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Traffic Problems Complaints

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TriMet / Garage bus on 17th and bybee

Concerned citizens82 on Mar 20, 2017
TriMet needs to change their Rush Hour route their bus which had no route only a garage tag made a left turn on Bybee which is not a protected left was the last and only vehicle to make it through the intersection causing 10 other vehicles behind them to completely miss the light TriMet...

Canada Post / Aggressive canada post delivery driver

Wilkin Eng on Feb 27, 2017
On february 26 at approx 6:30 pm a canada post delivery driver of truck 13776 nearly cut me off on a busy road and then proceeded to come along side of me and give me the 'finger'. Apparently he was stuck behind a parked car and he nosed into my traffic lane. Unfortunately I was not able...

Canada Post / Mail delivers parcel out of his vechicle to oncoming traffic no light on no signals lights what so ever

sherri orser on Feb 16, 2017
on febuary 14 2017 I live on wagarville road in Parham ont koh2ko I witnessed a mailman getting out of his truck with a parcel along highway 38 with some sort of parcel delivering it into oncoming traffic he had no lights on whats so ever no signal of any kind there was a car coming an he...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Driver complaint

EricCir on Jan 29, 2017
Costco Wholesale CorporationToday at around 11:30 there was a driver driving a Semi Truck with Costco's name on it He was driving in the center lane causing very much traffic behind him. Most the cars were having to pass him on the right to get passed. When I turned to look at him he put his middle finger up at me...

NTTA / Third notice

Miguel21 on Jan 28, 2017
I don't know if the people picking up the phone are not good at their job. One is telling me I owe for 2014 but sounds unsure. I get the suppervisor on she says it's 2015 to 16 stuff that never got fully paid. Told them never seen the notice before this how am to pay she just says you pay...

FedEx Corporate Services / Fedex

Karenvng on Jan 27, 2017
on my way home from work today a 18 wheeler fed ex truck ran me off the hyw. i blinked my lights a blew my car horn. he never slowed down. he ran me off the highway and he never slowed down. it scared me to death i hit a hugh pothole. and i am still shaking. i need to talk to someone at...

PepsiCo / Parking practices of delivery trucks

Wei Zhong on Jan 27, 2017
At 9 am today (1/27/2017), a Pepsi branded delivery truck belonging to your subsidiary New Bern Transport Co, plate Florida 175 TR1, was parked at the bus bay of Commonwealth Ave at St Paul St, Boston, MA, as I was waiting for the bus at that bus stop. There was a cyclist lane outside the...

PepsiCo / Reckless truck driver

CScott30 on Dec 22, 2016
PepsiCo About 10 pm on Dec. 22 a driver in a pepsi truck, license plate on truck is attached below (photo taken during the time of incident). The truck was coming off the on ramp at an increased speed as he merged on to hwy 99 north bound (Stockton, ca - just south of the Pepsi location). The...

USPS / Shipping package

No mail on Dec 20, 2016
9405511699000430652087 Is the tracking number. Staten Island, Newyork to Lennon Michigan is a 10.5 hr drive per mapquest. The tracking number I gave you shows they've utilized 11 days tomorow to get me my package. 11 days after you've registered having picked it up. That 1 full day per hr...

TripFactory / Fraud company

Abhishek Gupta0097 on Dec 6, 2016
I have gone through many trips with other travel companies but never had such a horrible experience, which I have to go through trip factory aka criminals. Highlighting drawbacks : no was there to pickup at airport and we have to literally wait for 30 min outside airport. I have shortlisted...

Con Edison / Unethical behavior of con ed employee

kazammm on Dec 2, 2016
12.2.2016 @ 11:25pm roughly right in front of 98 bayard st. vehicle NY plate 66603ME stopped in the middle of the street; no signals, no hazards turned on; just parked in the middle of the street. there was no way to get around the vehicle as there were CITI bikes parked to the right hand side...

Georgia Power / Georgia power driver

Tanyajacques on Sep 5, 2016
While driving down highway 21 I got cut off by a georgia power truck . While following behind him he continued to weave in and out of traffic while doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. It is very unprofessional and very unsafe. The truck number is 153860 and license plate is PIY5539. It would be greatly appreciated if this matter was addressed.

CXS / Railroad crossing 152505b in aurora indiana

Kenneth Hammann on Aug 7, 2016
On three different days, in two weeks, cxs railroad has parked the train blocking the road in aurora indiana for several hours . The train crew times out at the same place every time. One day was a work day and five people lost the day of work (that day it was 7 hours). Cxs could have...

Imperial Parking Canada Corporation / Expired Receipt

WZ1 on Jan 22, 2016
Imperial Parking Canada CorporationWe live in Edmonton, AB. My pregnant wife had to see her doctor for her regular check-up. We have been using that parking lot for about 10 years (since our first child was born). Our children's pediatrician is also in the same location so we park there at least once a month. We pay for our...

Ace Cab / Reckless drivers

Reviewer98485 on Jan 7, 2016
I was outside waiting on the school bus to drop the kids off when an ACE CAB with a dirty blonde driving went by on Hansen St doing a good 40 mph - on a residential street, and she isn't the only person to do that. I would have called the police but they are pretty much invisible so it'...

Stansted Airport / Set down area chaos

Arvid Gundersen on Jan 3, 2016
Sunday morning 3/1/16, 5.15am There was complete chaos in trying to exit the set down area this morning. This has happened previously to me but not to this degree, it was a complete shambles and took me 45 minutes to exit. I was fortunate!! on returning to the M11, the que on the otherside...

Rios Immigration Law Firm / Jerry Rios Law Firm

jerryrios on Dec 24, 2015
Do NOT hire this lawyer!!! What a piece of crap. I waited patiently for months for Jerry to make some progress on my case. After about 6 months I finally confronted Jerry on the unreturned phone calls and lack of research. I was very polite and just said, I need you to either work on my...

Lincare / Driver in Oklahoma City

Missy Voegeli on Dec 21, 2015
The driver this morning of your vehicle with license plate Z26781 cut me off twice on the highway almost causing me to wreck both times. When we were stopped at the stop light & I asked him where he learned how to drive and that he almost caused me to wreck twice, he laughed & said your...

Fedex Express / Reckless driver

Terry L Dobbins on Dec 11, 2015
Me and my wife was coming back from Cleveland, Ohio to Akron, Ohio and your driver cut right in front of us almost running us into the wall, my wife blood pressure and minds flew through the roof. She has asked me to call our attorney but I decided to let you guys do something about it for...

Argos / Delivery driver's attempt to ram my car twice today

Mr Dredge on Dec 8, 2015
ArgosThis afternoon around 2.00pm at the Bagington Island, Coventry one of your vehicles driven by one of your drivers 9with a passenger) attempted to ram my car twice in traffic. He was in the inside right lane of the island and I was in the middle lane attempting to go straight ahead onto the...
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