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Unauthorized Mobile Charges Complaints

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Cell C / Contract taken out in my name

Tshireletso Tsotetsi on Jun 24, 2017
Dear Cell C I'm yet to receive status on my Fraud case that I opened with you guys. I emailed all the necessary paper work to customer service on the 5th of May and I was told the matter has been escalated to Fraud by Lerato Maleka and they will be in contact in 2 business day and no one ha...

FingerHut / order

Arit Okon on Jun 15, 2017
I am so disgusted with fingerhut!!! I have contacted two news companies here to tell them about this experience I have been trying to contact them for a year to return a broken item I was told several times they sent a label but I never received these fake labels they created. I asked to get...

Private / unauthorised subscription

groupw on Jun 6, 2017
Unauthorised daily subscription on my whatsapp. something which i have not authorised nor agreed to.This simply appeared on my phone advising me of the daily charge, which once again, i did not subscribe to.Cell-c customer has not been co-operative in solving this problem.i simply want...

Lycamobile / unauthorized deduction via my paypal account

Femi Oni on Jun 3, 2017
Hello, I am writing to register my utmost displeasure with Lycamobile Ireland for the authorized deduction of 15 Euros made on the 3rd of June via my PayPal account. I never agreed to any renewal plan and find this deduction unacceptable. This is unprofessional and an unlawful action and...

Vodacom / vodacom - separate package of data & sim

Taryn Ellis on May 31, 2017
Hi It doesnt look like i will get much success here either, as i can see no other comments have been replied to. Last year July i was called by a female from Vodacom, and was trying to sell me extra data for my phone as she said she could see that i was running out of data each month. She...

TJX / customer service

Leksii on May 27, 2017
I am frequent shopper at T.J. Maxx and was a very loyal customer till now. I will NO longer will shop at T.J. Maxx because of the customer service and the way manager treats its employees. The manager DEMANDS of its employees to sell a TJ Maxx card and yells at them if the employee didn't...

Altech Autopage / illegal debit order

Vukani J. Mzobotshe on May 25, 2017
Altech AutopageI was offered an Airtime contract by Autopage over 8 years ago. In our telephone conversation I mentioned that I am only taking contract on conditions that, should there be any reason for me to cancel the contract, I should be able to do so without any extra charges. They broke the...

Mira Networks / unauthorised billing on account

laura@triplef.co.za on May 24, 2017
FROM 21/09/2016 to present Zwoosj39856ZA Data being used during early ours of the morning and I have not subscribed to your service. I have incurred extremely high costs on my cell phone account and would like you to please supply me with a refund. This situation has been going on from...

Cell C / im complaining about the poor service and paid, account where they treat to take me to the credit buro

Nastassja Jansen on May 16, 2017
Good day Myname is Nastassja Jansen, I have a contract with cellc and made my last payment of R370 they requested to open my communication line on the 9th of May 2017, I even sent them the proof of payment as they requested. But I still go sms's saying I did not pay and, im very frusterated by...

Youtube / unethical auto-subscription service with advertiser

Marcus Borg on May 15, 2017
YoutubeDate 15th May 2017 @ 08:13 GMT (UK). I was watching YouTube videos on my mobile and went to pick the phone up, accidentally clicking on an advertisement (see screenshot) which was titled "Ultimate Cross The Road" and run by games.bounce.mobi. This launched a website on my mobile, which...

U.S. Cellular / billing

buck sarken on May 13, 2017
We made an arrangement to pay our bill not telling us that there is a 25 dollar per phone fee and now they have multiple other charges as well. So every two weeks we have been charged an additional 100 for 4 phones, and now we are trying to file a grievance and the customer service rep on...

Bell Canada / bad customer service and huge billing mistake

Samuel Laganière on May 12, 2017
I have been with Bell for a year now, and today I got a 30$ extra charge on my billing for unknown reasons, turns out my phone, from Bell, changed the dates of billing by itself. Now I am 800mb over my limit and they charged me over 30$ for their mistake. The only option for me was to...

Vodacom / service regarding the service department and customer care

Adele73 on May 12, 2017
Good day, I have been having trouble with Vodacom regarding a "Arrears Payment" on my account for a debit order that I don't have, I pay via EFT so there is no Debit Order going off my account. Can you please contact me as I don't have a phone to use as my line has been blocked. I am really...

AT&T / Wireless

skue on May 12, 2017
I cancelled my insurance plan on my cellular device in April. That same month I received a $1.86 in credit. This lowered my phone bill. Yesterday, (5/11/17) I received the new bill and it was two dollars more than last month's bill. I looked at all the charges for each phone and realized...

Telkom SA SOC / unresponsive, unsolved.

Dirkie Ebersohn on May 3, 2017
Hello I did make complains against telkom for unasked deducted, but still nothing further proper solving. I am highly expected that they must pay back my R600-ish. Please see full statement at: My Telkom account is: 334470716 https://www.hellopeter.com/telkom/reviews/repeat-unsolved-non-deaf-friendly-delayed-to-terminate-contract-ongoing-unasked-deducted-bill-2218236 Regards Dirkie

Metropcs / phone service

rekajones on May 1, 2017
My phone has been inactive on your network for almost 24hrs ago, I had not issues with my phone . I paid my monthly bill on the 29th and my hotspot I didn't have so I called in on yesterday 4/30/17 and spoke with a lady who stated that my hotspot have not been reset since I paid my monthly...

Telkom SA SOC / refund for the product that I never received

Mabu5 on Apr 28, 2017
I have placed an order on the 21st January 2017 for Hauwei P9 lite from Telkom mobile 10213, which was never delivered to me, they deducted from my account R199. I have called Telkom since February cancelling and requesting my refund which I haven't got anywhere. please assist me, I am...

Vodacom / cancellation not processed in 2016 now listed me with legal department

Yolande Inman on Apr 26, 2017
On the 30/04/2016 CELL C issued a cheque to buy my contract out from VODACOM. Vodacom was supposed to cancel this contract in stead I ended up with a ghost number 0820510809 and a balance with 796.94. 25/04/2017 - Thanda @ 0821958 kept on telling me that I must pay a charge for the error to be...

Cell C / cell phone contract not being adhered to

Penina on Apr 25, 2017
I first had my contract in January 2015 where I paid close to R1700 every month but more than a year later the amounts became too much for me, and I was struggling, I contacted Celllc wanting to find ways out because I couldnt afford the monthly instalments, I was told by cells to pay...

Digi Telecommunications / please stop stole my money when I on mobile data without subscribe internet plan.

J1e0309 on Apr 5, 2017
Digi TelecommunicationsSomething I will accidently click to turn on the mobile data when without subscribe any internet plan, and it will send me a message that automatically charge my money two time, RM8 and RM5. Something I have already buying internet plan and I turn on the mobile data, but it charge my money...
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