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Tobacco Products Complaints

Imperial Tobacco Australia Ltd / white ox tobacco

Madeline Boon on Jan 21, 2019

My partner and i, have been smoking white ox tobacco for over 20 years now, we actually buy a 25gram pouch every second day and sometimes actually a pouch a day... But the amount of bark and dust that are now in the pouch these days... Is absolutely outrageous... It's getting beyond a...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / white ox

Elena Natasha Basile on Jan 18, 2019

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaI've been smoking White Ox for quite a while now and for a while now I have been finding more and more bits of bark chips in my tobacco each time. I spend quite a bit of money every week on 50g pouch and considering the price of White Ox 50g pouch and how much it has gone up in price, that...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / champion ruby 25g rolling tobacco

Ryan1123 on Jan 17, 2019

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaHi Team, I'm a 7+ year smoker of champion ruby, i absolutely love it. I often open a pouch to find some decent sized bits of tobacco stem and other "woody" matter, but this has never worried me. What has worried me is that i recently opened a pouch of champion ruby to find quite a large...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / parker and simpson blue 25's

Renee Richards on Jan 17, 2019

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaHi my name is Renee Richards and I have been purchasing Parker and Simpson blue 25's for about 3-4 months now, I enjoy the cigarette, they are great prices and with both myself and my partner smoking it works well with financial needs. I purchased 8 packets of these smokes from Woolworth...

Camel / camel activate purple cigarettes

Shikshas on Jan 14, 2019

Good day My name is shiksha singh and on sunday the 13th january 2019 I purchased 5 packets of camel activate purple cigarettes from the cigarette shop at the pick n pay steeldale store. I opened the cigarettes to smoke them and when popping the flavour I tasted the cigarette and it was not...

Drum Classic Blue / foreign object

MrJ77 on Jan 12, 2019

Drum Classic BlueI've been smoking Drum classic blue for years now and have occasionally come across little sticks and oily lumps and never bothered to formally complain about it. However, this time I've just found a little clump of tocacco in my pouch and when using it to make a cigarette i felt something...

Marlboro / marlboro red - hole in cigarette

Daniella Chante on Jan 12, 2019

MarlboroTo whom this may concern, I purchased a carton of Marlboro Reds in Dubai on a holiday trip, I then yesterday (11 January 2019) tried to smoke a cigarette and it didnt pull properly, I then noticed that there had been a hole in the cigarette above the filter and was unable to smoke it. I...

Camel / camel crush menthol

Camokid01 on Jan 11, 2019

Camel lied, they said that when the new Camel Crush pack design was rolled out that the cigarettes would be exactly the same. Completely false!!! I have smoked the green Camel Crush Menthols for years, I was smoking them when they were still in the original black packs. The ones in thi...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / jps eternal red 25g pouch

AlissaS on Jan 11, 2019

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaI bought this pouch about half an hour ago. Opened it up and there are pieces of stick the size of a smoke in the tobacco. I emptied it out into a ziplock bag and there were heaps of them! I've never had an issue with this tobacco but this is ridiculous!! Im now left with 3/4 of a pouch because the rest is unsmokable. Needless to say i'm not happy.

Walgreens / drivers license scan for cigarettes

smoker1880 on Jan 8, 2019

I'm 60 years old and have stopped shopping at my local Walgreens. I do not look like I'm 17 trying to sneak a pack or smokes, nor do I look 30, there is no way I can be confused for a under-aged person trying to buy smokes. I will show my License, even though the clerks could be my...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / 50 gram pack champion legendary ruby

Tina Pyke on Jan 8, 2019

When purchasing last pack and opened it all the tobacco was really fine and small compared to normal. It was like crumbs in the bottom of the packet but the whole packet was like it. Request replacement or money back. As tobacco is so costly I cannot afford to post for proof as I will not...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall red 40's

meagz on Jan 7, 2019

hi, partner and i both purchase pall mall cigarettes. He hasnt had the problem as yet but at least three packs of recent ( approx 1 month ) have come tasting very weak to draw back on... Being a regular smoker of pall malls i know it is something that is not of a regular consistent situation... / packages never received, no email reply, bogus contact phone number

4nb on Jan 3, 2019 goes to great lengths on their website to seem legit, but I assure you they are not. On Nov. 13, 2018 they took my order and my bitcoins, even emailed me on Nov. 16, 2018 that my order #15056 was sent out, but at seven weeks later I have no packages, though they claim...

Duty Free Depot / $50 to reopeen account?

Patrizia Sammartino on Jan 3, 2019

I had been satisfied with them for years, than all of a sudden they turned bad. And look at this e mail I got from them! "  Wed 12/19/2018, 6:21 PM You  I hope it teaches you to be more trusting and appreciative, and be less suspicious, negative and...

Dollar Tree / sisters working @ same store & one is manager & has a record

TDW1980 on Jan 2, 2019

A lady named Nicole Brown is a manager & has a record but was able to get it to go through which isn't fair.She gets her sister Sarah Brown a job which is against company policy.A lady that worked there before did a background check for part time ASM but didn't pass it & no one tried to...

DutyFreeDepot / tobacco products

AnnieMous on Dec 30, 2018

Back in August, 2018 I ordered 12 cartons of Karelia Menthol cigarettes, paying by echeck. I quickly received one package with 8 cartons but never received the other 4. I asked for a reshipment which was sent, but again never received as it never left customs. I asked for and was sent a...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / champion ruby

Scott94 on Dec 30, 2018

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaBeen buying champion for a few years now I love the smoke it's nice and smooth even after a week drying out, but it's not the first time I've found rat [censored] in it unfortunately, as previously said in complaints we don't wanna pay whatever extortionate amount to smoke stems and animal crap...

Gambler Tobacco / the loose pipe tobacco

Les Inconnus on Dec 29, 2018

Gambler, I didn't mind the twigs I often find in your tobacco cause I liked your tobacco, it was the perfect tobacco flavor, strength and everything. It didn't burn or irritate my throat like some other tobaccos do. BUT two times in one year this bizarre odity happened while smoking that...

Walgreens / alcohol and cigarettes

minus on Dec 27, 2018

Hi. Christmas Eve I went to Walgreens to purchase some alcohol and cigarettes for a party we were having that night. They had to see me ID for both items. Now I'm 71 years old and my license has expired due to the fact I can't drive anymore. (I got a ride from my granddaughter) I was told...

Lambert and Butler / green

Andreaham on Dec 25, 2018

Getting really fed up I smoke l&b green and on numerous occasions I have bought them and there is no mentol in the cigarettes not just one or two but the whole packet each time I complain to the shop but because I have opened them they can't refund them, now it's clearly...