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Bargain Seats Online / scam, outrageous fees added on!

Ingah on May 3, 2017
The tickets were slightly cheaper than elsewhere so I thought I'd be saving a few bucks. WRONG! In the very last step of purchasing, right as I was clicking submit, I noticed an extra whopping $60 SERVICE CHARGE, for a $193 ticket. That's absolute highway robbery. I immediately contacted...

Bargainseatsonline / Sold out tickets

Mike on Aug 18, 2016
I have a horrible experience with BargainSeatsOnline and I'm very disappointed with this company. I've ordered two tickets for an event in advance. Everything seemed fine, but two days before the even they contacted me and said that all seats were sold out and that they had some kind of...

Bargainseatsonline / Fees

Robby on Jul 28, 2016
I decided to order a ticket from BargainSeatsOnline because of heir cheap prices. I thought I was saving a lot of money by ordering from this site but I was wrong! After I paid for the ticket itself they started charging extra money for who knows what! They added so many extra fees that in...

Bargain Seats Online / Scam artists at their best

brokeandfrustrated on Sep 22, 2014
Be warned ... this company will sell your credit card information to a third party vendor and then wash their hands of you when something goes wrong!!! After being denied entrance because my tickets "were already used" Bargain Seats Online told me they couldn't help me because they...

Bargain Seats On Line / Overcharge

Dissatisfiedcustomer3 on Apr 24, 2013
This company will over charge you for your tickets and their 100% satisfaction guaranteed is ###!! I purchase tickets from this company thinking I was getting a bargain like their name states and I realized that They charged me over $80 more per ticket than if I would have bought them from...

Bargainseatsonline.com / This website is THE BIGGEST RIP OFF OF THE CENTURY

Korpeke on Jan 15, 2013
This website is THE BIGGEST RIP OFF OF THE CENTURY!!! Do NOT use them. Learned a HUGE lesson. Only buy from the primary venue, NOT a "secondary" market as this. Basically they are a big company of scalpers and all their little employees all over the world, buy a package of tickets from the...

Bargainseatsonline.com / Run, Run, Run away from this site

Kiprexe on Dec 19, 2012
Run, Run, Run away from this site. This is my first negative review on anything, but I feel that this is very well deserved.Please know that on several occasions that I did try to work this out with Rob in Customer Service and he did recommend a resolution in which I accepted only to have...

Bargainseatsonline.com / Ordered tickets and did not receive the tickets we ordered

Dramsuke on Oct 22, 2012
Ordered tickets and did not receive the tickets we ordered. Were told they were the same seats after the reno at the Phoenix Raceway. Called the track and were told the seats were never renovated. Called rep several times and only got the run around. People tell friends and family to use social media and spread the news to close this business down!!!

Bargainseatsonline.com / I would not recommend this site to anyone

Meisone on Aug 21, 2012
I would not recommend this site to anyone. I ordered tickets for my son and dtrinlaw. and were told the tickets would arrive the following day. I was told over the phone that the tickets would be at the box office for them. Then I received an email indicating the tickets would be sent to...

Bargainseatsonline.com / I feel absolutely gouged, don't use these guys

Timber on Jul 23, 2012
I feel absolutely gouged. Don't use these guys. It is really unclear what you are paying for. I purchased 6 concert tickets for $123 each. Upon getting my tickets, I found that the face value was $55 and on top of that they charged $25 fees per ticket and then shipping and handling...

Bargainseatsonline.com / Please beware people

Pereize on Jun 18, 2012
Totally Scammed! Sold tickets via the good ole' "We will sell the same item to more than one buyer" and refused to honor their assurance that if tickets weren't delivered, they would replace with comparable ones, in fact I was told 30 mins before the concert that my ticket...

Bargainseatsonline.com / Stay away from this site and other sites that they operate

Builete on Apr 30, 2012
Stay away from this site and other sites that they operate. Epic seats Inc. is the con operation behind it. They charge you incredible fees that are non-refundable. It is incredible that they even exist in our day and age. The business model itself is border line criminal. The tickets they resell are from ticketmaster.

Bargainseatsonline.com / Totally hosed by these guys - they are crooks

Opiose on Dec 10, 2011
They listed tickets for Book of Mormon. Spent over $200 extra per seat to get seats in a better section - the seats were listed as being available instantly. Took 4 hours for the download to arrive. Lo and behold, they were for a section that was normally much less expensive, but by the...

Bargainseatsonline.com / Misleading overcharging

Ridiculous overcharging of fees that are incredibly unclear. Be careful! I have e-mails where you are unable to see the extra fees on the first screen. Only after scrolling down does one see the fees. Over $100 in extra fees for 3 tickets. While checking out the fees were similarly...

Bargainseatsonline.com / The 100% Ticket Guarantee is total bull$#*

Darkale on Jun 1, 2011
The 100% Ticket Guarantee is total bull$#*!! I called and was told by the customer service rep that the tickets were guaranteed, so I bought two tix to the Stanley Cup Finals for Game 3. Guess what, now there is a problem with my order and now I get "sorry sir this rarely happens". So the...

Bargainseatsonline.com / I still don't know if I will get tickets or not

Ordered tickets for Dallas "Wicked". Charged my credit card and even sent a FedEX tracking number. But more than 2 weeks later - no tickets, FedEX took off the delivery date and no one at BargainSeatsOnline will respond to my repeated email inquiries. Buy from someone else. I still don't know if I will get tickets or not!!

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