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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Pick n Pay / Golden Delicious Apples 1,5kg pack

Sandy Sharp on May 20, 2018

Pick n PayOn 19/5/2018 I visited PIck n Pay Boskruin store Kelly Avenue Boskruin and purchased a 1, 5 KG pack of "Golden Delicious Apples". Upon returning home I ate an apple but noticed it was a Granny Smith Apple and not Golden Delicious as the pack states! I dislike Granny Smith apples and am...

British American Tobacco / Winfield Red Rolling tobacco 50 gramme

Pattybax on May 18, 2018

Hello, i recently purchased a 50 gramme pouch of Winfield Red as I regularly do. However on this particular day upon opening my pouch I was confronted with a pouch full of very dry and not very fresh tobacco! I returned it immediately to the Coles store in Whyalla where I was told they...

Newport Coupons / coupons

ashley hamwright on May 15, 2018

I buy more than enough cigarettes and for whatever reason I continue to have issues with stores being able to scan the mobile coupons. the site is convenient but maybe newport should consider an app with a bar code so people like me won't have to experience such inconveniences and...

Marlboro / marlboro menthol black 100s

Jenny93farmer on May 14, 2018

I just opened up a brand new pack from the Dollar General in Owensville, Indiana, and the filters are defective. They are clumped in places and some of them are sharp!! I have a cut on my lip!! I took pictures but I don't see any place to upload them. I switched from Newport to Marlboro 3...

Marlboro / blue beyond

Michelle Fourie on May 13, 2018

The 20s i bought yesterday tastes bad. Like its not menthol at all, one didnt have a ball and another had not even the slightest flavor when crushed. 4 people smoked from the packet and agreed it doesnt taste right. Its all I smoke and I just dont feel satisfied with this packet and the...

Lambert & Butler / lambert and butler crushball

Elliegh21 on May 10, 2018

Lambert & ButlerGood evening, My parter was emptying a cigarette to put into a rizler when he found a tiny piece of something clear, so after we looked at it closely it was actually a small shard of glass. After buying these cigarettes for over 4 years this is unsatisfactory especially for the price at...

Camel / mobile coupon

Patrick-Hailey R Godkin on May 5, 2018

At 6:25 pm Pacific time on Saturday, May the fifth.i entered cig star tobacco store at 2060 H, on aveineda Dr Los Arboles. In thousand oaks cakifornia. I was about to use a coupon from you moble site and when I clicked claim coupon. You guys had started the update and the offer disappeared...

Camel / camel platinum

Sypher976 on May 2, 2018

I've been smoking these cigarettes for some time now with no problems. Whatever you changed is more of a danger than any chemicals found in these cigarettes! 5 times in the last week my cherry fell of in the car while traveling 70 mph! While scrambling to keep my car from catching fire, I...

Dollar General / cigarettes

Dbenge on May 2, 2018

Our local DG store is awesome and we love everyone who works there . However we went in this morning and much to our surprise their cigarettes had jumped up $4.00 in price. I didn't know that until they were already scanned. So I went ahead and got them. The cashier had told me they cost...

Green/black dot on cig / newport red 100s

Ashlynn Bombardiere on Apr 30, 2018

Green/black dot on cigPlease someone tell me what this is. Only one cigarette in the pack was like this but I didn't notice it until I hit the cigarette a few times. It tasted really odd & just disgusting. This isn't mold is it? I took about two hits & put it out. I am appalled! Someone please please please...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / horizon 50 grams

Vanessa Anne Brown on Apr 30, 2018

I brought 2 packets of horizon 50 grams from a newsagency/ freechoice tobaconist In Napier st East mackay and it is not horizon it is Choof mixed in with your product and sold as horizon I have sent some of it to you in the mail. I am going to the police and to a current affair. Now either...

Gambler / gambler gold 1lb bulk tobacco

Lynn Schminkey on Apr 27, 2018

We have purchased Gambler Gold for over a year. I started noticing a problem about 4 months ago. The tobacco was drier than previous bags & had larger leaves plus more sticks. We put it off as a bad batch, the next few bags were a little better. But the last 2 bags were terrible, the one...

Lambert & Butler / cigarettes

Hannah Brennan on Apr 26, 2018

Deeply dissatisfied with l&b. Paying ten pounds a pack for a lower quality cigarette. The tobacco has hard bits in that actually pokes through the paper, happened to many times now. The filters have been changed so they now have holes in! I have to get the double pack from the Co op who...

YouTube / channel terminations, censorship

Jared Garrett on Apr 26, 2018

Over the past week my community has gotten beat down by YouTube. When channels with 15k subscribers are getting pulled down without warning and without any previous strikes or warnings, its obvious YouTube has became a bought out shill company that only cares about money. You have proven...

Lambert & Butler / cigarette

Zenagal on Apr 25, 2018

Lambert & ButlerI have been a smoker since I was 16 now 38 and I have been smoking lambert and bulter all that time and over the last week in different stores the cigarettes don't seem to be the same. I can't get a proper draw out of them. They cost £9.49 a packet and I normally smoke 20 a day but because... / two cartons of cigarettes

Christopher Tippett on Apr 24, 2018

I Didn't know that this was a Scam Website until I read a Review It said Thanks for my Order but I didn't give them my Card Information so will I still receive them I don't want them I didn't see Western Union to China until I read a Review I am not sending them anything If I get them I'll...

Premier Tubes / papers coming off

Linda Boucher on Apr 24, 2018

Premier TubesThe papers around in the filter on at least a dozen of the tubes doesn't seem to be on correctly. This is the 2nd Box that we have found this problem in. We won't buy any other type of filter or brand so I really hope this doesn't continue to happen. We have never had a problem with your...

Republic Tobacco / gambler silver pipe tobacco and gambler king silver cigarette filter tubes

kathy1234! on Apr 24, 2018

On April 4, 2018, I purchased a bag of Gambler silver pipe tobacco and 3 boxes of Gambler king silver cigarette filter tubes. The bag of tobacco was full of sticks and very very dry. It would not roll in the tubes, kept ripping them. When we told the store they said we had to contact the...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / horizon blue

Takila on Apr 20, 2018

Imperial Tobacco AustraliaHi my name is sita i have a complaint about the packet of smokes i bought. I got me a 50g horizon blue from the tobbaconist at mt druitt and its thick n flakey bit like jps. I've smoked this brand for years and this is the only time I've ever seen this. I now pay $62 a packet i enjoy a...

Circle K Stores / coupon problems

Brandy Cruce on Apr 19, 2018

Circle K StoresI recieved a b&h cigarette coupon for $4 off a pack of b&h menthol ciggarettes and i went to the store the coupon experation date on the coupon i have i 05/02/2018 they told me the coupon was fake and not every coupon rings up on Theyre register so when that happens they can not except it...