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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Camel / camel menthol

Dcherry85 on Nov 8, 2018

I called into camel for the second time tonight to complain about getting the wrong pack of cigarettes. Tonight I asked tk doesn to a supervisor and the girl I talked to put me on hold until I finally hung up. It's absolutely ridiculous that we spend over $16 a day for smokes and they... / order 26762

Pam Dunn Cooper on Nov 7, 2018

On September 23, 2018 I placed an online order for 10 cartons of Carlton 120"s cigarettes. Like an idiot I wire transferred $324 per the instructions on the website. As of November 7, 2018 I have neither received the product I ordered nor have had a response to the numerous emails I've...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall xl blue special cigarettes

Trina Daigle on Nov 7, 2018

I have been a smoker for many years and I just love the Pall Mall blue XL, but for the last 2 months I feel like I'm being ripped off with the price raise and poor quality of my brand . Every time I go buy a pack of smokes they are not fully packed to perfection ? Now as a buyer I feel the...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / jps loose tobacco red 25g

Mitchell Kelly on Nov 3, 2018

This tobacco is by far the worst in the market. The tobacco itself is always completely dried out too much. You always get big chunks and sticks which aren't smokable and when you smoke it, it burns more than twice as fast as every other brand. I have actually thrown my last pouch out...

Thorntons / cigarettes

Cheryl Clay Robinson on Nov 2, 2018

on nov. 1, 2018, i purchased a box of cigarettes. i made a mistake and took the cigarettes back to exchange them. i had my receipt. i went back to the store and i was told by trista, that i could not exchange them, or get a refund. she told me that the store's policy is, it is against the...

Camel / menthol and menthol silvers

Vickie Fetters on Oct 31, 2018

Went to the store for a carton of camel menthol. Asked for the carton as she was putting them in the bag I asked her if they were the full flavor, she said yes they have new packaging, which I knew already. I have smoked camel menthol for years. Opened a pack and they are silvers. Don't...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / 25g pouch of tobacco jps brand

Chrisallen01 on Oct 31, 2018

I went to safeway yesterday got a pouch of tobacco jps 25g was $33 odd yesterday now how does it change in exactly a day to being $37 a pouch from same store same tobacco an inside the pouch isnt even chopped tobacco its like they just put a tree in there ridiculous prices for poor quilty...

Lambert & Butler / crushballs

Embo74 on Oct 30, 2018

Lambert & ButlerI have brought 4 packets now of my usual cigarette. L&B crushballs to find over half of the cigarettes dont actually have the crushballs in. Seem to be every packet i have brought over the last 10 days. Very disappointed as i smoke these as i enjoy the menthol part. I have always smoked your...

Everyonedoesit / acrylic bong

Orest on Oct 29, 2018

EveryonedoesitPurchased an item which lasted just over a month. Started cracking like a star around the grommet. Contacted customer support. After about 4 botmails finally Bryan responded telling me I'm out of luck, can only return up to 30 days. I replied that's acceptable if a return but my product i...

JPS Tobacco / roll your own pouches

Justin Sabitzer on Oct 27, 2018

The quality of the tobacco is extremely poor its far too dry 75% of pouch tobacco is dust, it burns twice as fast as other quality tobacco, other tobacco goes out when left in ashtray yet JPS will burn through when left in ashtray. With the price of tobacco being so expensive in Australia...

Camel / camel activate purple

Cookedbarbz on Oct 27, 2018

CamelI purchased a packet of of Camel Activate Purple like any other day of the week, and discovered that there were 3 broken cigarettes. This is not the first time!! I left it every other time as I thought only here and there but now its getting out of hand. I have been a loyal customer for...

Petronas / stranger roving at petronas

oternny on Oct 26, 2018

PetronasTo whom it may concern, I'm Veron. I'm writing to raise my concern on my latest visit experience at Petronas Mutiara Damansara, PJ Malaysia. 25 Oct 2018, 10.40pm There are two young guys approached me separately when I wanted to pump petrol. I'm not too sure what they're trying to do. They...

Pall Mall Cigarettes / R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall menthol 100's (green package)

KathyT125 on Oct 25, 2018

For the past three months every time I've bought cigarettes more than half the pack had a cut on the filter and broke apart while smoking. Just wanted you to be aware that this is happening. I've been smoking your cigarettes for years and find it unusual that his is happening. Maybe a...

Food Market / pricing

Xanonymou s on Oct 24, 2018

I go to the cash register to ask for a black and mild cigar at a corner store downtown where I wouldn't ever expect a cashier to lie and try to force me to buy what I didn't ask for over just a little change the cashier kept repeating aggressively there s no 79cent wood tip cigar s $1.07...

Thompson Cigar / fraudulent membership sign up

Occula on Oct 24, 2018

Bunch of unethical stuff going on at Thompson. Signed my 91 yr old dad up for a membership without his knowledge. Charged his cc 148.68. Called 3x to clear this up. Still no confirmation or return label to send their cigars back. Waiting. These people need to be investigated...

Camel / camel activate

Khosi Ma'hlezi Langa on Oct 23, 2018

CamelI bought a 20 at pick n pay I bought the purple box but all the cigarettes are mint this is unacceptable I want my money backšŸ˜”if I wanted the mint flavor I would have bought this is really taking advantage I suggest something is done about it because it is not pick n pays fault because they...

Japan Tobacco International [JTI] / mayfair sky blue cigarettes

mart thomp on Oct 22, 2018

Japan Tobacco International [JTI]After finding my cigarettes would not smoke in the normal fashion I discovered a inch long stick of wood in one. This is not acceptable with the price of your product being high I would exspect a much higher quality of product. Very disapointed to say the least. Im sure you will agree with...

Imperial Tobacco Australia / jps abundant gold tobacco

Susan Gregson on Oct 21, 2018

Hi, wondering what is going on with the jps tobacco, ive purchased 2 x 25g pouches in the last 2 weeks and they were both very dry and crumbley . Virtually burn away, not impressed at $34.95 a pouch should be better than that surely. I only purchase my tobacco from woolworths or coles and...

Cigarettes Tobacco Cigars Tobacconist / faulty cigarettes

JadeHourn1999 on Oct 21, 2018

I purchased two packs of Rothmans Black in the 40s, they are $40 from the tct tobacconist in Wauchope, I smoke a fair bit so regularly I buy smokes from ctc an I have never had problem with Rothmans Black in the 40s they've always been a great smoke, but both packets the cigarettes have...

Capitec Bank / coin money machine

Jonathan chetty on Oct 18, 2018

Hi, I run a small business and depend heavily on the capitec coin exchange machine to convert all my coins to notes so that I can buy stock. Unfortunately all shops don't except large amounts of coins as payment for stock therefore I depend on capitec Phoenix, durban entirely to convert...