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Mayfair Cigarettes / 20 pack cigarettes defective

Jackjc93 on Feb 21, 2017
Mayfair CigarettesI have recently bought two packs of 20 Mayfair in which the butts have separated from the cigarettes as I take them out the packet, I have smoked Mayfair for ten years and never had this problem but it is happening with eight out of the twenty, this is just not on as I am paying a lot of...

Imperial Tobacco Australia ltd / Horizon cigarettes. Blue 93mm long. Pack of 20 barcode 9327329011373

Alison George on Feb 18, 2017
For the third time - the third time! - I've just had to leap from my chair and tip my drink onto the carpet to extinguish the coal that dropped from the cigarette I was about to stub out. I've only been buying these (made in France apparently - I don't know if that matters) for the last...

Dollar General / Cigarettes

Teresa Porter on Feb 17, 2017
To whom it may concern, I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the employees and the store located at 7710 Highway 9, Inman, SC 29349. For approximately 15 months, my uncle and I have been daily customers and patrons of the above store. We go into the store at the same time each...

Marlboro / Marlboro gold beyond

Thaylia Keating on Feb 17, 2017
I bought myself a few packs of Marlboro gold beyond and the one pack was sealed but only had 18 cigarettes in them and the second pack I opened the cigarettes were burning out fast and the tobacco came off the paper. The third pack I opened the cigarettes kept burning my throat and had a...

Pall mall / Pall mall blue kings

Jove William-Dale Morson on Feb 16, 2017
I bought a pack for the first time instead of my regular brand. I enjoy the smoke amd would like to continue with purchasing. But when I opened my pack today i found two smokes with uneven filters. At first i didnt notice but I couldn't even feel the smoke. As i said this is a lovely...

Woolworths / 50g pouch of winfield red has holes in the side of the pouch

mick mitchell on Feb 11, 2017
Woolworthsi purchased a 50g pouch of Winfield red tobacco on the 9/2/2017 form my local woolworths store only to get home and find there was holes in the side of the pouch . on opening it, I found the tobacco inside was stale and dry and I have lost half of this tobacco to my pocket as I hadn't...

Lambert And Butler / Richmond superkings

Shandy13 on Feb 10, 2017
I notice that you have changed the packaging and now have 20 in as well. I use to smoke Richmond Superkings which where in a blue packet. I buy them at Asda Metro Centre. The new pack have Richmond superkings blue and are now in a dark black/grey package. These are certainly a different...

Marlboro / Marlboro menthol 72's

Carlosgup on Feb 9, 2017
I have bout 3 packs due to the 3pk special. I have smoked these cigs for about 3 yrs only cigs i smoke, but the las 3pks were defective or something because i kept feeling like i was puffing air, aure enough. At a closer look at all remaining cigs left and they are con broken like i thought...

Marlboro / Marlboro 100s

Melisa walker on Feb 9, 2017
I bought a pack of stail cigarettes from the store buy my house have been smoking this brand for years and im disappointed at the price they are this shouldnt happen is there anyway to get a refund or a coupon for a free pack i dont want to switch brands but i dont wont to spend my hard...

Pall mall / 10g tobacco

Miriam Bassiouni on Feb 9, 2017
Pall mallI have been a smoker for over forty years. I have just retired. To save money and be able to live on my pension, I switched to rolling tobacco. I bought my first packet of Pall mall 10 great. However, I found there were a lot of little sticks (photo enclosed). My question is this: Is this the...

Marlboro / Marlboro midnight menthols

Jus Sum Sunshine on Feb 8, 2017
To Who This May Concern: Hello I am 29yo Tosha, I have been smoking Marlboro Smooth Shorts since they first came out in which will always be my #1 type of cigarettes, but as of last summer when I seen Marlboro Midnight's on the shelf I thought I'd try those (I Am The Type To Try Anything...

Marlboro / Marlboro black 100

Bret Bell on Feb 7, 2017
I have been buying Marlboro Black 100s from Crosslands Market in Los Molinos California everyday for the last 3 months. And everyone of the packs I bought have only had 19 cigarettes. I have talked with them they said they would talk with their distributor. But I want to make my complaint...

Smoker Friendly International / Denied service

erics81964 on Feb 5, 2017
I was walking in to the smoker friendly in granite falls NC . I had my 3 yr old son that clearly can't stay in the car by himself or purchase cigeerettes, but yet I'm denied entrance because he's not eighteen. Evendently you must not want a lot of buissness from anyone. There is a lot of...

JPS / Superking black cigarettes

Sumbra Isted on Feb 2, 2017
Since the cigarettes have changed over to plain packaging they have a different taste and there is a blacker marking on the filter seeming to show more tar content. I have been abroad recently and purchased cigarettes in the old packaging and they are much smoother to smoke and do not...

Longbeach Tobacco / Packet rip on opening

lissliss on Feb 1, 2017
Longbeach Tobaccoon 31st january I purchased my ususal 55gram pouch of longbeach original yellow tobacco. On trying to open packet I found that it had too much glue and had to rip the packet open which led to the inner lining being ripped. Its annoying as basically I have 2 pouches in one as the tobacco...

Lambert & Butler / Bright gold

Hy123 on Jan 31, 2017
I am disgusted that lambert and butler have used the new packaging to change their cigarettes. They are considerably smaller than the old l&b gold or smooth gold as they were. The filters are about a third longer than they were previously. I am trying various other brands to find one I can...

Benson & Hedges / Damaged filters on benson & hedges blue

ChantellvBlerk on Jan 31, 2017
Benson & HedgesI have bought numerous of packets of Benson & Hedges Blue and when I open it, there are one ore more cigarettes with broken filters in them. I usually buy cartons at a time. This is unacceptable.. I buy my cigarettes at my local Spar in Brackendown, Alberton. I notice that it is only thi...

Marlboro / Trying to sign up

Byancey92 on Jan 28, 2017
MarlboroWhen I get to the last step of signing up it says ccn required... every question for is answered and the are no places being highlighted and nowhere is there a ccn spot.. all I would like to do is sign up with Marlboro as I was told it was awesome you get stuff in the mail and I spent...

Lambert & Butler / Bright gold cigarettes

AWH1 on Jan 25, 2017
Lambert & ButlerLike other complaints I have also just opened my first packet with the new packaging and SMALLER cigarette with extra long filter. I too am disgusted by this having been a loyal Lambert and Butler lights/smooth gold cigarette smoker for many years. If Lambert and Butler don't get their act...

Lambert & Butler / Not receiving a reply

Aingel23 on Jan 25, 2017
I submitted a complaint on 5th January about lambert and butler crush ball not having the ball in to turn it menthol and have not received a reply! Do these complaints even get looked at it can't see a reply to anyone would be nice to have an acknowledgement the new branded packets do not...
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