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Cash4Gold / want my package back!!!

Sherrie Shatley on Jun 12, 2017
On or about mid-march of 2017, I entrusted my gold, silver n diamond ring to cash4gold for a reasonable amt cash offer. As I had used this service once before, years ago, had been satisfied with the results (Cash). After no response by april 14, I inquired of the company as to why. The...

Cash 4 Gold / scam

Laura A Jones on Jan 19, 2011
IT'S A SCAM!!! I gathered all my old gold jewlery, 13 pieces. Mailed them in a envelope that i was told was insured. Two days later i found all this negative information on the internet about cash 4 gold. Four weeks later i was living the nightmare stories i read on the internet. The...

cash 4 gold.com / rip-off

I saw their commercial and sent my 24ct gold chain. It is now October 1 2010. I had sent my item in their postage packet in in may and as todays date they still cannot find my item. They told me to fiule an insurance claim with their insurance carrier but that is only if the item is lost in...

Cash4Gold / did not return my jewelry and did not get paid...

Last year I decided to be stupid enough to trust the company and mailed my jewelry to this company. I never got paid and claimed my jewelry back and they said that I needed to return my check in order for them to return my items. How am i going to return something I never got. I am sure...

Cash 4 Gold / Stole my gold

I was scammed too! They claim they've never received my gold and its been 30 days. I wrote down their tracking number like instructed but they say its never made it to them...funny how that works you are at their mercy. I wish I would have read this website before sending, as there...

Cash4Gold.com / cash4gold scam

Hello, i was checking out all of the complaints on this site about cash4gold. I send them jewerly back on January 14th, 2010. After waiting for 3 weeks they finally told me that my envelope never arrived to their location. They send me an insurance claim form that will pay me $100. for my...

Cash4Gold Cash 4 Gold / rip off: paid me about 1/10th of the jewelery's value

I was fooled by Cash4Gold. Enticed by their tv commercials, unemployed and needed cash to buy gifts for my family for Christmas '08, I shipped my gold jewelry and silver quarters to Cash4Gold. Lured with FAST CASH option ($4.99 fee) where $ would be wire transferred to my checking...

Cash4Gold / misleading information about the company

A note from the ceo of cash4gold.com Hi, my name is jeff aronson. I am the ceo of cash4gold.com. I would like to share with you a couple of facts about my company. This note is in response to a series of false and misleading claims recently published on this website by an anonymous person...

Cash 4 Gold / Mail Fraud

I applied for a Cash4Gold secured envelope to be sent to me to put my jelewy (all gold with some diamond rings) in it and send it back to them to get money for it. I mailed it driectly from the post office-handed directly to the clerk. This was January 2, 2009. I contacted Cash 4 Gold about...

Cash4Gold / ripoff

I recently sent in one pound of sterling silver and only got back a check for $4.93.The silver was worth alot more than that.This place is a ripoff and a scam.I wish I would have known all that before I sent my jewelry to them.BIG RIPOFF!

Cash4Gold / rip off

they told me they were very intrested in my ring and 2 send them copy of appraisal so i did. my ring gia certified / appraised @ 2300.00 they got back 2 me with a useless amount under 100 dollars. why did they ask 4 copy of appraisal in 1st place if not truely intrested. the low ball the public in a BIG way.

Cash4Gold.com / misled

I had a pair of gold earrings. I sent one to Cash4Gold. While they had the earring, I took the other earring two places in order to compare prices. Cash4Gold sent me a check for $49.96 The other places I took the earring offered me $200 and $260. I immediately wrote Cash4Gold, saying I...

Cash4Gold.com / delay and ripoff

I had a great deal of scrap gold jewelry to sell, and I chose Cash4Gold.com because they advertise the highest prices paid. I shipped them over 20 oz of gold jewelry via overnight mail. There were a lot of stones in the jewelry but I estimate that there must have been at least 8-10 oz of...

Cash4Gold / fraud & scam

Cash4gold is a big fraud, they are issuing fake checks and they sent me one, here's my story: I sent some gold jewelry to cash4gold on the first week of april 2008, which I estimated to be worth more than $100. More than a week after, they sent me a check in the amount $7.93 which wa...

Cash4Gold / deceptive advertising!

We decided to use Cash4Gold after reading the great references cited on their website. We were going to sell our jewelry on craigslist.com but thought this sounded like a more effective way to maximize our profits. WHAT A JOKE! I finally received my check after weeks and weeks of waiting...

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