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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Newport Cigarettes / Stale cigarettes

Madmike024 on Aug 19, 2017
I've been smoking newports for well over 5 years. A few days ago I went to buy my weekly carton down at the Mobil on Congress street in Portland Maine. They're a little pricey, but the only place open at the time. When I opened the first pack they were stale and had tiny rips in the paper...

Marlboro / marlboro black menthol 100s

Niki bowman on Aug 18, 2017
I purchased a carton of Marlboro menthol black 100s and they were not only stale they were not menthol they were packaged wrong I ended up with regular Marlboro black 100s I tried to return them and they told me to contact Marlboro as it was a manufacturing mistake and not the store so I...

Circle K Stores / no exchange on product given

Risingerp on Aug 16, 2017
Circle K StoresMy son went in to purchase cigarettes and was given the wrong kind. I was parked 10 feet from the door and when he came to the car I always check because this has happened to me on several occasions. He went back in less than 60 seconds later and they refused to exchange the 3 packs for...

Philip Morris USA / third hand smoke removal

RichardGottfried on Aug 16, 2017
Dear Customer Service helper: My wife and I have been satisfied cigarette smokers for many years. We are giving our automobile to our grandson who recently got his drivers license. His parents don't want him to accept the gift and use the car because of the lingering cigarette smoke smell in...

Marlboro / marlboro ice blast

BubV on Aug 16, 2017
I have been purchasing Marlboro Ice Blast cigarettes for years and have always enjoyed and been happy with the product. The last 3+ packets I have purchased have been faulty - (purchased at Night Owl Duncan St, West End and Tobacco Station, West End Markets, Boundary St). The tip of the...

Mayfair Cigarette / the butts keep falling off

Ellie12 on Aug 16, 2017
Hi i have recently brought 200 mayfair and about 10 in every pack of 20 the buts keep falling off i would not normaly complain but as im paying nearley 10 poind a packet and can not smoke half of them is just not on and also if it was the odd packet i would not but in nearley every packet...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / twisp advertisement

Nokwazi Msomi on Aug 14, 2017
I was horrified when on Monday 14 August at 17h52, on the Comedy Central channel 122, you showed an advertisement for the Twisp electronic cigarette. This is quite offensive and honestly, this is encouraging young kids to smoke. There is nothing glamorous about smoking the Twisp device...

Marlboro / my marlboro gold fag's are splitting in half when I am smoking them

L338all on Aug 14, 2017
Hi sir/madame I have brought a pack of your marlboro gold cigarettes and every time I smoke one they seem to be splitting in half down the Sean where they are stuck together I am extremely disappointed as I have paid £9.99 for these and I can't smoke them I as a customer will definitely not...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler blue

BradW5 on Aug 10, 2017
Lambert & ButlerDear who it may concern, I have just found a metal pin in my cigarette after smoking it all. When was smoking it was trying to flick the ash off and nothing was happening and was really confused when I got to the end of the cigarette and all the ash fell with a metal pin falling out with...

Speedway / service

eric cochrun on Aug 7, 2017
The girl that sold me cigarettes today Aug 7th at about 6 o'clock at the main st. And Brice road location was very rude when I asked her if I could get a different pack of Marlboros bc she had got the wrong ones and cashed me out for them before I could notice. When I asked she said no she...

Thompson Cigars / rip off

sandy57 on Aug 4, 2017
My husband orders cigars from thompson and now they are shipping cigars to us that we never ordered in the past and don't even know if he likes them, then they charge you credit card. Beware when you order from them online, they intentionally put a box up offering 10 % off if you click the...

Carnival Cruise Lines / email that I got from carnival.cruiseline@contractor.net

Kenn Magno Nabas on Aug 4, 2017
Hi: I Just want to confirm if this email was legit and came from your company. I will wait for your reply thank you. Dear Kenn M. Nabas, We have received your submitted CV/RESUME and we sincerely appreciate your interest in our company, in line with this, we have reviewed your CV/RESUME...

Pall Mall / menthol cigarette

Deuce7702 on Aug 3, 2017
Out of 4 packs I've lost around 15 cigarettes due to the tobacco end coming unglued from the filter! I've been smoking the same brand for 20 years and have always spoken highly of Pall Mall to my friends even though I've gotten minimal coupons! I've got friends that don't even smoke that get...

Lambert & Butler / l & b blue crushball

Mrs Kay Chambers on Aug 2, 2017
I purchase 20 of these cigarettes per day, I have never had any trouble with them before, I went to my local Sainsburys on Saturday 29/7/17 and purchased 60 to get me through the weekend, out of each of these 3 packets once opened it was discovered that over half of them were so dry that...

Sheetz / decaf coffee

jasworm on Jul 31, 2017
On 7/31 I went into the northern Cambria 15714 sheetz to buy ice tea and a decaf coffee only to be told that they empty all the coffee except 1 classic at 11pm and do not make anymore until 3am... I just moved here from Indiana pa... I have never experienced this in Indiana or anywhere...

Lambert & Butler / Lit end falling off!!

Sarah chalk on Aug 1, 2017
Lambert & ButlerThis happens all the time causing injury and damage!! Today I was at the bingo and while having a cigarette the end fell off causing my trainer to get damaged and 5 burn blisters on my ankle. Always burning my hands, damaging clothing and sofa. This happens quite a lot and one day will...

Marlboro / menthol black cigarettes

Sarah411 on Jul 31, 2017
The past few months I have bought your brand they have been stale and the last pack of bought the date that is was made was in 2007 I do not know why those were still on the shelves toy knowledge cigarettes are only supposed to be on shelves for now longer then 14 months I have went back...

Family Dollar Stores / newport digital coupons

Coño on Jul 31, 2017
Hello I went to the family dollar in question with a digital coupon from Newport.com they still give the paper coupons but they're trying out the digital one I've to that store with same coupon they scan if no problem for some reason when I went there the last time the manager of the store...

Shell / grizzly wintergreen long cut chewing tobacco

Ryan Ha-aut'z Chavez on Jul 28, 2017
ShellI feel like I was overcharged for my most recent purchase of Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut chewing tobacco. I bought the product for $6.99 plus tax at the following location: Shell Fuels #68844 Shell 2290 Moore St San Diego, CA 92110 I bought it on 07/28/17 details on the receipt are a...

Pall Mall / pall mall orange 100s

Kimtrader on Jul 28, 2017
But two packs of Pall Mall orange 100s at 7-Eleven on Ford Road Garden City Michigan and both packs were stale I go there because they're cheap I would like to replace With Coupons because cigarettes are not cheap thank you I go to the 711 all the time like 3 or 4 times a week and this i...
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