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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Marlboro / Shortage (stock) - Marlboro Filter Plus Silver : Kuwait

Sachin Varghese on Mar 17, 2018
MarlboroHi, Been a Marlboro Filter plus silver smoker since 5 years and it's so disappointing that we find the cigarette is no more arriving Kuwait since more than 3 weeks and no store has it. Requesting you to please understand how much this affects when shifting brands. Please write back on...

Imperial tobacco Australia / jps red 20's

Joseph McBride on Mar 15, 2018
Imperial tobacco AustraliaI am a loyal customer and purchase JPS Reds religiously. I have purchased the same smokes for years. The only change has been from blues to reds. I've had a few problems with the product recently though. I have noticed the quality has dropped, somewhat drier, but have never made a formal...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler green

Dougie45 on Mar 13, 2018
I have bought 3 packs of Lambert and Butler Green. The first bought was from a Large supermarket whilst smiling the first cigarette I realised it had no menthol taste so had to leave the packet on the shelf. I then bought another pack form a small local shop and again the same taste of no...

Marlboro / cigarettes

lisamsuttle on Mar 13, 2018
I've never done this before so I wish I didn't have to do this but I brought 2 packs of Marlboro 100 black reds and there were 3-5 cigarettes that were broken in each packs. The box was not crushed and everything looked good. I purchased them from Sadlers in Dunn NC 28334. It just seems so...

Al Bayan Purification & Potable Water LLC / unethical behaviour

bryny on Mar 12, 2018
This is to inform you that my name is Brynysinish. I am staying in al hamariya.(oman) Iam your new customer. I have one complaint four your sales person in hamariya. Before one weak we ordered to Salesman due to new coupon and bottle purchasing. He agree to come next day. Not come. Again i...

Menthol Tobacco Issues / poor product

David A Jenkins on Mar 11, 2018
I been rolling my own cigarettes for 2yrs. Now. Past couple of months I'm having issues with your menthol tobacco. At times the menthol mix in your product is decently satisfying. However it seems every other menthol bag of tobacco has way too much menthol mix. For instance halfway throu a...

JPS Endless Blue Tobacco / 25gm pouch of tobacco

KayleenHumphries on Mar 11, 2018
JPS Endless Blue TobaccoThe packet of tobacco i have has huge unsmokeable pieces of bark like texture. This happens all the time but this packet has a huge amount 9327329010215 is the barcode I would appreciate a replacement You can post this to 21 Jacaranda court mount gambier SA 5290. This product has been an...

Lambert and Butler / lambert and butler green 20 pack

Helen88 on Mar 10, 2018
I bought 2 packs of 20 menthol Lambert and butler from a shop I don't usually go to and upon having the first cigarette out the pack I noticed it didn't taste as usual, thought it was a one off and tried another from the same pack ( no menthol) I tried the other pack and the same no...

Lambert & Butler / lambert real blue,

sophie77 on Mar 10, 2018
I have just bought 20 Lambert real blue( 10.03.18 14.30pm) went to light one and it blew up in my face luckily no damage but a little spark landed on my eye lid. It was not the lighter i lit it with as it still works you can tell the was something in the tobacco the way the cigarette ha...

Lotus Sub Tank Refill / receive the wrong item would not let me return

Barbara Joyce Butler on Mar 9, 2018
Lotus Sub Tank RefillOn March 3rd around 8-9:30pm I went on Essen and Essen park Way to purchase refilled for the lotus. I brought the lotus smoker with me told the cashier I needed the refill for it, it was not mines but for someone in the hospital trying to stop smoking she gave me the sub tank not the...

Gambler Cigarette Machine / faulty cig roller that is brand new and will not roll cigs

Barbara Stiltner on Mar 9, 2018
I recently bought a cigarette roller that does not work. All I wanted was another one to replace it and the shop I bought it at won t replace it. I have always bought your brand. It was either 6.99 or 7.99. I never had this problem before. It just simply does not work and I would like for...

Lambert & Butler / tobacco/cigarettes

Emma1985 on Mar 9, 2018
Lambert & ButlerI went to my local shop this morning and bought w packs of Lambert & butler superkings real blue and on opening the packet and removing a cigarette I noticed that one of the cigarettes had no filter in it and upon purchasing the product and not receiving the full quality I was extremely...

Marlboro / marlboro black menthol 100

Brenda Chambers on Mar 8, 2018
I got a pack of Marlboro black menthol 100's from Dollar General here in Linton, Indiana, and they didn't taste of menthol at all and the tobacco was crumbly dry. I had to throw them away because they tasted stale. I paid almost $6.00 USD and the Dollar General store said they could not...

Philip Morris USA / marlboro lights cigarette

Kimberly D. Lang on Mar 8, 2018
Philip Morris USAMy husband pulled a cigarette out of the pack with his mouth and there was a hard piece of plastic (?), he said fiberglass (?) that stuck him in his lip. This piece of contamination extended out from the end of the filter. See pictures for details. This is an unusual event as he has been...

Lambert & Butler / the not the right cigarettes

Martin1103 on Mar 8, 2018
I went to the shop to buy menthol L&B cigarettes I got 20 packs of 20s as I am universal credit, I did not open one pack as I still had some left in my box. But when I ran out I opened the sleave and got one box out and to my surprise they were just the regular cigarettes but I don't...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler blue 20 cigarettes

Sambarnes on Mar 8, 2018
Lambert & ButlerSo I went to light the 3rd cigarette in my pack of Lambert and butler blue and good job I looked first as there was a ladybird shell in top with the tobacco! I have pictures if you require these! I could have inhaled that!!! Not happy. I would also like to hear back please as this is not...

Camel / camel mobile coupons

Camel? on Mar 7, 2018
What a joke! Started receiving the mobile coupons approximately 4months ago, loved the idea an how handy it was, UNTIL 6wks. ago! B 4 I leave home I ck. 2 c if I have any coupons n my email. So I know b 4 I get 2 the convenient store they are there an will use them. But approx 6wks ago I...

Windfield / windfield optimum crush blue 30's

Jaidyn Hobson on Mar 7, 2018
WindfieldHi i recently bought a packet of Windfield optimum crush blue it was a pack of 30. I was on my lunch break at work when I opened up my pack I had bought before work and sparked up a cigarette out of the pack and tasted a very strange taste and ashed my smoke hoping the horrible taste would...

Marlboro / unpleasant situation

Henriette Biro on Mar 5, 2018
Dear Sir / Madam, I've been buying your Marlboro products for many years and have always had my experience, but today I bought a Marlboro Silver cigarette with a long hairline and a stem. I do not think this has come to an end with such a company and that was a big disappointment for me...

Marlboro / marlboro cigarettes

AndreGoosen123 on Mar 4, 2018
MarlboroI smoked my last cigarette in my packet today and when I looked at the wrapping, I noticed that it is not wrapped perfectly. The edges don't meet. You are a company of high standards and I believe this shouldn't be unheard. I've never experienced such an problem and would be glad to never...

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