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Lambert & Butler / l & b blue crushball

Mrs Kay Chambers on Aug 2, 2017
I purchase 20 of these cigarettes per day, I have never had any trouble with them before, I went to my local Sainsburys on Saturday 29/7/17 and purchased 60 to get me through the weekend, out of each of these 3 packets once opened it was discovered that over half of them were so dry that...

Sheetz / decaf coffee

jasworm on Jul 31, 2017
On 7/31 I went into the northern Cambria 15714 sheetz to buy ice tea and a decaf coffee only to be told that they empty all the coffee except 1 classic at 11pm and do not make anymore until 3am... I just moved here from Indiana pa... I have never experienced this in Indiana or anywhere...

Lambert & Butler / Lit end falling off!!

Sarah chalk on Aug 1, 2017
Lambert & ButlerThis happens all the time causing injury and damage!! Today I was at the bingo and while having a cigarette the end fell off causing my trainer to get damaged and 5 burn blisters on my ankle. Always burning my hands, damaging clothing and sofa. This happens quite a lot and one day will...

Marlboro / menthol black cigarettes

Sarah411 on Jul 31, 2017
The past few months I have bought your brand they have been stale and the last pack of bought the date that is was made was in 2007 I do not know why those were still on the shelves toy knowledge cigarettes are only supposed to be on shelves for now longer then 14 months I have went back...

Family Dollar Stores / newport digital coupons

Coño on Jul 31, 2017
Hello I went to the family dollar in question with a digital coupon from Newport.com they still give the paper coupons but they're trying out the digital one I've to that store with same coupon they scan if no problem for some reason when I went there the last time the manager of the store...

Shell / grizzly wintergreen long cut chewing tobacco

Ryan Ha-aut'z Chavez on Jul 28, 2017
ShellI feel like I was overcharged for my most recent purchase of Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut chewing tobacco. I bought the product for $6.99 plus tax at the following location: Shell Fuels #68844 Shell 2290 Moore St San Diego, CA 92110 I bought it on 07/28/17 details on the receipt are a...

Pall Mall / pall mall orange 100s

Kimtrader on Jul 28, 2017
But two packs of Pall Mall orange 100s at 7-Eleven on Ford Road Garden City Michigan and both packs were stale I go there because they're cheap I would like to replace With Coupons because cigarettes are not cheap thank you I go to the 711 all the time like 3 or 4 times a week and this i...

Lambert & Butler / cigarettes

Kayli91 on Jul 27, 2017
Lambert & ButlerI recently purchased a packet of cigarettes from my local shop which I do every week only yesterday when I opened them they had some type of beetle/ants in the tip. I've never had this problem before and didn't want it to happen again. I have thrown the cigarettes away And unsure if I want...

Marlboro / marlboro cigarettes

Andrea Hudec on Jul 26, 2017
I've been smoking Marlboro cigarettes since 1988 and never had a problem until these last 3 years. Thousands of dollars on smokes and they resonate down the cigarette leaving you with this horrible feeling for hours. This is some trick to get people to stop smoking ...well the news is I'm...

Marlboro / filters aren't full and are flat.

Randy McCusker on Jul 25, 2017
Ive been smoking Marlboro red cigarettes for 30 years, even through the change to FSC, and ive never had a problem with the filters being in such sad shape. Over the last 2 weeks, ive opened cartons and had packs that the cigarettes filters were unfilled, and flat. They weren't purchased...

Marlboro / marlboro red beyond

Arend94 on Jul 24, 2017
Good day. I have been supporting Marlboro for quite a few years now. In the past i have had a few cigarettes (Marlboro red beyond) which for some reason didnt contain a menthol ice ball. Even through my dissatisfaction on the situation i let it be. Unfortunately it happened again today. It...

Marlboro / marlboro black 100s with red stripe

Erica Dawn Coffman on Jul 24, 2017
Good Afternoon, I would like to first say that I am very sorry to have to be the one to say this. However, One pack of smokes that i have purchased had just one cigarette that had a chemical/plastic smell and taste to it. My lips felt numb just for a bit. As soon as i smelt and tasted the...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler cigarettes

Rober272621 on Jul 22, 2017
Lambert & ButlerHello I have brought one of your packet of lambert and butler cigarettes and the cigarette has came apart from the filter it also burnt my hand as the cherry of the cigarette hit my had as a result in the filter coming away from the cigarette I really don't think this is acceptable as thi...

Mrs C Callow / lambert and butler original silver

Marie7905 on Jul 22, 2017
I purchase 20 lambert and butler everyday and have done for 20 + years, I recently purchased a pack and six of those the filters came completely off, I put this down to a one off, but yesterday this happened again to 5 cigerattes. I have also noticed that since packaging has changed they...

Cenx Zip Trip G / has no respect for customer

Seecccc on Jul 21, 2017
zip trip #2 1523 w 10th ave spokane, wa 9920 4 phone : (509) 624-4827. this is the store i will never return too in my whole life i have never been more disrespected before. i went in on a hot day in summer june 24th 2017 around 745pm and i was rudely told that i cannot try the slushie...

Pall Mall / cigarettes

Carrie Heck on Jul 19, 2017
I recently bought a pack of pall mall menthol 100s. They were so stale. They neither didn't rotate them or thry are selling old cigarettes I have never had a problem a problem with your cigarettes. They are the only ones that I smoke. Once you buy cigarettes at stores and they are open...

Pall Mall / pall mall cigarettes

Patricia Kohler on Jul 16, 2017
Pall MallI bought a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes the other day and when I opened the pack I noticed dark spots on the cigarettes. I didn't have enough money to buy another pack so I smoked most of them but 6 cigarettes. They tasted like they were old. I was afraid to smoke anymore of them...

Philip Morris / marlboro brand cigarettes

Sarah422 on Jul 15, 2017
I smoked Newport for a long time decided to switch to Marlboro cause they were cheaper. The last 5 months both me and my husband no matter where we bought them they were either all stale or a few were good the rest was garbage. Smoked menthol blacks then bought Marlboro menthol with the...

Lambert & Butler / dry tobacco.

cccuk on Jul 15, 2017
Lambert & ButlerHello, I purchased 2 X packs of 20 L&B from a convenience store on Charleston Drive, Dundee, Scotland. When opening the 1st pack I noticed there was only half the amount of tobacco in the tube. When I examined the rest of pack, all tubes were half filled and once turned upside down, all...

Camel / camel crush menthol silver

Cjd9996 on Jul 13, 2017
I have purchased a pack of cigarettes that are coming apart at the seams as if the glue is not sticking well enough. This was noticed when I first opened the package. They were not wet, or stored anywhere hot or humid. Some of the cigarettes are smokeable but most are not. This is not the...
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