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Tobacco Products Complaints


Tobacco company / I found hair in side my pouch of tobacco

Davidl67 on Mar 6, 2019

Tobacco companyI opened the pouch to make a smoke and found a very long hair tangled up in the tabbaco this is the second time this year it has happened to me the first time I didn't repot a complaint the second time I had to that is wrong to find hair inside a brand new pouch I hope it never happen...

John Player Special / tobacco

Stacey hill on Feb 19, 2019

John Player SpecialEach time I buy a pouch of jps I find disgusting amounts of barky stuff I am unable to use. I have been buying this product for at least 5 years and can probably make up a whole pouch of unusable badly stuff. I am contemplating changing because of the badly stuff. I have attached some of...

Phillip Morris / cigarettes

Angie1975 on Jan 25, 2019

The past few days I've been getting a headache or sick to my stomach when I smoke my cigarettes just didn't taste right tonight is when I realized the gold rings on the filter blacks do not have a ring reds do so I've been smoking Marlboro red 100s idk what's going on but I hope this get...

Imperial Tobacco Australia Ltd / white ox tobacco

Madeline Boon on Jan 21, 2019

My partner and i, have been smoking white ox tobacco for over 20 years now, we actually buy a 25gram pouch every second day and sometimes actually a pouch a day... But the amount of bark and dust that are now in the pouch these days... Is absolutely outrageous... It's getting beyond a...

Drum Classic Blue / foreign object

MrJ77 on Jan 12, 2019

Drum Classic BlueI've been smoking Drum classic blue for years now and have occasionally come across little sticks and oily lumps and never bothered to formally complain about it. However, this time I've just found a little clump of tocacco in my pouch and when using it to make a cigarette i felt something...

Gambler Tobacco / the loose pipe tobacco

Les Inconnus on Dec 29, 2018

Gambler, I didn't mind the twigs I often find in your tobacco cause I liked your tobacco, it was the perfect tobacco flavor, strength and everything. It didn't burn or irritate my throat like some other tobaccos do. BUT two times in one year this bizarre odity happened while smoking that...

British American Tobacco / winfield max blue 32

Matthew Foster on Dec 16, 2018

British American TobaccoAfternoon, I'm writing to you to advise that I have come across this cigarette in my packet, we pay big dollars for our cigarettes here in Australia, at nearly $43 per packet, over a dollar per cigarette. I enjoy smoking and my preferred taste is the Winfield Blue. I was wondering if you...

RJ Reynolds Tobacco / camel snus mellow

Gbuch on Dec 15, 2018

RJ Reynolds TobaccoI have used this product for at least 4 years. I believe it has improved my life in so many ways, mostly helped me stop the granular snuff that was affecting my health after 25 years of use. I have no complaint on the product but my last few cans have had 4 to 5 pouches with no tobacco in...

White Ox / tobacco

Zoe morris on Nov 17, 2018

White OxMy name is Zoe morris I am 28 years old and I have been a white ox smoker for 10 years and in that time I have never had this much bark in one pouch. It wouldn't bother me so much but I am paying more then 80 dollars a pouch and I buy 3 a fortnight so I am not happy with this. I would...

Douwe and Egberts / white ox tobacco

Shane beckingham on Nov 17, 2018

I'm complaining about the white ox tobbaco packages that often contain 20% chaff that cannot be smoked. I smoke a 50g and 25g packets each week. I love this tobacco and have smoked this brand for 35 years. I have put up with 10% chaff for all those years but now the price is higher than...

Letter Jackson Tobacco / 25g tobacco peter jackson

kaylagrace88 on Nov 17, 2018

Purchased 2 pouches of 25g peter Jackson tobacco. Opened one pouch, and could not smoke the cigarette because it has a foul purfume/soapy taste, Very unhappy, as I have always smoked peter Jackson products tobacco and tailor made and have never had this problem, Returned the unopened...

Newport Cigarettes / menthol 100 cigarettes

Jaclyn Nicole Fuchick on Nov 12, 2018

The last few packs of Newport 100 menthols I've purchased have been stale/half empty of tobacco. If I don't pack the cigarettes they are so loose that a lot of the tobacco just falls out of the cigarette. If I do pack them I have about a half inch of paper at the end of my cigarette and...

JPS Tobacco / roll your own pouches

Justin Sabitzer on Oct 27, 2018

The quality of the tobacco is extremely poor its far too dry 75% of pouch tobacco is dust, it burns twice as fast as other quality tobacco, other tobacco goes out when left in ashtray yet JPS will burn through when left in ashtray. With the price of tobacco being so expensive in Australia...

Food Market / pricing

Xanonymou s on Oct 24, 2018

I go to the cash register to ask for a black and mild cigar at a corner store downtown where I wouldn't ever expect a cashier to lie and try to force me to buy what I didn't ask for over just a little change the cashier kept repeating aggressively there s no 79cent wood tip cigar s $1.07...

Cigarettes Tobacco Cigars Tobacconist / faulty cigarettes

JadeHourn1999 on Oct 21, 2018

I purchased two packs of Rothmans Black in the 40s, they are $40 from the tct tobacconist in Wauchope, I smoke a fair bit so regularly I buy smokes from ctc an I have never had problem with Rothmans Black in the 40s they've always been a great smoke, but both packets the cigarettes have...

Windsor Blue / windsor blue superkings

Skettilegs on Oct 17, 2018

Windsor BlueI buy between 200-400 cigs a week. On a pack I've opened 1 of the cigs is unsmokable. The butt is unwrapped not completely but enough so I can't smoke it and I dare not even attempt to smoke it due to this. I'm disabled and not able to enjoy my smoke and shouldn't even...

Divided We Fall Guitars / marlboro red kings

Chester Dixon on Oct 6, 2018

Today at 1 am I purchased a pack of your cigarettes. When I went to remove the foil from the inside it didn't tear as usual. The entire foil part of the packaging came out and so did the cigarettes. More than half of them became broken in the process. I don't know if there's anything that...

Mr stuart thompson / amber leaf 30g

stuart thompson on Oct 4, 2018

Mr stuart thompsonI opened my box of Amberleaf to find the tobacco pouch had split on the side the tobacco was dried out . I have brought this product numerous times. I no accidents happen but the fact that the pouch wasn't even sealed shows the packer didn't do their job properly. Your company are...