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Coca Cola / commercial coca cola truck driver

Dave Teel on May 24, 2017
One of your drivers in Dallas attempted to run my vehicle into the barrier wall this morning. He also slammed his brakes on when I got behind him to get his license number. I am retired Law Enforcement in the Dallas area and will have my old commercial vehicle enforcement officers deal...

New Jersey Transit Bus #: 4004 / announcement when a bus has a problem

ParisSybilla on May 22, 2017
On Friday 19, May the 117 bus departed from the Port Authority at 4:55pm. While en-route on 95 South the bus started moving very slow and then served towards the right almost as if he was going to bolt the wall. This happened twice before the driver stopped the bus. NO ANNOUCMENT TO...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / unruly/unsafe driver

ELLA XIAOMI on May 15, 2017
hi grab car on this morning 16may17/0720am i have facing a very rude guy grab driver in the road.drove in the wrong lane and suddenly change lane without signaling somemore he are not accepted his mistake.he done it twice.he drove honda brand car and plate is pmv7534 dark colour.i believe...

PepsiCo / Unsafe Driving - Pepsi Truck Driver

ConcernedDriver on May 12, 2017
Date of Incident: 5.12.17 Time: around 12:26 pm Location: Arapaho Rd in Addison Texas Truck #: F39224 Driver: African American with skullcap or beanie on Description of incident: I was driving my own personal work vehicle when this big Pepsi Truck comes veering into my lane without even looking...

Kuehne + Nagel / lorry driver

Staceykaye12 on May 10, 2017
Kuehne + NagelId like to find out the base of a lorry driver who has this morning attempted to hit my car three times in Wolverhampton. As I want to make a massive complaint. His lorry number is p255 and number plate PO65 VJV also I was called every name under the sun. Absolute disgrace aswel as putting...

Greyhound / Binghamton-to-scranton bus ride on bus # nyp0231

Linda De Voe on May 6, 2017
On Thursday May4, 2017 I was on Greyhound bus NYP0231 which left Binghamton, NY at 11:20 AM. The bus was making its way toward Scranton, PA when I started to have very low blood sugar. I have very clear medical identification detailing what to do if I have low blood sugar. Instead of being...

Suddenlink Communications / Suddenlink driver in Texas

Clay Pelton on May 4, 2017
I'm driving behind a Suddenlink work truck around 7:20 am on 5/4/17. I was behind the truck from Conroe, TX-Willis, TX and the driver out of no where slams in his breaks and swerved in the right hand lane to let me pass him and then he rolls his window down, flips me the bird, throws hi...

Penang Adventist Hospital / reckless van driver

Nicole_1 on Apr 20, 2017
Penang Adventist HospitalHi adventist, I met penang adventist white colored van pmt 465 in jalan delima on april 20th 2017 12:55pm who nearly hit my car's passenger side with 2 less than 5 years old kids sitting there. I took a left turn from jalan yeap chor ee's traffic light into jalan delima (A...

Canada Post / letter carrier parking in fire lane and blocking it repeatedly

Tom Kowalsky on Apr 12, 2017
Canada Postafter much frustration I finally had CP direct drivers delivering to my apt block 269 Dufferin ave. Lord Selkirk Park Towers. here in Winnipeg to use the designated loading area in the rear of the building. From there they can see their truck and NOT block the fire lane in front. It ha...

Aramark Uniform Services / Aramark driver spraying peoples cars with...

George4585 on Apr 11, 2017
Some sort of device he had set up on his truck, as cars would drive by he would spray them and laugh about it. Called customer service and they didn't seem to care that one of their drivers displays such childish and dangerous behavior to other drivers on the road. Completely soaked my car...

PepsiCo / Pepsi truck driver

Cameron Lodrigue on Apr 3, 2017
Me and my father were headed down martin Luther king blvd. in Houma, LA and this man driving a Pepsi delivery truck cut us off almost causing a wreck and we honked the horn then the driver flipped us off and proceeded to curse at us calling my father a hoe and was saying my father was a...

Union Pacific / Train crossing tracks just east of alda, ne

fielding222 on Mar 29, 2017
There are 2 sets of tracks just east of Alda, Ne, They cross Hwy 30 a very busy Hwy. Today 3/29 at about 11:30 2 engines hooked together where using the far east racks to go north. He approached hwy 30 very slowly but there was no flagman or anyone there to stop traffic and make driver...

TriMet / Garage bus on 17th and bybee

Concerned citizens82 on Mar 20, 2017
TriMet needs to change their Rush Hour route their bus which had no route only a garage tag made a left turn on Bybee which is not a protected left was the last and only vehicle to make it through the intersection causing 10 other vehicles behind them to completely miss the light TriMet...

Canada Post / Aggressive canada post delivery driver

Wilkin Eng on Feb 27, 2017
On february 26 at approx 6:30 pm a canada post delivery driver of truck 13776 nearly cut me off on a busy road and then proceeded to come along side of me and give me the 'finger'. Apparently he was stuck behind a parked car and he nosed into my traffic lane. Unfortunately I was not able...

Canada Post / Mail delivers parcel out of his vechicle to oncoming traffic no light on no signals lights what so ever

sherri orser on Feb 16, 2017
on febuary 14 2017 I live on wagarville road in Parham ont koh2ko I witnessed a mailman getting out of his truck with a parcel along highway 38 with some sort of parcel delivering it into oncoming traffic he had no lights on whats so ever no signal of any kind there was a car coming an he...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / driver complaint

EricCir on Jan 29, 2017
Costco Wholesale CorporationToday at around 11:30 there was a driver driving a Semi Truck with Costco's name on it He was driving in the center lane causing very much traffic behind him. Most the cars were having to pass him on the right to get passed. When I turned to look at him he put his middle finger up at me...

NTTA / Third notice

Miguel21 on Jan 28, 2017
I don't know if the people picking up the phone are not good at their job. One is telling me I owe for 2014 but sounds unsure. I get the suppervisor on she says it's 2015 to 16 stuff that never got fully paid. Told them never seen the notice before this how am to pay she just says you pay...

FedEx Corporate Services / Fedex

Karenvng on Jan 27, 2017
on my way home from work today a 18 wheeler fed ex truck ran me off the hyw. i blinked my lights a blew my car horn. he never slowed down. he ran me off the highway and he never slowed down. it scared me to death i hit a hugh pothole. and i am still shaking. i need to talk to someone at...

PepsiCo / Parking practices of delivery trucks

Wei Zhong on Jan 27, 2017
At 9 am today (1/27/2017), a Pepsi branded delivery truck belonging to your subsidiary New Bern Transport Co, plate Florida 175 TR1, was parked at the bus bay of Commonwealth Ave at St Paul St, Boston, MA, as I was waiting for the bus at that bus stop. There was a cyclist lane outside the...

PepsiCo / Reckless truck driver

CScott30 on Dec 22, 2016
PepsiCo About 10 pm on Dec. 22 a driver in a pepsi truck, license plate on truck is attached below (photo taken during the time of incident). The truck was coming off the on ramp at an increased speed as he merged on to hwy 99 north bound (Stockton, ca - just south of the Pepsi location). The...
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