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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Lambert & Butler / Price of New Lambert & Butler Bright Blue

benna66 on Oct 20, 2017
A few years ago the new L & B Bright Blue was well under £6 for 19. What I don't understand is that the Budget adds 1p, 2p, 5p etc each time, but somehow they are now selling for between £7.56 and £9. How does that work? Why can you not just put the price of the cigarettes on the packet like...

Camel / camel crush

Christian Byers on Oct 19, 2017
Camel One of this cigarette butts was defective and was unrolled and not attached to the cigarette. Therefore I could not smoke this cigarette. I would like some kind of compensation for this error. Upon further inspection I found another one in the pack that was the same and could not smoke the cigarette. Can u please let me know what can be done about this issue

Marlboro / marlboro reds

Goat23 on Oct 18, 2017
I've been a smoker and a Marlboro customer for 10 years. The past 2 weeks I've gotten cigarettes that are limp, have to relight every couple drags, and don't light properly (canoe) all the time. I buy 2 packs a day and I feel like I'm wasting my money on your product. What's the deal? I...

Pall Mall / pall mall blue

LaurenThomas6741625 on Oct 16, 2017
Bought a 20 pack yesterday and as I took out my first cigarette, 3/4 of the tobacco fell out. Tried the next one and the same thing happened. Realized that the glue that holds the paper together when rolled wasn’t holding for most of the cigarettes in my pack. Very angry about this as I...

Marlboro / marlboro red beyond

Venetia Govender on Oct 15, 2017
MarlboroI purchased a Marlboro Red Beyond box of cigarettes this week. I have been smoking this brand since 2012. When I started smoking it I noticed that one of the cigarettes did not have an "ice ball" to pop. I ignored it because it wasn't a huge issue if only one of the cigarettes had thi...

Circle K Stores / missing a cig in a recently opened pack

Felip on Oct 9, 2017
Circle K StoresMissing all the cig down to the filter 2nd pack this week that's been like this getting mad you should really up the game and make sure that your Packers and or machine is packing them right because I'm not gonna continue to buy your cigs if this is the case but I like your brand of cig...

Marlboro / nxt

Hannah Nicole Shropshire on Oct 9, 2017
I have literally bought three packaging the past month that have either had the menthol crystal already popped or yhe crystals have been missing. Literally on one pack you could see intentions where someone or something popped every single crystal. And that was straight out of the pack. If...

Coles Supermarkets / eftpos card charged twice

punky17 on Oct 8, 2017
On Friday the 6th of Oct 2017 at 9.00pm I went in to make a purchase from the service desk at Coles The Entrance, my product was scanned and I inserted my card into the eftpos machine and was approved, but the register did not approve and asked for another form of payment and staff said to...

Marlboro / marlboro

Vincent Davis on Oct 4, 2017
I smoked Marlboro since 23 years and i can tell the taste and the smell changed. I bought them all around the world, NY, Shanghai, Paris, Frankfort... they are different... lost flavor since the last 3 years... Also, my friends around me (non smokers) told me my cigarette smell chimical products and not tabacco anymore. And i believe they are right...

Marlboro / marlboro black menthol 100's.

Patrick Talley on Oct 4, 2017
Purchased 2 packs of cigarettes from caseys gas station in Shabbona il 60550. I watched them open a brand new carton and hand me my cigarettes. Upon opening them I found them to be rock hard and stale. I took them back to caseys they swapped out the two packs for two more only to have the...

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co / cigarettes

Clare Devlin on Oct 3, 2017
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco CoIm ready to change brands of cigarettes Because you keep changing product and packaging all the time. First you put a capsule and change packaging and then u change to no capsule and again packaging. I'm so fed up getting the wrong cigarettes. I smoke pall mall blue xl and keep getting the wrong cigarettes from vendors. Enough already!stop changing

Vogue Menthol Super Slim Cigarettes / cigarettes/never received 4 cartons since august 10, 2017

Carole A. Martin on Sep 29, 2017
On August 10th, 2017 I ordered 7 Cartons of Vogue Menthol Super Slim Cigarettes. I received 3 Cartons on August 22, 2017. I ordered them from Steve @ 1-718-618-4962. I called him on August 29th asking him about the other 4 Cartons. He told me that they were stuck in New York and he would take...

Camel / camel filters

Arttu mattila on Sep 29, 2017
I've now bought three packs of camel filters and all three have had the same problem (they all have been bought from different stores). In each pack there have been at least three cigarettes with a loose filter, it has really been a problem since im a student and i don't have too much...

Marlboro / fsc and marlboro gold

akamswonderful813 on Sep 29, 2017
MarlboroI've been smoking for 20 years, and recently began noticing that my cigarettes have been burning differently. In fact, the cherry has been falling off almost every cigarette I smoke. The cigarette burns lopsided because I have to puff and puff before it seems like a normal drag, by that...

Private Individual / mayfair king size

Ronald and Mary Walker on Sep 24, 2017
The tips are too compacted and have to be taken off to be able to draw on the cigarettes. I have smoked these for many years and never had that problem before. At £8.89 a packet I do not feel this is good enough. I purchase a 100 of these cigarettes every week and cannot afford to have thi...

Pall Mall / my cigarettes

Jason froese on Sep 23, 2017
Pall MallThe butts of my cigarettes were hollow. I have purchased this brand of cigarettes for many years and never had this problem. I have purchased this exact brand of cigarettes from this shell gas station for several years now. I have never experienced this before in my life. I am wondering...

Claire Thompson / mayfair king size

Claire Thompson 23 on Sep 20, 2017
Claire ThompsonI bought 20 Mayfair king size tonight and when I opened them 4 of them was filters only I'm disgusted that these cost me £9.19 for 16 smokeable cigarettes I went back to the shop who said I had to deal with you I have been smoking Mayfair for years and not happy about the customer service from...

Lolo / cartons frm, 2014 w coupon sold 9/2017

Jewelz&Robert on Sep 18, 2017
My husband purchase 2 cartons one being my camel crush black .mine had 1$off coupons that I saved for when I needed to buy my own and the store LoLo off green st in warner robins IA 31093 refused to honor the coupon from their sale. The store selling 2014 smokes at 2017 prices and not...

Marlboro / marlboro beyond blue

Jeanine Pretorius Jordaan on Sep 16, 2017
MarlboroI have smoked Marlboro Gold Beyond, and about 5 months ago they changed it to Beyond Blue. I love my cigatettes but the quality has really deteriorated. There has been so many big clots of tobacco where Ive wasted so many cigarettes. This morning I lit a cigarette and same thing, you pull...

Marlboro / marlboro black

Clete on Sep 15, 2017
MarlboroI opened a pack of Marlboro Blacks and found several of the filters to be wrapped poorly, misaligned and had extra paper handing off of them. Will enclose a picture. This is unacceptable. I have been a long time customer. I do hope that you will make this right. It was beyond frustrating...
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