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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Marlboro / Marlboro Lights 72's

Diane Benham on Sep 22, 2018

I am a very loyal customer and have never had any problems with the quality of Marlboro cigarettes. I bought a pack yesterday and 11 out of the 20 were split right down the seam. The grocery store said that they could not accept them for return because they had been opened and a few of...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / JPS Superking Blue Cigarettes

Dijeridoo on Sep 22, 2018

I bought a Pack of JPS SuperKing Blue at a OTR service Station in Salisbury S.A A cigarette I pulled from the pack broke as I pulled it out as it was stuck to inside of pack somehow and split the paper rendering it unsmokeable in its condition . I disassembled the cigarette to fill it into a...

JPS Cigarettes Blue / jps tobacco o

Tjalia Dijeridoo on Sep 21, 2018

I bought a pack of JPS superking blue and broke one removing it from the pack. I emptied the tobacco out of the paper to roll into a new smoke. In doing so I found an insect wing inside the tobacco. This makes me wonder how many other insects I have smoked and also wonder if you can seperate...

Camel / mobile coupons

pas56 on Sep 20, 2018

Not all of your smokers have mobile devices, so I was very disappointed that I could no longer get my coupons in the mail via your website. Please change back to let us order them online to be mailed out to us. I looked forward to ordering them online at the beginning of each month to take...

L&M / cigarette

Misswyss5 on Sep 16, 2018

I went to smoke a l&m menthol short, and the cigarette has black holes and some of the filter is gone. I'll include pictures. I was very disappointed with the way it was, especially when they are almost 5 dollars a pack and it was the very last cigarette in the pack. How do I know...

Benson and Hedges / product

judi-anne on Sep 16, 2018

Last night I purchased a packet of Benson and Hedges cigarettes 25 as stated by the staff member only to arrive home and find that they only contained 23 (as stated on the packet). The Government has recently increased the price by 12+% and now your Company are selling cigarettes which only...

British American Tobacco / tobacco

Theresa1977 on Sep 12, 2018

I have been a long time buyer of your tobacco and spend about $160 a fortnight on rothmans red tobacco.But my recent purchase was extremely disappointing to say the least.The 50g pouch i purchased was almost unsmokeable it was completely dry and was almost completely dust like.Usually a...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / bark in champion ruby 25 gram pouch

William12 on Sep 12, 2018

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaI have been a long time buyer of champion ruby as I enjoy it very much and it's my tobacco of choice. Recently I have had a few pouches where I have found white ox bark in it and I've axcepted it but this time the bark is far too big and blatantly un-smokeable. I would like to know if...

Camel / coupons

macabreangel on Sep 12, 2018

I would like to voice the fact that only having a mobil coupon option is very frustrating. I live very rural and find that the choices for stores near me are over 45 miles away. What happened to the option of having coupons mailed to a consumer? I understand the cost difference in a...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler crushball

Lauren Payne on Sep 11, 2018

Hello Today I purchased 20 lambert and bugle crushball To discover that none of the cigarettes have a ball to crush inside this isn't acceptable as they taste disgusting and not at all what I expect the quality to be and a waste of money . One without I would except it to have an entire...

Lambert & Butler / original crushball

Pete c1986 on Sep 7, 2018

Getting sick of keep paying out nearly £10 for 20 original l&b crushball when about 40% of the pack turnout to be normal l&b!!! Tonight is the final straw so far only 2 out of 15 have turned out to be crushball!!! On average I spend about £110 a week on l&b crushball and they are about to...

Camel / mobile coupons

JeromeJeremy on Sep 7, 2018

CamelI haven't been able to get/use mobile coupons in a week. Usually, I'd get 2 coupons per week, but this week my account shows "0 offers available." Seriously, Camel, what's the deal? Surely you must appreciate your faithful customers who help keep Big Tobacco rolling in the billion...

Lambert & Butler / crushball

Jade232 on Sep 7, 2018

I recently bought a packet of cigarettes from yourselves witch usually I have no issues, but unfortunately today I bought the lambert &butler crushball to be greated by plain old lambert&butler with NO CRUSHBALL in 90% of the pack! Absolute shame as I do enjoy your crushballs!!! Your regards Unhappy customer

Camel / printing quality

Anchen.s on Sep 7, 2018

Good day. I would like to complain about 1 of my packets from a carton that is a default (there might be more packets in my carton that has been affected with the manufacturer of the DOUBLE CAMEL ) It is like I am smokingpaper I am unable to find a email address or contact nr. Kindly see...

Horizon Blue 30's Pack / damaged cigarettes

Kaymargaret on Sep 7, 2018

Horizon Blue 30's PackI purchased a packet of horizon blue 30 pack. And found that there are a number of damaged cigarettes in the pack I have taken a photo to prove the damage it is obviously done on the machines tgat cut or grab but with the exhorbitant prices of cigarettes in Australia at the moment I expect...

Mapco Express / / customer service

Haleynsmith on Sep 6, 2018

Boyfriend went in to get cigarillos. Forgot his ID. He is over 18 and I am 21. She wouldn't let me get my own because she said it was a two part sale but I asked him to go in for me. She was very rude about it. Not happy with her or this experience. We have been in plenty of times and...

JuicedUPbyJessie / pall mall bold xl

Jessie MacDonald on Sep 6, 2018

JuicedUPbyJessieHi, I smoke Pall Mall Bold XL and have for at least 6 years. I bought a pack yesterday evening and noticed that a few of the ciggerrets were shorter than the rest, so I pulled one of them out to see what was going on and it was missing about a centimeter of the entire ciggerret. It looked...

Marlboro / cigarettes

Charnè on Sep 6, 2018

MarlboroMarlboro beyond blue cigarettes. I've been a loyal customer for the brand since menthol to gold to beyond blue, and I only buy cartons and every box I have opened, there's been no menthol ball in one or more cigarette or sticks and twigs I found most recently sadly annoying making it...

Gambler Tobacco / pipe tobacco

therawrants on Sep 6, 2018

Gambler TobaccoI got to smoke half of a big today thanks to Gambler Tobacco. I am very vigilant in keeping my bag sealed from the first open so I know nothing could of crawled in and it looked to be a long dead, dried up bug. It almost looked like a meal worm but it had long legs in the front and I keep...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / white ox 50g

RickDriehuis on Sep 6, 2018

on opening a new pouch found a LARGE, un-smokeable piece of bark which i've kept as proof. as a long time customer I am accustomed to finding small pieces like this but I feel a large piece, such as I have found, is unacceptable. Also, I have noticed a marked drop in quality (albeit small...