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Aspen Dental Management / dentures

acblavat on Feb 2, 2018
My husband and I paid over $5000 out of pocket, plus insurance, for two full sets of dentures. Aspen Dental has been negligent in every aspect, including: bone spurs & dry sockets, improper fit, broken dentures, and pain. The office manager has lied about the complaint process and lied to...

Aspen Dental / major overcharging and public health issues (manslaughter)

dan marinescu on Jan 31, 2018
I schedule a visit for this morning. Been there at 8AM, it was a simple extraction advertised as $132. Office: Pensacola, FL. After waiting for 45 minutes (they only have one doctor there) I was first asked to fill in unrelated forms, then without even being asked for consent was taken all...

Aspen Dental Inverness Florida / cleaning my teeth

Mtersigni on Jan 12, 2018
I went for the free examination and xrays. I was told I would need a deep cleaning which I cannot afford as I am out on disability and have no income. My ins covers a basic cleaning which I asked for and after getting this two hour exam and wasting my time, I was told that unless I pay for...

Aspen Dental / lower denture

Gidgee on Jan 8, 2018
After reading so many complaints. I have similar complaints tho the most recent is Two (2) teeth on the lower denture just decided to fall out all by themselves. My denture is just 2 years old. I was horrified. I went in on an emergency and they were able to put them back on but... I do...

Aspen Dental Management / wrong diagnosis and pulled a healthy tooth

Schofield Denise on Dec 24, 2017
Charged for a treatment plan found out was over priced. Then they sent me to a oral surgeon who said I needed a root canal in which I did not need. Then pulled a healthy tooth. I had tooth pain for 6 months the first dentist I saw couldn't find any reason for the pain he said there was no...

Aspen Dental Management / unacceptable wait time without an explanation of why

JTLuko on Dec 11, 2017
I recently scheduled an appointment for the extraction of a broken tooth and a consultation for future dental needs. My appointment was scheduled for Dec 11th at 8:15 AM. I arrived for my appointment at 8:05 after filling out the required form I sat down to wait to be called. Three...

Aspen Dental Management / dental appointment

Jess2685 on Nov 27, 2017
Terrible way to run a business never mind a professional health organization. I had a abscess and my mom called and made an appointment for me for an extraction. She was given a price of 129.00 plus tax to start because I have no insurance Up in arrival I was told that the appointment wa...

Aspen Dental of Klamath Falls, OR / crown

Vic Tim on Aug 29, 2017
Beware of this dental practice, they damaged my tooth to the tune of $2000. Aspen Dental of Klamath Falls, aka Two Thirty Dental LLC owned by Dr.George McKee. This practice refuses to accept responsibility for substandard work done in my mouth. Learn more here: twothirtydentalcaution dot org...

Aspen Dental Management / tooth porcelain filling - no guarantee

Ernesto Gomez on Aug 24, 2017
On December 30, 2016, I had an appointment to get my tooth fill with porcelain, and now a piece of it is broken. I went back today {08-24-2017} to see if they can fix it without cost since my filling doesn't have a year, and they said that I have to pay for the fix. I think this is wrong...

Aspen Dental Management / dental hygienist amanda apple warsaw indiana

Phillip Milliser on Jul 29, 2017
Amanda Apple is a hygienist at the Warsaw Indiana office. She is very rude and unsympathetic wilh her patients. I understand her concerns for patients to have the best dental hygiene. But once she has told and recommended to the patient her view she proceeds to cram it down your throat...

Aspen Dental Management / after needed immediate stitches at aspen office...

K. Vega on Jul 18, 2017
I was getting a dental procedure when the dentist accidental drilled into my lip. Apparently, the assistant wasn't paying attention and didn't warn the dentist because the dentist freaked out and started disciplining the assistant. Meanwhile, I am bleeding and the dentist told the...

Aspen Dental Management / fraudulent behavior, overpayment,

Rhonda Pomerleau on Jun 16, 2017
On april 20, 2017 my daughter had an appointment for xrays etc. She had called the dentist office prior to get a price. The office told her that the price for what she was going to have done is 29.00 my daughter went to that appt. Upon leaving she went to pay her 29.00 and received a bill...

Aspen Dental / fluoride treatment

awhistleblower on Jun 8, 2017
I would like to know how Aspen Dental gets by, by adding fluoride treatment to a cleaning without the patients permission or explaining the cost prior to the cleaning. I talked to a patient about this episode and told him to complain to an office member that he did not request the fluoride...

Aspen Dental Management / substandard dental work

disgusted too much on Jun 2, 2017
I went to Aspen Dental Saw dentist and was abused by hygienist both verbally and with a steel mouth plate. I went for a back tooth which was falling apart. But then my front tooth chipped and I had to have that fixed and the dentist told me he did not like to do that type of filling so I...

Aspen Dental Management / dental assistant

Barksalot on May 26, 2017
I went in as a new patient, I had a young lady taking my xrays. She was very disrespectful. Obviously she was BRAND new, or had never taken xrays. She cut the roof of my mouth, under my tongue, bumped the holder I had in my mouth and hit my front teeth.I asked her her name (Katelyn...

Aspen Dental Management / dental implant

2017gmail on May 25, 2017
Hi there, My first visit to Aspen Dental Latham NY office was in April 2015, and that was the start of getting an implant from the dentist. How long do you think the whole process for a dental implant takes? Well, at Aspen dental, it has been more than two years since my visit in April...

Aspen Dental Management / teeth

Diane Hill on Apr 25, 2017
It's been 3 years since I went to Aspen Dental to have my front teeth fixed. They x-rayed my teeth. Then they showed me and my husband the X-RAY and said that needed removed. They checked my credit and was approved, believing that it would be a good thing to do, so I signed for the loan...

Aspen Dental / additional charges after copayment.

Peachy Pat on Apr 13, 2017
On Jan. 27, 2017 I went to Aspen Dental at 3756 US Highway 98 N. in Lakeland Fl. because I was having tooth pain. This was not my first visit having gone for cleanings. I was told that two teeth had small cavities and after they called Delta Dental, I was told my copayment would be $92.40...

Aspen Dental / malpractice

mlking on Mar 9, 2017
I went to Aspen Dental in Paducah KY to have some work done. While I was there they advised i needed a filling. I spoke to the office manager, pre-paid what he said my part was and I let them do the work, after the numbness went away I began experiencing pain in that tooth, pain that had...

Aspen Dental Management / balance billing

unspokenrespect on Feb 1, 2017
The Aspen Dental office number is 1416 I had a tooth that needed to be pulled so on1/9/2017 decided to visit Aspen Dental because they are a in-network with my insurance company Amenities. I gave them my information and received an X-Ray of my teeth. After they accessed the damage I was told...

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