approximately $280. per month because of my extensive packages and set ups. Well after 18 years, I had a hickup and needed assistance from customer service. Wow ho amazingly [censor]. I spoke to over 20 reprs in 3 week...

DirecTV / free trials & promotions

orchid71 on Sep 28, 2017
As a long time Direct TV customer I am extremely disappointed with what recently happened with me. I currently have the Select package is fairly basic but I pay more than $ 60.00 a month for these services / channels and was for the last week or more getting 2 channels ( 277 & 286 ) Travel...

DirecTV / customer service

Balwood on Sep 28, 2017
My name is Brad Alwood, I have had Directv for 10 months now and have paid over 2k in bills. I have the Sunday ticket and I wanted to watch the Bengals game but it was on channel 10 so it was blacked out on the ticket. Well channel 10 is now not available on directv either so I was not...

DirecTV / receiver and technical support

Knylmat on Sep 25, 2017
We have been having issues with our receivers disconnecting from the Internet and being able to connect to the Internet at all for over four months now. I spoke to technical support again today and they told me that they are aware of the issue and they are working on it and do not have a...

DirecTV / billing/closing of the account - acct 12893255

Francia Vega on Sep 18, 2017
Earlier in August 2017, we called Directv to cancel service after 17 years. I was told by the first customer service rep that it would be disconnected by midnight and that in a few days we would receive return labels to return all equipment. Never happened. About 2 weeks later, I called...

DirecTV / customer satisfaction

Laura Sigala Antidormi on Sep 15, 2017
Directv has no regard for their loyal customers. I am livid and stuck in a contract that I would like to burn. They only give you the run around and never make sure you are satisfied as they state they do. Half the time the things that are said are NEVER noted on the account. It is all...

Directtv / unauthorized sign up on a protection plan

Barbara Widner on Sep 10, 2017
on 9/7/2012 a tech came to my house for a service call after a storm blew through. After he left I received 2 emails from direct tv saying thank you for signing up for our protection plan and that my electronic signature had been received. I never even spoke to the teck about a protection...

DirecTV / installation appointment

JohnyBlaze on Sep 7, 2017
I ordered new service to be installed at my new home the other day. I had scheduled the installation for today. The appointment was set for between 12pm-4pm. I received 3 automated calls @ 10:30am reminder of appointment @ 1:00pm to let me know they haven't forgotten about me and the...

DirecTV / salesperson/ customer service reps

Ronigreen on Sep 6, 2017
I moved to a new state this year and decided to go with DirecTV. The sales person lied.. about almost everything! We were told our equipment would be free... Yet my package is $65 and somehow my bill is $300+!! Then my husband calls cust Serv and gets hung up on.. I call 4 times and they...

DirecTV / installation date and address

Brittney Thompson on Sep 2, 2017
The operater (John) told me someone would come install my service today. I spent the entire day waiting on the problem to be corrected. I ended up with bad customer service and a change of heart about giving my hard earned money to directv. I cancelled everything because they were...

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