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Towing Complaints

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Ford Motor Company / 2010 ford escape ltd

Mark Hogg on May 18, 2017
Never buy or recommend to buy a ford vehicle again period! Ford has an outsourced company called agero customer recovery (which is a worthless company) they have approved my claim for towing under esp incident that happened in august 2015 and have not yet sent me the chk of $280 usd. I...

MAPCO Express / MapcoMart.com / Towed vehicle

Casey213 on May 9, 2017
My husband has been parking his vehicle at Ashland Mapco, in Ashland Alabama for over 1 year. His vehicle was left there yesterday 05-08-2017 and nothing was done to his vehicle. Well today 05-09-2017 a new policy was supposedly put into place, my husbands truck was towed from Ashland...

Alaska 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle Recovery Service / 2nd amendment

kill on May 1, 2017
I think you should be run out of the ###ing country. You do not acknowledge the constitution or the 2nd amendment. I hope every patriot boycotts you and run you out of business. Your food sucks. Your attitude sucks and if I ever were to walk into your nasty restaurant's, I will be...

All County Towing / Towing

Refer to letter below for complaint, this company, 6 days after being fired and after their signs had been taken down and replaced by the new company towed 2 of our resident's vehicles in violation of statute as per the Pembroke Pines Police Department April 28, 2017 All County Towing 520 NW...

Goodyear / Goodyear ratchet straps

Scott Katz on Apr 20, 2017
GoodyearI'm sending this so you are aware of this really poorly made product. I have been trailering different off road vehicles for 15 years. I've used many different types of straps, even the cheap Harbor Freight ones and have never had a strap break before. A few days ago I had an ATV on my...

Speedy-Repo.com / Repossession

Texas1007 on Apr 11, 2017
Wow!!! This company is the worse company in the history of ### companies. Not that this dude over the phone is rude but completely incompetent.. his business and his rudeness made me literally cringe. I simply wanted information in the charges he kept talking over me, and when I asked him...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Roadside assistance

QuianaA on Apr 8, 2017
I called for a tow of my vehicle on April 7, 2017, from the personal driveway of my home to a vehicle repair shop. I was asked during the call if my car was operable or could start I said no. Upon arrival of the truck one hour later, I was told there was a problem where my vehicle could...

Transport Connection / Moving services

NAME574 on Mar 31, 2017
Unbelievable! I called to see if he took credit cards and the owner (Bill) began yelling and telling me not to waste people's time. It was a simple yes or no answer but the owner felt the need to go into detail about how the industry worked and how I wouldn't find anyone to take a credit...

Scenic Towing / Damage when jeep towed

Diana Morris on Mar 30, 2017
Scenic TowingOn 9/3/2016 I had my jeep towed because the clutch pedal went out. It was parked behind my house so I put it in 4x4 to try and push it out into the alley before the tow truck came. When the tow truck came he placed it on the flatbed but when it would not roll up he went to the front axle...

Shell / shell gas station - essex street, hackensack, nj

kwright1 on Mar 21, 2017
3/1/17 551-996-3392 my daughter went to the shell gas station, asked the attendant for a funnel to put oil in her car. He took it upon himself to put the oil in the car, spilled it and the car caught on fire. they towed the car to Brookside in Hackensack, and its been there for 20 day...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Roadside assistance

Holly Stjames on Mar 20, 2017
On March 18 I requested roadside assistance from AAA I have a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL 500 the battery was dead I explained this to the dispatch who is shored me that AAA would be able to get into my car and get me up and running upon his arrival the technician told me that he had not been...

Tompins Houses / Unauthorized parking in the lots

Tree02 on Mar 20, 2017
I reside in Tompkins Houses and paid to park my vehicle in the parking lot On more than one occasion an unauthorized vehicle has been in my space. On Friday 3/17/17 a black Honda Civic was there until Saturday 3/18/17. I took all of the proper steps to have the vehicle removed to no avail...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Towing service

Red Openheimer on Mar 19, 2017
I've been a AAA member for fifty years of the past 73 years. My current membership has been for 25+ years. Recently I had a situation come up where I need my car towed out of my garage and into the street in front of my home - a distance of no more than 100 feet. I've only used my AAA...

Ashley Towing / Unlawful towing

Tylie48 on Mar 18, 2017
My vehicle was parked lawfully in the apartment complex that I reside in. I have lived there for 7 months, but, 2 weeks prior I had a fender bender. I was waiting for the insurance company to get back to me. It was still drivable and I had driven it 3 days prior. On March 6th a sticker wa...

Progressive / Roadside assistance through agero

dianntucker on Mar 2, 2017
Progressive needs to be aware that AGERO is leaving their customers on the side of the road for as much as 4 hours. As a Progressive agent I have always raved about the excellent Claims Service Progressive provides to their customers. Recently I have received 2 complaints about Roadside...

AAA Mountain West / Roadside assistance

mrwestb on Feb 26, 2017
I called AAA on a Saturday at 7:pm. I am suppose to have the best coverage they offer which is the Premier RV. I called because I was at a movie theater and my battery was dead when I tried to leave. I just needed a jump start. They first told me they would be to me in two hours. I said no...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Towing service

LegalWhizard on Feb 23, 2017
Today I placed a call for towing service with AAA Plus since I was a passenger in my sons vehicle and the car broke down. I was told by the AAA Agent that it would be Lou's Towing that would come and get us. I subsequently get a call from Lou's and was told by their representative that due...

Shelter Insurance / Towing insurance that I have paid for & now not able to collect. Sounds like shelter has a lot of complaints. Wake up shelter insurance!

dondarwessel on Feb 23, 2017
Everyone just loves "insurance companies." On our way home last Sunday from Missouri, my Monte Carlo pooped out on me. My oil light came on, then my volts light. After the volts light came on - she was toast - I had no acceleration, nothing. I had to coast to the side of the road - - over...

Speedy-Repo.com / Called 1800-953-4428 for information

BabaYaga on Feb 17, 2017
This dillhole of a jackass answered and was the most rudest person I have ever come across. My company recently hired these dumb####s for a simple repo. When I called into get an update on the status of our claim. This jackass advised that we would need to call the rep that was assigned to...

American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Towing/roadside assistance.

Djgray on Feb 11, 2017
American Automobile Association / AAA.comI just called this morning because my truck slid down my driveway almost into my garage. I had two triple A service member's come out initially. They were very professional and courteous but did not have the wrecker to be able to pull my truck out. Not once did they mention that my...
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