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Quiktrip / Cashier was rude and confrontational

Anthony Salas on Mar 28, 2017
I walk in and cashier was arguing with another customer and threatening to kick him out of the store, i approached and went to buy a tobacco product he ask for i.d. witch is correct but i did not have it, then he snatched the item away and said" that sucks for you" in a rude way, i...

Marlboro / Marlboro gold

Chris Baldwin on Mar 27, 2017
I bought a pack today opened it up and smoked one thinking nothing over it well a little while later i went to smoke another and went to light it and my cousin stopped me and said there was somthing on it.. well it wasnt something on it. It was somthing that was seamed over and alot of it...

Richmond Menthol Superkings / Richmond menthol superkings

Janewilsonluton on Mar 21, 2017
Richmond Menthol SuperkingsDear sir/madam I purchased a packet of 20 Richmond menthol super kings today at my local Co op although when I opened and had my first cigarette from the packet it didn't taste right but assumed it was due to something I had eaten layer I had another one and exactly the same so my father...

Marlboro / Marlboro lights

Donna Townsend on Mar 19, 2017
For the past year or so, I have had problems with the Marlboro Lights. I have smoked this brand for over twenty years. The cigarette either keeps going out or the fire falls out of the tip even when I pack them. I've never packed them before until lately thinking maybe that would be a...

Mike K. / Winchester little cigars

Mosesmo on Mar 18, 2017
I live in Wernersville, Pa. And on many occasions I have visited the Sheetz on penn avenue in Sinking Spring only to find that they don't have any of my product on the shelf. I asked the manager on many occasions to order more. Your corporation spends tons of money on advertising to get me...

Lambert & Butler / Lambert and lambert blue 19s

Jessica McAllister on Mar 17, 2017
Purchased the new lambert and butler blue range which is now out over my usual lambert and butler. I opened the packet and the first one I pulled out and smoked was fine. Upon getting the second from the packet the insides fell out and proceeded to do so for the next seven cigarettes. I...

Marlboro / Marlboro menthol gold pack

B.vue1989@gmail.com on Mar 13, 2017
Recently my brother has been buying bad or fake Marlboro menthol gold pack cigarettes. I didn't pay much attention to him because I smoke the same brand and the cigarettes I buy tastes fine. Today he offered to give me a pack that he bad. It was brand new pack unopened and everything. The first...

Pall Mall / Pall mall double capusule

Hannah Marvan on Mar 11, 2017
I sent my carer to buy a packet of pall mall double clicks, I am blind that is why I sent me carer. She is writing this email. On the packet she said it stated that smoking causes the risk of blindness. This was not in brail on the packet, and the first I had heard that smoking causes thi...

Marlboro / marlboro blend no.27

Thomas Harold on Mar 11, 2017
MarlboroI've been smoking Marlboro 27s every since you guys first released them. I hardly ever have any problems out of them. But a few minutes I lite one up an got the most god aweful taste, so I put it out an sat it aside for awhile. I just went to light another an started looking at the...

Lambert & Butler / Lambert and butler smooth gold

Ayse Kemal on Mar 8, 2017
Can you exlain to me: the retailers say just the packaging has changed but the filter is much long and leave a bitter after taste after smoking the originals packs were not like this also many times when the cigarette comes to the end the lighted ash falls off and has burnt my table, my...

Marlboro / Marlboro black 100 red label

MarlboroWe purchased a pack of marlboro black 100 cigarettes today. As we opened the pack, the first cigarette we grab has something stuck to it, that in which had a piece of cut up filter paper attached. I am not sure what is adhering the paper to the cigarette, but its not something I am willing...

Edgars Fashion / Edcon / Lost card

Nthite on Mar 7, 2017
On Wednesday 22 Feb 2017 I went to shop at Edgars Highveld mall in Witbank. I forgot my account card for the simple reason that the cashier also forgot to give it back to me. I was phoned to come and collect the card. The following week when I went there my (02 Mar 2017) was nowhere to be...

Marlboro / Marlboro 72s-blue

Patty Daniel Summers on Mar 7, 2017
A couple of hours ago I purchased 3 packs of 72 Blue. Upon opening the first pack and lighting one up, it tasted as if I had lit the wrong end. At first, I just thought it was due to the lemonade I was drinking but my husband tasted the same thing. So, I opened a second pack but, again...

Lambert & Butler / Gold smooth/pure gold

LEANNE31 on Mar 6, 2017
Reduced amount of tobacco in ciggertte by increasing size of filter. I'm sure they are defrauding the government bu doing this as we are taxed on amount of tabacco in a cig have lambert and butler disclosed this to the government ( I doubt it) as the cigs would then be slightly cheaper...

Aytul / Cigarettes

Aytul on Mar 5, 2017
AytulAlready did, not going into it again the packaging is miss leading #### that work behind a counter has given my son menthols thinking it's my cigarette I opened it to find menthols now I'm left with these #### cigarettes lost £10 what the hell are you going to do about it, I can't...

Marlboro / Marlboro gold

Gill28 on Mar 4, 2017
Recent packs I have bought are extremely low quality and after years of smoking only this brand I will be changing now. The amount of tobacco in the cigarettes is lower which means the lit tip of the cigarette falls off at least once. This is annoying and dangerous. Also the self sealing...

Marlboro / Marlboro midnights

Bennett Rounds on Mar 2, 2017
MarlboroI've been smoking marks for years, and most of them menthol, so lately I've been smoking midnights. This last pack bought in schenectady NY. Absolutely horrible and stale, now I complained to the store I bought them at, and of course they don't want to do anything. And I'm suspecting thi...

Marlboro / Marlboro lights

Michelle Roque on Mar 2, 2017
I've been smoking for 18 years and only smoked Marlboro lights. These past two months, my experience with your ciggarettes have been horrible to say the least. They're constantly going out and the head of the ciggerette is constantly falling off. I've been burned numerous times. Also the...

Lambert & Butler / Lambert and butler silver 40 pack

Hi, I bought a 40 pack of lambert and butler silver from a tesco express store in newcastle and when I opened the and started to smoke them I found the filters loose and the paper not stuck properly. I was unable to enjoy them and made for a very disappointing smoke. I have smoke l&b...

Benson And Hedges / Cigarettes

D.Sarkar58 on Mar 1, 2017
I have purchased a 10 pack carton of Benson & Hedges Cigarettes from Emirates Duty free shop at Terminal C on 23.2.17. On opening the individual packs, cigarettes appear damp and appears to be very old stock. The Bar code scanner reading indicates packing date as July 2015. This is very...
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