Weight Loss Products and Programs Complaints


BDVentu / not sure could have been a sample trial of dietary pills

on Apr 13, 2019

BDVentuHome since March 2019 I have been charged on my credit card directly from my bank account $79.79 for a product that I did not order or receive and they have taken out a total so far of $159 58 . I had no idea this was a scam and I don't even know what the product is that they are talking...

Goglia Nutrition, LLC / g-plans 30-day no risk, no questions asked money back guarantee not honored

on Mar 16, 2019

On March 1, 2019, I discovered G-Plans by clicking on a Pinterest advertisement. After taking a quiz, I continued to for my results. This page has a countdown timer starting with 1 hour and states that there are only 4 memberships remaining...

Weight Loss Grant Organization / they rejected my grant even after I complied to their requests!!

on Feb 5, 2019

Katherine Weight lose Grant Organization Dear Katherine: Thank you for the update on February 04, 2019. I was upset to hear you were not approving my grant. This Grant cost me $2500.00. As you are aware of the policy. I paid The Dalewood Clinic $2500 and they told me the Grant would...

Acceleration Acceleration coaching / weight loss program

on Dec 21, 2018

I have just got an email from clickbank saying that they will be taking money out of my bank, saying that I gave them the ok. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS CHANGE AND WANT IT CANCELED RIGHT AWAY. I don't know who gave them the ok but it certainly was not me so I hope this will be corrected straight...

Crunch Fitness Woodbridge,NJ / customer service from anthony dasilva

on Oct 31, 2018

My credit card was stolen, so my bank issued me a new card with a new number. Crunch tried to bill me, but couldn't because of this. Crunch Woodbridge charged me $15 for being a fews days late, but paying in the same month. I told them to cancel my membership, since I'm being charged for...

Osim Product / ulove massage chair faulty

on Sep 18, 2018

Upset in buying a ulove osim massage chair Not listening to my friend about poor osim service I bought an osim ulove massage chair - paid cash of rm 17, 588.00 In about 3 months or so, the chair had started to give me problems My wife had used the chair under one of its stored programme...

Osim Malaysia / ulove massage chair

on Sep 10, 2018

Biggest Mistake as I did not listen to my friends advice - Not to buys OSIM Products . I went ahead to buy a uLove massage chair on 08.04.2018 at Paradigm Mall in JB I had paid cash for this product of Rm 17, 588.00 We seldom use this product, due to my busy work days. From date of purchase...

GNC / the company itself

on Sep 2, 2018

The company itself hires unethical individuals who slander and abuse one another and the company is completely okay with that . Worst company I've EVER worked for. Not only that but they've threatened my job before by wrongfully telling me not to discuss my pay which is also illegal . But I'll leave it up to equal employment to follow through with .

Nutralyfe / payment not refunded

on Aug 10, 2018

On 22nd July, I placed an order of 2 bottles(2+2) Nutralyfe. I have paid Rs 4454 (online SBI) vide Ref No.-200014137463IGAEABHCR9 through payment Gateway INB ATOM TECHNOLOGIES LTD dated 22 July 2018 at 11:23 AM. But Nutralyfe team (Nutravo Lifecare Pvt Ltd 219, Udyog Vihar Phase 4...

Wootu Nutrition / weight loss

on May 28, 2018

i was looking for a weight loss centers in Chennai. Then I have seen Wootu nutrition website and I got admired by their weight loss programs and plans. Then i planned to make a visit to their clinic. The Clinic were mind blowing and the nutritionists and dietitians over there were helping u...

Cape Gate Game Store / items incorrectly prices on shelves

on May 21, 2018

Cape Gate Game StoreGood day, I went to Cape Gate Game store on Saturday 19/05/2018 where I saw an item (Hot Shapers Belt) on the shelve. It was marked as R100 and there was also a promotion advertised that if you buy the belt and the two bottles of gel you pay R299.. So I confirmed with a young gentleman...

Kolors Health Care India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore / weightloss - 20 kgs

on Apr 6, 2018

I was constantly called by phone saying that there is a 60% offer that day and they dint want me to miss the opportunity etc etc. I even starting cutting the call whenever i saw it. But i really dont know what the heck went wrong with me, i picked up their call and said i will visit there...

Sakshi Wellness Chennai / weight loss

on Jan 23, 2018

Hi, My experience with this company is terrible. Worst customer service ever I received from therepist, dietician and counselor. Before joing they have committed something and after payment they don't care about promises and clients. Moreover they are impolite and rude. I want one should be...

Game Store Nelspruit / indoor cycling bike

on Jan 14, 2018

Game Store NelspruitHi I bought a indoor cycling bicycle and took it in for repairs at Game Store Nelspruit on 08 November 2017, paid R275 for repairs and till to date I have not received my bicycle. According to their policy if a equipment is not repaired within 21 days the customer will be replaced with a new...

A Peacock / receiving more products than ordered

on Jan 8, 2018

I only wanted the 7 trial.I haven't finished them yet, today I received an other four tubs, I didn't know that I would be tied to a contract, I want them returned asap and a full rufund I am on benefit and cant afford these tablets, I cant take anything on an empty stomach, can you send me...

United Martial Arts Centers (UMAC) / taekwondo

on Dec 30, 2017

Stay away from umac taekwondo - garbage. Disreputable establishment Umac has emphasis on collecting money rather than following taekwondo values, such as integrity. Pressure to spend money on a variety of expensive "extras" including belt graduations, camps, childcare, sparring...

Herring Garcinia / garcinia cambogia

on Oct 9, 2017

This so called company withdraw $90.00 of my money from my card to purchase a worthless product that I never requested. This withdraw took place at 4a.m. I think it was a survey I did for Amazon 10/08/2017. It awakes if I wanted to received different products but I back out or at least I...

Complete Garcinia / complete garcina

on Oct 2, 2017

I Order a sample of complete Garcinia, as soon as i recevied I went on line and cancel my orders. Since then I my credit card has been debit €103.95 and €99, and yet received no products for the payments 27/08 €4.95 for a sample i received. On Visa GRSERUMCSHELP.Com 09/09 €99 have not received...

Herring Garcinia / garcinia cambogia

on Aug 18, 2017

So called free trial was a joke. Product is a scam like the company. They took almost 90.00 dollars from me without my consent. Customer service was rude and said I would not get my money back. It's a shame that a company like this exist.when I was asked to try product I was charged just...

Phenocal LLC / phenocal reviews | chemical side effects exposed

on Jun 20, 2017

Phenocal LLCPhenocal reviews | chemical side effects exposed Last month I purchased phenocal weight loss to reduce my weight gain. Started taking 2 pills a day as advised. After 2 weeks I started feeling light but at the same time started giving me jitters and burning sensation. When I consulted my medical...

Mayfair Cigarette / mayfair superkings

on Jun 5, 2017

Mayfair CigaretteThe first cigarette I took out and tried to smoke the cigarette fell apart. On inspection I found a piece of cotton. Please see attached photo. I am very disappointed as the cost of cigarettes these days is ridiculous. I feel like taking my custom else where which would be a shame as I...

Diet Max / forskolin capsules from diet max

on May 12, 2017

I ordered the Diet Max Forskolin Capsules after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. After some research I decided this would be a product I would like to try so I ordered it. I placed my order on April 25th and shortly there after I got an email with a tracking number regarding my order... / nicosia cy 780, taking money out of my visa without consent.

on Apr 28, 2017

I ordered the free Optic Garcinia, ([protected] $4.95 delivery charge only) and then on the 20th. April 2017 another $142.10 ($131.00 Aust) was taken out of my visa account without my consent. I did not order anything else other than the Optic Garcinia and the Optic Cleanse which were...

Zerona Canada / body sculpting

on Apr 21, 2017

I did all treatments and they did not succeed as promised. The cost was $5000+ and involved a doctor who approved me for the program. A refund is requested. Many people have complained about the cost and results of program. The promise is not of weight loss but I was weighed every day and...

New World Defense & Fitness Ft.Myers, FL / Service performed by owner

on Apr 12, 2017

Owner is too flirtatious and handsy for my liking. I came here a while back in the hopes of toning up before my wedding. I had heard good things so decided to stop in. Unfortunately, Juan or Jose not too sure exactly but said he was the owner couldn't keep it professional and made me very...

Not sure of Company name and I have given you as much information as I have / weight loss products and prog "garcinia total & cleanse total" charges to credit card and no goods received

on Apr 10, 2017

I unfortunately decided to try some weight loss tablets as they were on free just pay for packaging and shipping, I then changed my mind because I didn't realise that the company automatically sent you more products monthly and charged my bank account. On the 23 February 2017 my Credit Card...

Evns / Carton special blend

on Mar 30, 2017

I'm a divorced mother of six and recently purchased a carton of special blends as I usually do, for some reason these cigarettes had no effect of nicotine and I wound up smokin three to cover one thy I would normally! They literally burned up within a minute, I began noticing after the...

The Shepherd's Diet / Supposed "new" "bible-based" christian diet plan

on Mar 1, 2017

The Shepherd's DietAs a veteran dieter, I've pretty much seen it all. But, when I found The Shepherd's Diet/TSD, I was extremely hopeful. The very long intro video explained how through scripture and great study, Kristina Wilds had found a new infallible way to lose weight based on the Bible. I bought the...

Health Leader / Health tips membership

on Feb 7, 2017

Health LeaderLooked at my credit card statement online and saw a suspicious charge. When I called the number they had my name, email, phone, address and credit card number. No one in my family has been on their site. No idea how they got all that info but started charging me a Monthly fee of $39.90...

Private Citizen / Garcinia essentials

on Nov 14, 2016

On completing an online survey I was given as a "reward" a trial bottle of Restora Lumina ([protected]), Garcinia Essentials ([protected] and [protected]) and Essential Cleanse ([protected]), just to pay for postage debited to my account. Instead I was debited all other amount as shown below. USD...

Megan Meyer / Garcenia total

on Nov 10, 2016

I ordered the FREE one month trial, that was all. And now my card has been debited a full amount of which I did not authorize. I want this to STOP ASAP!!! No more payments will come out of my account. I will put a bank stop on it so you cannot touch my account again. I am disgusted with... / Multiplex gardenia trial and simple green coffee trial completion

on Oct 27, 2016

Avoid this web site and those products (Beware highly allergenic stuff) - don't believe their claims. Once you give them your credit card, you will be charged. Fraudulent company - bogus claims - they will charge your credit card $4 and $5 to lure you in and then they will charge you...

Optimum Ketones / Raspberry capsules

on Oct 26, 2016

I stupidly signed up for a free months supply of these capsules which I paid something like £2-£3 for they arrived, I took them and that was that or so I thought that was until another months supply arrived in the post which I had never ordered, requested or even wanted what annoyed me wa...

Virility EX Pills / Male enhancement pills

on Oct 19, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I saw on the web site about the virility pills that Dr. oz claimed was associated with. All I had to pay was shipping for a trial offer for the pills.No where did it say anything about auto shipping . Today, I got charged $84.90 on my credit card for more pills I did...

Great Beauty Outlet / Not received the product and the amount of my credit card debit

on Sep 3, 2016

Hello, I contacted you because not yet received the purchased product, order number [protected] . Carrier Name tracking Number RRD020458660533495 I wonder if the shipment is in progress. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you very...

Wendy Cifu / Tab

on Aug 13, 2016

I purchase at least five 12 packs of tab per month .and recently in the cases i had at least two or three cans compliantly dry.i don't know why or how. The bar code on three most recent one is [protected] .your product isn't cheap but I love it. I've been a tab lover for over 25 years, that you for listening

Planet Wellness / The team gave me the products, which I didn't eat

on Mar 3, 2016

I paid over $3, 000 for the weight loss program. The team of Planet Wellness promised me that they would help and support me. As well as they would give different products and recipes, so I would reduce only sugar and oil. I took all these products home and was shocked that half of the...