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Fifth Third Bank / car loan

mary143 on Aug 23, 2017
I contacted this bank many of times to get the correct amount owed. every time I have to reset my password my account information changes. I never once received notice of past due. When I logged into the account and seen where I had a letter dated 08/16/2017 I made arrangements to...

Fifth Third Bank / fraud department

Snip122 on Aug 23, 2017
I got a text from 5/3 that fraud was detected for two $100 charges. I called right away to close my debit card. The 2 charges were still deducted from my account. The bank just said it's from MICROSOFT, they Couldn't tell me if it was an Online, instore, in the usa or a purchase from on...

Fifth Third Bank / customer service and communications

gomikeeray on Jul 25, 2017
For starters, I still have access to someone else's account!!! I have asked to be taken off as a signer for over 3 years, so when I went to enroll my CC for online banking, I was immediately given full access to this persons account with almost $40, 000. I then started to use my CC for...

Fifth Third Bank / highway robbery overdraft fees

Olivia Aigner on Jun 29, 2017
I need to know why your company thinks it makes sense to charge me a pending over draft fee. You already charged me the over draft fee, fine I get that. But if I over drafted I clearly do not have any money! Why do you charge me more and more and put me further into debt if you want me to...

Fifth Third Bank / unethical behavior

TALAYA D DAVIS on Jun 5, 2017
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to give an overview of my experience on May 31, 2017. My husband and I drove through the drive-thru of the DeVeaux Fifth Third Bank to deposit a Cashier's check that was under $2500.00. Jenna was the teller taking care of my transaction. We couldn't clearly...

Fifth Third Bank / checking

Susan L Mcatee-Hardy on Mar 21, 2017
On March 17, 2017 I deposited $1000.00 into my personal checking account., 7979677486. On March 20, 20147 I wrote 2 checks on that account, one for $250.00 and one for $200.00. On March 21, 2017, I logged in to see that they returned both of those checks and left my deposit still...

Fifth Third Bank / predatory fees and deposit blocks on business checking

Susan L Mcatee-Hardy on Feb 28, 2017
I have been dealing with this banks overdraft fees for a long time. I have both personal and business checking with them as well as a mortgage. They consistently work up the debits BEFORE the credits, thereby creating overdrafts and they then take their overdraft fees BEFORE posting...

Fifth Third Bank / making money for extended hold on checks

José Luis on Feb 23, 2017
The FDIC act for holding certain deposits (check to checking, image to checking) for a period of time was created to protect customers and the institution from fraud. Banks like Fifth/Third are using this as an excuse to place holds on deposits using all of the legally permitted...

5th Third Bank Mortgage Department / supervisor demeanor

Fenzel on Mar 30, 2016
I contacted 5th Third Bank Mortgage Department about waiving my late fee as an active duty military service member. I have signed up for the four payment recurring method via ACH debit each month. The first person I spoke to stated they could not help. I politely asked to a supervisor. The...

Fifth Third Bank / payment holds

ptodys on Mar 9, 2016
I just received a letter from Fifth Third today telling me that there is a hold for 9 days on my Fifth Third HELOC, as I just paid the outstanding balance down to zero from my Fifth Third business account to my Fifth Third HELOC account. And, I did this in person, at a branch office...

Fifth Third Bank / being waited on

Reviewer67460 on Oct 16, 2015
I have (goiing to be had) a checking account with Fifth Third bank and tried to get waited on during my lunch hour at the 161 N. Clark branch in Chicago at 12:30 PM on 10/16/15. I waited 15 mins as they only had one male rep who could help me and all he talked about to a customer in that...

Fifth Third Bank / car loan

Avoid Fifth Third Bank! Run as far away as you can from this terrible disgraceful Bank and its nasty employees. Took out a 5 year Auto Loan with them, have just 5 payments left til my 5 years of Terror with this horrible Bank ends. When the economy fell apart 3 years ago, I struggled with...

Fifth Third Bank Trust Dept. Unethical / fraud

olga houle on Apr 27, 2011
my diabled daughter has her money in a trust acccount with fifth third bank. and the trust officer has been fraudently investing for the banks gain, and money just disappears, and she is not even supposed to be investing any monies, she a trustee to protect her momey, well over 593, 000 i...

Tamara Allen / excessive overdraft fees

bankvictim on Mar 25, 2011
The Bank of Fifth Third decided a purchase of mine was not valid. I sent the complaint according to their records Feb.14 2011 They claim to have given me a provisonal credit of seventy dollars. Fifth Third Bank alledges that it took from that date to March .15th to object to my credit being...

5th 3rd Bank / customer service

My Partner went to open up a checking account at 5th 3rd bank in both our names. The manager opened and told him to have me come in and just sign some paperwork and it will all be good. So i took today off, and went in today to sign the paperwork and they need my drivers license. The...

53 bank marion/columbus morse rd / early access

my complaint is like this i live in marion and i bank at the 53 bank in marion i was smoothed talked into an option on my checking account by a teller by the name of brenda i asked all the usual questions like whats the catch ? and do i have to have mini balance i was told by her that no i...

Fifth Third Bank / harassing creditor phone calls

They are harassers. Our car payment was late by two days and they phoned us 10 times over a less than two-day period. Their representatives are either from India or the Phillipines and are rude and demeaning. I guess that is why their CEO rakes in 10 million a year. Cheap labor to hara...

Fifth Third Bank (5 / 3 Bank) / ineptitude and rudeness

I have a mortgage with Fifth Third Bank (5/3 Bank). I wanted to pay the principal down to the point where I could get rid of the PMI (personal mortgage insurance). I inquired with 5/3 as to how much I would need to pay (ie: at what amount of remaining principal) to make that happen. They...

Fifth Third Bank / unfair business practices

Do not... Do not... Bank with this company. The bank charges customers $37 for overdraft fees on a check plus another $36 to return the item. And if that just don't beat all...in order to cancel with this bank and their unethical business practices and ways, 53 bank charges customers $25 to...

Fifth Third Bank / fraudulent bank

I was frauded by an on-line business called Grants One Day. I saw the problem right away in checking my account. I disputed the the charges against my account. The Bank waived some fees and placed the money back. They informed me at that time that The other company had up to 30 days to...

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