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Window & Door Installation Complaints

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Keys 4U Locksmith / Scam.

Simon K on Mar 23, 2017
Keys 4U and Plumbers 4U are trading names of All Service 4U Limited. Called them today to change a simple lock which wasn't of urgent nature. They quoted me £49 for labour and said locks cost £20. Guy quickly shows up and says this is security locks and the cheapest lock cost...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / False advertising on windows

Monica Clark on Mar 15, 2017
We been looking for Windows to replace in our home, we came to you on your store flyer, it says there is no charge for consultation if you live within 40 km of Costco whole ware house . I live with in 40 km from your north Edmonton store . In Redwater . As I called to set up getting all my...

Menards / My front door

Charlene Gallion on Mar 11, 2017
MenardsI've already sent you pics...done that been ther! If you notice in the pics I've enclosed, the window panel is upside down per one of your associates suggestions! BRILLIANCE! Please note my SARCASM!!! After my first complaint, I was sent the frame around the window! As you can see from the...

Acre Replacement Windows / Acre anderson windows

Curleyqu on Mar 9, 2017
Acre Replacement WindowsFilm on every window that when they came out took a hour to scrap off of just one. Then said it was makers fault maker said it was installers fault. Bing going back and forth for over a year and nothing is being done. I paid 15000 dollars for these windows and its rediclou s. I can not get...

Taylordoorsales / Install of back door & screen door

Doran130 on Mar 3, 2017
Door is not plum with large gaps that are letting cold drafts in. I have to keep blanket on floor to keep draft down, however the floor is very cold. Screen door has key hole but I was not given a key. However that would not make any difference because the hole for the deadbolt was not...

Renewal By Andersen / Installer misinformation

windowman on Feb 28, 2017
All ( except a very few ) Renewal by Andersen United States locations are privately owned franchises. The Greater NYS Capitol Area and The Hudson River Valley Area territories are owned by Eric Minkiewicz who along with his wife Holly lives at 6001 Queen Mary Court Schenectady, New York...

Renewal By Andersen / Ownership 2

windowman on Feb 22, 2017
Snake oil From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia l Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone...

PGT windows / Window failure delaminating windows

catmama23 on Feb 20, 2017
PGT windowsWe bought a house that had PGT impact windows in it . This was a big deal to me as a survivor of Andrew, jean and Wilma. After closing on the home we noticed more than one of the doors was developing cloudiness at bottom . I called PGT and sent them photos and they told me this was delaminating ...

Champion Siding & Windows / Patio doors and home improvement

MexicanBobby on Jan 23, 2017
Champion Siding & WindowsJust in case you're considering Champion for a new patio door, I'm here to warn you to find another brand of door in the landfill, and have it installed in your home. You will be much better off with the discarded door, instead of paying Champion's exorbitant prices in order to give you a...

Pella / Storm doors and blinds failed

hoskerm2 on Jan 16, 2017
Pella 2 year old double doors with blinds. Door knob didn't work from the start. They sent a repair person, but it is still fussy. The Blinds between the panes were sticky from the start. After a few cautious uses, they stripped at the cords and started sagging. I immediately called Pella, 6...

Renewal By Andersen / Exterior glass pane severe staining

tmaron on Jan 15, 2017
Renewal By Andersen21-22 windows bought, half in 2010 and remaindering 201.Both batches show window staining which look like dirty water sprayed on exterior surfaces, This does not come off with the regularly available glass cleaning products. The service technician tried to clean and was not able to effect...

Sierra Pacific Windows / Windows imploding

Disappointed Mark on Jan 10, 2017
I have installed a whole house full of expensive windows that are now starting to implode. The first one took me by surprise. After the second one, I started to expect more to follow. It is very disappointing as these were expensive aluminum clad wooden casement windows, not something that...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Windows and doors

SarahCio on Jan 8, 2017
I ordered a new front door from Costco. It came to over $3600. Costco's policy is to pay in full which we did. Unfortunately the door has not been installed and it has been 11 weeks. We have inquired as the installation was supposed to be completed three weeks ago. Costco will not...

Window World / The caulking used has black mold on all windows

Glenn Kane on Jan 5, 2017
We chose Window World to do our replacement windows because of their reputation. Thirteen windows where installed in September of 2015. We noticed in August 2016 that all the caulking had turned black. We tried to clean with all type of cleaners but to no change. We notified Window World...

Menards / Hurt my son due to menard's negligence

Gyalpo on Jan 5, 2017
My son was hurt badly when a door that was leaning with another door tripped and hit him on his forehead. He was with me. It was menards negligence. The doors were not secured right and it could have hurt anybody. Unfortunately it was my son, who has to deal with a big scar on his forehead...

Lowe's / Door installation

jrich on Jan 2, 2017
Lowe'sI paid Lowe's to install a door for me. Everything seemed fine until I went to paint everything a few days later. Only half of the door had caulking on the inside. On the outside, the wood was very damaged and the caulking on the seams was split. There was a half inch gap between the wood...

Taco Cabana / Never getting the order right

Joe lee Jayme IV on Jan 2, 2017
My daughter's seven and nine years old love tortillas from Taco Cabana and we go there almost every day for tortillas and most of the time they're always screwing something up we usually ask for refried beans with no cheese and they still put sheets today is January 2nd 2017 we went to go...

Safestyle UK / Safestyle-Windows.co.uk / Patio doors

Susan Watson on Dec 23, 2016
Safestyle UK / Safestyle-Windows.co.ukBought new front door and replacement patio window in November 2016. Instalation date a day late . I was told that a product fault was seen in the patio doars and that new patio doors were to be made. This would cause a 24 hrs delay in the fitting. They duly came and fitted the door...

RenewaL by Andersen / Double-hung windows and casement windows

KimGail on Dec 19, 2016
We had these windows installed throughout our entire house on December 28, 2015. They have always leaked, especially at the bottom and the middle of the double-hung windows where the two sections meet. Even the four casement windows leak around the edges. When I got up this morning...

Mortgage Relief Solutions / Lack of response to email correspondence

DMCross on Dec 16, 2016
I have been trying to get answers to basic questions in regards to the whereabouts of my Deed Transfer Paperwork, when my Mortgage Account will be up to date and when payment will be made to the HOA of the Property I just signed over. I have already taken a hit on my credit score because...
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