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Timeshares / Vacation Rentals Complaints

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JuliaBrighton on Jun 11, 2018

Booking.comI sent the following email to on 25th may and have received an offer from the company for a 10% refund which I have refused and asked for an improved offer but have still received no further communication. What should I do?? Further to several telephone conversations with the...

Family Dollar / management

Dan moser on Jun 11, 2018

On memorial day weekend my daughter and myself went to the family dollar at 8:40pm and the manager and 1 employee were just starting to count the register, we knocked at the door and manager came to the door saying they were closed. I said it's not 9 yet and she said they closed at 8. We...

Homeaway / terrible website and customer service

Stephanie Chen Gulla on Jun 10, 2018

Where do I even begin? My experience was so terrible that even though I liked this place better than one I found on Airbnb, we decided after this to book the Airbnb one because we did not trust VRBO. 1) For no reason I could figure out, the reservation wouldn't book (it kept saying that it...

Orange lake resorts/Holiday Inn Club Vacations / deceitful timeshare sales

Gina Sheppard on Jun 9, 2018

Gina Sheppard and Teresa Miles 3405 Sweetwater Rd, Apt 736 Lawrenceville, GA 30044 Holiday Inn Club Vacations (Orange Lake Resorts) - South Beach Resort OLCC. South Carolina, LLC [what is OLCC?] 8505 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Kissimmee, FL 34747 South Beach Resort Attention Resort...

Westgate Resorts / timeshare

David.Rodriguez217 on May 31, 2018

I was told I was buying a two bedroom loft and he seems to be that they just took him $12 000out of my account and gave me a with Sealed talking tomorrow after you finish your vacation home and opened it up I'm thinking to purchase at home and it was all lies I was in a medical leave not...

Bluegreen Vacations / update

Mmasonlcmhc on May 25, 2018

I was Told to pay $49 for 1st yr of TP. The charge was really for this marketing session. I was told I had to go to closest BG resort to "learn how to use my points". I now know I didn't have to do this and it did not need to be at the closest resort. Upon arrival at the facilitythst I wa...

Inn Seasons Vacation Club / paying the rest of your life for points you don’t use

April Kapusta on May 17, 2018

Inn Seasons Vacation Club representatives say that we owe a fee every year for points we don't use. They turned debt over to a collection agency. We no longer own a time share at Pollard Brook New Hampshire since 2015. Why do we still have to pay for points we don't use. Then the point...

Vidanta / vidanta timeshare scam - resolved

christine morales on May 17, 2018

After having a timeshare for a couple years with Vidanta group, my husband and I realized that it was a financial burden. The maintenance fees continue rising and each time it was a heavier financial burden. We had no complaint about the facilities because since we vacationed there without...

Unlimited Vacation Club / timeshare

Glynn55 on May 16, 2018

Unlimited Vacation ClubWhilst working in sales at their Breathless Punta Cama resort the sales manager fraudulently stole my commisions, for two weeks he lied to me about paying me back, I appealed to his area director who told me the manager must pay me back but in general could do what he wanted. The manager...

Craigslist / my home is being used for a scam on cl

Kim Tran on May 16, 2018

Hi there, This is my home and it is being advertised as a vacation rental. We already had one person come and tried to get keys to our place (we have tenants there). This is a SCAM. Please help us report and take this offline: post id: 6589599397 thank you Kim Tran property owner

Sun Communities / unethical behavior

Peace Out on May 14, 2018

Sun Communities On may 13th 2018 there was a pull behind trailer that was parked in a site that is much too small for a big trailer. The trailer blocks the view of the road because there is a bend there and we have elderly people in our park that walks and also have children that reside in a home around...

Worldmark By Wyndham / ownership scam and fraudulent practices

ReyRey2018 on May 11, 2018

My list of grievances and complaints is long and I hardly know where to start. This will not be a complete list. I will start with the purchase of the Discovery Program. I purchased it for $3000 and for a two-year test run. The salesmen told me I could try it out and that pricing for the...

Diamond Resorts International / timeshare scammers

Rebecca Ransom on May 11, 2018

We attended this presentation without the intention of buying anything. They completely misled us. What was supposed to have been 1.5 hour presentation, turned out to be a full day out of our vacation. They made it seem that it would be so cheap to get into a timeshare. They showed us a...

Vacation Village at Parkway / Lando Resorts / timeshare

Magdalena Lagun on May 2, 2018

We purchased the timeshare in December 2015, the sales rep. Mrs. Eileen Luyando told us many things that we found out later that she lied about. What we paid for isn't what we got. We were tricked into a few hours TIMESHARE presentation at this resort.!!! I regret we ever stayed there, from...

Royal Holiday / Royal Holiday Scam, solved!

DebraGibson on Apr 27, 2018

I signed a contract with Royal Holiday on Jan 2017 and sent an email within my 5 day period to cancel but they did not accept my cancellation. After multiple phone calls and messages left no one answered or called me back. I could not afford to pay them anymore and they sent it off to...

Westgate Resorts / inappropriate sales tactics

Laurie S-4363 on Apr 14, 2018

Recently on a trip to Las Vegas, we were approached by a salesperson from Westgate offering free gifts for listening to their sales pitch. They made us sign a document saying we were aware it was a 90 minute "pitch" and required a $20/deposit to hold our spot. We thought we'd give it a...

Royal Holiday / royal holiday tiempo compartido, cuidado!

lauren foster on Apr 13, 2018

Yo contraté royal holiday en unas vacaciones a puerto Vallarta a principios del año antepasado solo había dado el enganche y todavía lo estaba pagando .Nunca usé la membresía, pero hablé para cancelar debido a que no podía seguir pagando y me decían que no se podía cancelar. Les expliqué mi...

Diamond Resorts International / my entitled vacation

rrcar on Apr 10, 2018

My complaint is being denied my right to vacation time. I inherited this property in 2015. As it is my responsibility to pay the fees I did. At that time I had to fight for my points was given 3500 bill was paid. Later 2016 called requesting my rollover they couldn't find me. So I updated...

Wyhdam Grand Desert Resort / the purchase of a timeshare

Kim Mathwich on Apr 6, 2018

I was told repeatedly that you are not purchasing a time share and you can travel anywhere. After a credit check with done without my knowledge. I am not certain what I bought but it was supposed to be a place to travel the world. What they forgot to mention is the fact that the points I...

VRBO / my security deposit was not returned

horsesX3 on Apr 5, 2018

On April 1st my granddaughters and I rented a cabin in Gatlinburg TN. We checked out on April 4th and left the cabin Dream Come True, even cleaner than we found it. This has become not a dream get away but a nightmare as we received an email stating deposit not being returned. They lied...