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Afni, Inc. / Settlement Offer

Marymichael on Sep 11, 2012
I was sent a "Pay only HALF OF YOUR BALANCE to settle your account" offer. I never have had an account with the company they mentioned:T-Mobile. The said I could pay either online or with a credit card. They asked for my social security number plus my credit card number and 3 digit code. I...

AFNI / debt scam

ie123 on Apr 15, 2012
April 06, 2012, I received a settlement offer in the mail, stating I owe debt to QWEST. I never have had service with Qwest, in my life. In the letter sent to me, it states this; For proper credit on your account please write this number 030186070-02 on your payment. Afni, Inc.Account #...

Afni Inc / alleged phone bill i dont owe

The Deaf Guy on Jun 29, 2011
Afni Inc. alleges that i owe ATT $80.00 dollars which afni claims ATT has placed this acc with them for collections. ABSOLUTE LIE! After getting a better deal from a local cable company (Time Warner) for a service bundle of cable TV, digital phone service and high speed internet, i took...


NyM on May 5, 2011
I recieved the first and only letter stating i owe $451. they said i owe Verizon for service for almost 15 years ago. i told them i never had that service. I spoke to four reps allllllllllllllllll were very rude. Spoke to a "supervisor" twice even ruder. One even had the nerve to hang up...

Contel of the South Inc. Afni Inc / I think this is a scam!

Lana Vernon on Feb 18, 2011
I have received a paper in the mail from Afni Inc stating that I have a balance due totaling $214.70. It states that the original collector is Contel of the South Inc and this is their attempt to collect a past debt. They are offering that if I pay half they will consider my account...

afnicollections / fraudulent billing

Carol Berg on Feb 5, 2011
This is not the first time I have gotten a notice like this. I have already had one about a month ago and just paid it even though I did at the time wonder how I would have owed Dish Network any past due amount, esp. when I am a current customer with them. Now I got another notice saying I...

AFNI / fishing scam?

look at that! the Saints they want to be are offering me a "SETTLEMENT OFFER", why, half off!, on a Qwest bill from lessee, a good 5+ years ago. Now, I was on hard times back then, and might have let a bill slide longer than I should have... but wait, I was serially monogamous with Qwest with...

Afni Collection / T-mobile account

I read many complaints about this Afni Collection. Like most of the complaints posted, they said I owe T-mobile $297.89 but they will settle for $100. They want me to send the check to them. They even don't have a T-mobile account (if I DO OWE T-mobile). I did not call their number...

Afni Collections / Suspicious Settlment Offer

I have been contacted by this "company" and offered a settlement of half of the bill (200.76, asked to pay 11.38) that I owed for Verizon North Inc. Smells fishy since this is NOT the collection agency that was dealing with this (true) debt. (my sister was divorced and I got her a phone in...

Afni Collections / ripoff - fraud

These people lie! Why aren't these people stopped? They said I owed AT&T or Bellsouth 74.31 from an account in 2003. I have NEVER had a phone company account in my name for AT&T, Bellsouth or any other company. The interesting thing is that they said they would "settle" the account for...

Afni Collections / Bloomington IL. / Do Not Give Afni your Credit Card Number

Afni collections sent me a settlement letter for $50 on an old Cingular bill dating back to 2002, and i authorized them to get $50 dollars from my account. They took $75 dollars of which i did not authorize and gave me the run around on giving me my money back stating they had no record of...

Afni Collections / Wrongly Billed for acct never owned

I received a bill stating my neice (who just turned 21) has and overdue account with Verizon Norht INC. from several years ago to the tune of 598.05 cents and that they are willing to settle the account for $50.00. Firstly the phone number listed in refernce to this account was never owned...

Contel of the South Inc/ Afni collections / Collection bill for phone service

My name is Kimberly Utz and the collections letter that we had recievced was in my 14 years old son's name. His name is Nathaniel Moore, but they have it spelled Nathanial Moore. I looked up the phone number on switchboard and it is a active number and I also called the number and the...

Afni Collections / fraudulent collection

I have received a bill from this collection agency for an account that I have never had from T-Mobile. I have never had any account with T-Mobile. I have been an AT&T customer since 2000. I cannot get this company to understand this even though T-Mobile seems too. This is now on my credit record and it is false.

Afni, Inc. / Wireless Cellular

I received a collections letter stating that I owe T-Mobile $690.04 and that I need to pay or else they will report me to the Credit Bureau. I knew immediately this was bogus because I have been a client of another wireless provider for the past more than 10 years and I have never been...

Afni Inc. / time barred debt

Afni sent a letter offering a supposed great deal of offering a settlement for only $400 for a debt that was originally over $1000. The only thing is... this is a time barred debt. The statute of limitations is up on this debt and was up over 6 years ago. This debt was from 1997, and...

Afni Collections / Scam and cheating

Two days ago I get a letter from AFNI telling me I have an outstanding Phone Bill from Verizon in Buffalo NY from 2002. I call and tell them I have been in Rochester NY since March of 2000 since I moved here for a new job. The lady on the phone did not care all she kept saying wa...

afnicollection / T-Mobile

This company has sent a notice stating that my husband owes T-Mobile $ 1, 061.73, from 2002 we have never used T-Mobile and we have had the same service since 1999 which is not T-Mobile. When I asked them to send me proof such as a signature they stated that by law they do not need to and...

Afni, Inc / Verizon / phone bill

I've been recieving for alomst a year now a collection notices from afni, inc for a verizon phone bill I've never even had. I've been here in TN now going on 10 years. I've tryed to contact them thru email but there web page will not come up .How do I get the letters to stop?

T Mobile / T mobile collection

I recieve a bill for afni for a cell phone bill for T-Mobil for $184.17. I have never had a T-Mobil cell phone. I pull up the web site to find out that this is a fraud.

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