Tax Services Complaints


Elite Worldwide & Cargo Deliveries / fee charges

on Apr 2, 2019

Annbell Triston sent me a parcel from kabul Afghanistan 18, 40 kgs bill EWCD [protected]. (To claudio melo avila) 4a trav mangalo 1082 alagoinhas ba brasil code 48 060 490 when in the arrival, ask me a deposit of r$ 5500 00 that should not exist. that was paid to lara elizabeth baptista...

Turbotax Intuit / tax

on Feb 26, 2019

Good day Will truly appreciate your help. My name is Galina Barshay I had file tax with TurboTax intuit My husband and my joine income is less then $36.000.00 a year. At the beginning of file their was a question: Do u want to file basic or deluxe Our tax are very simple I had answer...

It's Not Free / filing taxes

on Feb 22, 2019

I've seen countless commercials about filing with turbo tax for free, so I chose to do that with my taxes but ended up paying over $129?! I spoke with 5 CPA's about a correction that needed to be done, passed around because they couldn't figure it out, and was told by 3 of them that I...

Anthem Tax Services / tax resolution

on Jan 21, 2019

Incompetence and Dysfunction At It's Best 13 month horrible experience with Owner/Partners/Employees…All complicit with deceit, preying on hardworking people's blight with the IRS and State Tax agencies. Argumentative/Combative/Manipulative/Rude and downright disrespectful! Please take your...

First Financial Group of America / dependent care flex account

on Dec 13, 2018

I found out the hard way that flex spending account are frauds. I am a single mom that works one job. I was advised through my benefits department that a flex account would be good for my childcare. I signed up with the First Financial Group of America. This company never contacted me nor...

Emerald Card/H&R Block / tax

on Nov 30, 2018

They called my husband saying that there was an error with out taxes due yo his unemployment and we were owed $350 from hr block so they credited our account the $350. Come to find out this was not an error it was a loan with interest. We have pleaded with both H&R Block and Emerald...

H & R. Block / 2017 tax return

on Oct 18, 2018

Candace McCarthy, rep for H& R Block made out my 2017 Federal and State income tax on Jan 26, 2018. I paid H & R Block $209.00 and $40.00 (Peace of mind) that day. We forgot to enter something in the return, to do with insurance. Candance would know. I've yet to hear anything about this. We...

Taxis Red / taxi service

on Oct 3, 2018

we took a taxi from Park Royal Serviced Suites to the Park Royal Hotel on Thursday morning at 1.45AM. The driver refused to use the meter and charged 20RM. He said he never uses the meter. On the taxi it says :This is a metered taxi, haggling is prohibited". it is a joke and a total shame on...

سعر الرحله / سعر الرحله

on Jul 31, 2018

انا ركبت من محرم بك بوالينو علي الترام الي السلطان حسين.. وكان ضارب في1 . 1 وكان طلعلي تعريفه 13جنيه قبل ما اطلب وده اللي بتدفعه كل مره المره ديه طلعلي 27جنيه السوءال ليه 27جنيه ارجو الافاده علي الرقم ده [protected]واسمي احمد احمد ابوزيد

Dubai Health Authority / unnecessary charges deduction from me without information

on Jul 26, 2018

Mashreq Banks are adding Un-necessary charges Like (Pay Protect) without any information to the customers. when i check., i found that they are deducting this unnecessary charges from January 2018 on wards with out my permission. i requested to the bank for cancel the pay protection and...

Government employee found / provided funds fraud

on Jul 26, 2018

My wife was working for NPA in free state Welkom, she past on 2007 and I didn't claim her pension funds.Someone claim it with all my IDs.Now SARS taking money from my account every month R3800 I'm stressed.i did open fraud case I've visited GEPF they believe i did it I told them it was not...

NexGen Tax and Accounting Services / company refuses to refund $7,495

on Jun 20, 2018

Below, you will find my complaint against NexGen Tax and Accounting, 162 N 400 E Bldg C, Suite 301, St George, Utah 84770. Registered agent listed as Tjjk Consulting Inc, of the same address. I signed a contract with NexGen Tax and Accounting Services of St George, Utah, on February 2, 2018...

S & T Variety & Discount Inc., 17E, 167st, Bronx, NY -10452 / rubbermaid cooler

on Jun 17, 2018

Dear I'm customer in a family dollar store. I have a discount store ID [protected] & I'm going to on 06/17/18 (Sunday) at 1:15 PM bay Rubbermaid Cooler 8 paces of $30.00 & 8 paces of $18.00. I'm taking copy of my Tax Certificate at Store#08523, 1245 Edward L, Grant Hwy, Bronx, NY...

Tax Refund / bills scanning department

on Jun 16, 2018

16/6/2018 morning while I was at tax refund bills scanning kiosk department to proceed tax refund, the lady wearing black color coat with long hair is not helpful & rude, I wanted to ask more in details but what I get is no manners service, I just revert to her that I want to do some clearification why using the un manners way to provide the service

Mississauga Revenue & Materiel Management / letter/personal confidential information not received

on Jun 12, 2018

complaint case: - may22nd, 2018 - letter addressed to: mississauga revenue & material management 300 city centre drive, mississauga on l5b 3c1 has not been received/did not reach the address above. - case details as follows 1. - on june11, 2018 the following e-mail has been sent to...

H&R Block Liberty Plaza Erie, PA / customer service

on Jun 9, 2018

There has been an issue with my tax return this year to no ones fault but our own. Anyways I called to make an appointment and was given one with an agent for the next day at 1 pm. I was told I would receive an email confirmation with details. I never got the confirmation. I called and wa...

Global Autoshop / car parts

on May 31, 2018

Global AutoshopSon unos estafadores. Te enseñan un producto y cuando lo compras y lo recibes no tiene nada que ver con lo que te muestran en las fotos, es una porqueria. Ademas cuando lo devuelves no te reembolsan el dinero dándote largas y poniendote todo tipo de excusa. Estafadores y ladrones es lo que son. No entiendo como dejan operar a una empresa como esta.

Keterlambatan / service

on May 24, 2018

Kenapa barang saya belum dikirim per tanggal 17 mei padahal tulisannya proses kirim untuk kiriman sustri jumadi tujuan miri tolong diharapkan untuk segera memproses agar kiriman saya sampai ke miri tolong dan terima kasih mohon kerja samanya dikarenakan kiriman ini sudah terlambat dari bata...

TUrbo tax intuit / green dot / prepaid card

on Apr 20, 2018

Anybody having trouble with turbo tax prepaid card? I have not recieved my taxes yet but my paychecks were going direct deposit on it and the card has been permanently blocked since wednesday due to supposingly unusual transactions with my funds on it i called all the customer service...

Bad DM / falsifying a bill

on Apr 16, 2018

In November, December of 2017 I was the maintenance man for Cincinnati South. On 12/19/17 I had turned in a bill explaining what I have done, the dm had wrote more on it to make it look like I had done more, this was not true, if she would do this what else would she like about to her... / paperwork showing how much I paid

on Mar 30, 2018

I have called three times in the last three weeks to have my Disclosures and how much I paid mailed to me. When I filed I could not print them out. I was told they were mailed out 3/20/2018. We are now 3/30/2018 and still have not received them in the mail.I am in a bankruptcy and need...

Santa Barbara Tax Products Group / processing my 2017 tax return filed through turbotax

on Mar 22, 2018

I submitted my 2017 tax return through TurboTax on February 27, 2018. I received an email from SBTPG (which is a company that I had previously never heard of before) on March 8 saying that my account "has been placed on hold" due to "unusual account activity" and the email...

Wall & Associates / tax resolution

on Mar 20, 2018

I paid Wall & associates $2500.00 up front and 2 payments of $400.00. When I asked for a progress report, they had no answers. So, I quit paying and found another professional agency. I have asked for information on my behalf numerous times, at which time was told I will send that out...

Fast Tax Service and Insure Florida on Busch Blvd.,Ste#105, Tampa, Florida 33617 / tax service and home insurance only

on Mar 16, 2018

The owner is entitled and is owed 100 million dollars for completing everything. His rent, mortgage and all other expenses should be paid for him not out of his family pocket or money. His immediate family should be given anything they want and each one of his family members including...

SttopIRSDebt / tax resolution service

on Mar 15, 2018

I hired StopIRSDebt to file a couple of past year returns, forestall any threats or actions, negotiate an Offer in Compromise. After years of hardship, I got some inheritance which I needed because I am disabled and need surgery. Not only was I able to pay off in a lump sum for less, but I...

Jaap Hageman / taxi service from bogotá airport

on Mar 14, 2018

Arrriving with UA 1007 (from Houston to Bogotá) 12-03-2018. the plane arrived at the gate at 21:29. (11 minutes before scedule). the taxi driver showed up at 22:50. He did not know about my destination. He only knew my name. The cab, with number JVD-994, Bogotá D.C., was dirty. The car had a...

H&R Block; Beneva Road; Sarasota, FL / poor service — incorrect figures, etc

on Mar 13, 2018

A word of WARNING regarding my recent experience at the H&R Block office on N. Beneva Road; Sarasota, FL. After looking over my 2017 tax information, a "senior" tax professional told me that I owed over $5, 000 to the IRS. Now I am retired, on SS and a small pension. The issue...

Clare Mulligan Tax Wizard Santo Daime UK / death threats scandal, director of group involved in illicit substances

on Mar 11, 2018

Clare mulligan's tax wizardry extends to helping musicians involved in making black money from the importation of illicit substances to keep their figures down, and to not put other money received from events through the books. She is the director of the eternal heart centre, a group that...

Sighn Enterprises Incorporated. / fraud

on Mar 7, 2018

This company Sighn Enterprises Incorporated, just send a 2017 t4 to the cra under my name and my sin no. Which is never in my entire year 2017, never worked for this company, and its stated that I received a 15, 000 canadian dollar as an employment income... And now it turns out that I owe...

Elite Worldwide & Cargo Delivery / delivery service

on Mar 6, 2018

Elite Worldwide & Cargo DeliveryI was sent cargo from Damascus and i received a call to inform me that they have received it in their offices in my country Kenya. The asked me to send clearance money so that they may deliver it to my door which i did.The problem is their phone got switched off immediately and up to now...

Berumen Tax Services / fraud/ kept my tax refund

on Jan 10, 2018

Berumen Tax ServicesBerumen Tax Services Took all my tax refund that I desperatly needed. this year when I first filed taxes. I was supposed to receive ~$1000 in federal taxes, and all of a sudden I get a notice in the mail saying that my refund was taken, and ALL of it. Why?? Out of every time they Berumen Tax...

Red Taxi / an agreement in writing

on Nov 1, 2017

Of course you are approach with different drivers offering their services. In writing a Red Taxi driver said she would take me r/t for dollars I agreed off we go. On our return she pulls Into a gas station and told me "I' had to pay for the gas. I was stunned since when does that...

Lori Curcio / service - unethical behavior

on Oct 22, 2017

Date of the incident was April 2016 - Went to H&R Block for an appointment with William Sperounis, who goes by the name Bill Sperounis, at 204 W. Old Country Road, Hicksville, NY 11801. Bill processed our taxes on his own, after entering them into the H&R Block system and quoting us H&R...

Balmanno Wong Tai / chauffeur drive

on Oct 11, 2017

Dear sir, Ref number PW5HA2 Request from Mrs Balmanno Wong tai to change pick up in France from ibis style to another ibis hotel in Paris, France On the 25 September, on my request my friend Mrs collard phone number 4668078 from Mauritius Beau bassin rang Emirates in Mauritius early in the...

Vinuwiths / paket dari poland transid india

on Sep 15, 2017

VinuwithsNama saya vinuwitha saya mendapapat kan pemberitahuan bahwa saya mendapat kiriman dari polan transid india, pengirim dr alexsander johnson pada tanggal [protected] dan telah sampai ke indonesia sukarno hatta dan saya disuruh mentransper uang sebesar 8000000 agar mereka mengirim kan paket...

Optima Tax Relief / tax "relief" service

on Sep 10, 2017

Reasons to avoid tax relief companies: (The below is "8 reasons" is as cited by [REAL] tax professionals @ "WATAX" website; And, you can also see on their website the 91 "tax relief" companies SHUT DOWN because of their scam, unethical, illegal, and poor busine...

Hidden Valley Golf Course / harassing phone calls

on Jul 27, 2017

They have constantly called our number up to 4x a day for the last 3 months asking for our owner and even lied stating they had a tax "credit" for us to collect. Well, that of course is not true. Looked them and found all of these horrible reviews. We asked three times for the lady to stop...