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Absolute Write / writer's forum

AimeeO on Apr 21, 2018

On Apr 21 2018 I made a post to this forum and immediately was attacked with a tirade of accusations plus the F word. Those reacting to my post didn't take time to ask for clarification but made (false) assumptions and lashed out based on those assumptions. I conclude Absolute Write is an...

Absolute Write / everything related to them

Bill Thril on Jun 12, 2017

This writer's messageboard is where seemingly anyone who expresses an opinion different than many of the moderators is a troll. It's like the same as trump does with "fake news." if he doesn't like it, it's "fake news." On absolute write, if someone doesn't like something you say, you're...

Josh /

Josh Sanders on Mar 19, 2017

I have to also agree, absolute write is a massive scam and I have even seen copyright laws broken. Do not post your work for critique there because some ideas that were not copyrighted were taken. Also it is bad advice as most members are untrained and not experts. They are just regular... / Online forum scam

Delactivisto on Jan 12, 2017

I joined this forum to gain writing information and gain a community. What I found was a vindictive writing community and a heavy handed admin who bans people at the drop of a hat for whatever reason she deems fit that day. I believe she has a permanent case of pms. Avoid this forum at all...

Absolute Write / Abusive Owner

Jacob Tanner on Sep 16, 2013

I myself pop in from time to time on Absolute Write and although I have learned some useful information there that I might not have otherwise, there are things that absolutely irked me. For one, there are certain members who seem to be able to say whatsoever they choose and not catch any... / The owner of the site is a wannabe writer with no professional writing credits

Niccores on Dec 15, 2012

The owner of the site is a wannabe writer with no professional writing credits. She uses the site to make money off the google ads and to promote her ultra-leftist political viewpoint. / The Mods are throwing people off all the time

Nikaer on Sep 17, 2012

I have read all the other reviews. I just joined a month ago. Are all vbulletin forums so heavily moderated? I'm used to the media outlet forums. So maybe that's why I'm so shocked with all the moderation and control. The site seems very controlled. So many mods. Mods seem... / Stay away from these guys

Ronkaa on Jun 28, 2012

I was a member of AW for a while, and I find myself going back every few months to check up on some of the horrible discussions. The advice is juvenile and hardly critical or informed...incompetent in many ways. Creative writing is being taught on this site as though there were rules to... / This has to be the worst writing community I've ever encountered

Plaidaker on May 16, 2012

Yikes. I never even ended up posting. I'm one to lurk before joining in, and after watching the mods tear apart people for NO reason, then egging on others to bash those people, then carrying on long after they chased the person from the site...yeah I think I will pass on joining in... / All writers should definitely stay away from this site

Niokoled on Mar 26, 2012

All writers should definitely stay away from this site. There are several moderators on this site who will start a fight with you and then kick you out for responding back. In addition, the advice that one receives on the forums is pedestrian and the kind of advice that any beginning writer would give...are you kidding me with this? / Site is overrun with ugly behaviors from those in charge

Beliuke on Mar 26, 2012

I'm not a huge fan of the forums--though the "ask an agent" site is pretty handy!--but I love that they have a forum you can use to find beta reading partners. I met some really wonderful beta readers there who I trade critique with. They are some of the sweetest people I've met... / Got banned for making the mistake of posting an ad for a writing buddy without being &part of the community&

Chincher on Mar 7, 2012

Got banned for making the mistake of posting an ad for a writing buddy without being "part of the community." Wrote back privately with the suggestion that it would help to have clearer guidelines, and that it would be better to refer people look for betas/writing buddies to matchmaker...