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1&1 Internet / / terrible experience!

David on Nov 7, 2017

People, run away from this lace. Don't fall for their ads promising great prices. It's a huge lie. If you subscribe once, you will find no way to cancel it. Customer service is too lazy and slow, they won't do this for you. So while yo are trying to find a way to cancel their crap, the money...

1&1 Internet / / dedicated server

Corys2000 on Sep 19, 2017

​ ​​ ​​ ​​ I opened a contract with 1and1 for a dedicated server (about 230USD / month), using a RAID drive to protect my data, I started a business on this server for a long time, about 100 my clients, they were kept their company data on this server, such as users data, accounting data, web...

1&1 Internet / credit card fraud

UScitizen1 on Jul 5, 2017

I had to cancel my credit card due to three fraudulent charges to my account from 1&1 Internet. I have never done business with this company, and I had never heard of this company before searching on the internet. A Google search revealed that fraud seems to be common practice for thi...

1 And 1 / website, website hosting ect... ect...

Sorcy on Feb 27, 2017

Do not do business with this company ! This is the worst company I ever dealth with. 1 week to cancel your packages, then they send you emails for auto renewal activation. Called them about this and they tell me they cant do anything about it. Then leaves me on hold with out anyone answering... / is the worst!

Irvvin on Jan 11, 2017 is the worst service I have ever dealt with and I want to warn everyone to stay away from them! I paid for their service but I had not idea these guys had an automated renewal, there was nothing mentioned about that one their website. When they renewed my account I contacted... / 1 & 1 mail business mailbox

adiniiz on Jan 27, 2016

Invoice date: 01/04/2016 Customer id: 462187809 Product id : 56549528 Invoice no. : 202012402232 I would like to request a refund because it was discounted value us44, 85 of my credit card and I did not used it, which made just one field of recruitment to view the service of you.In thi... / 1 & 1 mail business mailbox

adiniiz on Jan 27, 2016

Invoice date: 01/04/2016 Customer id: 462187809 Product id : 56549528 Invoice no. : 202012402232 I would like to request a refund because it was discounted value us44, 85 of my credit card and I did not used it, which made just one field of recruitment to view the service of you.In thi... / no refund on domain/website I cancelled

Sharonsr on Oct 6, 2015

I built a website with 1and1 and had one month to try it out. The company I created the website for proved false so I wanted to cancel the contract for 1and1. Here is a copy of the cancellation at paypal: billing detail you've authorized use of your paypal account for future payments to...

1&1 Internet, Inc. / domain seizure in the name of "verification"!

yumz22 on Sep 10, 2015

I bought a domain around 20 days ago from 1&1 internet. Their.Net domains were on sale and I got it for 99 cents (Ofcourse for the 1st year). It was my first purchase from them. The day before yesterday, I got a email from their "security team". Saying: "dear rayhan emon (Customer id... / terrible tech service

Studio K LLC on Jun 25, 2015

Our company has been a customer of since Jun 12, 2004. In November 2014 we started experiencing problems with two of our 4 email accounts. Both accounts had the same problem, both accounts had no emails in them, neither in the Inboxes, nor in any of the long list of subfolder... / worst web hosting service

JEROD LEE on Sep 17, 2014 worst web hosting service Very bad service - professional solutions for website, domain, hosting worst web hosting Ripp off bad customer service This is the worst web hosting service for support They keep you on hold for over 30 minutes, and always trying to scam you... / fraudent website marketing

Rick in Green on Dec 8, 2013

After being a web hosting customer for 6.5 years paying $15/month, I get a call on a Friday afternoon from some telemarketing nut wanting me to take the 1and1 Website builder service. I say we are satisfied with our current website and may be merging companies soon so these decision... / be wary of

MarcB4 on Mar 16, 2013

I had previously used for my hosted Exchange service, but unfortunately after dealing with numerous issues and problems from that provider, I was forced to switch elsewhere. I did some further research before making the switch (although the switch had to occur pretty... / horrible cancellation process

raventheblue on Jan 29, 2013

Hopefully you'll never purchase a domain name from 1and1. I purchased a domain name last January for ~$40 thinking that I would use it and maintain it all year. Well, that never happened and I figured I would just cancel the service. Herein lies the problem. The way to cancel a 1and1...

1 And 1 Internet, Inc. / Mywebsite / fraudulent charges for services not needed or requested

Guy A. on Jan 26, 2013

I was charged $239.88 for a year's worth of internet services which I had never requested. A salesman had called to offer the service and I said that I was not interested. I thought that was the end of it. Then I got charged $19.99 a month for a year, before I noticed and when I questioned...

1&1 / scam

davethecomputerguy on Jan 9, 2013

I was charged for a service I did not request, and locked into a year long contract without my consent or authorization. When calling and emailing 1&1 internet about this, they refised to help me, and so I am reporting this company to the BBB, and to every place so that this doesn't happen to other people.

1&1 Internet, Inc. / domain names had been deleted against customer will and without any notice.

SamiL on Sep 20, 2012

Suddenly, my website become inaccessible, then found the related domain name registered at 1and1 was deleted from my domains list against my will and without any notice. I passed about two days to exchange emails with them to solve the problem. Tickets: c301486397 - c301525406 - c301554451... / canceling

Ma unsatisfied customer on Jul 11, 2012

I sighned up for just a domain a week later they called to add a service I told them I didnt need it they said they would give me a free trial for 30 days then I can cancel with no hassle I never used the service cause I didnt need it they charged me I got charged by my bank for over...

1&1 / web hosting - 1&1 internet ripp off they overcharge and lock account when you complain

joelee on Mar 7, 2012

This is the worst hosting company and they are a complete ripp off. When you first join your call is answered immediately When you become a customer their wait times are over an hour and if you complain they lock your account. Do not host with they also charge your credit card... / very bad company

xxSquirrelSkittlesxx on Feb 1, 2012

This is what the past customers are saying Http://…ia-c161434.html Please read the link before buying!! My name is travis dominguez, i am a cancelled customer but my credit card is continuously being charged $29.97 when i have cancelled my entire...