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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Marlboro / coupons/promo

Fernando Simmons on Jan 15, 2018
MarlboroI walked in 7-11 Philadelphia/ Pickering in the city of Whittier. It was 1-14-2018. It was around 9:00pm. I asked for a pack of cigarettes (Marlboro). I handed my $2.00 off coupon. He pressed a button on the register then he scanned one of the three barcodes, hopefully the correct one. He...

Rizzla / rolling papers

Tanya Sands on Jan 12, 2018
RizzlaHi, I recently purchased a packet of the rizzla rolling papers and when I went to use them they were all stuck together and came out all at once, the packaging was also damaged. They were unusable which forced me to buy another packet. I was not happy and considering changing to another...

Thorntons / pricing

Donna Horn on Jan 11, 2018
ThorntonsI purchased 16 pack of Marlboro's at a thortons and they had a special 1.80 off of 2 packs. I was not giving the special on all packs purchased. I call back and the manage just blew me off. he said because I used a coupon the special didn't apply. Well it doesn't say that anywhere, and I...

Lambert & Butler / lambert & butler silver

ANDREALANE2278 on Jan 10, 2018
I have been smoking lambert & butler for years and never had a problem up untill the last few packs ive bought were there tobacco missing but worst a few cigarettes have crackeled were one was that bad when i lit it bits of the red end dropped of and burnt my cover as it crackeled and seem...

Green Smoke / green smoke cartridges (cartomizers)

Joepissed on Jan 10, 2018
I agree with many others that the product quality has gone way downhill. The cartridges peel badly and the company doesn't care about product quality as long as they can be made cheaply. I am a longtime user also, and in the last 1+1/2 years have seen product quality go from good to lousy...

None / tobacco

Mrs thomson on Jan 10, 2018
NoneTo whom it may concern I am writing to complain. I always smoke land b and when on holiday I bring duty free back. I forgot I had 100 cigs left in a suitcase and when I went to get them 3 months later there were tiny holes in the cigarette and the filters had holes in them aswell. I found some...

Marlboro / no ice ball

Claries on Jan 8, 2018
Good afternoon I have been smoking Marlboro cigarettes for nearly nine years to just be disappointed with the new blue beyond. I have had numerous cigarettes with no "ice ball" in it. I only enjoy this brand and feel that there should be a bigger effort made to ensure this does not happen, a...

Marlboro / marlboro green 72

kd1991 on Jan 6, 2018
MarlboroI recently bought a carton of the Marlboro Green 72s and there were a couple packs of cigarettes that didn't have the front and side piece of the box that holds the box closed. I have pictures of what I'm trying to explain. It made the cigarettes go stale quickly or all would fly out if...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall

Liltrie384 on Jan 5, 2018
Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyThe new pall malls are terrible. They burn fast like all the other cigarettes. I have smoked these for over 20 years now I don't even want to touch them. I hope you go back to the better style. I smoked these because they burned slow and tasted great. Now they taste like marbles. I...

Marlboro / marlboro red beyond cigarettes - menthol pop missing countless times

Amanda Murtough on Jan 4, 2018
I can't give the exact date as this has been happening to me since 2015. On countless occasions, i've bought a box of Marlboro Red Beyond, and without fail, at least two cigarettes have been missing the menthol pop ball, on a few occasions up to four cigarettes had this issue. I've only...

Marlboro / marlboro black 100s

Marlboro mannnn on Dec 31, 2017
MarlboroWhen I pulled out my last ciggerette on this freezing New Year's Eve night I came to find it was missing half the filter paper! So the ciggerette was not fully connected the filter and was therefore not smokeable! I pay 4.50 for these cigerettes and expect much more from you all...

Rite Aid / discrimination & prejudice

Elanda on Dec 25, 2017
Hello good afternoon, I am filing a complaint regarding a rite aide Manager name Chris located at store #04295. I been going to this rite aide for a year as long as I been living around the area and had no problems until today on December 25, 2017. I went to purchase tobacco product...

Marlboro / marlboro

AshJake021998 on Dec 24, 2017
Hello there, I'm not sure whether this is due to poor product quality however, I was smoking a Marlboro Red cigarette and suddenly the end of the cigarette that was alight (not just the ash) fell onto my left leg and burnt my thigh. I was very disappointed by this as Marlboro are a very...

Marlboro / marlboro blue 72’s

Blue72lover on Dec 21, 2017
This is ridiculous. Why are you getting rid of the blue 72s marlboro?! Huh?! The new blacks are not the same thing or even close they're disgusting!! The last gas station I seen with blues told me she doesn't get it because they have had very little people buy blacks and they have back...

Marlboro / marlboro blue 72

The retail manager on Dec 19, 2017
So many people love the Marlboro blue 72 from my understanding it was Marboro that wanted to repackage this with the marble black 72 as I've been reading and understanding... However that is not the case. Nobody I know thinks that they are similar in any shape way or form why do away with...

Coles Supermarkets / $50 off offer from coles

pcx on Dec 19, 2017
I often take up offers made by emails to get money off shopping buy buying a certain amount of goods at Coles Supermarkets. I responded to an offer recently ie $50 off when I spend $50 or more each week for 4 weeks starting on 17 November and finishing on 17 December. My buys list of...

Winkflash / 20x30 poster

Nondades on Dec 18, 2017
I placed an order for a 20 x 30 wedding poster for my daughter for Christmas. When I checked the website for a an anticipated delivery date, I couldn't find the order under my account. However, I received a confirmation email when I placed the order. I've emailed the company and received...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / camel filters

GerardB on Dec 18, 2017
Received a pack of Camels in a carton that was packaged incorrectly. Only had 19 cigarettes and one was split open. I assume the packaging process messed up and quality control missed the bad product before it was sent out. I would like to add that I have been smoking Camels for over 20...

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company / camel crush menthol silver cigarettes

Beril Pehlivan on Dec 16, 2017
RJ Reynolds Tobacco CompanyI purchased this pack of cigarettes in Orange County, California. Purchased a couple days ago, mid-December 2017. Problem: After smoking some I noticed that a lot are splattered with something red. It looks like dried blood. It's on the inside of the pack and on the filters of the...

Marlboro / marlboro menthol 72s

Leah1982 on Dec 13, 2017
I have been smoking the menthol 72s for a couple of years now and the last few months I've been getting cigarettes falling off the filter. The paper holding the cigarette to the filter is not completely sealed. This is happening a lot. At least 6 to 8 cigarettes in a pack. I end up loosing...
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