Towing Complaints


Black Bull Towing / Illegally towing car in visitor parking at villa monterrey apts.

on Apr 20, 2019

I just bought a used car and been trying to go to office to get my sticker but they were always out of the office. So did next best thing i made sure to park in visitor parking so wouldn't get towed because don't have to have sticker in visitor parking. I came out next morning and car wa...

Trusty Transport / car transport

on Apr 10, 2019

DO NOT do business with them...They say they are family oriented and for the military...They are NEITHER!!! They quote one price and do not keep to it. Robbie promised the price would not go up. The car was not picked up on time even though they had a month to schedule it. It was for kid...

Metro P.P. Towing and recovery / parking

on Feb 26, 2019

My receipt fell off of my dashboard and they booted my car. Charged me $68.64 to remove boots. Total scam. They need to be investigated. They had at least 8 other cars booted and wanted everyone to pay in cash. Had to call police to get a supervisor to come with a card reader, so people...

Mac's Towing Pietermaritzburg / reckless driver

on Feb 1, 2019

Good day motorist of Pietermaritzburg Today 1/2/19 @17:15 one of Mac`s towing service was driving on the wrong side of the and nearly knocked into me and my passengers on our way home at the bird sanctuary Mcdonald`s intersection, i am a fifty year old gentleman and was never verbally...

R & F Motors, Inc / fraudulent advertising

on Jan 20, 2019

I had my Jeep towed after 10pm on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 because a parking ban had been enforced. I was parked in front of 56 Broadway, Taunton. I didn't even realize a ban was in effect because the snowstorm pretty much fizzled out and we literally got maybe 1-2 inches then rain...

Whiteys Towing / vehicle towing

on Jan 12, 2019

I called AAA around 6:00 pm Friday evening because my transmission went in my truck. First of all trying to give them my exact location was a nightmare to begin with. So after being on the phone with AAA for about 20 min I finally got a tow truck dispatched. AAA said the tow truck should...

Phil's Towing Inc. Oakville / towed my car by laying a trap and then charged $ almost $350 as ransom money to release car

on Dec 3, 2018

Phil's Towing Inc. OakvilleThese guys are crooks...they tow your car and hold it at ransom. Here is the plot they did- 1. Pkg lot at 157 cross avenue Oakville was lit badly on purpose and no parking sign was made to fall so its hidden. 2. Phils towing comes to grab the prey car and towe it away. 3. They then charged me...

Dade Wrecker And Recovery / towing service

on Oct 21, 2018

They called 3 different times and keep me on phone for 30 minutes asking all types of services I provide and after the $5 dollar fee and I agreed like an idiot cause they said I would be on top of google when people searched towing companies in my area and that hat o would be there in 24...

AAA / towing service

on Jul 27, 2018

My car overheated and stopped on Highway 152 westbound from highway 5 heading to Gilroy. I called AAA and tried to give the best description I could of my location. I was in a very large turnout about 15 minutes from the reservoir. This was at 2:08 pm. I was told a truck would be out but...

Number 1 Auto Transport / got scammed by car shipping broker

on Jul 9, 2018

Number 1 Auto TransportI used Number 1 Auto Transport to ship my car from OH to MO. The communication was seemingly easy going and direct. However, this was not the same standard maintained by the actual car carrier who was shipping my vehicle. Overall, I had a positive experience with the staff working for the...

AAA Roadside Assistance / tow

on Jun 23, 2018

Aaa is a worse company and horrible customer service This is a horrible company I ever seen. My car stopped at fry-way and I requested a tow truck from aaa the agent she started her business to enroll me to be a member and pay yearly I patiently give her my account information and they...

Bozeman Uhaul Storage and Rooms / trailer rental

on May 31, 2018

I made a online reservation to get a 4x8 utility trailer to move some of our larger items. When I went into pick up the trailer I asked the store member yo clarify that in fact I was renting the 4x8 utility trailer she replied with yes that is correct, we went out to hook up the trailer to...

Nieves Towing Service / didn’t get my change from a 50 dollar bill

on May 19, 2018

Nieves Towing ServiceI have had this problem before and let it go But this time you just lost a long time customer. I ordered 2platters with bacon and sausage as combos and 2 ultimate breakfast sandwich combos All with oj today. At first it was over 33 dollars then it Came out to be 26 and change. The girl...

9976 W Happy Valley Peoria AZ 85383 / the manager had no name tag young man dark hair thin build

on May 11, 2018

The last three times that we have been in there in the last couple of weeks the service is horrible the managers and staff ignoring that you're even in there we had to wave them down to get our drinks coffee silverware and when they take our orders they don't write anything down...

Hyundai/Elantra / my car has been damaged from capital tow

on May 8, 2018

Last week my car was towed and damaged by capital tow and today they towed it again even when I registered my car till 12:00am. Know I have to pay more money for nothing and it is becoming a big problem. They also don't have a phone number so I do not have an efisent way to contact...

No Company / driver

on Apr 29, 2018

On 4/29 @ 2:10 pm at Taft Furniture parking lot in Colonie NY. Driver dispatched from Hudson Valley NY district. Unprofessional approach and left within 5 min of arriving refusing to tow my vehicle. Ive been a member for the very first time ever. Your procedures of drivers were not explained but...

Associates Asset Recovery, Aiken, South Carolina / towed automobile

on Apr 27, 2018

I bought an automobile that had been recovered by Associates Asset Recovery in Aiken, South Carolina. When trying to speak to them on the phone to claime my property, they claimed they did not know where it was when it was sitting only feet away. They answered the phone and said they...

GM Warranty Tow / flat tire and tow

on Apr 12, 2018

My daughter had a flat tire, she called me and I went to her and we called the Chevy dealer which gave us the GM Motors Towing number because she had a warranty on her car and so we used them. So I drove her to work and came back to her car to wait. The Tow Company never came after 2 hr...

K and K Towing and Auto Salvage / k and k towing is a scam in palmyra maine

on Mar 28, 2018

K and K Towing and Auto SalvageK and K towing is a SCAM in Palmyra Maine. The owner of K and K (Frank Maker) tried to SCAM me when I took my truck there to get it inspected. Frank told me that my truck needed $500 worth of parts to pass inspection. I knew that my truck did not need any parts because my brother is a...

PTR Towing / harassment

on Feb 25, 2018

On 2/24/18 i was advised that the non licensed property manager of river-lawn mobile home park financially bribed David Cogdill to impound both of our vehicles just only one of them isn't properly registered due to a title issue that will be resolved on 2/26/18. 530 am 2/24/18 Mr...

Platinum Towing / towing service

on Feb 10, 2018

Hi I'm complaining about my boyfriend's car that had gotten towed from this company that is the worst I've ever doubted with. They were rude and racist they thought my boyfriend didn't have papers so they kept playing with him about information towards his Volvo. They wouldn't let him get...

Marine Transport Logistics Inc. / shipment

on Nov 21, 2017

Avoid as a plague!!! Scammers!!! In august 2017 I trusted to this company my car (Ford f 150 2009; vin 1ftpf14819kb44872) to deliver it from miami to antwerp belgium on october 1 2017. They never delivered it!!! They informed me that some driver took it. They denied to initiate a lawsuit...

AAA / roadside assistance

on Nov 3, 2017

Bought a running truck on 10/23/2017 left the truck with the previous owner because I needed a ride to get it and previous owner said he would detail it before I picked it up. Went to get the truck today and it was running rough and kept dying. I called my aaa road side and they said since...

Jac's Towing & Recovery / rude and unethical behaviour

on Oct 26, 2017

Towed vehicle from apartment complex because parking permit was not displayed. Vehicle towed August 6, 2017. Was on vacation when vehicle was towed. No attempt was made by the towing company to notify vehicle owner. Returned from vacation August 13, 2017 to discover that vehicle had been...

Image Recovery, Inc / repo company holding my personal property hostage unless I pay them cash under the table

on Oct 24, 2017

Not sure if you can answer this. I fell behind on payments and my KIA was repo last Tuesday. The tow driver showed up at 2am. I caught him while tossing trash outside. He was nice. He let me remove my things; however, it began raining. He said I could pick up later at no additional fee. Today...

Charlie's Towing / fraudulent overcharging

on Oct 20, 2017

This is by far the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with. I was quoted $85 flat for the tow. They added an extra $30 charge for “waiting time” even though the driver showed up 20 min early to pick up the vehicle and left WITOUT the car. The driver stated the no one was home...

Dave's Towing / dishonest

on Aug 5, 2017

This is a dishonest company. Tow your car, doesn't follow fl. statues 715.07 must release car to owner if they come before towed. Driver lied to company that I pushed him, there are camaras at premises and witnesses, to show that this did not happen. They claim on web site that they take...

Miller Brothers Automotive / towing service

on Aug 3, 2017

Initially, my AAA membership was “Basic.” I upgraded my membership to “Plus” on 08/02/2017. Several hours later I was towed by Miller Brothers Automotive over a distance of 13 miles. Miller claimed that AAA requires a waiting period before the benefits of a membership upgrade take effect. They...

SDMC Parking N Block Market GK 1 / parking overcharge-cheating

on Jul 11, 2017

Sdmc parking contractor sunil ([protected]) contractor @n block market gk 1 is cheating consumers and overcharges claiming rs 20/- over and above the per hr charges. I parked my car at 9.20 pm and removed at 11.55 pm he charged me [protected]@20/- plus another 20/- as slip charges, even though the...

AAA Services of North Carolina / aaa towing services unfair and unethical policy and practice regarding their towing services.

on Jun 21, 2017

On June 20, 2017, my car electronic car system indicator light was stating that my car was inoperable. My car was making a loud notice while I was driving home from Winston Salem, NC. The indicator light was flashing a warning sign for my breaks and ABS problems. Therefore, I drove my car...

Alaska 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle Recovery Service / 2nd amendment

on May 1, 2017

I think you should be run out of the ###ing country. You do not acknowledge the constitution or the 2nd amendment. I hope every patriot boycotts you and run you out of business. Your food sucks. Your attitude sucks and if I ever were to walk into your nasty restaurant's, I will be...

Scenic Towing / Damage when jeep towed

on Mar 30, 2017

Scenic TowingOn 9/3/2016 I had my jeep towed because the clutch pedal went out. It was parked behind my house so I put it in 4x4 to try and push it out into the alley before the tow truck came. When the tow truck came he placed it on the flatbed but when it would not roll up he went to the front axle...

Tompins Houses / Unauthorized parking in the lots

on Mar 20, 2017

I reside in Tompkins Houses and paid to park my vehicle in the parking lot On more than one occasion an unauthorized vehicle has been in my space. On Friday 3/17/17 a black Honda Civic was there until Saturday 3/18/17. I took all of the proper steps to have the vehicle removed to no avail...

Ashley Towing / Unlawful towing

on Mar 18, 2017

My vehicle was parked lawfully in the apartment complex that I reside in. I have lived there for 7 months, but, 2 weeks prior I had a fender bender. I was waiting for the insurance company to get back to me. It was still drivable and I had driven it 3 days prior. On March 6th a sticker wa...

AAA Mountain West / Roadside assistance

on Feb 26, 2017

I called AAA on a Saturday at 7:pm. I am suppose to have the best coverage they offer which is the Premier RV. I called because I was at a movie theater and my battery was dead when I tried to leave. I just needed a jump start. They first told me they would be to me in two hours. I said no...

Cheasepeake Glen / Parking

on Jan 27, 2017

Hello my name is Tershia Estep & I resides @ 8075 Green Orchard Road apt 33 Glen Burnie Md 21016 on January 19th my son vehicle was towed from out my house. He was parked in da back of the parking lot where all my visitors has parked in the past. Even I used to park there while borrowing a...

A Class Limos / Improper towing burned the transmission of our bus

on Jan 5, 2017

I wish I can say good things about this company, but I can not. A few weeks ago they towed one of our buses from Miami to Pompano Beach. Here comes the story!! First the 1st tow truck they send was to small for a bus, so my driver waited for 3hrs for the a final tow truck to arrive. From...