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Phenom Health / wld raspberry keytone

julesc1808 on Jul 17, 2017
Company will not refund all of my money nearly £80.00 despite numerous emails and going on for well over a month due to non -delivery. Only half has been returned. An email from Trish G on 11.07.17 promised to contact me when the 'upper dept' would look into it within 48hrs. Today 17.07.17...

Nutrisystem / food & service

~Doc on Jul 16, 2017
My wife and I both were on Nutrisystem starting in January, 2017. A couple of times, we each received outdated product. The last straw was when my wife received a lunch container (dry) of mac & cheese that had a small WORM in it. She called for a refund for the shipment, but was only...

Weight Watchers / membership

MelanieODONNELL on Jul 12, 2017
I have been a Weight Watchers member since 2001. At that time to advertisement for weight watchers was, if you become a lifetime member (which I did) you were locked into your weekly price. At the time the price was $11.00 a week. I have paid that amount my entire time after making my goal...

GoodLife Fitness / charges

amyco on Jul 10, 2017
I always thought I liked this gym. I was considering joining it this summer. It is renovated and seemed really great when I bought my daughter a one year membership. I was very skeptical about gyms taking money out of your accounts so I paid for the entire year all at once. I explained to...

LA Fitness / brand new customer misled and totally disappointed and scammed

Bev J on Jul 4, 2017
On sunday, july 2, 2017, my daughter and I stopped into this beautiful new facility to just try and get some general information as I was seriously considering joining the club for myself and my 2 daughters. It was not my intent to actually join, but the assistant manager/sales person...

Quick Weight Loss Center / the program something just didn't seem right

joanne biferie on Jul 2, 2017
6/24/17, After being in the Weight Watcher program over the yrs and tired of losing and gaining the same 1-2 lbs. I would see on TV and in the newspaper the QWLC ads. So I made an appt to talk to the counselor as they were running a half off Promo, People walking around in lab coats, with...

Weight Watchers / lack of staff at meeting

altheak on Jun 27, 2017
I went to a meeting in Mandeville, La. at 10 am on 6/27/17 and had to wait in line for 20 minutes behind 25-30 people. We were told if we didn't want a long line then come to meetings. This is Weight Watchers rules. One girl was weighing while the leader was just talking prior to the...

Sonobello / claim is weight loss center

Dorian Gray on Jun 24, 2017
Went to Sonobello for my 'Free' Consultation on 6/1/2017, after some time I was offer discounts, pre-op and surgery. Yes, within a hour very good sales tactics. I placed a $4000 deposit on the $11, 383.66 procedure. The next day I called to let SonoBello know that I had changed my mind. No...

Gym Company / I never agreed to their contract now they busy debiting my account as they like

PapaX on Jun 21, 2017
Good day any feedback for me? From: Xolile Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 4:32 PM To: 'George Mofokeng' Subject: RE: Complaint D40542BG Hello sir But I do not have membership with you It is the problem for me to make it to Bara as there’s too much on my plate Kindly advise Thank...

Vitatrade Group / garcinia

Lizzo888 on Jun 20, 2017
Paid postage of $3.95 for a free product of Garcinia March 2017 - never received it. Was billed $130 dollars then a further $130. I rec'd a refund of $130 after cancelling order. I then rec'd weeks later I bottle and then a 2nd bottle which I returned to a postal address in Singapore...

Phenocal LLC / phenocal reviews | chemical side effects exposed

kayla hayden on Jun 20, 2017
Phenocal LLCPhenocal reviews | chemical side effects exposed Last month I purchased phenocal weight loss to reduce my weight gain. Started taking 2 pills a day as advised. After 2 weeks I started feeling light but at the same time started giving me jitters and burning sensation. When I consulted my medical...

Garcinia Cambogia / garcinia cambogia premium weight loss supplement and green coffee cleanse

BMR1796 on Jun 19, 2017
I signed up for the product online and agreed to pay an approximate total of $20. A couple days later the bank hits me with 2 $88.67 withdrawals. Because I had no money at the time I was charged with overdraw fees. I called the banked and filed a claim. 1 month later the claim was reversed...

FX Fitness / personal training fx cincinnati

dak1923 on Jun 15, 2017
When I started working out with a trainer at FX almost 2 years ago, it was fantastic. He listened to my goals and helped me achieve them. Then my trainer decided to quit about 4 months ago and I was assigned a new one which was fine at first, but now it appears the trainers have their own...

Gold's Gym / theft from our child/ personal info/no breaks, or lunches given

Ian Deyerle on Jun 14, 2017
A series of events from a theft that took place at the golds gym in monterey ca, which led to my fiance phone number given out to the women that stole from our daughter. (Phone # given to them from golds) which led to them calling and harassing us to her getting fired from kid zone. (My...

Mayfair Cigarette / mayfair superkings

William rose 124 on Jun 5, 2017
Mayfair CigaretteThe first cigarette I took out and tried to smoke the cigarette fell apart. On inspection I found a piece of cotton. Please see attached photo. I am very disappointed as the cost of cigarettes these days is ridiculous. I feel like taking my custom else where which would be a shame as I...

LA Fitness / diagnosed with cancer and unable to recoup any money

I am so disgusted with L.A. Fitness!! I have purchased a year long membership with the kids club and a trainer once a week as I was finally able to work out as I was promoted at work and worked a lot less hours. A few months later I was diagnosed with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer. I...

Beachbody / customer service

Sasssygirl on May 21, 2017
I tried ordering piyo online and could not confirm it although I had an order number. Something just didn't look right so I decided to use the chat option to verify my order... I was told it might take 3 to 4 hours to see my order and to try another time. I looked on your website for...

Diet Max / forskolin capsules from diet max

Cheri Jacobs on May 12, 2017
I ordered the Diet Max Forskolin Capsules after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. After some research I decided this would be a product I would like to try so I ordered it. I placed my order on April 25th and shortly there after I got an email with a tracking number regarding my order...

Weight Watchers / membership cancellation

Diannemg on May 12, 2017
As many, many people I have faced the same problems trying to cancel my membership after the initial 3 month period. There is no way to cancel online, you try, send messages and never get a response. Then you finally call. At first you get this person who keeps trying to sell you weight...

BioTrim Labs / SlimLivingClub.com / no product received after payment made, 3 months down the line

Brummerb1 on May 5, 2017
BioTrim Labs / SlimLivingClub.com779347B0E03A3D19852580B70046CA86 - Order number I ordered Biotrim and paid for the order in January 2017, to date in 6th of May 2017 i have not received any product or refund from Biotrim after numerous emails. I have sent 10 emails demanding refund and nothing has come of it to date. The...
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