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Allegiant Travel Company / Allegiant Air / They canceled flight 8 hours before takeoff, no refund, no explanation... Poor everything.

Haley Davis on Feb 11, 2017
I hate Allegiant Air. I’ve never heard of an airline being so unreliable and so uncompromising. We flew from Provo, Utah to LAX California with my family- outgoing flight was everything we expected, but on the way home we completely lost any and all desire to fly with them ever again. We were...

Allegiant Travel Company / Allegiant Air / Weather advisories/minors

tomclark01 on Jan 3, 2017
As a christmas gift, my sister-in-law purchased round trip ticket for my daughter (Age 17) as follows: Allegiant flight #837 – 12/24/2016 from ind to pie Returning on flight #836 – 1/2/2017 from pie to ind Cost $492.78. The flight to fl was good, no problems and/or delays. However, the...

Allegiant Air / Credit card charge not refunded

LGammell on Nov 17, 2016
Date of flight July 15, 2016 Flight number: 1219 from Knoxville, TN to Punta Gorda, FL Itinerary # U545106 Flight was delayed due to mechanical issues for almost 7 hours. When the flight finally boarded our grandchildren were told there was no longer going to be reserved seats, which we had...

Allegiant Air / Not allowed to changes airline and car rental dates

Theresa Montgomery on Sep 13, 2016
I am very disappointed with your Airline... this is the second time I have had a loved one die and have had problems with Allegiant. I have consistently called the airlines phone number and have been on hold for more than 90 minutes. Without speaking to a live person, I started late...

Allegiant Air / Customer service

bobbyboo808080 on Sep 6, 2016
To make it short, I was basically lied to by Allegiant employees at the airport, and they produce false reports regarding an early airline departure. I was told to first call in to rebook my flight, then when I called in was told that this was against their policy. This is, by far, the...

Allegiant Air / Stolen laptop - no response from anyone in allegiant

Alejandra Jasso on Sep 3, 2016
Alejandra jasso Contact email: alejandra.Jasso01@utexas.Edu To whom it may concern: Dear sir/madam, I am writing this formal complaint in reference to my stolen laptop and charger. On august 5, 2016, at approximately 0515 hours, i checked one bag at allegiant airline’s counter. I flew...

Allegiant Air / Be aware of allegiant air

Jnng on Aug 18, 2016
I first posted this yesterday on two other sites and since then my dreams have stopped, perhaps my purpose was served. I am writing this to caution people from taking Allegiant Air NOT to warn people NOT to take it. I had a dream 3 nights in a row that a plane with Allegiant crashed. I am not a...

RITA / Allegiant Air

mi1 on Aug 11, 2016
On Wednesday, August 10th I had reserved a car through Allegiant Airlines - prepaid for the car. When I arrived to pick up the rental car - they stated that I would have to pay for the car like a new reservation and that the money that was prepaid to Allegiant only reserved the car. Thi...

Allegiant Air / Rescheduled flights

Consrance on Aug 1, 2016
I had to wait on hold for almost 2 hours yesterday. If you can't get through on the phones you can always call the Director Reagan Heckethorn at 702.592.XXXX cell or office at 702.830.XXXX. If you ever need a supervisor don't waste your time on the phone with a CSR they...

Allegiant Air / Poor customer service

Sherry Neves Springer on Jul 6, 2016
On July 5, 2016 ; Customer 24787316 ( a 15 yr. old) was to return to Harrisburg, PA, leaving Orlando/Sanford Airport at 7:00 a.m. Because of traffiic issues we did not get to the check in until 6:25 a.m. He was refused to board his flight even though it was not scheduled to leave until...

Allegiant Air / Airline Service

BiancaO on Jun 21, 2016
Allegiant air has provided the worse service I have ever experienced on an airline. They have cancelled my flight twice in one day. They did not provide any early notification in time to book with another airline. They cancelled all flights the next day & left me stuck at the airport. The...

Allegiant Air / Extremely poor airline service

LauraGolden on Jun 17, 2016
My daughter experienced the worst flight of her life on your airline this past week. She was flying out of Tulsa to PIE last Sunday, June 12th. Her flight was delayed due to "lack of crew to fly the plane" and she flew on SunCoast, arriving an hour late. On the way home (yesterday, June...

Allegiant Air / Reservation

wasteoftime2016 on Jun 9, 2016
I have now been on hold for 5 hours over a 2 day period. 4 of the phone calls, they picked up, and hung up so they didn't have to work. The 5th phone call a young man was helping me. They put my name as a driver on the car reservation instead of my husband. I asked them to please trade the...

Allegiant Air / Passenger not buckled during flight with seatbelt on / landing or

Amy L Harter Mishler on May 21, 2016
Passenger slept with smelly feet toward us and. Seatbelt light on, no one had her sit up until long after seatbelt buckle lights were on. What's up with not seating upright in your seat? Putting seat belt on when indicated ? And why no one did anything about it ? Not a pleasant flight ..

Allegiant Air / Services rendered

Reviewer76813 on Mar 6, 2016
My flight time was changed from 249pm to 1136 am. Had my husband and I been able to go on an earlier flight this is what we would have chosen, however, due to the three hour change in time on your part we will not be able to make the flight. We are requesting a refund, we did purchase trip...

Allegiant Air / Memphis customer service

Shayken2 on Jan 27, 2016
Hello, I ran into the rudest customer service representative in luggage check in. In Memphis, TN for Allegiant Air. Her name was Katie, she wouldn't provide a last name. Heavy set Caucasian lady. As many great people that need a job, she should not be allowed to communicate with people...

Allegiant Travel / Post pone vacation due to Medical reasons

John Rhea on Feb 21, 2014
We have been using Allegiant Air for years and this year my wife was admitted into a hospital and was determined she had blood clots in her leg and lungs. She was released but the doctor said she should not fly because most airlines are not ready to handle medical emergency in flight if...

Allegiant Air / Using Credit Card without permission

bokstar on Dec 26, 2012
Dear Allegiant Air: I have now called the Allegiant phone number 14 times in the last 4 days and 12 of the times the call wouldnt go thru ( i realize this is the busiest time of year but its still very frustrating) and twice i got thru but had the worst customer service i have ever...


AllegiantAirFan on Nov 6, 2011
When booking with other airlines ONLINE, they allow you to book for free since YOU are doing all the work and their staff doesnt get involved. Thats all fine and GOOD. With ALLEGIANT, they HIDE a BOGUS "Convenience Fee" of $ 17.00 on every ticket in amongst the other GOVERNMENT...

Allegiant Airlines / Deceptive online sales practices

macavitie1 on Feb 2, 2011
Deceptive business practices: When you go to their site to reserve a flight, they add optional fees (like for ground transportation, travel insurance, and "buying the ticket online or on the phone") without permission or calling attention to them. The "trip flex" alone was $20 on top of a...

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