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National Magazine Exchange / no response to my email messages and refusal to let me cancel.

nev0856 on Jul 13, 2017
I don't mean to complain but I asked the customer service department to please let me cancel my subscriptions but they said it has been too long since April of last year, I think. They didn't tell me I could cancel within a week of first subscribing until much later. I also sent 3 message...

NME Magazine / cancellation

Ramon Capo on Jul 11, 2017
I cancel the subscription during the 1st. month of subscription, which was paid by credit card on June, however and within the first 10 days of received my 1st.magazine.They did not refund the $67.08 money and now they charge my credit card for another month on July. I sent 2 e-Mail...

National Magazine Exchange / service canceling my membership

Natassja Phillips on Jun 30, 2017
I got the message in the mail about the sweepstake, I thought I take a shot at it, now I want to cancel my membership but I'm getting talked into another 3 year plan, which I didn't want in the first place, but I'm not the type of person to argue or complain until now. I just want this to...

National Magazine Exchange / unwanted payment / cancel my order

Queen Domo on Aug 25, 2016
I first gotten a letter early august about a prize eligibility of $10, 000 a week and I have called the number provided (1-888-588-3928) to see if I have won said prize that was corresponded with an id number of 949874305 and instead told me about magazines and a watch which I had to pay...

Magazine Exchange / Cancel my order

Garry Alexander Sr on Jul 19, 2014
I was mislead into ordering the following magazines for a price of $ 67.08. (US Weekly for 4 years, Men's Journal for 4 years, Martha Stewart Living for 4 years, ESPN for 2 years, Forbes for one year, Rolling Stone for 4 years, Outside for 4 years, Cosmopolitan for 2 year...

Nmemags / they lie, and take ur credit number and ur money

This company called My husband Warnie, & I about 3 years ago. Saying the same thing order our magazines and we will send u "2 free watches" Well thinking that was a good deal we agreed to order the no obligation magazines. Well guess what he never got anything!! Then they had the nerve to...

National Magazine Company / fraud/ disconnected phone #

Carolyn Dodd on Mar 3, 2014
I've already sent a payment of $22.33 to this company not thinking that the address was a post office box instead of a real address. my next alleged payment is due April 5, and the last payment May 5th. I called the toll free number to have the late fee waived only to find the phone...

Think Direct Marketing Group / Employee Harrassment

Kevin87 on Sep 5, 2013
I worked for think Direct Marketing for a period of six months. The only positive thing about the work enviroment is the othe employees. They train you about 60% of what you need to know which honestly is better than most Florida Companies. They also Fine the employees when they feel they...

National Magazine Exchange / fees

Pennie warwick on Apr 23, 2013
These people never give up. They will find you one way or another. I bought some magazines from a student who said he sells them for the NME so that he could go on trips out of state, but when I brought this up to NME rep. she denied this, I asked her ok then where else did I sign up for...


najwe snider on Feb 1, 2011

National Magazine Exchange / magazine subscription cancellation

morrison4500 on Jan 22, 2011
I called national magazine exchange about 2 weeks ago because they stated that i was picked to enter the sweepstakes. They forced me to buy magazines that I did not want to buy and end up charging $67.08 to my credit card within two days and then two days later i called national magazine...

Dba National Magazine Exchange / sweepstakes

I received notification that I had won a sweepstakes, and that I needed to respond before 12/3/2009. The notification letter had a claim number "819665381" it in one sentence it constrewed the information as if it was a sure thing and then in the sentence below it stated that winning...

National Magazine Exchange / harrassment

The so called company, got sixtytwo dollars off my credit cards.There still sending letters saying i owe them sixtyseven dollards remaining, and amount due twentytwo dollarsandthirtysixcents.this has been a couple of month's ago, when they got that money. Thank You.

Agora Marketing Solutions / Sweepstakes $2,100,000.00 Prize

They did it again. Trying to SCAM the public. DOn't fall for this Crap. They should be shut down and sent to prison for this like the others whom try scamming the public for money. By the way the Entry number for prize was 803174630 I should play the lottery in Florida see if I can win big at least they are honest.

National Magazine Exchange / cancelation policy

My 81 year old Grandmother, somewho authorized for 10 new magazines. But doesnt remember doing this, she said she did not call anyone to order magazines. So I called this National Magazine Exchange just like the letter that we received says. They said that on April 08, 2009 she authorized...

National Magazine Exchange / fraud

The national magazine exchange, has lat a 16 year old use a credit card of mine to place an order with them. Not even checking with me or another adult here at home, to see if she was even of age. Now my account has been hit with charges from this very very sick company, which only care...

National Magazine Exchange / rip off

When I spoke with the customer service rep for this company and he said they would charge my card, I plainly stated to the rep that "I do not want you to charge anything to my card". "I do not have the money to do this at this time and I will call you back when I am able to do so." two...

Special Data Processing / National Magaizne Exchange / Sending out Prize winning mailing SECOND REQUEST

SECOND NOTICE PRIZE ENTRY OFFER mailing we've been trying to get a hold of you offer looks like one of those scams that you are warned about on several websites because people never signed up for any such offer or puschased anything to get this offer like they claim, but they actually...

National Magazine Exchange / they won't let me cancel

I got roped into listening to this damn thing, and before you know it I was locked into buying magazines. I turned around and tried to cancel 10 minutes later, and they said no cancelling the order. Someone please help me get out of this.

National Magazine Exchange / want to cancel

I received a letter stating to call the following number to be entered into a sweepstakes giving them my registered prize entry number 740152422. I made the call and was conned into purchasing magazines at the rate of 1.29 per week for all the magazines and they said they would bill my...

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