Vacuum Cleaners Complaints


R&D Enterprises / rainbow vacuum

on Mar 18, 2019

We wanted to cancel our purchase and so we notified the r&d representative within the specified time period. We did not get any feedback so we notified another r&d representative. Still no feedback so I called. He said to call pci. We didn't have their phone number so we...

Gohar V. Panajyan, MPH, child-onset schizophrenia, fired from Quality Assurance Division, Ministry of Health of Armenia / schizophrenic gohar v. panajyan

on Feb 5, 2019

Gohar V. Panajyan, MPH, child-onset schizophrenia, fired from Quality Assurance Division, Ministry of Health of ArmeniaIn October 2018, the Ministry of Health of Armenia was attacked again by the scam emails of Watertown/MA resident Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan, illegally stayed in the USA shoplifter). This time, it did work. Marina Noble achieved her nefarious goal as she did years ago, when she...

Shark Vacuum / shark uv795 vacuum

on Jan 29, 2019

I purchased a Shark vacuum a year and a half ago. The rollerbar/brushbar bristles have all worn down but Shark does not sell the replacement bar for this particular model. They sell multiple other brushbar replacements for different models, just not this model. Given Costco's generally...

Think Vacuums / paying for returns while item is still under warranty

on Jan 16, 2019

I made a purchase of a champion central vac electric attachment kit in aug 2018. I was talked into spending more money than I wanted (over $500) but that is my bad. Today jan 16, 2019 the power head stopped working. With some trouble shooting we figured out the overload reset protection...

Wish, Home, / black robotic robot vacuum

on Dec 10, 2018

Ordered this vacuum in November of 2018, it doesn't move on carpet. Trying to return it, Wish/ Home does not have any customer service. They won't call me and every complaint I try to send them comes back with password update. I was not requesting a password update. They keep telling me to...

Shark / refund

on Oct 19, 2018

Hi I ordered the shark cordless with one battery on the 9th of October 2018. It's was supposed to be a monthly payment plan but when I ordered it, it went through as a full payment which they took right away out of my bank. I called them within a minute of placing the order and canceled...

Samsung and doing business as J&J International / samsung powerbot sr20h9050 left drive wheel assembly

on Oct 15, 2018

My Samsung Powebot VR20H9050 robot vacuum cleaner was two years old when the left drive wheel assembly failed. I purchased a replacement Samsung left drive wheel assembly, part number DJ97-02188A, from (doing business as J&J International) in Feb 2018. The drive wheel...

Rainbow Vacuum / scammed

on Oct 3, 2018

Rainbow VacuumTo Whom It may Concern, I am writing this letter to show my complaint and disappointment about this Rainbow Vaccum. What we like about this Vaccum is that we are amazed about the health benefits that it can clean air and it can give to our family especially to my son who used to have an... / nice!! like new!! vintage rainbow wet/dry vacuum system + accessories! - household items - by owner - housewares sale.

on Oct 1, 2018 Thursday, September 27 I saw this posting and emailed saying I was interested. I pretty quickly received a return email. I asked if it was in running condition and if it wasn't working correctly could I return it. I was told guaranteed. The next day I went and picked it up. It was a 40...

Failed collection / order id [protected]

on Aug 23, 2018

Failed collectionOn the 19 of August I put in a request to return a item which is not even 4 months old it is Bennett & Reed vacuum cleaner which has become defective, the return was approved but the courier company that Takealot makes use of Skynet has failed to collect this return and have for the last 3...

DaiBo SGJ-YD No. 4 Yunxioa Road GuangZhouShi Guangdong / clean sweep robotic vacuum

on Jul 30, 2018

I ordered this on an advertisement through Instagram. Didn't know I was ordering from China. Got it today. It is the size of a Frisbee or smaller. There is no docking station as advertised. Or any place to program it. It plugs in like a cell phone. No way to contact the company. All... / advanced penis vacuum pump - faulty product, false claims

on Apr 11, 2018

On Feb 14, 2018 I purchased as a Valentine gift to myself an Advanced Penis Vacuum Pump listed as $144.28, but was on sale for $118.00 with free shipping. I received the Penis Pump and I tried to use it but it doesn't work. It is supposed to make a tight seal around your penis and then it...

TTI Floor Care North America/Hoover Vacuum / refusal to honor warranty

on Mar 20, 2018

I purchased a Hoover Power Path Pro XL Upright Carpet Cleaner, Model FH51101, at a Home Depot store on December 18, 2016. It purportedly had a two-year warranty. When it ceased spraying from its stair cleaning attachment and began discharging dirty water while in use, I contacted Hoover...

Shark / shark vacuum - model nv750 series

on Mar 17, 2018

Shark Ninja vacuums really suck, but they suck in the wrong way. This product is an unusable piece of garbage. The support people are grossly negligent foreigners who are doing nothing competent to replace the factory defective parts. They illegally refuse to even let me talk to an...

Sharkclean / shark vac hand held

on Feb 11, 2018

I purchased a Shark Vac from Lowes to clean up cat hair in my house. Initially I thought wow great product cuz it worked!! Worked for 3 months!!! I tried taking it back but over the warranty period at Lowes. The product should not have died after only 3 months!!! I totally wasted my money...

Qoo10 - Berry Lalola / berry lalola singapore - seebest 6350 robot

on Nov 5, 2017

Qoo10 - Berry LalolaHi I have purchased the above product from this Seller - Berry Lalola. This is my 2nd purchase with them. When items received in good condition, no issue between seller and buyer. Therefore I purchased with them again. However, this 2nd purchase was a pain to me. Ever since I receive the...

CP Cullen 05319253 / bissell spares

on Sep 25, 2017

About 2 to 3 yrs back I bought a Bissell Powerfirce vacuum cleaner from your Newmarket store. Last week I needed a replacement brush drive belt and I visited the store to be told that spares were not kept, and that for R70 I could have a belt delivered to me. I objected strenuously on 2...

City Barber Shop / service

on Sep 24, 2017

Please train your managers, to train your cashiers. NOT to address everyone as Hony, sugar, sweetiepie, sweet heart. That is rude, condescending and unprofessional. I avoid stores where employees call people other than Sir or mame! I know there are worse things in the world to complain about, but...

Miracle Mate / the power head.

on Jul 13, 2017

The power head had broken twice in the 10 years I owned it. The first time was within 6 months of owning it and was covered by warranty. It has now broke again, this time not only is it not under warranty (I mean its the same problem in that it broke where the head meets the wand) the part...

MJ Virgili / poor customer service makro brakpan

on Jul 3, 2017

I bought a Bennet vacuum cleaner on 19 April 2017.. In just 10 weeks the filter came apart.. I went to the store (3 July 2017) and spoke to the Tevo representative and he had phone 2 managers to come sort it out. My problem is manager 1(Chris) Just couldn't be bothered to leave his office...

Shark steam blaster(TM) se3306c / shark steam blaster se3306c

on Jun 24, 2017

There should be a recall on this product as the safety feature fails First There is a problem with the indicator which should come on to say that the steam is ready!! Which is important as the water needs to heat up to get steam! This works intermittently!! And at times it does not...

Jaylen Johnson from Chicago Heights or Park Forest / hoover react pet professional vacuum

on May 23, 2017

Jaylen Johnson from Chicago Heights or Park ForestI contacted seller for availability on an item posted. Seller responded and said yes it was available. We arranged a time to pick up the item and I shared my make and model car and he shared his, a black BMW. Seller asked that I let him know when I was 10 minutes away from our designated...

Shark Vacuums / Repair parts needed

on Jan 25, 2017

I love the way Shark vacuums work -- until they don't. One time the motor stopped and I found the only choice I had was to order the entire bottom end where the motor is (I threw it out instead). On another one, the pet lifter stopped working. Hubby decided it only needs a new belt. Shark...

Cleaning Service / Cleaning spring

on Dec 23, 2016

Because Clean Spring is proud of Cornwall, we believe that everyone that works with us should have the benefit of being able to enjoy this beautiful part of the world and we pride ourselves in providing our staff with constant training, support and we help them to earn above the living...

Carpet Cleaners / Auto-Renewal of Unwanted Services

on Apr 6, 2016

I'll keep it short because I have wasted more time and energy trying to communicate with Dex Media regarding unwanted advertising that they continue to charge me. I have been in business over 30 years and have never been automatically renewed in print media without a representative...

Ingenious Designs LLC / Joy's Superchic Handheld/Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Forever Fragrant

on Mar 10, 2016

Ingenious Designs LLCI purchased three of these vacuums from HSN, one for each of my daughters-in-law and one for me. I used my vacuum five times and the on/off switch broke. It went into the vacuum, and it was impossible to turn it on. I then asked my daughters-in-law if their vacuums were operating. The...

HT Servicing / Servicing

on Nov 25, 2015

after having booked a service for my 12 month old cleaner the sales talk started as soon as he got through the door. he undid the machine and there was some grit in the machine but he said he couldn't undo the machine completely as one of the screws wouldn't come undun. he then...

Atlas Air Industries / Beware of a cheating company

on Aug 25, 2015

I was an employee at ATLAS AIR INDUSTRY for a few months. I guess I was swept off my feet by the presentation of the manager during the training that I joined them to work as a Customer Service Agent. I was assured that I would get 3000dollars after making 60 demonstration in 30 days. I...

Shark Navigator Vac Nv355 / leaves dirt & warranty

on Dec 8, 2014

I bought a Shark Vacuum Jan 2013 it has plenty of suction like they say. Now in Dec 2014 the vacuum leaves spots of dirt when you bring the vacuum back to go forward again leaving spots all over the carpet. The warranty is for 5 yrs!!!. You cannot buy a belt or a brush for this vacuum it i...

Pro Aqua / deceptive

on Sep 27, 2014

Two people came to my door. I was 3 days post-op on some heavy medications and told them I didn't feel well. They told me I could have a small air purifier if I let them do their presentation. The girl was nice and personable but I was under the assumption, by her presentation and...

Silver King / sales scam

on Jul 20, 2014

Like other posters, I was misled by a 'markting company' who told me I had won $300 in shopping from a catalog (which I assumed would be overpriced goods that I would have to have shipped, but was curious) to view a presentation of an air purification system. Turns out it was a...

Marino & Associates / Returns

on May 30, 2014

The above company ( Marino & Associates) came by my house to demonstrate a new kirby vaccuum that they was saling and wanted to see if we was interested in buying. My wife invited them into our home and gave them drinks (soda) since they was working all day in the sun and some snacks. The...

Hyla Vacuum / Faulty

on Mar 30, 2013

Hyla Vacuum vacuum is faulty and the hose does not stay in position, when trying to pull vacuum behind you with the hose attached, the hose comes out and water is slouch all over floors, so no suction is going on. The salesman has changed his number so no contact but I stopped all payments immediately.

kirby sentria / BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SIGN!

on Feb 21, 2013

kirby sentriaThey advertise "hiring" on craigslist in the customer service area. Once u complete the App, you interview, and is told on the spot if u have the job. They look for desperate unemployed people to trick into thinking they will earn big money $1800 and up. Then they invite you to a 1 day...

Garry Vacuum / knob to switch from hose to vacuum

on Feb 16, 2013

The first Vacuum I paid the shipping and handling it was like 90.00 then I had to pay to ship the old one back it cost me 65.00 so lifetime warranity what a joke...I cant afford to send back the second one that broke the same way but the knob came off so I cant switch it over at all...I...

silver king blue max / poor product

on Dec 2, 2012

We purched a Blue Max from a door to door sales person, The price we paid was very high. I have sent it in twice (so far) in the first year the head won't work it get plugged on the first rug. I am not sure what to do next as when I call they say that they have never had any problems with the vacuum and have had it for year.


on Nov 2, 2012

I purhased a 5 in 1 steamer from the above company on the 24/9/2012 paid the money on my card plus 10.00 extra for 2-3 days delivery it took 3 weeks sent several emails eventually it arrived from china it did not work sent another email and returned to the address above paid 11.00 recorded...

VLP and Associates / Sold useless vacuum cleaner

on Oct 5, 2012

VLP and Associates persuaded me to buy vacuum cleaner for $900. I don’t need it at all. They have very qualified marketing experts. I respect their professional skills but what will you recommend me to do with this useless vacuum cleaner. Maybe someone wants to buy it?