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American Income Life Insurance / Lies, Deception, Lawbreaking

Kbye on Sep 7, 2017
STEER CLEAR of working for this company. I worked as "Human Resources Recruiter, " my job was NOT to work with the hiring manager to make job descriptions, look for qualified candidates, or conduct interviews BUT to cold call from a compiled list of resumes from Monster, Careerbuilder, and...

American Income Life Insurance / Life insurance scam

This company has now blocked me from responding to other people's complaints on FaceBook. They have also blocked me from sending them a private message. (This is what happens when you complain to them.) They will not cancel our policies through the agents who signed us up In fact, those...

American Income Life / Being ask to pay back money for work when I never got paid for it.

Amaliel on Jul 24, 2016
I worked for the company for a few weeks and sold some polices, for those policies I never got paid. The company send me a letter telling me to pay back 798. dollars, the owners of the Perez Agency in Warwick RI kept the checks and I did not got paid. Now they want me to pay back and...

American Income Life Insurance Company / Life policy pay out

roseisrose on Feb 15, 2016
My late husband was a 38 year firefighter, with the second largest city in Massachusetts, retired badge #1. He was the first recipient of the American Red Cross Hometown Hero Award. Last year he was called by a salesman who stated he got the name through the fire union. Long story he wa...

Ailife.com / Basically multilevel marketing

Reviewer41955 on Dec 9, 2015
The company has you come in for unpaid training and mandatory phone nights and meetings all unpaid. They guide you for 6 months and then let you fail by giving you horrible leads and not responding to help needed. After six months you are no longer giving the manager and higher ups the...

American Income Life / I almost called 911

Rlopez313 on Aug 26, 2015
I received a call from a rep. stating that my union was giving me additional life insurance. He (not sure of his name; Jason or Jared)was pushy in the fact that he insisted that he had to drop off the paperwork at my home. After many calls, and me trying to convince him to just mail the...

American Income Life Insurance Company / Insurance company will not pay claim

Terry272 on Jun 4, 2013
My husband was in an accident one year ago (May 2012) and he was insured with AIL Insurance company from Waco Texas. His premium clearly stated that he would receive $200 a day for each day he was in the hospital. My husband was completely paralyzed and was hospitalized for 4 months. After...

American Income Life / Billing dept.

Rosetta Solkiewicz on Mar 26, 2011
I had stop automatic withdraw two mo. ago-I now make my payments by phone wet an a billing agent. A payment was made 2-24-2011 @ 3-13-2011 all payment were made. And on 3-23-2011 a automatic withdraw was made for $ 244.86 . I had went to my bank to stop an ACH debit on my checking account...

American Income Life / Lies

tellingthetruthx10 on Jan 20, 2011
I have worked for AIL for over 4 years. The general policy of this company is to recruit sales agents to push the over priced, small amounts of insurance to the non-educated, working class, single parent home, rural, urban families. My boss used to refer to certain clients as ghetto, and...

so called jobs / too many emails

kabbas7949 on Jan 19, 2011
im always getting emails since a year from them about getting a job, why not the people who suppose to d something in authority do something or uncover this scam of American income life insurance.. Perhaps help me howard should look into this and televise it..

American Income Life / They expect too much

I too interviewed with American Income Life. They did not inform me until the interview that this would be a commission only position. Since I was desperate for a job, I went through with the interview, was hired and started training. The first two weeks after training I worked hard with...

americanlifeinsurance / loanonlifeinsurancepolicy

this is my fourth contact with this companyregarding a loan from my life insurance policy.two by phone, i signed the form requesting a loan & mailed it. Then, someone reprted to me that it was never received. So, I hand wrote a letter and sent it via certified mail. It was received on...

American Income Insurance / Bogus interview

When you look at ALL these negative posts about this company then bells should go off, red flags should wave everything in your being should tell you that they are completly full of ###.. anything to make a buck off hard working americans.. there is no way that every bad experience with...

American Income Life Insurance (Ail) / The real truth about ail

Whether you can or can't, YOU'RE RIGHT!!! First of all, you don't have to take my word for it. AM Best (www.AMbest.com) has ranked AIL with an A+ rating. That's the highest rating you can get for an insurance company that has been around 50+ years. Also yahoo job...

American Income Life Insurance Company - Ail / Employment danger

My main purpose in writing this article is to inform solicited/prospective employees of AIL about the hidden risks associated with this type of company. It is a bit long but it is to INFORM you, the brief summary bullets are just below. NOTE: Since I have quit my insurance license and resume...

American Income Life / AIL is a fraud!

I was hired as an agent with a life insurance company called American Income Life about three weeks ago. After laying out about $490 for licensing and travel up to Denver for a week, I started field "training" -- without any compensation. During this time, in the midst of my unscheduled...

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