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Traffic Problems Complaints / violation processing center point box 68039 anaheim ca

Timhurts63 on Dec 23, 2018

These people send me a letter saying that I needed to pay for a toll lane violation this violation supposedly toke place in so cal a week ago I live in northern CA I bought my bike new in 2015 it's now almost 2019 and my bike has never been on the 91 freeway and I have not been to...

Company Semi-Truck Drivers / truck [protected]/12/2018 @8:00am

Dianne Jarden on Dec 12, 2018

This complaint is about this truck driver not so much about the company. I am just fearful if I do not report this then this will happen to other car drivers on the interstates. Luckily there was no accident in these incidents but if I was not a defensive driver, or someone that had just...

Jumia Nigeria / black friday treasure hunt

Sarah Dikko on Nov 17, 2018

Jumia NigeriaAnytime i try to search for an item during the treasure hunt, it stops at a particular page and shows me "Sorry, we couldn't load your image" i tired updating my app but it's still doing that. I thought it was the network but i tried another network and nothing has changed. Plus the...

Finnair, American Airlines, JFK Airport, Air Train / cancelled air train, missed flight, lack of help

AyeReign on Nov 15, 2018

To whom this may concern, After going back and forth with two separate air lines (finnair and AA), I have been advised to contact JFK Airport. On 11th October 2018 I took a flight from LHR to JFK, booked under finnair operated by AA. I was set to return on 19th October on the last flight of...

Paramalingam Muniandy / underground tunnel leading to (jalan) persiaran tun perak

Paramalingam on Oct 16, 2018

Thanks for good train service now and keep up the good job. Ipoh Railway station is very active a live now. I always go to your station to pick up and send friends and relatives to your station and sometimes use your service. I am writing this mail to further improve your service only. The...

Glen Helen Amphitheater / parking at venue

Julie Wolf on Sep 24, 2018

I arrived at 530 pm to the off ramp of Glen Helen Parkway on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. Jason Aldean's show was to start at 730 pm. We sat until 9pm with barely any movement. We never even got close to the venue. This facility does not have the parking to facilitate an almost sold out...

CenturyLink98520 / driver

SherryRocks on Sep 20, 2018

Centrylink driver in aberdeen wa very rude and belligerent driving behavior to say the least. Truck # 09299 male driver. On [protected] @ 2:20 p. M in south aberdeen on mcfarlane and mill a housed side road, #09299 comes flying towards me trying to pass me and had to swerve back into hi...

NJ Ezpass / administration fee scam

Ribblet on Aug 28, 2018

I live in MA and had just purchased a new vehicle, i figured i would just use my transponder for a run down to NYC. I went through a couple tolls and all seemed just fine, green lights, good to go! Apparently NJ turnpike isn't able to read my transponder and sends me a ticket for a 15.60...

Pavilion at Montage Mountain / breaking benjamin and five finger death punch concert

kdabulewicz on Aug 18, 2018

My boyfriend and I bought tickets to the Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch concert at Montage Mountain about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The concert was suppose to start at 6 so we left in plenty of time to get there. There was a severe thunderstorm watch all afternoon that was effective...

CNA/ Edcon / cellphone

Remo Molatlhegi Thoabe on Aug 14, 2018

I went to cna mall of africa on the 14 august 2018 to buy a cellphone i found and was told that j1 neo was on 50% off was later told its on 25% off, i bought only sold one and was told they were finished all off a sudden when i requested to buy two, so i have been calling customer service to...

pacific transport llc / truck driver

whocarestf on Jul 17, 2018

This Amazon Prime truck just cut right in front of my car on the highway in traffic and was very close to taking off the entire front of my car and blocked me up against the median to get in front of my car when i had nowhere to go and people were trying to merge behind me. terrible...

Company vehicle / driver

Anton mount on Jul 5, 2018

The driver is cutting people off and going 80-88 on the interstate and driving crazy and not paying attention to where he/she is going. I would like you to make sure all your drivers are safe and not going on a rampage where their are a lot of people we all have somewhere to go but please...

91 Express Lanes Toll Road Violation Notice / violation sent by mail, issue resolved.

NorCal Driver on Jun 27, 2018

The notice received 6/25/18 dated 6/21 for a violation of the toll road on 6/19... for our one of our cars. We live and work north of San Francisco. The notice seemed a bit... well, it looked like a scam notice. But I checked online, found the 91 Express site which seemed more like a...

AAA / my car renewal and $100 fraud

Elsa I. Pardo on May 18, 2018

April 28, 2018 AAA RE: complaint Member #: 429 014 [protected] 4 Dear Mr. Zac Carman CEO: I am ELSA PARDO, an AAA member since several years. On Manday, April 2, 2018 around 1:30 PM I called AAA from Burger King parking lot because my car's water pump and hose broke. A man by the name of...

NYC Traffic Enforcement Agent / entrapment

atnyc on May 13, 2018

i parked in a no parking anytime spot & did not see the sign for some reason. i saw traffic agent Rasheed, H (Command T-401, Tax Reg #: 356327, Device ID #: AM7504) walking by looking at me. i asked her if i can park there. she walked away without saying a word & a look of annoyance. since...

North Bergen Park & Ride / safety

MikeMacc on Apr 23, 2018

Good morning, There have been several welcomed improvements being made at the North Bergen Park & Ride: * New Waiting Area by the Back Entrance gate. * New Waiting Area by the Front Entrance gate. When passenger vehicles enter the Back Entrance gate where the buses come in from the yard...

Traffic Agent Screenung / traffic agent

VM Jimenez on Apr 3, 2018

6:45 PM intersection of Broom and West Broadway. The lack of common sense by the traffic agent at the intersection is mind boggling. Traffic heading towards the tunnel from on Broom street is dead stop due the traffic agent preventing the traffic from moving due congestion. The congestion...

Newark Pompton TPK & Mcclaind Ave / traffic issues

transit on Feb 5, 2018

Good morning, I am writing you again.. This is my 3rd time about this issue you have case no [protected] and it has been awhile no one ever said respond no answer from nj transit and unfortunately nothing has been done on this street. My biggest concern is on this street you need to do...

Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency / unethical behavior / mail fraud

Edward C. Figueroa on Jan 29, 2018

Just received a registered letter from the SCTPVA stating that I owe $1, 280 for a parking ticket in June 2017. The issue is I have not been a resident of Suffolk County in over 2 years, received no ticket, the letter had no plate or VIN number listed, no time of ticket, no copy of ticket...

It's Essentially For You / total order was not received.

Cheri Muskiet on Dec 2, 2017

I purchased 2 - RoadCam PRO's and after 2 months it finally arrived yesterday. But I also ordered 2 - 32g SD cards which were not in the package or in the Cam's. I would like the order to completely be filled according to the purchase amount. So, if you can mail me the SD cards in a...