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American Standard Online / membership fee

realty customer on Aug 29, 2017
I also joined the membership and paid $199.00 last year. However, I sent hundreds of letters to the property addresses listed on the website, which I was told the payment is only a few hundred dollar a month. But I never received any response from them about the property. As I was about to...

American Standard Online / rent to own

Drmccabe on Jul 22, 2017
I have contacted them with options and nothing comes out of it I signed up with them looking for a home when I relocated- guaranteed money back and never did receive the money back. All research I did showed it was not a scam but I see they can faulzify that information as well. I have...

American Standard Online / Paid 199 and have requested refund several times.

Rosa Kelly on Mar 17, 2017
I paid 199 and explained to them that I was in need of a home. They false advertise to get you to pay this 199 fee and they never help. I sent mail and stopped by the homes some of which were not there and others did not respond. After I kept requesting a refund they said something about...

American Standard Online / Pre-foreclosure homes ***absolute scam***

DontFallForThisScam on May 25, 2016
I saw this property on craigslist so I called the provided number (Craigslist link I was interested in : https://charlotte. Craigslist.Org/apa/5601473936. Html) The housing agent kevin gleason - operator # 2587, said the have all of theses properties that are pre-foreclosure. I could...

American Standard Online / Misprepresentation

abrandt on Aug 15, 2014
8/15/2014 11:42 AM - American Standard does NOT perform as represented. They have a BBB "F" RATING. I live in Fort Worth TX (76116)... their most recent listing is from 2011... today is 8/15/2014. Customer Service is 877-395-1296. Doug is their manager. When challenged to run a list of...

American Standard Online / Craigslist scam company

Concerned_Marylander on Jun 11, 2014
Just called about a posting on Craigslist. It felt like a scam as soon as he asked "Is this something you think you'd be interested in doing?" Please. I work for a sales company. I know this close. I wanted to be able to see the homes before committing $200 to a title search. I asked...

American Standard Online / Money refund

saleemah mccord on Mar 22, 2013
Me and my husband saleemah and ralph stevenson signed up for this service on december 17, 2012. It was orignally in my husband ralph stevenson name. When asked could it be transferred in my name; saleemah mccord; immediatley it was changed. We have found housing as of january 27, 2013. We...

American Standard Online / Scam

Marialise on Feb 8, 2012
These People are a huge scam. They say its not, and they promise you a refund after 90 days. But it is a total SCAM. I'm going to keep this short because its pretty much the same story, that everyone else has already said. I was tired of arguing with the "manager" and playing game...

American Standard Online / Fraudulent activity

el33t on Sep 9, 2011
Hey, so basically I saw the ad. I was curious but figured it was probably a scam. I called them up, asked them who they were found what their "program" was. I then asked some key questions. Are you realtors. No, we are brokers. So you are all licensed. Yes. Where are you. Ventura CA. What...

Your American Standard / Refund

Shanm on Mar 28, 2011
Watch out for ads on craigslist! Don't give this company your $200! Originally i was searching for a home to rent or rent to own on craigslist.com. I came across this advertisement for pre-forclosed houses for rent so i called the number listed. When speaking to the gentleman on the phone...

pre-foreclosures / customer service # disconnected

I paid the $199 dollars to get a list of pre-foreclosure homes. I was to look for 15 houses in the area of my choice and print out the contact letter provided to send to these 15 homes. The owner was to contact their website www.Americanstandardonline.com or call them at (866)961-6029. I...

American Standard Online / Deceptive practices

American Standard Online operates under the facade of a company that connects homeowners in distress with renters who are willing to take over the mortgage with the option of buying at the end of their leasing term. HUGE SCAM! It is merely a website with a bunch of listings of home...

American Standard Online / Scam?

If it's to good to be true-it's not true. I have spent way to much time asking for simple information. Their "managers" are rude and fast talking. They are unable/unwilling to supply any information in writting. The agents only refer you to the web site, which doesn't answer...

American Standard Online / Unfair practices

I just want everyone to know that American Standard Online is scam. The owner Susan Quinn is the same owner as Anchor House Financial. About 3 months ago I responded to an ad on craigslist. The ad said if I have a job I qualify.No credit check and dowpayment required.When i called the...

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