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Google.com/chca / Unauthorized charges to debit account

Carmen Nereida on Sep 19, 2015
The charges never authorized of $9.99 for music since June 2015(3 charges). If you cannot undo the previous charges I demand a stop on new charges.The very sparingly use of music in June did not carry an agreement to charge any money from my account.

MTN South Africa / Incorrect billing / "stealing" my data

Reviewer74154 on Sep 4, 2015
I have been struggling now for 2 months to get mtn to get their act together and I am not winning. The level of incompetence is severely high with not being able to help me with a simple thing. For the last two months I have been charged + / - r3200 to much on my account because mtn ha...

Vodafone / Over-Charging of Bill

Tizyasht Das Munshi on Jun 20, 2015
VodafoneMy bill due on 5th June 2015 was charged at 10002.95 while using 2G services and seldom making any calls. Worn I went to the Vodafone outlet to inquire about my bill details I was shown the cold shoulder and the employees spoken with a lot of arrogance and annoyance. I would further like...

Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd / International roaming

devagi on Jun 18, 2015
Our company do have Contract agreement with Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd . With regret of overall their service and the billing charges which is too unfair to our Company . We have been bill for Int'l Roaming for GPRS usage for 2 mobile number in one day at RM 457.02 . Attached herewith the...

Verizon Wireless / Auto renewal of contract when notified

Luz Benitez on May 25, 2015
Verizon Wireless renewed my contract for a year without my consent and after I called them to tell them I wanted to cancel but the said, "Sorry, we renewed your contract last night." Now they have dinged my credit and have a collection agency after me. what do I do?

Vodacom / non-disclosure of fees

Lizette Cloete on May 18, 2015
When upgrades were concluded, no-one explained that I will pay a fee for both old- and new devices. Now that I queried my statement, I'm told that!!! I would not have upgraded if I knew I was going to pay for 2 devices. On a previous upgrade, I switched from a Blackberry to a Samsung...

Global Tel Link / No refunds and drop calls for no reason

Georgianna Lynch on May 12, 2015
Global tel link has a phone directory for inmates to be able to call home rather by house phone or cell phone calls. Global tel link call policy is made not to. Give rufunds for any cellphone dropped calls three way calling and or any other reason due to high volume called through...

Sprint / Signed me up, sent international texts to me and more within 2 weeks

ROSEBUGG73 on Apr 29, 2015
SprintBefore i had a chance to figure out my bill And phone I had approx $300 or more incoming texts Within 2 weeks from overseas accounts and other texts That i didn't even recognize And i got a bill well over $300 For what was supposed to be just a simple $50 / month Cellphone plan. I...

Diesel and Coal scam in NCL / Rajashree Electronics

Preetam Patel on Apr 23, 2015
Laxmikant Choubey Alias Munna Choubey mobile no 09425177175 and 09977431998 is currently working as Foreman (E & M) Jayant. He Joined NCL as a class IVth staff by submitting fake class Xth marksheet. Later on besides working in early morning shifts of 4:00 am to 8:00 am in the morning, he...

AT & T / AT & T charges on my bank acct.

Rondag on Apr 17, 2015
I have two charges pending on my US Bank Account in the total amount of $150.01 from AT & T #10336 in Alpharetta, Georgia. I have called my bank twice they can't help me until the money comes out of my account. Which then they will dispute it. But then I have $150.01 of my money that I...

Cricket Wireless / Now charging late fee on prepay phones

I have been a cricket wireless prepay customer since 2003 in modesto california. Both of my son's first phones were cricket wireless since high school. The reason I choose cricket is because it is prepay without a contract. I get paid biweekly and my pay date never falls on the date...

Bell Mobility / Charged For Phone Not Ordered

Brightonracing on Apr 8, 2015
In June 2014 my daughter who just turned 18 went to get a new i-phone in her own name because the contract had run out that was under my (her father's) plan. They said no problem, so they activated the phone and told her to take the phone and with me call Bell and it would be put all...

Etisalat / Wrong Commitment & Billing

Mathewps on Mar 26, 2015
I took a new Post-paid connection from Etisalat changing from Du, specifically for Preferred Number Option. At the time of activation, which was done at Etisalat Deira City Center Office, had given for three add-on plans - which were 200 mins local + 1 gb Data + Preferred Number option...

U Mobile Sdn. Bhd. / deceit,fraud and misrepresentation

prophet1 on Mar 18, 2015
what`s the use of giving free calls and free sms deceiving your customers who are caught by your attractive offers? After they are hooked then you hit them with hidden charges. that`s what this telco, umobile did to me. I was attracted by the offer of umobile offering free internet and 100...

Trenton Financial Services Inc / They provided wrong sum of the loan and refused to increase it

darkforest on Feb 5, 2015
I made big mistake, ‘coz I applied for the loan through the company Trenton Financial Services Inc. I filled all necessary forms and provided them first two payments, but these jerks provided wrong sum. I applied for $10, 000, but they provided only $5, 000. I already informed them...

60 Windsor Avenue / Don't subscribe- they will start to charge each month

SimonTek on Jan 23, 2015
I went to the website www.megaflix.net and subscribed for their trial. I didn’t cancel it within 5 days, ‘coz no one told me about it. After that these scammers started to take money from me for this trial. They took $30 per month and when I tried to reach them, all my email...

Reliance Telecom / Deducted unfairly balance and didn't get recharge benifits

yogesh kumar 1111 on Jan 13, 2015
I have reliance gsm and my number is 7876343071. Complaint 1: - I have reliance prepaid connection. On 19-10-2014 my balance deducted 10 rupees unfairly on behalf of service vas one97 vp. When I asked about it from reliance customer care. They blame me for activation of this service...

Fido / Billing

Vitor Borba on Dec 9, 2014
I cancelled my account at Fido six months ago. Now they are charging me over 200 dollars saying that I never cancelled it. It is outrageous. I am not even in the country anymore and do not plan to come back. Shameful. It is the second time Fido screws up with my account. I do not recommend...

Airtel / My bill

radhika paswan on Nov 27, 2014
Dear sir or madam this letter is about my post paid airtel bill the bill the ur company has send me it's not correct cuz I didn't used that much thing that ur costumer care services are telling me resend me the bill of correct amount of charges that I used Otherwise I Will not carry on this company.. thank you

Mobijo / Fake charges and no idea how the company did it

miko on Nov 22, 2014
I recently got the bill from the mobile phone company and it turned out that the company Mobijo somehow influenced on my bill. There were some fake additional calls to unknown number, which I saw for the first time. I really need help, ‘coz I have no idea what to do now. I wonder if...
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