Unauthorized Mobile Charges Complaints

Anker / power bank

on Dec 20, 2018

Dear Souq Team, I have order one Anker 20100mAh PowerCore Portable Power Bank - Black, A1271H12 Condition : New Shipped Order ID: [protected], Received on Monday, Nov 26, 2018. Yesterday i have fully charged the Power bank, and I have used this in my iphone, after 50% battery, the...

Metro-PCS / cell phone

on Nov 12, 2018

I have had more than my share of problems with your phone and service from the foreign customer service where the language they speak can't be understood by Americans. The customer service never solves any problem rather they create more than they solve . Being a older disabled...

Bo-Radyn Bdy / extra charges on u choose packages

on Oct 10, 2018

Unfortunately no credit is due -----Original Message----- From: Nelia Sent: Wed Oct 10 11:48:08 GMT+0200 2018 To: [protected] Subject: RE: EC-1KSK-2Q0NAI RE: RE: inv-B0034681-[protected]-2018-10-03_14.PDF We never requested for this service to be activated. We were also...

Karan Bhalla PMO / karan bhalla pmo - sms service provider

on Sep 19, 2018

I have purchased 10l sms from them in august and initially it was all good. But after 1 month my messages were not delivering to any of my clients, where as it shows messages are delivered in their panel. When i started contacting them they said in 1 hour it will be ready but from past 60...

Vodacom's / being charged for two handsets. only have one. poor service. no refund received. still charging for two handset

on Jul 10, 2018

Please look on my no. [protected] recorded calls over the past weeks. Of me trying in vain to get a refund from Vodacom and my account sorted out. Vodacom messed up with my contract years ago and gave me a 4 year contract. Supposedly rectified if and renewed my contract. I then landed up...

Orange (Mobinil) / orange sending messages on behalf of an advertiser and charging daily unauthorized charges without taking my permission to do so.

on Jul 1, 2018

Orange (Mobinil)Orange sending messages to advertise for food recepies and deducting daily charges without taking permission, and when I made a complaint they did not stop the service and did not refund the charges that they deducted. This is disgusting from a company that is supposed to save it'...

Amphitheatre Mountain / charge for something I don't know about

on Jun 13, 2018

Amphitheatre MountainI had an unknown charge on my debit card on june 11th from something called google amphitheatre mountain. I have no idea what this is! I am enclosing a photo of my bank transaction notice, I have never heard of this company and did not purchase anything on the morning of june 11th! Can...

Telepathic / telepathic

on Apr 27, 2018

I've been getting charged $2.99 for a few months now by telepathic i haven't signup or Subscribe to anything that I'm aware of is been going on for a few months and I've been trying to figure out where it's coming from this is critical for my bank account I have no idea why am I being charged this be every week for the last few months. / dating site

on Feb 19, 2018

I, m writing about unauthorised money coming out of my credit card, I want immediate action to stop the money coming from my account and a refund of money in full l have written to the Australian Support Customer Care site and was told I need to contact them as are in the USA, I would like...

Mobilearn / they deduct money from my vodacom account at r10 per day without my permission.

on Feb 5, 2018

There bis a new scam from mobilearn.They deduct R10 per day from Vodacom accounts without even contacting me.They get your mobile number and immediately starts deducting R10 per day from your mobile account at Vadacom.There SMS to me was "Welcom to [protected]@R10/day.To cancel send STOP to...

Alsayeeda Suwani / wireless

on Dec 25, 2017

I recently switched from chatr to Rogers. I had already paid my chatr monthly subscription and because of the offer on Rogers I switched hoping LTE will be a better service. I paid $75 on Rogers including activation fee for 4gb of data. On chatr every month my average is 4gb. With Rogers from...

+6287775721201 / charged by xl operator please stop it

on Nov 10, 2017

Please my number +[protected] donot been charged with badoo member.i do not want to play badoo again.pleas stop my member fee 70000rupiahs through xl operator...please.give me response as soon as my email : [protected] you very much...and hope it

Holberg / charge of game

on Sep 15, 2017

I see you ask for more information, but I am not sure what you need. I will try to explain further. We have been charged 1049, - NOK (about 133 USD) from the Mobile App "Best App" 3 times (!!!) on September 10th. It looks as the game is called "Bike Race". The money was charged from the...

Leon Terblanche / I want to unsubscribe [protected]

on Sep 1, 2017

Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking Stop taking my money my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop taking my money Stop Stop taking my...

Cindy Allers / disappearing airtime and data

on Aug 22, 2017

My husband purchased R275 airtime and 500mb data for him and 500mb data for me on 22 August 2017 @ roundabout 00H10. Only moments after receiving the notification messages that the bundles have been loaded a depletion message came through. His number is [protected] - he received hi...

Choon Zhi Kiat / balance deduction after subscribing rm3 unlimited internet lite

on Jul 26, 2017

Choon Zhi KiatI subscribed to rm3 unlimited internet plan just for emergency use and I dont use it for heavy internet plan (movie), after half an hour it deduct my balance amount to rm8, while I check the internet balance via *128*1*5# it appears I have 20GB left, please investigate it and I hope my...

United states armed services / fraud charges

on Jul 15, 2017

So yesterday I noticed several charges on my debut cars that I did not perform myself. They are listed as follows: 67.71 27.97 5.54 2.00 50.52 5.99 2.00 Total: 161.73 So I would kindly like to ask you to refund these charges to my card or else I will be filling a lawsuit as 161.73 was spent...

Peter M. Lucas, MD, Inc. / verizon wireless, usa

on Mar 10, 2017

Peter M. Lucas, MD, Inc.$200 of charges for unwanted roaming data while out of country, despite having phone set to "Deny Roaming Data" (see photo). Verizon customer service refused to reverse charges. Cell phone number: [protected] Dates: March 2 to March 8, 2017 while in French Polynesia. I called customer service...

W.Palm Transport / Unauthorized debit order payments

on Feb 14, 2017

Account: [protected] I, Werner Palm, ID: [protected], have a complaint about the billing on my account. When the contract was explained to me by Tumi from your Brits mall branch, I was told I have unlimited calls, unlimited sms'and 10GB of data on a Pinnacle Unlimited offer for R999 x 24...

Ringostation / Ringtones

on Jan 19, 2017

I just received an email that I have opened an account with this company. It has an old cell phone number and a password that I use for other websites. As others have stated, I never signed up for this service. I have checked my bank account and so far nothing has been taken out but I am... / Unwanted subscription to bounce games

on Jan 17, 2017

I was subscribed to without my consent or Knowledge. Please ban these people from your network. They have scammed me out of AED 240 dirhams in the last few months. They claim I must have clicked on an advert which I never do. I also HATE mobile games so would never voluntarily click on...

Narendren / Credit being deducted for no usage

on Dec 1, 2016

Dear customer service, I find the service provided nowadays is really bad, my credit is automatically being deducted for no apparent reason. To check this problem, I recently topuped RM 10 and made no calls nor text messages nor am I a subscriber of mobile data plan, yet when I checked...

Lizelle Venter / Unprofessional customer service

on Nov 11, 2016

I reported a case on 19th October 2016 and it is still not resolved. I am unsatisfied with the customer care service and think it is unprofessional to charge a upgrade admin fee when it's free to upgrade online. They send me a invoice for 0 Balance and a month later they charge me a admin...

Makarios Geotechnical Contractors / Data billing

on Sep 20, 2016

Data line is on contract(2gig p/m for 24month)(Cell nr [protected] Sim nr.[protected]) Bus acc. num NM098156-1) with a soft lock on account on 2 gig with a top up option. for some ODD reason Vodacom removed this soft lock a couple of months ago. the account was every month for...

Stealth Yachts / Continued billing on a cancelled contract

on Sep 7, 2016

Dear Madam, Sir I called Vodacom to cancel a contract on my account in April this year. (I have three sim contracts running on my account) I was assured then that it was cancelled. I noticed a month later that the contract debit was still being billed R 387.50 in May, June, July and August...

Fortis International Logistics / Professional shipping company

on Feb 24, 2016

The company - FORTIS Business Fortis International Logistics Abbey Centers 18-24 Stoke Road Slough - SL2 5AG - I have two orders to be received in my address with a delay of almost 12 months. Already got in touch by phone and email and nothing was resolved. The information service is lousy and rude...

Value Added Services / balance deducted from my account

on Dec 19, 2015

Hi please refund the amount deducted from my balance on 17th dec at 3.35 am. I am very disappointed by the service got from your senior executive Monishankar samanta, CSL, spoken on date 19 th dec at 4.35 pm he is senior executive so he should have some decency and attic ates to speak to...

Dolorama / USB charger

on Nov 5, 2015

DoloramaRecently I bought flexible USB-charger for my phone. Yesterday, when wasn't home, it inflamed, melted down and ruined my new phone which I purchased about a month ago. I'm international student and it's hard for me to buy branded charger, so I bought it in Dolorama for decent price. And...

Ringtone / Ringostation

on Oct 26, 2015

This company has gotten my phone number and is trying to charge my bank account without me subscribing to them. I can't even find a contact number to even cancel this subscription that I didn't even subscribe to in the first place. This is a bogus company and they need to be shut down.

Diesel and Coal scam in NCL / rajashree electronics

on Apr 23, 2015

Laxmikant Choubey Alias Munna Choubey mobile no [protected] and [protected] is currently working as Foreman (E & M) Jayant. He Joined NCL as a class IVth staff by submitting fake class Xth marksheet. Later on besides working in early morning shifts of 4:00 am to 8:00 am in the morning, he...

U Mobile Sdn. Bhd. / deceit,fraud and misrepresentation

on Mar 18, 2015

what`s the use of giving free calls and free sms deceiving your customers who are caught by your attractive offers? After they are hooked then you hit them with hidden charges. that`s what this telco, umobile did to me. I was attracted by the offer of umobile offering free internet and 100...

60 Windsor Avenue / Don't subscribe- they will start to charge each month

on Jan 23, 2015

I went to the website and subscribed for their trial. I didn’t cancel it within 5 days, ‘coz no one told me about it. After that these scammers started to take money from me for this trial. They took $30 per month and when I tried to reach them, all my email...

Mobijo / Fake charges and no idea how the company did it

on Nov 22, 2014

I recently got the bill from the mobile phone company and it turned out that the company Mobijo somehow influenced on my bill. There were some fake additional calls to unknown number, which I saw for the first time. I really need help, ‘coz I have no idea what to do now. I wonder if...

Club App Rep / Cutting/Siphoning Money From My Account Without my authoritization

on Aug 20, 2014

For months now Moneys have mysteriously disappearing from my Mexican cell phone-ALCATEL . So I went to the ALCATEL'S Customer Service Center to Complain about these missing moneys from my ALCATEL cell phone. One of the agents, after inspecting my cell phone thoroughly informed me that...

Bubblewitch2 / unauthorized purchases

on Aug 3, 2014

I have numerous charges on my phone from Google Midas for an app called Bubblewitch2. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE PURCHASED AND EXPECT MY MONEY REFUNDED. The charges are: 07/17/2014 GOOGLE *MIDAS GOOGLE.COM/CHCAUS $51.02 07/17/2014 GOOGLE *MIDAS GOOGLE.COM/CHCAUS ...

Ortel / don't use ortel

on May 22, 2014

I've been using ortel for almost a year from now. I didn't realise in the first time but they are charging something extra after every call and every time you connect to the internet. And if your internet bundle finishes it consumes around 20 euros every hour. I contacted them through...

super cell / numerous unauthorized charges

on Mar 12, 2014

I have numerous unauthorized charges to My card from supercell i called my card to findout What was going on all they could tell me was there was a lock on my card from i have no idea what's going on and can't find anyway contact this supercell I'm very... / Armor for Android / Unauthorized charges

on Mar 5, 2014

Since 2013 I have been getting unauthorized charges starting at $7.96 every two weeks 2014 it went up to $13.96 every two weeks and on March 4th 2014 I checked at my bank statement and charged me $29.70 I have been calling for two days always the representative is busy helping other...

Deal Flag / unauthorized charge

on Feb 23, 2014

I am being charge 9.99/month for something I did not order. They just sent me a text message saying thank you for renewing. They gave a no. to call which was [protected]. I called the no. and the there was no one you could talk to. It just gave a choice to press 1 for males and 2 for...

Eet Mobile / Scam

on Dec 29, 2013

Two days ago I noticed that the company Eet Mobile charged my account without my notice. I didn’t buy from them, but they took $100 from my account. I didn’t find their contact information, so I have no idea how to return this money. Maybe someone has any idea how to track thi...