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Superior Propane / Propane prices and extra fees

MBS91 on May 26, 2017
After being over charged by superior propane 3 times in a row I cancelled and went with another provider and they charged me $250 fee even thiugh they couldn't produce the original contract. It started out when they over charged me by at least 35% to 40 % on my propane delivery. This happened...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / TWO unannounced visits in one day 5 25 17

walter sygman on May 26, 2017
FPL showed up twice on 5 25 17. the second time at 730pm' Iam an 82yo veteran who takes medication to be able to sleep' .I would have appreciated a call'.Isthat unreasonable.I was not denying access to the transformer on my property. If I had not been home would FPL have broken down my...

Columbia Gas / gas services

Rahul Jajoo on May 25, 2017
So I moved into my apartment on 5/19 & Columbia gas folks took a meter reading & there billing date was 5/22 so they took another reading of 5/22 & both where 9156. So no gas was used in 3 days. When I got the bill for $29 so I checked it's details & it was split into fixed monthly delivery...

NYSEG / customer service

santsen on May 25, 2017
On 5/24/17 our power was shut off for $112. I called and paid immediately by 3 pm upon realizing I made the mistake and forgot to pay. I was told that because if was close to 4pm that we would need to wait 24 hours to have power turned on. Because the guys on the field work 7-4:30! Today i...

DS Services of America / water filter not being changed more than two years

Strahinja Martić on May 25, 2017
My company (account#47594249835945) has been using DS Services of America filtration services from 2007. Recently it has come to our knowledge that the last time they changed our water filter was in July 2014. We have tried on several occasions to report this issue and asked them to change...

Georgia Power / customer service rudeness

Jheslin on May 25, 2017
Today (5/25/17) I called to put the power bill for the place i am moving to in my name. Mrs. Watkins (only name i was given) answered the phone. From the beginning she was not terribly enthused about even answering the phone. That was not a big deal we were able to get through the normal...

STC / unfair billing after service on hold

Imran Haidar on May 25, 2017
Dear Sir, My land line(0126599800) internet service is on hold since 06th april when I requested to shift my service to other place due to accommodation change. STC Technician visited and found there is no space in existing box. I visited STC office and they told me that my service is on...

Griffith Oil Company / All of their practices. But in particular their service plan

Skatermomt on May 24, 2017
We have been a customer for years. With their service plan you are supposed to have an annual check and then some service calls covered. Originally the tech who services this area would call and make arrangements to come out for an annual system check. Well that ended about 2 years ago and...

Petaluma Propane Distributors / propane delivery and tank rental

Bridge Jumper on May 24, 2017
Formerly known as DeCarli's Propane Service. Had to pay customers a total of $34, 000 after losing a court settlement for screwing customers by falsifying accounting, charging for propane never delivered and creating phony bills that claimed customers owed money from unpaid invoices going...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / me paying for your mistake

22fran22 on May 22, 2017
i have 4 meters - all the meters are read at the same time - all 4 bills come in the same envelope - all 4 meters are within a few hundred feet of each other - all 4 bills get paid on the same check - all 4 meters are recorded on the check - all 4 meters have the same po box - all 4 meter...

Xcel Energy / Gas off for 7 weeks during hail storm and winter storm

Tiffyeung on May 22, 2017
No gas no heat no hot water for 7 weeks is a nightmare. Came out to my house a month ago and promises to rush the order for the coldness in 2 weeks. Last two weeks been calling customer service always given different responses. Finally last week a representative called and saw work ha...

CFSC / refund being held by

Danchocoboy on May 22, 2017
I accidentally paid 200 dollars on my landlords electric bill, I contacted cfsc to get the money refunded.I know for a fact the financial place has my money and at this point I feel as if your stealing my money.I will like back my 200 dollars as soon a possible please call me or I will...

Just Energy / Gas services for heat

workaholic52 on May 19, 2017
I have been calling to cancel my service. Their prices are twice that of my local provider. I ended up with a large balloon payment. I am unable to reach anyone by phone. When I call the customer service number for my region at 866-587-8674 the prompts tell you to push 1 for English and...

Kroger gas Pumps / not being able to get gas!

Susan Levy on May 19, 2017
I was very mad the other night when I got off my third shift job! The kroger gas pump is across the street from the store! It says pump only open 7am to 11pm! Now tell me why should the pumps be off when i had a debit card to use. I did not need anyone to wait on me and My car was on...

No Co / a/c

april41355 on May 19, 2017
On 5/17/2017 I was in touch with your service dept who informed me that I was not allowed to get service because I owed for past services. I then explained to them that I was dealing with those with a service manager named Mike and that I had already gotten a credit for one charge and that...

Southern California Edison / Utilities

Rigo Val on May 19, 2017
I've been living in my home for a year and a half. I've kept my bill up to date and when necessary I've asked for an extension and have been meeting my due dates. In April I received a bill in the amount of $3, 700 that is not my bill. I immediately contacted Edison to let them know that...

Stream Energy / gas

anonymous112233 on May 17, 2017
5/17/17 3001553090 My gas got cut off but I NEVER received a cut off notice/call. According to the supervisor I spoke to on the phone, I was sent a cut off notice and the company has delivery confirmation. Funny, cause neither me, nor my wife signed for this notice, so it could have...

Com Ed / being billed for services stated to have been in my name at an old address.

Kieto on May 17, 2017
I was divorced and away from the billing address where services were alledged to have been provided in 2008 and since that time filed bankrupt in 2014 as result to divorce and detachment of all accrued bills during the marriage. Anything to do with that location has no attachment to me...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / turning on service to an existing home we just purchased.

Overcash on May 17, 2017
REQUSET TO FLP MAY 2017 FPL will not turn service on to a home we just purchased APRIL 2017. Address: 1567 Masters Road NW, Palm Bay Fl 32907 Are we being singled out because the home has solar power? Licensed installers were used for the solar install and FPL signed off on the project...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / fpl estimate

Gims on May 17, 2017
I turned my ac off and my bill is the same as last year this time. We were gone and now have a new AC unit. The unit was put in because the owner got it during a special. The one in there was fine, but needed new one to sell the place in the future. It's impossible bill jumped that...
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