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Duke Energy / Power electricity

Tex1 on Jul 21, 2017
Had a home custom built. Builders neglected to tell us we would need to contact Duke Power to have account transferred to our name. As with other home it was done automatically. So Duke power came out to our home while we were home and cut off the power. We immediately called and explained...

Georgia Power / Service disconnected

Peggy Brown Eighmie on Jul 21, 2017
On 27 June I made a request online to establish new power to the address to which I was moving to, on 30 June. When I moved the power was on. So for twenty plus days now I have gone about my business thinking that I had electrical service established at my new address. Yesterday, 20 July I...

FGUA / Water supply

Regretful Resident on Jul 21, 2017
I have lived in Port Richey for 4 months and have twice experience instances of going 4 or more hours without running water due to a main water line break. To make matters worse, we are then placed on a boil water alert that last for more than 4 days and counting. I work from home and have...

Alliant Energy / Budget billing and energy saver program

WGAnderson on Jul 20, 2017
We are on the budget billing plan and our AC system is adapted with the device that allows Alliant to turn off or modify the usage for a period of time. We appreciate the program and have no issues with it. However, we have noticed when the system is turned off by Alliant, it seems to...

Georgia Power / paying my bill on time and still been changed $150 deposit

FeFe2017 on Jul 20, 2017
This is Straight BS I have paid my bill fairly each and every month with this Company. They made me pay Deposit when I first had services with them stating that I was a new customer and need to have $150 because of some last customer issue that they who is here to help Fix income Disabled...

ComEd / unauthorized usage

TamTeeObes on Jul 19, 2017
I moved out of 650 S York Road, Bensenville, Illinois on June 15 2016 with proof of signing a new lease with a roommate. My lease in Bensenville ended, and the property manager can verify that information. My new roommate placed the ComEd bill in her name at our Chicago thus I did not have...

Asplundh Tree / tree trimming

Billy Bob on Jul 19, 2017
I live at 438 SHUNPIKE RD, CMCH, NJ. I complained to the workers as I came home for lunch, seeing them butcher my Eastern White Pine trees. The first guy says, we have to go back 6 ft for the power lines. I said; that is way more than six feet, more like 10 or 12. He says, we aren't supposed...

Bell Canada / home phone

Jennifer watery phone on Jul 19, 2017
Our home phone is a joke. It always has problems. I call repeatedly the issue is never fully fixed. It's just patch work with a promise to finish. We have had water in our line several times. I have called repeatedly to get it fixed. There's either water in the line or the tower that rest...

Frontier Communications / phone/internet

KelseyRae on Jul 19, 2017
Our phone line was blown down during a storm 9 days ago- have called frontier on 4 occasions, each time being told they would be there to fix it in 24-48 hours, until today- I was told the 26th. Also, we are charged for the highest speed Internet possible through them, yet we get 2gigs or...

Amerigas / not being able to purchase the tank I have

Linnusa on Jul 18, 2017
I have been leasing a tank from Amerigas for 7 years now. When I called to ask to be able to buy the tank outright I was told that I have to have the old tank removed and have a new tank installed at a cost of $2700-$3700 Seems like a total scam that I cannot buy the tank already in the...

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL] / I am complaining about late payment surcharge

M. Nawaz on Jul 17, 2017
Dear sir, I have already submitted a complaint through this email regarding charging of unjustifiable late payment surcharge but no responce appears from your end . It is reminded that please stop the unjustifiable late payment surcharge which is being charge continuously along with...

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL] / gas connection

Fazal Qadim Khan on Jul 15, 2017
I received application confirmation on 10/10/2013 and consumer ID # 6700791334. Till date we didn't received demand note though the places has been visited by survivors and i and my contractor Jamal Khan phone number 0345-9396868 has visited them . Since I am abroad therefore Mr Jamal wa...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / I have been trying to speak to a customer service rep for 2 days

Gwendolyn Grapes on Jul 14, 2017
I received my bill and it says there is a past due balance of $61.40. I have a cancelled check showing that I paid the full amount of $110.58. It cleared my bank on the 22nd of June. I have spent 2 days trying to speak to a "real" person about this. Your pre-recorded messages gives no...

Alliant Energy / customer service

Mari17 on Jul 11, 2017
We have had multiple problems with Alliant and every time we call to try and resolve it, the people are extremely rude and short with us. As well as they do not get back to us in a timely manner. It's super frustrating because we're trying to solve the problem and they are rude and curt...

CenterPoint Energy / reconnection

Ciara777 on Jul 10, 2017
We switched accounts and forgot to change banking information. We never got email or correspondence saying that we got behind, because we had auto pay for the longest up until we changed bank accounts. Well from one day to the next our service was disconnected with no notice or anything...

Maynilad Water Services / excessive billing maynilad waters

Juliet Caguiat on Jul 10, 2017
Maynilad Water ServicesGood Afternoon, I am here to complain about our overly excessive bill in Maynilad Waters. 40, 001.08 Pesos for 1 family of 4 person for 1 month is highly impossible. We live in a small house. Where did that reading came from anyway? We are a good payer. We pay our bills every month via online...

ComEd / electricity

Lee lucas on Jul 9, 2017
ComEdI lee Lucas live at 7643 s east end apt 2w Chicago. My electric bill spiked from about average $50 a month for the months of April and May for no apparent reason. I call comed and they gave me no explanation. Then it dropped back to normal, I got threatened with disconnection notices if I...

Windstream Communications / internet & phone service

Weandrew on Jul 8, 2017
My internet service has been out since Junev29, 2017. I have contacted Windstream at leastv4 times. Each time I was promised my internet service would be restored within 72 hours. Most recently have been told my internet service will not be restored until July 29, 2017. Very bad customer...

PECO / electric

Lenise. Miller on Jul 8, 2017
Address 3820 keep stealing electric and Gas and water.its unfair to us paying customers.they paying nothing and we are paying for them.each time peco cuts it off.they find away of getting it hooked up illegally.we are seniors and fear one day a. Electrical fire will occur.what can be done...

Cablevision / cable internet

suzette lopez on Jul 6, 2017
I called Cablevision on June 3 rd to transfer service due to moving but was unable to as the company did not service new address. As a result I requested disconnection for ac07875284519075. I was told that only my spouse could disconnect as he was "account holder" I explained there had to...
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