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Consumer Priority Service / warranty protection

Loretta King Sochor on Sep 12, 2017
After the "easy registration" process, don't expect much service. I am on day 7 of my very first claim since this warranty kicked in about 2 months ago. First they did not email us with a service provider until after almost 3 days. The email explained that someone from a local company...

Consumer Priority Service / Warranty and refund

Rkulferst on Sep 20, 2016
They say they will fix or replace, but they don't tell you how much is covered till you signup. I asked them to send me the coverage documents, nothing sent or even replied. Talked to them on the phone and emailed them within 10 hours of buying warranty for a refund. The person I talked to...

Consumer Priority Service / Unethical behavior

Annita Zamora on Jun 8, 2016
I have call and spoke to David in the customer service relation department. CPS has had my phone for over 3 months. I have never received a call back, follow through with my filed claim. i sent my cell phone to get repaired. It arrived damaged and they will not fix my phone after a month...

Consumer Priority Service / Repair of Mini-ipad

Reviewer96202 on Oct 18, 2015
I bought a Consumer Priority Service Groupon for repairing the screen of my daughter's mini-ipad 3. The company stated that they assess the problem in 2-3 business days and ship it priority service back. I sent the ipad priority to New York from Omaha on Friday, 9-25-15. I received an...

Consumer Priority Service / Warrenty rip off

J B Smith on Sep 12, 2012
Purchased warrenty from On Line Phone Store when I bought a Uniden phone system ( 5 phones and an answeriing machine) One of the phones is not working and I called for coverage . The cost required to repair or replace the phone is twice what it costs to buy the phone new. This is because...

Consumer Priority Service / Fraud

JOC2012 on Jan 5, 2012
All, I purchased 5 year extended warranties for all my appliances from them and have just found out that I have been scammed. I have never posted online complaints before, but it would be worth it if it saved one other from wasting their money on this company's warranties. Basically...

Consumer Priority Service / Horrible Warranty Service

hc37180 on Jan 3, 2011
I foolishly chose this warranty service over Applecare when I purchased a 17" Macbook Pro. Six months in I had issues with the keyboard and the power adapter stopped working as well. Contacted CPS and was told that the power adapter (Yes that would be the power cord providing power to the...

Consumer Priority Service / Warranty Service

In July of 2009 I bought an ONKYO TXN-R906 home theatre receiver/amplifier ($1900 replacement cost) from PowerSellernyc.com. They were very pushy about the buying the CPS 4 Year Warranty. On 5/31/2010 the am/fm tuner failed. After almost 2 weeks of getting the runaround from CPS I sent the...

Consumer Priority Service / CPS

My HP Compaq laptop was just counting its last days, I was just waiting for it to have its last breathe. Its defected hard disk and troublesome RAM has driven me nuts during all these few months and I was just about to sell it second hand. One of my friends then recommended me the name of...

Consumer Priority Service / Scam and cheating

This company listed my company as one of the vendors to supply their service. I looked them up and found numerous complaints about them selling Extended Warranties and not providing the service sold. When I called to see why my company was listed as one of the Service Vendors, they...

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Credit Report Ripoff?
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