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Lambert & Butler / Lambert & butler real blue 19

Hannahmoor92 on Dec 22, 2016
Lambert & ButlerI regularly smoke these cigarettes, in fact these are the only cigarettes I smoke. I purchased a pack of 19 yesterday and then again another pack of 19 this morning. Since I started smoking this pack of cigarettes I've had the most horrendous headache. I know it's to do with the cigarette...

Pall Mall Cigarettes/R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / Filter design

Paul Hope on Dec 19, 2016
I smoke Pall Mall blue super kings. A few months ago you changed the design of the filter -fresher taste. This particular brand is not tightly packed ans results in loose flakes of tobacco in the packet. These flakes lodge in the recess in the filter and whilst are normally observed and...

Angela Avery / Peter jackson hybrid blue

Mollusc on Dec 18, 2016
Good afternoon my name is Angela. I have been buying these smokes since they came out. I swapped from Winfield optimum crush. It seems nearly every packet has some with the popper and no menthol in it. I can't smoke them without which has resulted in my having to throw them away. I really...

USA-Cigarettes.com / Never received my order

Eric Shawula on Dec 17, 2016
Ordered 1 carton of benson and hedges. (Order # 52915) on 11/29/2016. Sent $42.50 via western union to xin chen. (Mtcn 0858962077). They received money but have not shipped. Refuse to answer e-mails. Web site owners - andy liu & feng wuye # +86 373 024 8785 $ sent to xin chen Some have lost 100's of dollars. Why can't this website be flagged or blocked.

Lambert & Butler / Crushball

slimmers on Dec 15, 2016
Lambert & Butleri recently bought a packet of crushballs, the 5th cigarette from the box fell apart as i lit it, it seemed there was no glue holding the tobacco part to the filter, on examination one other cigarette in the packet had the same issue, is there a general problem with the glueing process or...

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) / Sterling dual

KimM72 on Dec 14, 2016
Yesterday I bought a packet of 17, yes not 20 as should be, I was angry and annoyed to find that out of the whole packet only 3 actually burst!! I've been buying this brand for a while now, I've had the odd one or two not pop but never this many. I would like a full refund if the £7.45 I had...

Smokey's gifts/503 Smokewear / Sold broken item

rodneyjackson on Dec 13, 2016
I purchased a glass bowl head for a water pipe here and the product immediately broke upon unwrapping it. When I returned to the store they rudely denied me a refund or replacement telling me that "things work differently in the glass industry" as if that made selling defective products to...

Lambert & Butler / Lambert and butler blue smooth

Angela yule on Dec 11, 2016
Lambert & ButlerDear sirs I am writing to you to complain about your lambert and butler blue smooth. These are the cigarettes myself and husband smoke. Between us we smoke 60 a day and the last month we have had an issue with the ends of the cigarette containing no tobacco. Cigarette habits are expensive...

Coles / White ox tobacco

James Baumgart on Dec 10, 2016
I bought a 50g white ox from coles maryborough when i got it home i descovered it was 60% stem to 40% tobacco and it weighed 42.84g. I have been smoking white ox for 15+ years and I'm very disapointed in your product as it has been getting worser and worser every time i buy a packet of...

Marlboro / Marlboro lights special blend

Shannonzodiac11 on Dec 7, 2016
MarlboroWent to light a cigarette, the first inhale I didn't taste nothing till I blew it out. It tasted like a chemical and I smelled it strong. As I thought of the smell and taken the second drag of cigarette and blew it out, it took my breath and it made me sick. My mouth watered and stomach...

Marlboro / Marlboro gold

Petra Westlake on Dec 6, 2016
Cigarettes are burning way to fast and ends are becoming large and dropping off dangerously. I have smoked this brand for years and am now concerned about the safety as the end dropping off are red-hot and large. I but cigarettes in bulk and thus batch is uk bar coded 8724800003581, I am...

Marlboro / Marlboro blue ice moldy

Juandre Mulder on Dec 5, 2016
MarlboroGood day on the 5th of December 2016 i opened a new sealed packet of my Marlboro blue ice cigarettes and as i was almost two thirds into it i started tasting a strange odor and taste and then i went for another drag and then it i tasted it in my cigarette and was so horrible i started to...

Woolworths Australia / Tobacco sales

Shemsu on Dec 4, 2016
i have bought port royal tobacco at the Moe store for years, this year the 30 gram pack was replaced by the 25 gram pack, for 4 months or so i was being charged 33 dollars for the 25 gram pack, the same price as the 30 gram pack, then for about 2 months it went down to 28 dollars, which i...

Camel Cigarettes / Camel blue

Frustrated Smoker on Dec 2, 2016
Camel CigarettesThe past 2 months I have bought cigarettes that is damaged. Each pack has at least half that are ripped at the end. I can't light it until removing half of the cigarette. I pay for a full pack, but I'm only getting half a pack that is actually rolled correctly. I've been smoking Camels for...

Marlboro / Marlboro touch, tobacco pouch

Τζον Τζοννυ on Nov 28, 2016
Marlboro22/11/2016, 00306946376956, Greece I opened my pouch and while I was rolling, I saw a piece of stem big as my finger in there. I request 10 Marlboro Touch (Blue) pouches. You can conntact me at this email: kaminiagiannis@gmail.com or my phone number. This is not what I excpected from...

Pall Mall Cigarettes/R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / Product

James Rolfe on Nov 26, 2016
Pall Mall Cigarettes/R. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyGood day Ive been smoking Pall Mall for a while now and today I found a sigarrette thats not up to customers quality standards. I will opload some pics I took and find this very unacceptable. I mean for the price of tobacco today sigarettes must be checked before packaging. We pay alot for...

Lambert & Butler / Lambert & butler superkings real blue

on Nov 26, 2016
Lambert & ButlerHi I bought a 20 pack of Lambert & and butler superkings real blue yesterday 25th November 2016 from my local Mccolls store in merthyr Road Whitchurch Cardiff. When I got home I smoked a cigarette and it was menthol. I I thought it may be a one off but the whole pack is menthol. The...

N/A / Lambert and butler king size 20 pack

Danielledl on Nov 22, 2016
I purchased a pack of 20 lambert and butler king size today at a news agents in Musselburgh costing me £9.10. 10 minutes after these were purchased I opened the packet and instead of 20 there were only 16 cigarettes in it. I have been a loyal customer for many years and as the price is now...

Camel Cigarettes / 30g rolling tobacco

Will Vickers on Nov 16, 2016
Camel CigarettesFor the second time in a month I have bought a packet of tobacco and the consistency is that of pipe tobacco. Im in chamonix in France and quite unsure where I am able to complain regarding this. Last time I sucked it up and smoked them but this time I'm pretty annoyed ! I enjoy smoking...

Pall mall / Pall mall double capsules

Maria.MrsWilliams on Nov 16, 2016
Apologies if I am contacting the wrong people about this. I recently purchased 23 pall mall double capsules from a local tesco extra and every single cigarette when clicked, has detached from the filter and basically been non smokeable, wasting £7.50 and having to spend another £6.50 on the...
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