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Tobacco Products Complaints

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Camel / Cigarettes

Summer93 on Jun 26, 2017
I have been buying camels for a while now. Well within the last 2 months I have been getting camel crush menthols. Almost every pack has had something wrong with it. Like this last time some of the paper was off the filters. The time before that 3 were broken and the time before that...

Marlboro / marlboro smooth 100

Sherri Sanford on Jun 23, 2017
I bought a pack of Marlboro Smooth 100's 6-22-2017 in Ocala, FL. I have been smoking these for Years. This last pack was just weird. When I would light my cigarette, it would light part of it but also light part about half way in so that the first half of the cigarette was just wasted. II...

Marlboro / marlboro gold beyond

Customer9 on Jun 23, 2017
MarlboroGood day I've brought packets of Marlboro Gold Beyond. When I've opened the packed there were Marlboro beyond blue smokes in and if you pull the front cover down the original packet it says Marlboro beyond blue. The Marlboro beyond blue does not taste the same as Marlboro gold beyond. This is a...

Seven Eleven / tobacco

Paul Philip LeCoure on Jun 22, 2017
tobacco is fake Tabaco. I started smoking 23 years ago and I got addicted to the nicotine and loved smoking for a few years till all the fake Tabaco came out called tobacco. I have been buying my cigarettes at seven eleven for the past two years and they are also without nicotine and...

Marlboro / nxt

Lisa Domiano on Jun 21, 2017
I purchased 4 packs of NXT at the same store I go to everday. Out of those 4 packs, each pack had 6 cigarettes that had no menthol crush ball. If I wanted a non menthol I would have bought another cheaper brand. I stay with Marlboro because I am a loyal consumer and I will pay a higher...

Marlboro / marlboro beyond red

Clayton Peters on Jun 21, 2017
Good Day I bought 2 packets of molboro beyond red at the local OK mart on the 20th June 2017. This is a brand that I smoke. When I opened the first packet I discovered that 2 of the cigarettes never had the ball to pop and I thought I popped it already. I smoked the cigarette only to...

Direct Vapor / online shopping

Dh1099 on Jun 21, 2017
I placed an order for 73.00 on May 5, 2017. It is now June 21, 2017 I have still not received my package. I paid for 2-4 day shipping. I have a tracking number and can see that the package has been sitting in Alabama for the last month. I have contacted the postal service multiple times a...

Lambert & Butler / broken cigarettes.

YasminMason on Jun 21, 2017
Lambert & ButlerI purchased a pack of 20 lambert and butler today from Morrisons in Fishponds Bristol. upon opening the cigarettes I noticed that four of them were broken/snapped at the bottom and considering how expensive they are I just don't expect to be left with 16 cigarettes rather than the 20 I paid...

Marlboro / product - all cigarettes in marlboro beyond red popped

Rose Gunther on Jun 21, 2017
On the 20 of June 2017, I went to tobacco shop to buy a carton of cigarettes as i usually do - When opening one packet i tried to pop the ball for menthol taste from the Marlboro beyond red packet and all of them didnt have a ball - it was basically already popped and when i lit it and...

Pall Mall / pall mall 100s reds

Arista Davis on Jun 20, 2017
I just bought a new pack from my local store. The tobacco is burning up and falling off as I smoke, seriously I've been smoking them for years and this has never happened. They do taste different like they are really dry, but the tobacco that is lit, is burning up and falling off as I try...

Duty Free Depot / confirmed refund of money not received.

Nicholas S Williams on Jun 20, 2017
Please read correspondence below which is all self explanatory. I have not received any response from Duty Free Depot to my various emails since their last one to me dated 15th June 2017 worded only “Cannot assist further” or from the one sent direct to Saar. My account has also now been...

Gambler Tobacco / tobacco.. gambler red 1lb bag

Jessica69 on Jun 19, 2017
I have been buy gambler tobacco now for months and I was happy with the product until I bought my last bag.. There was BIRD FEATHERS in my bag along with big pieces of sticks.. I couldn't get a refund because the bag was open! I I am very unhappy at this point! And feel like I should have...

Marlboro / local trail projects/work gloves giveaway

Julie E. Moe on Jun 19, 2017
On June 13th 2017 I received a special offer from Marlboro in the mail. It was an offer give away for a pair of leather work gloves if I went to their website and choose which trail should get a donation from them. I did that right away and when I finished there was no where to claim my...

Marlboro / nxt marlboro

Corley on Jun 18, 2017
I have bought at least 25 pack of the Marlboro NXT and at first I loved them but after 5 packs I noticed that every single time I would buy a pack there would be some that were not fresh and didn't have the fresh ment flavor ball that you pop! And I don't like them without that feature...

Pall Mall / pall mall light 100 cigarette

Brianna Labit on Jun 18, 2017
I know sometimes you'll get a little stem or something overlooked in the cigarettes but this time a tiny hard black object fell out. I noticed this because when I went to flick the ash in the ashtray I heard a tink/noise I'm not familiar with when I smoke. I just want to know if it'...

Bernie's Quick Shop / defective product

Bob Chess on Jun 16, 2017
I been buying gas for 3 cars, and other lots of other products at this gas station for over 30 years now, until last night I purchased a JAK e-cig, which I have before dozens of times, plus other items and after paying I tried the e-cig and it was dead, no lite no smoke, nothing, as clerk...

Chris Orpin / real blue

Chris Orpin on Jun 16, 2017
I have been smoking your brand for many years and I recently bought 100 multi pack and almost every pack I opened the cigarettes were loose and some had little holes in them which I payed almost £50 for I am extremely not happy with the service. I'm not one to complain but there must be some...

Pall Mall Cigarettes/R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall menthol click

Applek on Jun 15, 2017
Started buying Pall mall menthol a little while ago when asda didn't have the brand I normally buy. Decided I quite liked them and would carry on buying them. Just wondering if there was a faulty batch or if it's just the way they are made but recently I've had it happen a few times when I've...

Marlboro / online coupons

Lilg69as1 on Jun 14, 2017
Went to use a online coupon today cause didnt have enough to get cigs and there was a error and was not able to get it pretty upset about it dont know why i am also having to sign into my account i have to say forgot password and create new password every time i want in the other day i...

Camel / Turkish Royals

Stephen Mouch on Jun 9, 2017
I have had nearly half a pack of Turkish Royals that the lit end of the cigarette merely fell out of... the cherry falling out of a cigarette is no laughing matter as it is a fire hazard as well as a failure in the nearly 140-year-old design of a basic product. As someone who has mostly...
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