Utility Services Complaints


LMR Disposal / lmr owned garbage can removal fee

on Apr 1, 2019

I cancelled garbage service with LMR Disposal effective 3/31/2019. I told them to take their garbage cans back. They sent me a $25.00 bill to remove their own garbage cans. I was never shown in writing or told verbally that there was a garbage can removal fee. I wonder how they could...

Sanat Nagar Branch Lahore / not responding

on Mar 18, 2019

My mother had a account in sanat nagar branch lhr. Last week she went for verification for their pension for on going submission to manager employees funds. The concern department of ubl write a letter to us that the bio matric verification letter is missing, I called to the branch but they...

Who Is Calling ME / unknown phone numbers web service.

on Mar 13, 2019

Who Is Calling MEHave you ever wanted to discover who is calling me, and where does he live, only to find that it does not appear in the phone book or public white pages? If the answer is yes, should think about using a reverse white pages service. A reverse phone look up service is the only way to get...

Hialeah Water And Sewer / water and sewer surcharge

on Mar 9, 2019

I was charged an absurd amount of money for my water bill, $400.81. My property address isa 367 west 11 st Hialeah 33010. I was told I could be called back with information regarding this matter and they have not contacted me. It's been about 2 weeks now. My normal bill is about $100. On...

KTM Malaysia Berhad ( ETS) / utilities/ service

on Feb 12, 2019

Hi, Just want to let you know there was no food provided anymore for the ticket holder for platinum class. And also, the plug under the seat is mulfunction.. Kindly frequently check. Not all people are patient enough to accept a small thing when they have to pay more with some...

Con Edison / trying to contact them to change billing information to pay is awful.

on Feb 9, 2019

I'm trying to log into the online account to change my billing information and 1. the system doesn't work. I try to log in and it doesn't accept my password and when I ask to reset I don' get the email reset. 2. The phone says the callback time is 81 minutes. 3. the autoanswering machine says you...

Empire District Electric CO / electricity

on Feb 6, 2019

This is regarding my electric bill. I uses autopay and did not notice my electric bill had jumped from $30 to $400 in the month of December for a 720 sq ft apartment energy efficient apartment, before it was already paid. As soon as I noticed the withdrawal on my electronic banking service...

Con Edison / electric line down

on Feb 2, 2019

Incident Address: 7503 fort hamilton pkwy, brooklyn Our heater was out of power all in sudden at night on 1/31/2019, we suffered from extreme cold weather through the whole night. We checked all the circuit breaker and all the switches we could possibly think of, and we found out there wa...

S-W Cattle / no service since november, 2018

on Jan 22, 2019

Republic quit collecting my company's trash in the first week of November, 2018. I would call and get an outsourced person a thousand miles away that would commit to reporting it, to no avail. I got tired of calling and then a co worker told me they quit servicing my area. I called one...

Anthony W Garrison - Electrician / electrician

on Jan 10, 2019

Anthony W Garrison - ElectricianComedianon (aka sidmoonshiner) whose real name is Anthony William Garrison is a real character! We are exposing him for being a [censored] stirrer who hid his girlfriend's connection to the feds of Ghost Cyber Intel and created sock accounts to dox and harass people on Twitter. Anthony W...

Con Edison / steel plate covering a vacant coned vault.

on Jan 3, 2019

Con EdisonThere is a steel plate covering a vacant ConEd vault in front of businesses 170 W 233rd Street. It sticks up over an inch from the sidewalk and isn't good for aesthetics or safety. This is a major issue and is unsafe from different angles. No one has been able to fix the multiple reports on...

Manila Water / disconnection of water service

on Jan 2, 2019

Manila Water disconnected our water service today January 2 around 1pm even when we have fully paid our outstanding bill at 9:23am through Bayad Center. The personnel who disconnected the service did not even confirm if we have made payment and simply disconnected automatically. I called...

Suwannee EMC / electricity bill

on Dec 28, 2018

Suwannee EMCPlease people take a look at those two men made usage charts, the first one cost barely $4 and the second one just about $3. So per month I will end paying $95 per month with a prepaid account. This is a pur scam right there. I turn on heater in our apartment only 15 mn per day no matter...

Qayyaoum Akhtar / meter no. gl28522850 consumer id [protected]

on Dec 23, 2018

I would like to inform you that I am using a gas meter as mentioned above. But there is a no gas in winter as well as in summer too. So you are requested to please notice this. I would also inform you that I a line man stop the our gas to supply a plastic factory near our village. We complain...

Duke Energy Progress / over charging

on Dec 18, 2018

My light bill doubled this month from last month and the excuse your reps give is that the weather. It was not even cold for the most part of November. The meter read double than last month and then I checked it 5 days later and it was already up 500 kw. That is not normal. I have checked...

Con Edison / restore power

on Dec 17, 2018

This message is to complain about the Con Edison system to turn-off and restore power. First, The was no notice at any time period of services to be turned off on the date they were turned off by Con Edison. Someone working for Con Edison on Thursday, December 13, 2018 morning entered my... / duke or asplund (sp?)

on Dec 15, 2018

Some time recently either your subcontractor or your employees were in my neighborhood cutting trees from power lines. They left my gate open, they tore up my yard, tire tracks everywhere, brush left in the yard and hanging over the fence. Is this your normal way of doing business? What... / aps electric

on Dec 14, 2018

In Sept, after the summer months w higher bills, I was shut off. When I got my power turned back on, I was slapped w an additional $400 deposit required bc of late payment/ previous shut off. I paid a deposit originally. Where did that go? My Dad pays $160-180 automatically to my electric...

Woodland Estates Jacksonville Florida / improper billing practices

on Dec 4, 2018

Woodland Estates Jacksonville FloridaI have to go up there every month to find out how much my water bill is because I'm not getting my bill I come home today to find a 3 day notice in my mailbox it was not sent through the post office it was just a piece of paper that is a Federal Offense for going into my mailbox for...

LeafGuard / gutters

on Dec 1, 2018

I recently bought a Leafguard system. I needed gutters so I got a quote for traditional gutters and then the Leafguard. After the salesman went through his charade of calling the manager for discounts (took a page out of the Kirby vacuum people), we agreed on a price (5X higher than...

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn. Bhd. / high water billing

on Nov 29, 2018

Ketua Wilayah Daerah Gombak, Invoice No. [protected] (September 2018) CHING BAK HENG (Account No. [protected]) Dear Sir, I wish to bring to your kind attention of my above said invoice of the exceptional high water bill which recorded a usage of 42 cubic meter (from 17/08/18 to 19/09/18) for...

Con Edison / over charging me a deposit with

on Nov 28, 2018

So I barley moved her to highland on July4th 2018 i only been here 4 months and have already been forced to pay a deposit of 105 now there asking for 250.. I'm a single mom and on assistant because i can't work till my doctor releases me and this is so hard for me to pay😰 like why do these...

Con Edison / customer service

on Nov 26, 2018

Horrible customer service on the phone 1 hour waited over 20min to get representative then 10 min into the conversation with the rep I requested a supervisor and the rep insisted the supervisor would not be able to help me further. While i'm on the phone she continues to type back and...

American Water WV. / new service

on Nov 14, 2018

I moved into my new home on Nov 1st.and called to get service on.i was told there was a lock on the address because of a former tenant. I was told to contact a robin s at the local office to get the address unlocked and get new service. Well for over 2 weeks now I've been calling and...

People’s Gas / gas reconnection services

on Nov 6, 2018

People’s GasI am newlywed in a freezing house with a newborn child! Our services were cut off and paid for on 10/29/2018. We were given a date of 11/7 for reconnection. My husband told Peoples Gas there is a newborn in the home and heat is a priority. They canceled our date for 11/7 without giving u...