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American Education Services [AES] / apathetic, dishonest, and unprofessional customer service.

Dave Hunter on Nov 6, 2018

I'm the caretaker for my 83-year-old mother who's suffering from both dementia and leukaemia. I've her durable power of attorney and am legally able to act on her behalf and to protect her interests. I've been attempting to work with this company for some time and throughout they've been...

Brookes College and American Education Services / They still want to get full debt

Reviewer88410 on Jan 22, 2016

My daughter attended Brookes College and American Education Services. She got the credit and hasn’t finished the studies, so we have paid back the half of the credit and this college sent us notification and letters about the remaining debt. 4 months later this college was closed, but they...

American Education Services / blocked online access

Christi Fitzpatrick on Jan 16, 2016

These people are so rude, clueless, and condescending. Apparently, they reversed my last payments on Christmas because of to many stopped payments. And they didn't tell me. What kind of sense does that make? When I asked to tall to whomever made that decision I was refuse because they said...

Aes American Education Services / customer serv is the worst and they have the worst policies

Hardworker1234 on May 18, 2012

The Customer Service Dept. has got to have the rudest level of service that I have experienced in a long time. The reps are very condescending, almost like they went to school to be a customer service representative. I think they forget that if people do not take out the student loan...

Aes Student Loans / loan is supposed to be deferred!

Bbsky on Feb 25, 2012

Oddly enough, “aes” stands for american “education” services, and so you would “think” that their employees would at least be “educated” but I cannot understand why this simple issue has been going on for 6 months and yet, they just cannot understand simple english? This is a college loan. I...

AES Student Loan Company / miss applying payments

KMS NM on Feb 7, 2012

I have 2 loans, made in different years, with these idiots. I have been making payments thru my banks bill pay referencing the loans as SEQ 1 and SEQ 2 as the idiot at the AES call center told me to. Up until this year (2012) they have been being applied correctly to the proper account...

American Education Services / billing

Dissatisfied10136 on Mar 15, 2011

Do not obtain a student loan through this company. The employees are all rude. If you are one hour late with a payment they start houding you with phone calls. I am on maternity leave and unemployed collecting no income and they refuse to defer my payments. The lady I spoke with on the...

AES/Student Loan / negative note on my credit reports

jimcooper48 on Jan 24, 2011

I am a cosigner for my daughter's student loan. She decided to return to school to obtain her BSN. My daughter contacted AES and began the paperwork for defering her two loans. She had been in weekly contact with AES and was told not to worry about the August 2010 payment. I received...

American Education Services / incompetent/ unprofessional

i have done everything in my power to assist these people in correcting the problems they have caused with my accounts. i have two loans each requiring a $25.00. i send them a check for $50. or more every month. they will post the entire amt. to one account and let the other become...

American Education Services / horrible company

I am very frustrated with this company. I did a federal consolidation of all my loans (including my AES loans) through Direct Loans. Last month, I recieved a bill from AES that said that all of my loans were paid off and that my remaining balance was $100 (left over interest). I made a...

AES / interest rate does not make sense


My terms are as follows: 4.940% interest rate $18375 balance. (Original balance was $22000) $154.75 payment per month They changed me to an "interest only" loan basis. If this was the case the payment calculates to around $74.60 per month. I do not understand what they are doing and they...

American Education Services / I am faced with harassment because of their own mistakes in their accounting practices


About five years ago, I co-signed with this company for a student loan for my son-in-law. He wanted to go to school in England and could not get a loan from any Brazilian banks to go to school in a foreign country. My son-in-law has graduated and now holds an very high position with the...

American Education Services / I am very disappointed in this company


I am very disappointed in this company. I did not receive letters stating repayment of my loans until it was too late. At that point they were stating that I owed 19 percent extra and it had to be paid in full. I had not finished school but because I sat out more than 6 mos, they went into...

American Education Services / we should all boycott this company


Here's a good story. I took out a student loan with AES in August 2007 to finish my BSN in nursing. In May of 2009, I received a statement with a balance of $2467.34 due by June 12th 2009. My payments would have started at that time also and they were going to be $25.38 per month. I...

American Education Services / rejects valid payments from checking account they've deemed invalid

American education services has been rejecting my payments from two valid checking accounts for over 90 days. If I knew what I was doing wrong I could fix the problem, but no customer service representative has any idea! They've told me to try forbearance while I "fix the problem." I don't...

American Education Services / customer service is bad and the peps are rude


Customer service is bad and the peps are rude, automated phone payment system is hard to use and takes forever. Payments can not be made by talking with a rep but thats ok they are rude anyway.

American Education Services / they consistently give me wrong information


Aes employees are incompetent and dangerous. They consistently give me wrong information. They have called me on my cell phone insisting I make a payment immediately because it was late, so I made it, then found out months later that they had been wrong, then misapplied the other payment...

American Education Services / rudest people I ever worked with


These people that work for this company are the rudest people i ever worked with they said i was behind on my payments when i wasn't they reported to the credit and messed things up so bad. because they refuse to remove the wrong info from my credit report now i can't get a loan for a home. and now i don't know what to do.

American Education Services / simply terrible


American Education Services (AES) at one time was the average student loan lender, until they changed something. I cannot make an online payment anymore due to them saying my bank send a letter saying my routing number changed. I called my bank and they stated that they never sent such a...

American Education Services / student loans

Led me to believe that opting to the interest on my private-student loan, monthly, would in no-way effect my credit score if I ever couldn't pay it. Well, of course, now that I'm about to graduate (therefore, I have zero time to work) and I cannot pay my monthly interest -...