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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Marlboro / light 100s

Ron John t on Jul 14, 2018

I bought a carton of the marlbaro light 100s Almost every pack the filters were uncut evenly and filters were not eather wrapped or not connected. I tried to return them to the store but was told to contact marlbaro so here I am. I payed $68.90 for a carton of useless smokes. Been a customer for...

Philip Morris USA / marrboul black

Change 2018 on Jul 14, 2018

Yes I bought 3 packs of the blacks my favorite cigarettes and was disappointed they were harsh very harsh like they were old and every pack that I purchased was the same. I didn't take any pictures of of them didn't know that I needed to. I would appreciate if you can help me with thi...

Camel / camel activate purple sigarettes

Amanda Esterhuizen on Jul 13, 2018

The product has been de-graded, the Camel Activate purple barely has a taste its harsh and rough! The quality is up to no good & when I buy a carton of Camel Activate purple; there seems to be sigarettes in almost every packet that has been torn lightly so then its a waste. I support thi...

Gambler Tubes / gambler menthol king tubes

Shannonfranklin403 on Jul 13, 2018

I usually buy the menthol gambler tubes, and never had an issue but the last two times I purchased them I opened the box and half of them were crushed. Which I found odd because the box was in perfect condition. I personally don't like throwing my money away on bad products. Gambler tube...

Foodworks Victoria Point / white ox tobacco

Gilders on Jul 10, 2018

My brother has been buying white ox from food works in Victoria point Queensland, the packet says made in New Zealand So he bought packets from Woolworths and coles and they both say made in Netherlands which I remember clearly when I was smoking it it was made in holland I think the foo...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / jps ryo blue

Ann-mariep on Jul 7, 2018

Purchased my normal brand rolling tobacco and this pouch is so dry I can't even roll it without it all falling out. I have never had a pouch this dry ever. It's so dry the pouch "crunches". Cannot get an exchange and now I'm considering changing brands because it's almost unusable. Oh well...

Republic Tobacco L P / tube cut menthol tobacco 1 1/2 oz bag

Tammi Nishimoto on Jul 6, 2018

On July 3rd 2018 I purchased this bag of tobacco from the Reno/Sparks Indian Smoke Colony located on Glendale Ave. The upc#077170632751 and in non-ink form on the bottom right corner of bag are these numbers 95% 5% 17481 E or 5 0928 and just above the upc says Tax Class J TP-NC-632 The...

Woolworths Australia / complaint against smoke counter person

M.hopkins on Jul 6, 2018

I asked for a carton of smokes today and a plastic bag at the smoke counter. I was denied the complementary plastic bag as i was told i would not be rewarded for my choice. She did say I could buy a bag. I reminded her that the bags are free until Sunday. I believe this is discrimination! If I...

Marlboro / marlboro lights

Brian Joseph Webb Sr. on Jul 5, 2018

I have been smoking Marlboros for over 10 years and I purchased a carton of Marlboro lights from Murphy's USA in Marshall Texas. They were so old.and stale I threw them out cause the were giving me headaches now I hope we can resolve this issue so I don't have to change brands but I tried...

Camel / mobile coupons

Thomas Forte on Jul 4, 2018

CamelMe and my girlfriend both have accounts with camel and we have used the $2.00 off coupons at many different seven elevens and gas stations all over Orange County and now for some reason everytime we go to redeem the coupon on our phones it says that there are currently no participating...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler real blue

Jack young1994 on Jul 4, 2018

I went to my local shop and bought 200 lambert and butler and when I got home and opened my first packet the first cigarette actually tasted like chemicals, so I opened another packet and the same thing happened, so I then opened the third pack and they seemed ok but I've had to chuck away...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / 50g and 25g white ox

nick rolland on Jul 4, 2018

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaI've been a consumer of white ox for over 15 years now. To spend $74 or $39 only to get dried up crumbs and a few sticks is a bit unfair wouldn't say? And then to be told that if the tobacco is unwrapped I can't get a refund is absolutely preposterous. Imperial tobacco, you need to enforce...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler blue

Jodie Passey on Jul 3, 2018

Lambert & ButlerI purchased 20 lambert and butler blue, from co op garage on Highcross road, Newport on 3rd July 2018. When I lit up my first cigarette, the end was on fire... didn't think anything more of it until the same happened to the 2nd. I removed all the cigarettes to check, and it looks as though...

Kwik Trip / Kwik Star / id not accepted

Paola Alvarez on Jul 3, 2018

I wanted to buy some cigarettes and when I was about to pay they asked For my ID so I gave it to them and the manager told me they couldn't accept my ID cause it says Mexico on top it had to be a state ID. I have a Mexico consular ID and they have always accepted it "Julia" another worker who...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / horizon red 50's pack of cigarettes

JimmyNail on Jul 2, 2018

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaWe only purchase this brand generally in a carton of 4 packs. Usually find the quality is better than most but I was really disappointed when a pack of these did not measure up. The lighted end of the cigarette continually fell off burning holes in my clothing and sometimes my finger...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / jps crushball

Kayceemaskiell on Jul 1, 2018

I bought cigarettes on the 1/07/18 from my local shop and many of the cigarettes in this packet I bought do not have the crush ball in them. Quite upset about this as I could have bought other cigarettes for cheaper but I buy this brand (jps crush all) as they have the option to change into...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / horizon menthol

Alana Dempsey on Jul 1, 2018

I purchased a 30g pack of horizon menthol from the 4 Square on Edmund road in Rotorua, New Zealand. There were no issues at first, but as the tobacco dried (not a long period of time, I go through 2 packs a week) the tobacco, which is mainly large sticks, is extremely flammable. As in, you...

Lambert & Butler / crushball cigarettes

BeckyS14 on Jun 30, 2018

I purchased a box of crushball cigarettes from my local shop on my way to work this morning and 13 of the 20 cigarettes do not have a crushball in them. This has been very disappointing for me as, only being on a basic income I had budgeted for this purchase. I cannot return said box to...

Camel / the new camel blue cigarettes taste horrible

kc1303 on Jun 29, 2018

I have smoked for a long time, (17 years we know how my life will end) saying this I know the repercussions of smoking and am fully prepared to deal with that. with saying that the new camel blue taste horrible. my local store has multiple people saying this @ kwik start @ address: 100 w...

Philip Morris USA / cigarettes that are ripped inside my pack

Jenleecraft on Jun 29, 2018

Philip Morris USAI have purchased multiple packs of Marlboro Black 100's from the new Wawa in oxford, florida and i have had ripped/cut cigarettes in at least 3 packs. The first one i didnt think anything of it and then i opened a brand new pack and took the first one out went to light it and noticed it...